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attack and dethrone jeff from marketing

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@dankcurb boo boooooWhen the ghost of Derrida sees another arms-folded columnist has cited him as a threat to western civilisation, he'… don't think my sardine pickling went that well @_jrap hmm but also hmm good @kateiselin what's as safe as a mask? pursing my lips forever @quantum_scumbag My thought is its satisfying when dice can replicate a concept so I would think about priority rul… wish discord wasn't called discord because otherwise it's "social networks but extremely pleasant" @aeon604 that's true! It's sort of like a dodge in Dark SoulsMillions of people are dying, history's biggest upwards wealth theft is underway - but we're encouraged to detonate… @mcclure111 god almost as if its pantomimes o c i a l a c t i o n sorta give us all until September before we all have to leave this website
thinking about Hulk 142 (1971) again.. radical chic, critique of Democratic Party corruption, pretty good, pretty g… saw this banner ad tonight and I was like.. what.. do they mean... are the landlords .. struggling? that it matters, but a couple of months of yelling "go 👏 to 👏 therapy 👏" at bad posts while the mental health s… 10 years ago when a game designer at a libertarian think-tank made a game for the World Bank that promoted…
Retweeted by christian"Major coronavirus breach at Sydney Airport as entire flight from Melbourne not screened" well I wouldn't screen th… @hamonryen Wait isn't dispersion good @allymcleangames For real, there's a secret war that goes on about writing quality, and i 100% agree with you, and… @allymcleangames that's my secret cap etc etc @jeanburgess @dangolding well, look, at least somebody's hiring @jeanburgess @dangolding let's hope it is actual strategy and not just Del*itte-powered napkin economics
@VLXCAT fucken cracked it fully
acab includes the ranger with the big iron on his hip
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