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a d̶e̶p̶r̶e̶s̶s̶e̶d̶ happy lil bean tweeting

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@mvrsart Pretty bbyyyy 🥺Hey bitches 🤍
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@rvndezvous Ur so prettyyyy 🥺🥺they’re best friends
Retweeted by flubblez ❀if you often overthink , open this ♡
Retweeted by flubblez ❀I’m happy to see you
Retweeted by flubblez ❀Love love love 😩😩💕💕 I introduce to you: my wifey. 😩 never misses 👏🏼👏🏼 Potter marathon tonight!! Finally! 😊 @jenxerosityy @XUANAMII Thank you love 💕 @XUANAMII THANK U MAMI 💕💕💕🤍🤍🤍 @yinqtinq Thank you!! @notaksek Thank u bb! 💕💕 @n0tmiakhalifa Thank u miaa I luv u 🥺 @kevnuu Thank you!! 😊 @jensuon_ Happy belated baby! @natclia It’s ok, most ppl don’t know haha thank u tho I love u 🤍 @PLAYBOIMEHXX Thank you!HAPPY BIRTHDAY. GOD BLESS
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@LACTAlD Facts she’s so pretttyyy. I just saw her ig story and was like waittt it was her but she was walking so fast 😭110% sure I just passed by marycake in NY just now 😭 Wtf I love herrr I should’ve asked to take a pic rip @lexababy_ Thank u bby, luv u! @yungjakks Thanks babe!! @jensuon_ Mine was on the 16th! @PerryWang2 Tank you!!! @Gabec_84 They can’t catch us slipping 👏🏼💧💧💧always dripped up!
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @hannyhxney What a whole babeeee 🥺🥺🥺Hi it was my birthday :3
@patriciazzle Thank you babes!! Love u lots 🥳✨idgaf what happened you never leave your fuckin friend when they’re drunk
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @ASAPxBanhMi FEELS LIKE WE’RE FALLING FOR THE FIRST TIMEEEEI’m so happy I met u bc ur the sweetest and I luv u sm 🥺✨ thank u for being there always bb @ssylvxa Thank you Babygirl, sending love always 🤍 @borrome9 I LUV U BB TY 🥺
@dripothee @james_es 👀 @jensuon_ Happy birthday bb! Sending best wishes ✨I love u smmmm cutie pie 🥺🥺🥺 always been there for me through my ups and downs 🤍✨ @christinavchao happy birthday my gorgeous wifey 🤍 i love you so much! literally been there for me since the day i…
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @ASAPxBanhMi Luv u pikahieuu! Thank you 🥺🥺 @luxieshelley I CANT WAIT TO SEE UR BEAUTIFUL ASS 🥺🥺“we’ll figure it out together” is a love language
Retweeted by flubblez ❀hi
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I love spooky shit but pull out a ouija board around me and im going tf home
Retweeted by flubblez ❀My ex was not attractive enough to do what he did to me
Retweeted by flubblez ❀Yes I’m wearing jean on jean... arrest me 🤝
Retweeted by flubblez ❀girls with strict parents really do be going out of their way for some of you and don’t even know it.
Retweeted by flubblez ❀me or the view??
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @jaamzies LIT THE MOST GORGEOUS 😩Even when I was broken, I gave so much of myself to people who just: ✨didn’t care✨ @amarapeachme That was me, sorry 😔It’s only gonna get better from here. I can feel it 🥺
@LACTAlD Thought I already was 😳is Connecticut a real state or is it just a giant private school that everyone went to?
Retweeted by flubblez ❀Students of the Dance Theatre of Harlem dancing through the streets of New York City
Retweeted by flubblez ❀OUP 😍😳 want to be cuddled up watching halloween movies
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Hi I made a new Twitch account to start streaming my games: 👉🏼👈🏼ur the prettiest girl he’s ever had so stop crying bby
Retweeted by flubblez ❀Imagine getting surprised with this on your birthday 🥺
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @lucasgeniza P a i n. @ASAPxBanhMi dude I was just copying what she was saying in game just for fun and then I was like- wait 😳🥴 @lucasgeniza LEAF ME ALONEEE 😭😭Not me realizing that my voice sounds like Paimon from genshin impact ✋🏼😔
Cuddles would hit rn
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @samnangleo I did! I reported and blocked!
@samnangleo Honestly, creepy weirdos @hunnyhelen I luv u my babyyyyy 🥺🥺 @depreshnn That’s what I’m saying, hella creepyyy @muweeni What do u mean lol❄️
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @SoundfuI As u do to my timeline 😌🥰 @tiff_nguyen14 I might get a lil good comfy then 😳 @Ickky_vicky Thank you bb! 😊 @melissangguyen I can’t afford it 😔 @ohits_chanel ur in MY mind rent free ma’amyou already live in my mind rent free 😌
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @celinuuuhhh im never moving out 🥳🥳 @cuntttina I love u bby, fuck the weirdos @Gabec_84 That’s all you chief 😤✨ @christinavchao I SEE YOU 😤🔥🤯
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @annien826 With you? Always. 🤍 @LACTAlD I’m happy 😊 @christinavchao you BEEN living in mine
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @christinavchao You’ve been living in my mind rent freeeee 😳
Retweeted by flubblez ❀no evictions!! this is a pandemic!!!
Retweeted by flubblez ❀ @XUANAMII Say less, I’m staying here permanently then 😳 @jennethkerry Honey I’m home 😌😌 @savonnaby So pretty mamas 😳 @GodDamnFerDi Follow your heart 👏🏼Just wanted to know if I can live in your mind rent-free? @czxrinajoy I’m so proud 🥺👏🏼👏🏼 @annien826 Literally the cutest 🥺ootd
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@n0tmiakhalifa omg it looks like a smol pokemon @LACTAlD salt bae is that you 😳 @muweeni thats what im sayinnnn!! might have to run one @sewahpercocet but why