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Rosena’s Third Commons Rule Breach in Three Years
Retweeted by Calgie @SeoirseDuffy_ LEON’s not been worth it since they removed the halloumi wrapsSpent about £3 on a sourdough croissant from Leon earlier that wasn’t very good and I’m still quite pissed off to tell you the truthGenuinely amazes me the Mail Online manages, through their completely unusable ad-laden website, to bog my brand ne… @tomhfh That'll be half a million from the Arts Council I believe @TomHulme79 This is the Wiggles...UK children: at the centre of a debate about whether critical race theory should be taught in schools Aussie child… @0ldoini Ugh soooo jealous @AlexWLeighton It wouldn't have been a step forward, it was an opposition motion not legislation.It is worth noting that last night's vote, had Tory MPs not opposed it, would have changed diddly squat so even if…'s former constituency agent Matt Vickers thanks "the myth, the man, the legend" for his "huge package" Full: Rishi’s Second Winter Economy Plan
Retweeted by CalgieNote that Chancellor’s statement does not result in employees being paid any more of their wages. It’s still the c…
Retweeted by Calgie @tomhfh Jacob Rees-Mogg? I think you mean daddy pig @xylottie This has just reminded me Sadiq Khan pledged £750,000 3 years ago for, among other things, an apple orchard in RedbridgeDoes this look like an appropriate father son interaction to you? @benjaminbutter Sorry, *don’t support it in normal times, but... @benjaminbutter I don't oppose it, that's the point. The last few days have been appalling misstep after appalling misstep.
2020 this appears on American history tests in the future don’t support free school meals outside of school time, but it is not the most difficult of arguments to comprehe… news outlet using this title is guilt of deeply unethical behaviour. He had not had the jab, he had just signed…
Retweeted by CalgieIt’s no moon. It’s a space station. @wgjcrook No, this is the one the new one and the surround replacedSome of the available stills of Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani touching himself in front of who he assumed… MY GOD "Giuliani, 76, can be seen lying back on the bed, fiddling with his untucked shirt and reaching into his… Professor who Reported Rudd’s Conference Speech to Police Now Trying to Force Buckland’s Resignation…
Retweeted by CalgieDivision bell’s decent, but it’s no sports and social original dart board's found its own Brenda from Bristol... if this isn't the biggest mood of 2020 Following Barnier's intervention this morning, Brexit negotiations are BACK ON - read statement in full here…
Retweeted by CalgieNot the public reaction I was expecting... mutantur...TIL in 1665 when two deaths from bubonic plague were discovered in London's St. Giles-in-the-Field, the local autho…'t really work as a metaphor given the whole premise of the Hunger Games trilogy is the girl from the poorest… without our enhanced audio version, it's clear what Angela Rayner shouts at Tory MP Chris Clarkson.… Rayner 'Calls Red Wall Tory MP Scum' [Enhanced Audio]
Retweeted by CalgieAt least she's consistent has now officially given their Lee Mack woodworking show the chop. update in full here @benjaminbutter Because I stole the screenshot from someone else who didn't post the link and am lazy @_ken91 One way ticket hopefully my god. Ian Blackford's clearly been captured by Daleks Council Gave £215,305 in Coronavirus Recovery to Solo Drag Act
Retweeted by CalgieTory MP Sacked by Boris for Voting Against Covid Restrictions
Retweeted by Calgie"The request for 'neutrality' is political"
Retweeted by Calgie @tomhfh @alexwickham This anonymous statement in playbook is genuinely the first explanation I've heard of the diff…'s below the peaks of WW2 and the great depression. What recourse for celebration do you think there is here? metro mayors are in the news at the moment, there's a first-class dissertation here all about their role, res… @yuanyi_z Them and the bastards at They Work for You
@thhamilton @David_Chippa ran out of good tier puns about 2 weeks ago and you’re still splashing them on your front page? Brave. thoughts on the Manchester lockdown funding mess national lockdown causing economic ruin really is a cracking policy for Labour to lobby for just as [checks notes… BAT PEOPLE KLAXON
Retweeted by CalgieGuido hears the reason for Downing Street's new protective sheet is thanks to Steve Back publishing pictures of the…
Retweeted by CalgieWe are absolutely devastated to learn of the passing of Amin. He was such a kind and thoughtful guy who was loved b…
Retweeted by Calgie @patrickkmaguire Didn't we cover this in 2015So Burnham's funding requests are essentially predicated on the pessimism that Manchester will be in Tier 3 lockdow…'t believe Lee Mack's milkman is also a Nazi really captures how long Joe Biden has been in politics. Here he is, as a Senator, with newly elected Conserva…
Retweeted by Calgie @T_Haynesy Replace with the head, arms and legs of exodiaLabour Targets Hard-Working, Red-Wall Family with Eye-Watering Council Tax
Retweeted by Calgie @GuidoFawkes No. 10 sources didTurns out they didn't buy the Salisbury Convention excuse provided by No. 10 of the doormen in parliament behave like they're auditioning to members of the SS in enforcing the rules, it's… @OnTheWoolsack Rewaxing a Barbour jacket is a task to be done only in Dante's 7th circle of hellAn irritatingly funny guy that made this site a more enjoyable place. The news comes like a gut punch.'d be cheaper to buy a new bloody jacket Police Question this Inexperienced Young Interviewer?
Retweeted by CalgieMark Drakeford double texting the government. Move on mate Boris doesn't fancy you @tarajaneoreilly Genuinely think this is most October thing I've ever seen"I oppose all the restrictions, just not 𝒏𝒆𝒄𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒍𝒚 for the right reasons" @estwebber @Gabriel_Pogrund Well, the victim actively wants the MP to be named so it's far from not rightMany of you have read and commented on our story about Adrian, whose cancer operation was cancelled. Just to let yo…
Retweeted by Calgie
@MRJKilcoyne Will one day pitch a piece on how the fiat 500 group are the Tory voters of the futureAfter today’s statement, I spoke to Matt Hancock’s team and I was pleased that they confirmed what local leaders we…
Retweeted by CalgieExclusive: Joe Biden recommended a promotion for Brigadier General Gilbert, who covered up rapes at US Air Force Ac…
Retweeted by CalgieIf you want a tl;dr of the way Mark Drakeford's running Wales at the moment
Retweeted by Calgie @HannahAlOthman Will take off your handsWhen they said they're closing the pubs again...
Retweeted by CalgieTheresa's being a mood again you want a tl;dr of the way Mark Drakeford's running Wales at the moment Lindsay's behind the times the point she was making but thank you to Rachel Reeves for the reassuring fact there are only 10 weeks left in 2020 @tarajaneoreilly We'll all be hungry caterpillars when there are 10% tariffs on food imports - me for the Guardian @tarajaneoreilly Say what you like about gove but he does make no deal sound a lot more relaxing than it actually isFull piece here btw anecdote from Graham Brady have I done now Sunday Trading restrictions is a Christian issue. City Hospitals' Chair Waltzes Off
Retweeted by CalgieDon’t get this service from Sadiq Khan’s comms team, let me tell you