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@bubblejet20 @itvnews @BorisJohnson The news is all here: @Dave_LFC_ @itvnews @BorisJohnson You’re welcome. @davy16027904 @itvnews @BorisJohnson You’ll find that all on our website. Here 👇 You’re welcome are also told that Prince Charles, who himself has #coronavirus very recently, has sent a message this morning t… from the Queen to the Primer Minister’s fiancée, @carriesymonds 👇 They were in her thoughts, she wrote from Prince William to Boris Johnson and his partner. ‘We wish him a speedy recovery’ he says. Queen’s message to health workers on #WorldHealthDay. Particularly poignant at this time #coronavirus
From the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby: “I invite all people of faith to join me in praying for… Palace says the Queen, who remains at Windsor, has been ‘kept informed’ by Downing Street on the Prime M…🇫🇷 President of France, Rmmanuel Macron writes: “My best wishes to Boris Johnson, to his family and to the people o… @Degsy_DJ 👍. Good man.Full statement from Downing Street on the Prime Minister’s health 👇 ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ was moved to Intensive Care th… Johnson moved to intensive care after being admitted to hospital with persistent coronavirus symptoms…
Retweeted by Chris ShipThe Duchess of Cornwall is understood to have finished self-isolating this morning, after 14 days.
Retweeted by Chris Ship @tassiker But I will buy myself some Easter eggs instead of the Disney rideI mean, like supermarket shopping wasn’t already fun enough 🛒 🛒
@TomSwarbrick1 @ChrisMasonBBC @BBCNews @BBCSounds Surely 00:56 is bed time ? It’s no time to be on Twitter ... 🤦 @ITVAlexC Errr. Is this change of approach anything to do with seeing how other Heads of State act. In other countries? 🇺🇸We have more of coronavirus to endure but better days will return, says Queen in national address | By…
Retweeted by Chris ShipThe Queen was told tonight by No10 that her Prime Minister was being hospitalised. But Downing Street says that he… @markly50 @itvnews @mrCarlWoodward But he is elected. So voters can do something about it. Theoretically @AltJennyG1 Don’t know who you mean! @PeterAdamSmith @itvnews Must have been your grilling earlier.#BREAKING Scotland's Chief Medical Officer has resigned from the Scottish Government. Follows her being pictured…
Retweeted by Chris ShipAs well as her broadcast tonight, the Queen has sent a message to Australia: “At a time when people are experience… after #TheQueen spoke, her Prime Minister, it was announced, is in hospital with symptoms of #coronavirus @karenth51312217 @itvnews That will depend on how many people observe the lockdown and stop the spreadWATCH: 👇 If you missed #TheQueen tonight, here is her televised address on the #coronavirus crisis IN FULL 📺 a nod to the war years which she lived through, #TheQueen says "we will meet again". "We should take comfort t… @danhewitt01 Mostly her Private Sec but the Palace said this was "very personal"We have more of coronavirus crisis to endure warned #TheQueen tonight but better days will return she said. "We wil… #TheQueen 👇 @JackWebster @ITV 5 TV special broadcasts yes. I reckon she did a thing or two between them.On @itvnews @bbc @Channel4 @channel5_tv #TheQueen 📺 now 👇 On @itv 📺 The Queen’s address to the nation on #coronavirus. Only the fifth time she has done this i…, 8pm on @itv 👇 @Jigsaw77057909 The Queen is on @itv at 8pm and on most other UK channels @CaptainBucky9 Didn’t Prince Charles relocate to Balmoral before the lockdown?News time on @itv 📺 On now ... is how the Belgian Royal Family has shown its support for the fight against #coronavirus: “Together Strong Aga… many people who flout the rules will now try to argue they too should only get a warning? This whole episode…
Retweeted by Chris Ship @prwhittle I think that’s been shown before. Twitter is a very different place to the rest of the population @NeelyFanForever Really ? And risk spreading the virus? To more people? Many of them old? Who’ll need the nhs which… Health Secretary has warned that if lockdown rules are not followed - after sunbathers were seen in parks - the…
Retweeted by Chris ShipOk. It’s sunny. We want to enjoy the sunshine. And many people don’t have gardens in which to do that. But the loc… today 👇 8pm national address on 📺 Queen will praise the nation’s response to #coronavirus crisis and pr…
Future generations will admire the strength of this one, says the Queen: "Those who come after us will say that the… "Those who come after us will say that the Britons of this generation were as strong as any. " #coronavirus words just released ahead of the Queen's national address tomorrow on the #coronavirus crisis: Read them here 👇 is worth 2mins of your time. @julieetchitv ended last night’s News with a poignant tribute to Bill Withers.… moving and very important read from a doctor working with coronavirus patients in a busy hospital: “Tell your pat… anyone yet worked out what this photo was all about in yesterday’s Prince Charles video message from Balmoral?? @RachBradleyITV Here it is also in the @ClarenceHouse picture ... excellent list of links for those wanting to #PickForBritain and #FeedTheNation.
