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@antumbral You may have a greater cold tolerance than even I do!!! @antumbral Well, the good and bad news is that I will probably not forget my coat, due to it being Boston in the winter @silby I once put ice in the ice bucket but only like, because I had injured my toe and there was swelling. It helped @silby I-I'm not even sure what I'd do with that @Faux_Wren I mean it helps that the drawers here are empty, as opposed to being incredibly overstuffed because all… @necrosofty This is also my thought, but I think, rationally speaking, I would probably notice if I packed up my su… @illuminatima Oh, yeah, no questionFeeling like I’m slipping on a path into some kind of fucked up and sinful lifestyle by putting my clothes into the… @sasuraiger Judging by my mentions, I think this might be operating on a frequency only audible to certain people, so maybe not.SORRY?
Hi, Boston! 💖 @OhPoorPup I guess that’s a LITTLE chaotic. @OhPoorPup He goes “yip!” and probably hops a bunch while playing!!!! @OhPoorPup Hello!! It’s a fox!!! @UnburntWitch @necrosofty @zandravandra 🙏 @UnburntWitch @necrosofty @zandravandra lmao you’d think this would be a surefire solution but my high school comed… @necrosofty @zandravandra @UnburntWitch I think it really depends on the kind of story it is. When it’s something w… @UnburntWitch @necrosofty I very much fixate on both and I know you’d THINK it would help make things super cohesiv… selfie 😴[moi à ma petite-amie pendant la filme “Portrait de la Jeunne Fille en Feu” quand la portrait de la jeunne fille en… don’t know why everyone gave the New York Times trouble for this one, I think it’s a valid point it’s really frustrating that I had a great idea for a gameplay iteration RIGHT as I clocked out for the da… both hands, I have a manicure, because it’s important to get that done before the flightOn the one hand, I got literally zero work done today; on the other hand, I was successfully able to pick up the pu… Michael DeForge got arrested on the railway a couple hours ago, he's got a live vid on his Instagram, if you're…
@spacekase I'm really looking forward to it!! @BooDooPerson @_hyly I feel like you’re burying the lede on the important part, which is that it also sounds sick a…’s absolutely TV and anime but I’ve been really trying to make it comics instead @austin_walker ON WHAT PLANET???I feel like it was REALLY not necessary for the news to cover Andi waking up with me every morning like this @Faux_Wren Thank you for your continued illegal advicethe social contract around locked accounts is that it is a hazardous waste containment site for all your bad and/or…
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Retweeted by Christine @ PAXE @syn I'm very happy to hear that! 🙏 @FioraAeterna OH IT’S SO GOOD I’M JEALOUS YOU CAN JUST GO PLAY ITit is phenomenally cruel of people to come onto this website, look at the posts on my private feed and share them with their shitlord pals .
Retweeted by Christine @ PAXE @KrisLigman Kris… thank you for making sure xX_SSJNaruto420_Xx’s package made it through T_T7 @mcclure111 Does this mean that this is the only movie I’m allowed to give a rating to, as per my “I don’t believe in stars” system @porntagonist Are you sure, because you’re making it sounds like she understands it PERFECTLYAnyway… it's yr girlfriend @Faux_Wren I would highly recommend it @mcclure111 @aeleitch This claim is funny but not based in factIncredible to think that film invented kissingSO, PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE, HUH 👀💦 @aeleitch @mcclure111 Alex, it was literally made for you
fyi a lot of news portrays these indigenous ppl as "(anti-pipeline) protestors/activists" when that isn't what's g…
Retweeted by Christine @ PAXE @AlcopopStar I’ve literally never tried anything else. @necrosofty So the way I handled it (again, in a comedy) was that I would start with the choice that was the thing… @uncreativecat This is, unfortunately, probably what I deserve. @necrosofty Yeah, I think there’s a lot of potential approaches. The easiest and most appealing to me is to make th… @uncreativecat OH NO @uncreativecat The good news is that I don’t think that choice ACTUALLY inspired anyone to go out and watch the alt… @Faux_Wren I’ll fuckin’ cancel you myself because every time I see people play the game I die of embarrassmentLike, it’s definitely a writing challenge, but if nobody is ever picking your evil dialogue options, it’s possible… a reminder that Ladykiller in a Bind collects stats on what choices players make in their first playthroughs a…
Retweeted by Christine @ PAXEI will actually… not be running a booth at PAX, OR showing anything. Gonna be a real weird feeling not having a ton… a reminder: there will be no stream on Thursday, because I’ll be at PAX! So here’s your chance to catch up on… Racing🐭💖💨🚦🗯🏁
Retweeted by Christine @ PAXE @webbedspace @mcclure111 Unfortunately, this is kind of moe. @mcclure111 I personally can’t get over the idea that someone at Google was like “okay, but what if the heart was fuzzy” @mcclure111 Meanwhile I actually still have trouble typesetting emoji even though it’s a dang videogame @mcclure111 To be fair that character does predate the existence of emoji, even if it’s retroactively now one, so t…, just in generalThere’s just too much code @DasBilligeAlien Oh yeah, it’s really good, I liked it a lot @sabler I mean, to be fair, the bagel shop probably IS the place where you’d question that. @mcclure111 Really, this could be any circle here, and I refuse to use google @Faux_Wren I HOPE YOU’RE READY!!!!!! @spookysquid GOOD LUCK!!!You’d really think by this point in the season I’d be able to watch an episode of Eizouken without spending 22 minu… @Faux_Wren I’ve been waiting for you to get to this part, for reasons that will only become obvious in time
@metasynthie Like what the fuck is an imaginary number. I'm pretty sure literally all numbers are imaginary that's… @jekagames Thanks! I hope you like it! :D @metasynthie It’s fine, I don’t believe numbers are real, anyway @mistydemeo It’s got good priorities @saint_Somnia A lot of people have definitely done some really good work in RPG Maker. My advice would be to work o… @_hyly I'VE ALWAYS BEEN ABLE TO SEE PRETTY GIRLS JUST FINE DUE TO MY VISION BEING PERFECT WITHIN A METRE OF MY FACE @_hyly UGH I SAID YOU WERE RIGHT, I DIDN'T SAY I WAS HAPPY ABOUT IT @Dauragon WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOWGet your eyes checked even if you absolutely don’t think you need it, trust me on this one, you would NOT BELIEVE h…’m sorry to be constantly screaming about this I’m just. In such disbeliefI went to the movie theatre last night and the movie was good but never mind that; I tried taking my glasses off, a… @alpacabean Ohhhh, I never played that one, how is it @legobutts SERIOUSLY?! @HanakoGames I’m pretty early on, but it doesn’t seem like. @WrangelDono I too appreciate that all the nobles seem to have huge tracts of land @uncooldana I don’t understand. You just said the same word twiceThis is almost as bad as the time I watched Richard III and it turned out that every single time I called bullshit… @AlcopopStar hrrm? @Faux_Wren IT JUST KEEPS GOING??? @AlcopopStar I’ve got a slightly-alarmed grunt about this tweet @AlcopopStar I guess it’s actually more of a comment @AlcopopStar I have a question about this tweet @illuminatima Yeah, it seems very good, I have no complaints about it @illuminatima I'm pretty early but it's fun so far @EmptyeyeDotCom Well, maybe worry a LITTLE bit about bishounen Robespierre, honestly. @EmptyeyeDotCom Don't even worry about it. far I gotta say the most ridiculous thing that's happened is that the future Josephine Bonaparte is really commi…