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de-motivational speaker currently sleeping with people's sexiest man alive

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@brandonwenerd this was my last Vegas hotel bath tub. a tube of water, why @BradleyWhitford yes incredible bradley whitford, it is!!!! Ndososuausnsiodlsmsjshshbsour sport. it is brutal
yea bitch voice lol to be here!! #oneteam #jackdoesntdrinkpee🐻 update! @Trayset @inflightFeed @SingaporeAir I just had a fantastic enchilada on American Airlines but I’m also heavily on my period so who knows @AL_0713 @hels @Eater I don’t even know why I’m in the pic as I don’t even get that lol
this doesn’t sound too far fetched anymore watched that too!! Was one of my favorites! I watched Okja, Snowpiercer, Parasite and The Host. I just can’t find anywhere to watch Memories of Murder to co… @hdpayne19 🙏🏼❤️ @kevinkam @cravings I dunno use turds I don’t careeasy coconutty greens with pine nuts and raisins up on @cravings now!! replace or leave out the god damn raisins if…
I’m not tweeting or texting because I’m super cynical and negative right now and I can’t control it. I can’t read a… am! Yea buddy
@Chuh_NayNay You’re right!!John ALWAYS falls asleep in his shoes unless I take them off.
@theclemsonkid @marymaud it’s like, pier 1 importsuncle bumper takes the best pictures of toons and all her emotions @BathysphereHat I will add 500 to your 50.I MUST know what this sandwich is @DevonESawa ( feels like yesterday @DevonESawa justine. @koenschrooten it’s just a service to them, really. I know anything I say is public, but sometimes I just wanna tal… stop snitching. if I don’t tag someone it’s because I didn’t wanna @TheKalenAllen I def have a couple I hate lol @TheKalenAllen I’m watching it right now too!
made some adjustments but tough crowd favorite song since all of me! ❤️ @johnlegend I love the cover art who picked it!!I could watch old footage of couples in love all day 🥰🥰🥰 john’s new song!!! some Super Bowl recipes @monicaaldama ok I just can’t fly, tumble, cheer or dance but whatever else I’m great!! @monicaaldama can I make mat 2021 @yashar bless uOoooweeeee I can smell it! @notcapnamerica need episode title immediately please!!stop asking me if the hamster is alive just finished it in a day and have begun my instagram stalking of the athletes. as the cheer kids say, I went ful…
oh dear @yashar HARD AGREE @Snohomish_YB my people will be in touch with your people! @HelloKimMarie You need to aim bombs well and when he falls, use gooigi and luigi to suck up his tongue. @yashar @andylassner calling* see what kind of state I’m in????? @WhitneyCummings @andylassner @yahsar I’m a damaged soul @yashar @andylassner oops only called u yah sar now @Snohomish_YB Sure! But it must be by orchestrated by students and i am giving you an interview grade after! @andylassner @yahsar...i was in a really dark place. just wanted someone to talk to’re okay have seen every episode and I just cannot believe something can be so silly, so petty, and so funny. I am so prou…
@MarloPerry @AydenLincoln @PTrimble66 lmao im so on edge this goddamn app @AydenLincoln @PTrimble66 we can always remember we were brought together by me being stupidsomeone else vouch for the confession killer! @AydenLincoln @PTrimble66 Oh I get it sorry lolllll Love u @BENBALLER @djhomicide fuck lol @djhomicide Confession killer @johnlegend going back for the gems2013 😂 finished luigi’s mansion 3. I feel sad and alone now @jonnysun the suns: after dark hello doc doctors I assure you he is okay and very loved @nobuddybuddy @shelannp @MikeSchutte No I’ve dated a lot of them she was rightHe’s not sad it’s just his face grabbing my keys from any valet boy in the southern california area
@RoblesTeonna this man had red lobster 4 days a week for a year. he has mercury poisoning tom hanks you all watch this and hate fucking everyone. do yourself a favor and don’t watch/lower your blood pressure @matthewables98 cool since it’s my opinion and not yours“Into the unknownnn with you, with you, with you!”I had no idea until now and still don’t get it? his song or himself? is me in the back combining two frozen songs that are the samethis pup gonna sleep well have been wrong all nightthe only things I’ve seen this year are Chernobyl, Parasite and Hustlers. lolglobes glamour!! @ffsienna27 @01_remme it’s. exhausting.
love at first sight. everyone is still alive and okay and I know you’ll have something to say but please just breat… @CerromeRussell like accidentally dial my husband yes @niccolethurman We are both really good at this sound. imagine two horns @TheYaoiReview @jeninthe405 She’s alive and happy! Just nocturnal so doesn’t get much social media airtime @shelby_young I’m bare chimichurri...john?? @HungryHamOnt @alaynashottakes @lindaz333 @DiscoStu910 please, just stop. i am not in the right mental state to tak… @RitaWilson I cannot go on until I know who, I have no lifeOh dear this is gonna be a ride’s a standard poodle and if he’s anything like his dad, he will be the biggest caramel Gumby ever seen @kevsuhs ❤️ jk I love it @kevsuhs why are you wearing that necklace anywhere name petey brought to you by dumb and dumberthank you @TheEllenShow for making us aware of this rescue pup family!!this is petey! another little heart in this house to love. @BeyonceLeague I’m allowed to like movies, have money, and understanding of privilege and culture