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be kind to yourself & others. 💕

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snow rat & polar roach are sending me. 💀😂🤧.this hip-hop workout playlist is really getting me together @AppleMusic 🔥💪🏾
@deedeejae true — I need S2 now!Finished Lupin, loved it! 🔥Just remembered it’s a 3 day weekend
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton. @_underratedaf this just reminded me of how much I loved the original!! @little__f0ot Same
@OmnipotentMeesh praying for you & your family! Sending lots of love your way, especially today! 🙏🏾🕊wow— well then. I was sleep, but I’m definitely up now. @KillinEmCourt Just finished The Morning Show & loved it. Also heard good things about: • Defending Jacob • Truth Be Told • SEE @edelaney1992 it soooo good right?! 😪😅🙌🏾✨ @jsullivanmusic omfg. 😱🤩😍🤧🙌🏾✨notes from today’s session: • do you really have to watch me do the exercise, lol 😂🤧 • I pulled the 30 lbs dumbbe… official day with my trainer & he beat my ass. 🤧😪
@TWinderOfficial it’s great isn’t it?!thank you @abigailbarloww 🙌🏾✨ #BridgertonMusicalfor those of you who: 1.) Loved Bridgerton 2.) Love Musicals do yourself a favor & explore #BridgertonMusical 🤩😍🤧🙌🏾✨ @Itsthejewel IKDR! 🔥Search “water” in your camera roll and post your favorite did what Doja does! 🔥
every time I take my braids out it gives Count Olaf & I’m siccud. 🤬🤍. up & getting up are two different I really staying up to do.. work?’all were right— that was a great show & I can’t wait for S2. 🔥 @epicallymeems love this. ✨ here’s a few: Don’t Walk Away - Jade Lovely Day - Bill Withers Everything - Mary J.… really? y’all just gonna do that? (I don’t wanna spoil it— even tho I’m late, but y’all know what y’all did)… @Tiny_Hippo4 💀💀💀.
you know how your phone gets fed up & just updates all unannounced & 💩 — yeah, that was my phone today. 😅 @mztaylor2u @AppleMusic After further research— I learned that I was just late to the party/updates that took place… @AppleMusic — I see you, listening to your users & making some necessary changes to keep us around. 👀👏🏾 I appreciate it. 💜Mitch is such a layered & complex human, *whispers* borderline sociopath — I really appreciate #TheMorningShow taki… @almightyy_rex Not yet, but it’s on my list! @almightyy_rex I don’t know why I waited so long to watch it! 🔥Okay so— Daisy Dash’s rendition of the classic “New York, New York” is perfect. ✨E7 is my fav episode thus far. 🏆 Between Mia reaching her breaking point & going off on everyone at work and the f… @svedey_
💀😂🤧. @thekarenpittman 👋🏾. I love you as Mia Jordan on @TheMorningShow ❤️ & I hope you’re having a great day.Be teachable. You're not always right.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked Americans NOT to come to the inauguration on January 20th, and to inste…
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.I know I’m like a year late to the party but this show is 🔥. now I gotta watch. 🤷🏾‍♂️ you for doing what you could today. I pray tomorrow gives you what you desire, you deserve it.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.
@oranicuhh bruh— wtf. 🤦🏾‍♂️
2021 @svedey_ do my best
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton. @BAJ_Folarin 😍😍😍 @NatashaLeNeyce
@NatashaLeNeyce yesssss !I love you @MsPackyetti .. Just because. I just love you. Thank you.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.Jazmine. Say the fuck less.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.I want french toast & a unicorn onesie. 🦄 @jsullivanmusic @ATWCurls 💀💀💀.stop “trying” & simply do. stop “trying” & simply be. in 2021, there is no more trying. either it is, or it’s not. eliminate trying.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.the universe shows up, everytime, in me, as me, telling me “take your time. there is no expiration on the truth.”
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton. @KillinEmCourt I think I might do the same. @djordxc Congrats!! 😆👏🏾 love to see it ! @jduffyrice & that part has been replaying in my head all day. 🥴😬
🌧❤️.& that’s on Mary and that lamb. @epicallymeems *looks up flights* ✈️ might just meet you there. 😜Rashida’s Tale makes Lost One THAT MUCH BETTER. 🤧😭😪 @epicallymeems wait— I’m coming with! 😬😅
@zkorixdevon @zkorixdevon I believe that was actually Ester Dean.Black twitter replacing trauma with comedy:
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.Dear McGraw-Hill, Y’all better tell this right.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.And you thought "Taking A Knee" was too much!?!
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton. @Norman_Freeman_ 💀🤣.Let this be a lesson to you all. Police do not need deescalation or restraint training. They can restrain themselve…
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.Black Twitter while America embarrasses itself bc we did our voting portion. The rest aint our business.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.Black Twitter adding jokes to the TL during a crisis
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.I’m always interested in who the “we” is when people say “this is not who we are”
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.remember when we use to joke about how we’d tweet through the revolution & the apocalypse? ha
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.whew, sleep is underrated. 🤧 & it’s been getting me together all week.
If it’s not necessary for police to use teargas against the fascists storming the Capitol right now, it’s not necessary in any circumstance.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.When can we stop being surprised that white supremacists are the most violent element in America and actually address/end the violence?
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.Love Black women every day, not just on election days.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton. @hoodopulence 💀😂🤧.“don’t let anyone treat you like a yellow starburst”snap ya fingers. do ya step. you can do it all by yourself. @Call_Jaszington love to see it. 👏🏾✨ @LilNasX 💀💀💀 @Roberts_Rules Happy Birthday!! 🙌🏾🎉
@Derrick_Rashid @StevieDerrick_ I’m actually weak because yes. 🥴😅 Colorado, California, & Florida. decision can you make today to align with your highest timeline? Is it taking time for prayer? Saying affirmat…
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.Never take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.Note to self.
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.“You’re too sensitive” = “You won’t let me disrespect you”
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.gratitude & exhaustion can coexist. @LDarian Okay!!! 😂💀anything that costs you your peace is too expensive
Retweeted by Eloise Bridgerton.who knew it was National Spaghetti Day? 🍝 super random, but pasta is my work inbox as soon as I opened my laptop. 😭🤧 had me in the lab at 6a today & I feel like a zombie now. 🧟‍♂️🤣 @edelaney1992 no— you definitely have the right idea! 😂✨