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@TimSheinman ty <3 (love him, literally have notifications set up for whenever he publishes)feel like pure shit just want FM21 @iamjimpage (Also, very sorry about your brother & hope he finds something) @iamjimpage Not directly but can recommend the My First Job In Film site - sign up to emails and you get notificati…
One little story thing that struck me: the ending, which (semi spoilers) goes from effectively a mirror of GoodFell…'s me on Mafia: Definitive Edition. I found it occasionally fun, but predictably dated in places and awkward in… with the benefits of manufacturing at scale, $220 is a reasonable price for *any* PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD - take a l…
Retweeted by Chris TapsellOne solution for next gen storage, short term, if I'm reading things right: - Use internal drive for next-gen games…
@hippopothomasj @withoutaplain Yeah they're the other way round where they understand technology immaculately but h…
Retweeted by Chris TapsellAs a reminder, GAME has added a £10 delivery charge on new PS5 / Xbox Series X / S pre-orders. Currently, the syste…
Retweeted by Chris Tapsell
@GameDesignDan Story's also not correct (well it could be for all I know but it's not confirmed). It's based on a E… my gym membership and subscribing to game pass 😎😎😎😎😎😎
Oli spot on here, not least because he's measured: maybe big Bethesda games will be exclusive, maybe not. What matt… @SamuelWRoberts Sony could actually use the Boots voucher to buy a meal deal including another sandwhich and, as So… @Danbojones Agreed largely, but hard not to already see Zenimax, with 2600 employees and a Trump on the board, as a megacorp.The numbers on all of this are utterly wild. It's almost twice the price Disney paid for STAR WARS (!) and three ti… Corporation (technology company, founded in 1975)
Retweeted by Chris TapsellOn exclusivity, I have a feeling MS will release most of these games on PlayStation for the enormous PR it that wou… miss E3333333333333 😭Bethesda news breaking the day before Xbox pre-orders go live is sensational @HirunCryer Congrats dude!
Today's pick from the #PAXEGX show floor is As Far As The Eye, a wonderfully calm, nature-facing turn-based strateg…
@HirunCryer was fun! Extremely weird being on a (pre-recorded) stream but we get to see Donlan and his nice house plants s…, I’m over at @Eurogamer again which always brings a massive smile to my face 😃 Writing about the very quirky…
Retweeted by Chris TapsellGunna do these in a thread: next up from #paxegx is Spinch, which I loved @HirunCryer Fantastic news, congrats dude!
Donlan is genuinely sensational here. It’s our fourth Essential in a week, which is unprecedented and I can feel Ol… our show coverage with other stuff in an extremely busy week but expect a few more of these from me over t…'ll be absolutely buried under all the PS5/Nintendo news but here's my first write up from the #PAXEGX "show fl… @Nakerman Yeah Overwatch is a great shout, will help you get the hang of movement/abilities as well. Good luck! @Nakerman For me it's legit just practise, nothing fancy, no bespoke settings. I'd say pick a shooter you already k… @withoutaplain Really, really sorry Sin. @ImoMellor Awesome stuff, you'll be ace - congrats!
£70 here in the UK, make of that what you will... by the PS Blog, looks like PS5 games' base price will be €80 (!) no mention of £. Demon's Souls, Destruction… cannot possibly expect me to make up my mind on what console I have to buy by tomorrow morning, it is simply not allowed.whaling on knack is obvs a cheap shot but the point is if you're arguing that a big, first-party game on launch day…, first-party launch games are essential, which is why the PS5 will fail without an equivalent to... knackDon't know a thing about Demon's Souls but those animations were taaaaaaasty, and kinda whacky? Into itSpidey looks unreal. Love it.The PS5 has by far the greater "singular piece of decoration alongside 4K TV, la-z-boy chair and unwashed doritos b…
@TimSheinman I have a shortlist of about 20-30 which I now need to go and play the demos of! Will write up any favs for the site :)looked at well over a hundred games for our potential EGXxPAX coverage today and am now apparently only capable of…
no @Neeto_Makar @heavenmedia eyyy, congrats dude!I hate to be the guy who uploads tik toks but this one hit me at my very core so hard you all need to see it
Retweeted by Chris Tapsell @Cromwelp fuuuuuuaaark that is infinitely better.