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@rjmyers You mean the one on @ClarenceHouse’s twitter feed? 📷 @DanielHewittITV What stat?Standby Llandudno. You've got a visitor coming for when this darn #coronavirus thing is over ... @TheEllenShow meet… @redparaman @BogardeAlbie we all need a tiny bit of levity at this timeSo sad for Areema Nasreen's family and for Britain's @NHSuk nursing community. You are all in our thoughts 💙 @victoriaarbiter Yes. You're right. Since updated. We are all saying that Sunday is her FIFTH special broadcast. Ho… @MartinRemains @HuntedTeamNick I think the Monarch lost that power some years ago.Some better news in these dark times. Always great to have @AlStewartOBE as part of the national debate! @richardgaisford Sorry to hear that Richard. Best wishes.The Queen has given a special televised address only FOUR times before in her 68 year reign. Read when they were an… am informed the Queen also did a televised address for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee. So Sunday will be only the FIFTH… @BogardeAlbie There won't be another side. I think she will hog all the airwavesAs far as I can tell, this would only be the fourth special address the Queen has made: 1991 Gulf War 1997 death of… TV address was recorded at Windsor Castle this week and will transmit on Sunday evening. Buckingham Palace cal… Queen has recorded a televised broadcast to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth about the #coronavirus pand… The Queen will address the nation on Sunday at 8pmThis was the view of the @NightingaleLDN opening from Prince Charles’ house on the Balmoral estate via @zoom_us us hope this Nightingale Hospital will not be needed for too long, says the Prince of Wales of Wales on a TV screen - remotely opening NHS Nightingale Hospital. @MattHancock watches on. Both have had… the opening of the new NHS Nightingale Hospital, they are standing on their markers on the ground for a socially… later: Prince Charles to carry out first ‘virtual’ Royal opening as NHS Nightingale Hospital is declared…
A telephone call from Prince William & Kate: “The whole country is proud of you, so thank you for everything you’re…, at 8pm, along with many other national landmarks, Windsor Castle was lit up in blue to support @NHSuk Both… is what was on @itv tonight at 8pm A simple message: Pause for applause 👏🏼 👏🏼 #ClapForCarers Steady. Go 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 #clapforkeyworkers #clapforourcarersTonight at 8pm, @ITV will pause its programming so everyone can go into their streets, or onto their balconies, or… to @HouseOfFeasts and @ChefConsultant for my sourdough flakes. Time to work out what to do with it ... 🍞 @Mrs_Bentos @ChefConsultant @HouseOfFeasts thanks so much! @ChefConsultant @HouseOfFeasts Hello - thanks so much for sending the starter which arrived today. Do you have a li…
@brixham1982 Hopefully it will encourage people to stay inside and follow advice. @TVRav @JayeWestell That because a close friend of the family told our reporter on camera with the permission of th…'Sadly 2,352 have died, this is an increase of 563 fatalities since yesterday - the youngest of them was just 13 ye…
Retweeted by Chris ShipNot sure I can cope with much more bad news ... And this is true for so many families 👇 @GeorgeDrummond3 It would appear the Prime Minister, Health Secretary and Heir to the Throne do get tested ahead of everyone else. @ChefConsultant Safe travels @NYgrateful @skipwith19 @BishopPaulMK Nice talking to youThe Prince of Wales ends his message by saying: “Until it [ends], let us all try and live with hope and, with faith… Charles: The nation is “faced by a profoundly challenging situation which we are only too aware threatens th… Charles called the country’s supermarket workers a further “emergency service” as they are “toiling as hard… the UK’s “remarkable @NHSuk” workers “under such enormous strain, and risk, as they battle heroically to save li… the country’s elderly, as Patrons of @age_uk and @TheSilverLineUK, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall s… and Camilla say: “At such an unprecedented and anxious time in all our lives [we]are thinking particularly… Charles says: “this is a strange, frustrating and often distressing experience when the presence of family a… Video message from Prince Charles - who is just out of his #coronavirus isolation. He recorded it at Birkhall… is quite phenomenal by @thebodycoach 💪🏋🏼🤾🏾 Not only he is doing #PEwithJoe every morning at 9am for the nation… @Milkman94657718 @MapleSquidge Because it happened last night. Is it remotely as important as covid-19. Not in the slightest.