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I write about sci-fi, games and world-building // ah, but I got off several cutting remarks

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Trump announcing that the Starfleet logo is real a day after a new Star Trek show featuring a corrupted pointless S…🤔 @steppinlazer my life for aiur @steppinlazer thanks for sending me here @steppinlazer I was gonna go with odigoLINKEDIN INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER TINDER @ebruenig @ZephyrTeachout The essay was great, Biden is a symbol of how bad things are, a standard bearer of the dead. @davidsurman_ assassins creed greek time @cityloope !!!!the videogame i'm playing is too big, I can't play it allGirls DM: discussing the sound design of Sebulba's pod racer engine Boys DM: Reading the Talmud in the original Aramaic
Retweeted by Christian McCrea @allymcleangames There we go @allymcleangames Farmhouse? @hollyee @pressdarling Me, it's me making the soundstarted a losing fight over a sheep with Clan McDonald, leading to his people's unprecedented slaughter, and forcin… poet the poem @sneakykelgurt Yes it's why I post so much public transport bullshit, I take up the whole carriage @LisaDib1 It's very very pureDude on the train opposite me is high key mad I sat across from him, now here we are, two six foot five manspreader… @IllyBocean I have some bad news for my xenopreg onlyfans people @IllyBocean Your substack sucks man @aeon604 RAMESES COLLOSUS
this the type of shit you say when you’re trying to spread a curse
Retweeted by Christian McCrea @MmichaelLlucy I guess he thinks it's only water @BrandyLJensen Sounds like he maxed out before he maxed out @ambientGillian Im still mad I didn't get to drink the juiceI cannot explain how 100% necessary it is for you to watch this. I'm reeling. Prime Video Australia doesn't have it nearly 15 hours after premiere. There is simply no point trying to acc… @aeon604 ohy myg god? @_jrap no! handsome car in shop! @aeon604 not here in hell land! @jrhennessy @seanjgleeson Two names for just one son @jrhennessy A vote for Necrowizard is a vote for the Greens[Reading about political crises] try to act normal, pretend I know all about the cool stuff, but it's like 12 hours until new Star Trek and every… you hit Wario with a banana peel
Retweeted by Christian McCrea @operation_rosie It's onDisgraced Hellness Blogger Christian McCrea @donniemnemonic This absolutely rules? Like have him be both the redeemed and total tyrant?Researchers: we could save money and be more effective if we built a simple system for this Minister: (closes vide… a day I think about all the super hard working academics I know who focus their lives on effective policy and… Nation: Land of the Mindwizards
@jrhennessy It's 9am. It's legal. @jrhennessy That man's name? James Hennessy. @pwafork There was no debate about this until two weeks ago when a political party needed a response that didn't up… eagle that torments Prometheus must be pretty sick of the taste of liver.
Retweeted by Christian McCrea @aeon604 Thanks I hate itIt's raining clay dust. The garden and the cars outside are getting clay on them. Dirty rain. We broke rain."While My Catarrh Gently Weeps" "Cerebral Knievel" "Tonight Harry's Practice Visits The Home of Charlie "Bird" Par…'s bit on hating Jim Morrison's a couple of bits of Australian culture that aren't so bad @cd_hooks I honestly feel like this week has explained to me what you all go through a lot more @ABigDumbBaby that's me in the chrome search bar every night @ABigDumbBaby looking good son @LeenaVanD It looks like the renderer crashed.My national economic plan is simple: - if a person comments on a Greta Thunberg tweet, we take away their pension… storm clouds obviously have ash in them. Never seen clouds this cloud or shape or smell. @lisyk LoG is such a great exciting company to have in town, it's so good you're growing and thriving ❤ @doougle ...wait @doougle Post-visual novel set behind the scenes in the high pressure manufacturing facility where they make the bl… @doougle Does this mean we're making Skilluotines at lastYes time travel is possible. Will explain later.
Retweeted by Christian McCreaWhats going on with mycareer
Retweeted by Christian McCrea @bonerman_inc I called my shiny Pelliper "Frisco Bay". @bonerman_inc Shiny Briney Bobby @marc_laidlaw Marc! Love your work! Wish it had happened too.Why bother pretending to make nice with these people? The second you threaten their reserved seat at the buffet thi… @llewstevens @BabbyUnit Nobody inside the failure machine likes him. Nobody who lost to a sundowning deadshit likes… @ShaneCarrow We will never have a left populism so this won't come up but yet.How do Americans not go insane? Seriously any random American person is being tested on a level I could never imagi…
@CherieDavidson 80 dollarydoos for number 2's collection please. "Grabbing the Inari from the sushi train"wikihow is helping me with my career plans in case this nerd stuff falls through for Witcher season 2 looks sick as @heybonita_ May I add this please babu thicc, Beowulf with Christopher Lambert @BRKeogh 20+ years ago Chet wrote about style and derivative design in FPS games a lot and I wonder whether that ex… @BRKeogh Been thinking about this series of tweets from him and your response (and article) for a couple of days an… @jrhennessy Full of piety lookin ass @jeanburgess @bcnicoll I don't have to! Can't make meYou think people put pressure on kids now? Parents of 662 were way more competitive. @jrhennessy His Troy McClure phase is almost good.Academics in Oz are constantly goaded into austerity thinking (work more, use less, get less) but a big part of our… @sistersleaze Outstanding @sistersleaze This is honestly the same Destiny 2 face I pull @thomas_violence When I come up for [secret project] can we do a dramatic reading from Thongor of Lemuria?Another great Australian retail genre: a toyshop for parents who want their kids to be miserable how good it feels to be a rotisserie chicken in the warmer at a grocery store. dead, head empty, no thought…
Retweeted by Christian McCrea @BAKKOOONN australian version had this guy as host and he ruled @VomitingLarry thank you vomiting larry @MmichaelLlucy I'm a future prime minister! @MmichaelLlucy Brisbane Qagoma: It's Lizards By The River.I'm going to the great city of Brisbane in two weeks to experience some of the fine experiences it has to offer. Br…
@Kelsie HBD Kelsie!'m sorry __what__ now @ohhooboy hell yeah hell yeah! @annaspargoryan the WHATwhat we putting on top of our indomie mi goreng noodles tonight teamgame as art ,
Retweeted by Christian McCrea @Papapishu She's got more control this way. Big biscuit dippy comfort moves. @Papapishu Milk toast! It ain't just an insult.