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@Bimborpheus @modernmodron Nier: AutomobileMILKSHAKES FOR ANGELS
Retweeted by Christine LoveUnlock ROAD STORIES by using new equipment in battles! Every item has its own story!
Retweeted by Christine Love @demigiant @animtree me: goddamn doing UI takes forever other people: really but why me:
Retweeted by Christine LoveCheckpoints in most games: I entered an important room or watched a long cut scene. Checkpoints in They Bleed Pixe…
Retweeted by Christine Love @skeletonhouse @webbedspace Whoa!!! And here I thought we were just being pervertsWait, this one was good @lingmops DIDN’T KNOW HOW GOOD WE HAD IT @spookysquid @Random_Factor And here I was thinking that the city’s supply of Weird Al impersonators was robust and non-overlapping @zandravandra GEEZEI’m TECHNICALLY VISIBLE in the audience of this video!! For MULTIPLE ENTIRE FRAMES!!! Barely!!!!!!!… Al leaked our new video 😂
Retweeted by Christine Love @IronicLark Gonna come out strongly recommending you just go back to bed
@centristvoltron Nah there actually was an upgrade that genuinely made it a LOT more stable. It’s still a pretty ro… @centristvoltron I mean you know what the insane thing was, right. It didn’t completely solve the problem but it di… ROAD STORIES by using new equipment in battles! Every item has its own story! @canicuIa Counterpoint: nothing I can cook tastes as good as the relief of not having the cook feels @sasuraiger ALL HER ANIMATIONS ARE PERFECT BUT ESPECIALLY THIS ONEMILKSHAKES FOR ANGELS, now that I’ve got your attention… new @skeletonhouse key art for Get in the Car, Loser! MEET THE PARTY @…
Retweeted by Christine LoveAnyway, here’s a screenshot of the game I’m working on right now @Faux_Wren’ve decided that not only am I not going to read the replies to this tweet, but actually I’m just going to forget… anyone else been squinting at the word “dogpilled” and trying to make sense of what the fuck that could possibl… @Foone I’m sure you already know about the electronic equivalent of this, but I’ve never been able to stop thinking… @ScottMadin Yeah, it was Forum 2000. Although personally I was more of a Conversatron fan at the time @MrAlexBethke CONGRATULATIONS!
got the new twitter reverse-anniversary retweet feature and honestly it kind of sucks
Retweeted by Christine Love @kohquette WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS, IT IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST『They Bleed Pixels』のNintendo Switch™版がただいま好評発売中! 戦った分だけチェックポイントが稼げる、ゴシックで可愛い血みどろスプラッター2Dアクションゲーム! 10月29日までニンテンドーe…
Retweeted by Christine Love13 Sentinels (2020)
@Faux_Wren God I love it when Demeter kills him at 10% health. It’s not even useful, it’s just FUNNY @CHARLENEMAXIMUM w00t @Ettin64 @TravisDStewart An era where people have forgotten what it means to be l33t…Okay, now that I’ve got your attention… new @skeletonhouse key art for Get in the Car, Loser! MEET THE PARTY @… @TravisDStewart and i jumps @Kashkabald I SAID EMBRACE CHAOS, NOT EMBRACE EVILI think we should bring back “zomg” in 2021. We already live in an era of pure chaos. Might as well embrace it @SvizraLion Oh, shit, you’re right @BooDooPerson @mcclure111 I don’t know where she’s hiding the good posts but I can tell you where she’s sending the bad ones
@Faux_Wren Oh no this is all from weeks ago I’ve just been sitting on itI’ve taken a million screenshots of things that I THOUGHT were final and now will be incredibly identifiable to me… @BooDooPerson It was not 4PM, Joel.The worst thing about being x months away from release is when you’re still making minor iterative changes that cha… @henryfaber I don’t need to discover time-blocking—I’m already feelin’ blocked all the time!!!! @bravelyjake I didn't think they were good either before but now I understand that the trick is you need to just sh… @madame_diamond I think it took me about 40 or so attempts to get past Elysium, you can do it!!! @philthe25th Honestly it was kinda terrifying even BEFORE I got seeking on it.Okay, maybe there ARE advantages to levelling up boons✨🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA!!🎁✨ 今年もお祝い出来て良かった!これからもずっと推し続けます☺️ティナ大好き! #みり絵 #tina_birthday_2020 #ティナ誕生祭2020 #ティナ誕生祭
Retweeted by Christine Love✨VAMPIRE BLOOD DRIVE✨ is my ongoing F/F comic about debonair butch vampire VELVET🧛🏽 and her human femme BUNNY🐰 18+,…
Retweeted by Christine Love
Bro,I spent the day reading the Headley translation of Beowulf and it turns out: it absolutely whips? I didn't really t… @vestenet She got a perfect!! @Cryofauna THAT WAS SO FUNNY. WHAT DID YOU THINK THAT ACCOUNT WAS ABOUT. JAZZ?????
