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@macOScraig @ParodyMkbhd @ParodyPichai What's an iPhone? @wongmjane Imagine Instagram being redefined as a stories only platform and the UI is basically this, a page full o… @realiOS6mail OK, this is messed up! Twitter is getting worse and worse. 🤦‍♂️A little reminder that these would be very good improvements for the Microsoft Store, so please, upvote them in the… @donasarkar If I write that I work at Microsoft's imaginary division... does that work for you? 🤔I also hired mysel…
@parodyofgoogle At this point I go only with stock stuff. Motorola has some cool stuff. But maybe next time I choos… @parodyofgoogle I like the Mi A1 only because it has a DAC and that it's an Android One phone, so I can flash custo… @parodyofgoogle Sadly, their support cycle is way shorter than when MIUI was just a ROM and then they started makin… @parodyofgoogle Has ads, though. You can disable them, but still. Also, if you want to unlock your MIUI-based phone… @parodyofgoogle It's not that bad, but I'm on the Pixel Experience ROM. It's basically the last straw to keep the S… @JenMsft You cat sneak attack. Tell it stop sneak attack. @tomwarren Proton puts DX12 in shame many times. It's ridiculous how much fps you win with it, so why not? But even… @parodyofgoogle I'd buy something that has as good built-in DAC as my Xiaomi Mi A1. I love the sound quality! @dboy591 @carlrichell Flatpak is coming soon. I saw a tweet once that they work on it. About the snaps side... foll… @wmesko @carlrichell That's basically Endless OS. @tomwarren @matvelloso You really should try a modern distro, not one from the early 2000s, because what you say is not true anymore. @sangeeth96 @tomwarren Then why do people use Windows? 🤔 @tomwarren It's surprising how much better run Windows games through Proton on Linux. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @macOScraig What's an AirPods? 🤔 @TranceVarga @gnome @kdecommunity Why would nobody want a collaboration between them? People should stop hating des… @Daniel_Rubino Apparently he got dark after he get caught telling stuff like he did before, so he's probably Micros… @Daniel_Rubino More like if Microsoft can't win the browser wars and they start to lose the desktop OS market, too,… D7354 on Netflix is still a thing in Edgium. CC @MicrosoftEdge @MSEdgeDev
@thelinuxgamer @PiggyCarnage @Charalanahzard There's no competition there. We're all friends, they should win together. @ParodySamsung It depends. Which one has an as good DAC as the Xiaomi Mi A1 and a good battery? @JenMsft @windowsinsider Windows 10 X UI and a completed Fluent Design look. (Completed as in "we finally finishe… people wanted a sequel for #TheLastOfUs, they meant that it should be on PlaySation, not in real life! When is… @wongmjane It's ironic that even a virus can get more subscribers in a very short time than all the people who want… @kdecommunity @gnome You really should collaborate on something. Avengers what? Here's the opportunity for a much g… @parodyofgoogle @Microsofttttt Wha-whey 🤷‍♂️#YouAreWelcome @Feren_OS @Microsoft @windowsinsider Most of the songs from Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia album also work well. The instrumenta…
@HumansOfFlat If you use an iPhone that was made under Tim Apple's leadership, it will give you cancer. @SnazzyQ I have a $450 laptop and I like its trackpad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Works well on both Windows and Linux. @JenMsft I miss not being around people. I still go to work. 🤷‍♂️ @parodyofgoogle @forteller @gnome @Feren_OS @kdecommunity I know. But one can dream, right? 😁 @ParodyPichai To this day, Pixel (and previously Nexus) phones have the best design, in my opinion. Well, except iP… @forteller @gnome @Feren_OS @kdecommunity Not this comic again... 🤦‍♂️ @CptSparky360 @gnome @Feren_OS @kdecommunity Except if you install it on a hard drive.. 🤔 @Feren_OS @kdecommunity @gnome Don't mess with my feelings, please! @gnome @Feren_OS @kdecommunity I know what day it is, but do you really think I wouldn't like that? Imagine a singl…
@parodyofgoogle I have a phone with the Pixel Experience ROM, does that count? :D I'll switch to a proper Pixel pho… @vamsiexplores @jon_prosser Uhm... @oldmanliver @9to5mac @filipeesposito @ChanceHMiller It's a budget iPhone, Apple wouldn't make a pro model for devi… @deepen915 @9to5mac @ChanceHMiller This is a new budget offering. Even cheaper than the iPhone 11. You could consid… @Lord_Arse Cuphead. And I regret that I bought it. Any other game gives you a chance to get through the first few l… of macOS, Chrome looks good only on @elementary. It's ironic, that on Chrome OS, Google's very own operatin…
@tweets_nika What happened? I try to avoid political news, since I have no respect for any politician. Is it something very bad? @e_mydata @WeAreFairphone @Fairphone I like the WiFi name, haha! @HumansOfFlat So basically neuomorphism is working only if you use a darker and lighter variant of the base colour… @MSEdgeDev @windowsinsider - Edge should be called Surf - Well, yes, but we're so EDGE-y that we made a game inste…
