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@_Xrayz me too like a lot constantly :) @Zuepys well it's been rough but same over here husband🥺mental health check🥺 how are you?sometimes i wish i could take away all the pain from some people. They don’t deserve it @333dun they dont give a fuck at all.. some ppl dont take this shit seriously it’s sickening @333dun they clearly don’t care and only posted that to keep the image of their team clean lol @1kotaaa stop putting the same thing twice on my TL kota plsJust take care of yourself.🖤BPD is also something that should be talked about, because it attacks your whole self, “normal” people don’t realiz… prove my point that some men are disgusting and should never feel the love of any women ever. Demand consent b… @lumafps pls love do not try to read hateful and ignorant people, i’ve dealt with some guys like this and it was so… me where i did wrong. I really tried my best.
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@xosaline mf dont even have eyebrows @rizzlevu im just mentally illnot boosted btw @rizzlevu me inna game, thats why i play like shit :3 fuck valorant, i’m becoming a pro osu! player😫need an editor mann i wanna start a base on tiktokkk @Zuepys LMAO i hate u @Zuepys i just try my best to stream today <3 @Jas_n_xoxo viewers and support is really inconsistent in streaming, you gotta be able to deal with it, keep going… @ItzImmorta1 tiny baby
@joanne_x8 bro i just dont wanna play with plat they get on my nerves n its impossible to win😭 @JtesousousV2 t nulduo pleaseNA so mad @Zuepys @baxkboard @Zuepys @Jas_n_xoxo @ItzImmorta1 EU. @baxkboard @Zuepys @Jas_n_xoxo @ItzImmorta1 the better team won, it’s okay to be mad man :3 @Zuepys @Jas_n_xoxo @ItzImmorta1 🤨 @Jas_n_xoxo @Zuepys @ItzImmorta1 yall would be doing the same if SEN won shut up @Zuepys @ItzImmorta1 just celebrating the win of the dream team @ItzImmorta1 TRUUUUUE EU>NAUndeniable. NA vs. EU is the best rivalry in esports.
Retweeted by Christelle @qwackky then what is it...can somebody help me fix my obs i wanna stream dude @Jas_n_xoxo @ItzImmorta1 LMAOOOOOOO NAHi love Valorant. @Jas_n_xoxo that’s right chase. that’s right. he knows the real shit. @xosaline hehe @Zuepys now. @Zuepys talk to me again @1kotaaa when i started playing val last year he was the first person i watched and followed and shit, i have a con… @1kotaaa bro is breaking my heart my fav player man wtf he doing😭😭 @Zuepys oh u bitch😭 @Zuepys SCREAM SUPREMACY @Zuepys GO LIQUID GO :3 two fav teams playing against each other ?_? me scared @joanne_x8 kiss?😳 @Zuepys man i did terrible trying to be the best with u:3 @Zuepys GAMERS FR BABYI FINALLY MET @Sykkuno HE IS REAL. ALSO DON'T MIND THE SHIRT IT WAS @LudwigAhgren IDEA
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@whosmichela yes, my home COME🥺 @whosmichela omg come to Paris.
its impossible to stream bro fuck obsIM BACK STREAMING @whosmichela i wanna hold your hand so bad @vShawtyy__ you’ll pull through queenbeen having zeroooo motivation to play so i be lacking streams i’m trying to get myself back into it, hope u understand💕Christelle might’ve found what she wanna do after high school. been lost for 3years🥺 I’m happy @Zuepys its hard ok:( @Zuepys LMAO boi what the hell boi @Zuepys why u post me playing osu??
@ASGClo you’ll get it, time does his shit lol. @ASGClo sacrifice a time for them and you. You deserve happiness as wellanyways i beg sacrifice a time where you can take care of yourself, you all deserve happiness and peace, make sure… @SoldMy5k any elo, every game u get a toxic person @SoldMy5k i live EU surrounded by NA ppl all the time, and its more than true @Zuepys that dead hurt my feelings f u @Zuepys you rn @vlenciagaa bro?? @joanne_x8 BRO FR FRsome yall bitches before playing valorant @Jas_n_xoxo ong jas. ong @Jas_n_xoxo some people be way too comfortable around him idk man :D boyfriend ain’t your bestie :D i’ll murder u @ayookevin_ @vlenciagaa when u open ur spotify app it’ll be there @1kotaaa hes been my #1 top artist for years now bro u never get enough of him @1kotaaa ahhhhh i see my top songs LMAOOO i was in PAIN @Zuepys @joanne_x8 mf bc i switch from vandal to phantom so much ina game that i forget not to with vandal @joanne_x8 @Zuepys teach me queen @joanne_x8 @Zuepys “omg what a shot” “wow so good” @Zuepys @joanne_x8 i was jus really impressed stop exposing😖 @Christellehjj feeding my non existent ego
Retweeted by Christelle @joanne_x8 LMAO GIRL YOU ARE AMAZINF
@Zuepys mine moon is back!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Christelleit could be this simple…
Retweeted by Christelle @ASGClo my one and only clo. @ASGClo hes so cutehim🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @Zuepys 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
i am truly exhausted @whosmichela idk why but i had an urge to hug u, ur so cute😭 @Zuepys sure i don’t🤧😋 @Zuepys dont make me say it