@spookysquid Man it really came out visually fully formed right from the start, huh?!!! @atothe_d Yeah I think it’s real good at that honestly. They have a lot of fun with it and it having 13 different c… one really good thing about 2020 that gives me hope for our society’s progress is that I have not even seen a S… @Rirse Yes @laevantine He’s a cat!! @atothe_d I think it’s definitely the least frustrated I’ve been with a Vanillaware game because they get to lean i… @atothe_d I absolutely love it but I think it entirely depends on how you feel about things that are deliberately d… @inkskratch YEAH! Love all the weird imagery in that one @inkskratch Man, more guts than any of the MCU Iron Man stuff has. He fights the fuckin’ US government! @Cousycousy Zeus bad Sisyphus happy Fates cruel Theseus leaving really long shoelaces untied, I got the jist of itThe worst thing about Hades's realm as envisioned in Hades (2020) is that it's always night there AND there's a riv…
I had to revise this tweet like five times because it was way too real at firstOkay, so objectively, the Asphodel Meadows are a miserable place to spend eternity. On the other hand, I think the… @merrittk To be fair I think that's what the Lethe is for. Forget about anything OTHER than just being an orb that's chillin' @_sulcata She’s flying!!!Don’t ask how many hours this week I have spent adjusting, for every enemy in the game, the location that the curso… @EmptyeyeDotCom I don’t know what Rush was doing over there, but that intersection is only about six blocks away! @zandravandra I Will Never Go At Less Than 100%I miss writing the Stalker… she was really fun. Sam is a similar archetype and she’s a lot of fun, but I miss how c… @Faux_Wren Some guys at an award ceremony told me it was pretty okaySuddenly remembered just how much I just committed to every goofy idea I had with the Ladykiller epilogue @zandravandra He’s just a good broWhy would I only post it at 1AM when I’m thinking about it all the time @onidavin It’s honestly comforting to know that her only seemingly-compelling metaphor doesn’t even make any fucking senseIt’s the sky!!!I would like to give a huge shoutout to my girlfriend for being VERY patient with every wiki-dive I’ve been taking… @henryfaber o7 @aurahack Always @mcclure111 Theft is proper @aurahack WOW🦇💕 //
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Sharpen Your Claws! They Bleed Pixels is coming to Nintendo Switch next week! 20% off discount till Halloween. P…
Retweeted by Christine Love🔎 Lucifer Within Us: Out NOW 🔎 You are a digital exorcist, piecing together the truth in a corrupt world of religi…
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This isn’t what I’m working on right now. Right now I am working on AGONIZINGLY boring bugs like “don’t try to trig… @OddLetters If it makes you feel better I grew up here and didn’t get it either, I assume because I didn’t go to private school or somethin’ @vestenet 🙏🙏🙏 @megabee Wow, it just makes perfect sense. @vestenet You can’t just SAY this without sharing!!! @maomantou but at what cost