@NM_Adoor @TheRichWoods @I_Leak_VN Yes, I can. It's called @e_mydata's /e/ OS, and it gives you freedom from Google… @ParodyPichai Your team is a monster. JavaScript should burn in hell. It screwed up the web and you want to teach m… @CassidyJames It seems that on some levels, elementary is the last one that somewhat preserves its style, while oth… @CassidyJames I get it. I talked about flatness in general in the design world. It's like nobody wants to deal with…
@CassidyJames What do you mean by terrible? I liked so much this version and really would love some similar look to… @syarifnur12 @NYTScience I'm pretty sure, this is a trustworthy news source, so no, they're not kidding. Which is a… @FastCoDesign They could just boot up some Mario and Sonic Olympics 2020, but no, they had to postpone it instead.… @TechAltar @BStoly @DurvidImel I'd shoot with as small light source as possible, to make the image heavily noisy an… @vastglad @zeealeid Congrats on your design, these look nice! This is what we would have now if Microsoft wouldn't… @kid_jenius In @brave you can simply use the app's window's hamburger menu, where it's a one click process. Tested… @TrayhopeR @kid_jenius They shouldn't exist only in Microsoft's universe. I'd like to have devices only with web ap… @tomwarren I liked Skype before Microsoft had it. Now it's a ghost town. It had such a nice design and and a friend… @theofficenbc @jennafischer @BenGeskin @TailosiveTech I'd start with *AT LEAST* 5 years of Android update support and 7-10 years of security up… @oneplus It took you a virus to make people see important stuff without touching their phone? You're not Apple to s… @Barnacules You. Because you should stop with the dad jokes, go away and never come back boomer. Thank you in the n… @jbarro Also, only in the US: "National Emergency" (even with caps, wow!) It's not like the whole world is screwed,… @JenMsft I'd always think that the battery died, first. What's more, I'd fear of it every day, even if the batterie… @Azarilh @pussydrugsfear @cody_gulledge @ZacksJerryRig Okay, it was more of a conspiracy theory from you. But eve… @BryanLunduke I have a third option. Politics is stupid. I don't like it. I don't respect politicians, because they…
@Re1nCS @Mackey_Nguyen @SirBensalot @ZacksJerryRig Good old days, when those big Americans weren't immigrants... right? Oh... @MKBHD I already predicted that we'll have Mario & Sonic Olympics 2020 instead of a real one, so why not? 🤔#Coronavirus #Rhapsody #COVID19 @mexopolis Is somebody needs more details: @mexopolis @RugalBernstein_ @Technophobian1 @TheRightDefense @ZacksJerryRig Oh, yeah... that makes sense. Sane people don't say this much bullshit. @SirBensalot @Re1nCS @Mackey_Nguyen @ZacksJerryRig Yes, but that's the problem. Nobody uses it like this because of… @Munshi__Aatif @aahilz8900 @Mrwhosetheboss @Huawei @Huawei_Europe @HuaweiMobile @HuaweiMobileUK @HuaweiZA @Ostap23138972 @Mrwhosetheboss @Huawei @Huawei_Europe @HuaweiMobile @HuaweiMobileUK @HuaweiZA @HuaweiDeviceUSA @macOScraig @Mrwhosetheboss @Huawei @Huawei_Europe @HuaweiMobile @HuaweiMobileUK @HuaweiZA @HuaweiDeviceUSA @Mrwhosetheboss @Huawei @Huawei_Europe @HuaweiMobile @HuaweiMobileUK @HuaweiZA @HuaweiDeviceUSA @HuaweiUSA "BuT MuH… because you would gladly suck the dick of a small handed orange with an ugly wig, that doesn't mean you have r… are people so privileged calling COVID-19 the Chinese virus? I bet you wouldn't tell similar derogatory terms i… @SirBensalot @Re1nCS @Mackey_Nguyen @ZacksJerryRig It gave you racism, though, since this "Chinese virus" thing is just wrong. @Azarilh @pussydrugsfear @cody_gulledge @ZacksJerryRig Now try this again, but without racism. @Technophobian1 @TheRightDefense @ZacksJerryRig Are you high? @TheRightDefense @ZacksJerryRig An you're the world leader of racism virus cases. @TheRightDefense @realversager @ZacksJerryRig Not all of the countries. Do some research next time.
@MKBHD Was this *REALLY* necessary? Making us think about the days when YouTube was actually good? When "Broadcast… @CassidyJames But hey this is built into GTK or Granite, no need to reinvent the wheel here! @TechAltar Today suddenly nothing got loaded. I panicked. Then I rebooted the router. 😬 Phew... It was a close one… @PrimeAbdulX @RocketsPlsWin @PlayStation @DCUO Because people on the internet are so freaking annoying. They feel p… @FummelulfSuperk @PrimeAbdulX @RocketsPlsWin @PlayStation @DCUO Did you learn this word today? Gongrats for that! @jennaezarik Good morning, I guess! 🤷‍♂️ (It's 5PM here.) @shyamjose @killyourfm @YouTube Working touchpad or nothing! (Elan Tech touchpads aren't doing such thing under Fedora.) @robertoblake People still use TikTok? 🤔Websites started to use more aggressive practices for that precious ad revenue. Now they alert you having an…