@BenSledge @Network_N @loadoutgg Congrats Ben, nice one!Wrote a review in 2 hours while another piece of the same length has taken a solid week of torture. Just pissing bl… @ImoMellor Exciting! Best of luck Imogen, you'll be ace!Here's my review of A Monster's Expedition, which I utterly love.
Finally, the truth is out there.
Retweeted by Chris Tapsell @Rick_Lane Just four hours?! @KonaYMA6 @trustedreviews Congrats Jade! Radical.Best thing about this is it makes it easier for you to play everything. A PS5 plus a Series S for the exclusives/ga…
Here's 217 seconds of Ronaldinho tearing up the Champions League to take the edge off your day.
Retweeted by Chris TapsellThis is really rough at the best of times, never mind now. So sorry for everyone working at Kotaku UK.
2020 @jenjeahaly Getting some absolutely sweeping nostalgia from this, whiling away time in the back seat of the car wit…
Get it (the pun but also get the game it's incred) Mario Kart is.... genius tbh. God I've missed Nintendo.
Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is a tactile, "healthy", and brilliantly novel take on the idle genre - that gets so…
Retweeted by Chris Tapsell @HaraldHagen Ahhh thank you! It's a lovely game, amazing work!Gushed a bit about Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows, which I love and also actually sort of *believe in*, which I don… @hippopothomasj This game is releasing on PS5 and has a budget of five hundred billion dollars @hippopothomasj Forbiddyn Fenix EggAlso respect the sheer optimism in thinking that including or excluding a colon could make a differenceI love love love the trend of "Word Unrelatedword Thirdunrelatedword" as video game names. Incredible. More.
@mrbasil_pesto Haha thanks - and it was a nice email! @grimsevers_ Haha! I didn't wanna say it.. @grimsevers_ Eyyyyyy, congrats!! @RaveofRavendale Ahhhhh lovely news, congrats to you both! @Chechosaurus @GIBiz Ah mannnn, so so sorry to hear this Haydn. You've done ace work at GI, hope you end up somewhere great. @hippopothomasj I also think Children of Men might be the most overrated film of all time (everyone's projecting th… @hippopothomasj I think there's an element of "I have a Pulp Fiction poster in my dorm room" type film buffs being…
Office workers: should you go into the office next week to keep your town or city centre alive? Here are a few thoughts. [thread]
Retweeted by Chris TapsellMan that’s devastating news about Boseman. A genuine legend for having made such special work through it all.
"The kind of thing that the devil would come to you at midnight with..." Sean Murray and Steven Burgess talk No Man…
Retweeted by Chris Tapsell👀 spoke with Sean Murray and Steven Burgess of Hello Games earlier this week about The Last Campfire - and also the… @mrbasil_pesto Very best of luck Matt. Incredibly shit news and hope (and am sure) you'll land somewhere great soon.On a serious note, he's another big big loss for the network with a wicked sense of humour that comes through in ev… I never worked with Matt directly I can say he does ace work & did send me a really nice email about a Total…
Staff at hundreds of companies — Amazon, Delta, McDonald's, Target, and more — report gag rules or punishments for…
Retweeted by Chris TapsellExcited to repeat my very insightful opinion about Ratchet and Clank from several months ago for you this evening a… chriiiiiiiist that's a cast. Extremely Good Shit here. likewise Joel, equally awesome guy with proper SEO experience and another big loss. Hirun. He's a great guy and a great writer with a history of turning stuff around stupidly fast - and a big lo…
This twitch-style chat thing was also how Activision's Crash 4 preview turned out to be handled, for what it's wort… @ghostlycola I care, pal. I care.
This is better than Schreier’s one and you all know it @JanDavidHassel ITS A GOOD JOKE“First party AAAA” can also be referred to as an “internal scream” @BenSledge Haha, cheers dude! @TimSheinman Haha! On reading that I’m very relieved yours goes more into the tactics side of the problem than ment…