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I photograph people & things over at @CGunnPhoto — @TBLightning ⚡️@GopherHockey〽️. I was in a @NHL commercial. Goalie Apologist. I love dogs more than people.

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Wait. I’m sorry. What? @GovRonDeSantis Okay listen Ronnie imma need you to legalize whatever drugs you’re tak… and I will sing our rousing rendition in your honor, good sir
Great so get the fuck out of my uterus I get a lifetime supply of yeezys if I vote?
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They study the weather @jcorb_ Are you sure I can’t come to Canada....? 2020
@TheJerseyFinder @NWHL @Debbie_Bolts @omgitspaigeyy21 @TheJerseyFinder @NWHL @Sjtayy5 @asherrrrs @TheJerseyFinder @NWHL @alexis_b82 @paigeyb88WOMEN'S HOCKEY GIVEAWAY! An anonymous Patron is giving away TWO jerseys off the @NWHL website. Any team, any size—…
Retweeted by christine @TheJerseyFinder @NWHL @Felicialicia17 @emilykriness9 @alexis_b82 Chris brookes Vs Jonah at Riptide
@peacockTV Already pre-subscribed and ready to binge 📺💻🍿 @gobolts4 I mean, in theory yes. But the people who are carriers and don’t know it and ARENT wearing a mask, are st… are fucking doctors you fucknuts holy shit Imagine thinking MAGAGreggory4545 on YouTube who works as a bait s… @RufflesSupport I really am... hurry back soon! 🥔🍿🇨🇦 Award Nominees:
nah im still gonna call you an asshole @RUFFLES I miss having the All Dressed chips for purchase in the US, specifically Florida. Any update on when/if they are coming back? @TheRevTy @DCECassie I MISS YOU BOTH AND THE PUPS ALREADY 😭😭 have the BEST time in Houston and come back soon and e… @seenstamkos That was yesterday right? #CanadaDay to our northern neighbors @jcorb_ I haven’t but the second we’re not in this hell hole pandemic I’m booking my flight ✈️
@alexis_b82 @CharlieThomas_2 wish there was a version of #Chopped that had contestants with no real cooking experience and gave them a basket… @don_rainman @TBLightning they cant play hockey right now for two reasons, Don. 1.) there's this pandemic thing hap… @FlyTPA @TBLightning @SouthwestAir ok but no can we really and can it also be broadcast on said @SouthwestAir fligh… lucky have we been to have Rick on our call all these years?
Retweeted by christineI feel like we don’t talk enough about how Steven Stamkos once scored 60 goals at the age of 21.
Retweeted by christineUpdate: Hockey is [still] fun.
Retweeted by christineHappy #PrideMonth, friends! We hope to get back to celebrating together soon. 💙
Retweeted by christineFuckin 2020, y'all
Retweeted by christineimagine living in a country where public health is a *political* issue. oh wait. we *are* living in that country.’m not usually one for statement colors but I really like these
Racial Equality Matters. Black Lives Matter.
Retweeted by christineThe one and only Rick Peckham will receive the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for outstanding contributions as a hock…
Retweeted by christineLet’s get serious, Florida. #WearYourMaskFL 📝:
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Gov. DeSantis says young people w/ COVID-19 are less likely to suffer significant clinical outcomes. Take a listen…
Retweeted by christineAll of them. Give me all the hugs Signed, A soft, sensitive bitch
HAHAHAH The NHL is total chaos and I can’t even dealSteve Yzerman has no hair and that’s step 1 in the Detroit actively killing his soul
There’s no evidence that normal use of face masks can cause fungal or bacterial infections, despite a Florida congr…
Retweeted by christineI live in Florida. I am a senior citizen. I want to thank President Trump and Governor DeSantis for not caring whet…
Retweeted by christine @EddieSideburns @alexis_b82 @alexis_b82 @EddieSideburns @alexis_b82 @EddieSideburns @alexis_b82 We LOVE drinking and driving 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳Death penalty
Retweeted by christineLOL THIS IS SO FLORIDA OH MY GOD celebrate YOU. Be loud today and show us your PRIDE! ⬇️ #HockeyIsForEveryone
Retweeted by christineThis state was never ready to re-open. The vast majority aren’t taking this seriously. Just because you are asym… for one can’t wait for the spike in unemployment numbers again and for the Governor to tell everyone is their fau… “we are where we are” #DeSantisResign
2020 DeSantis re-opening Florida:
Retweeted by christineamateur wildlife photographer World is reopening in July because they will not stop until they have killed everyone’s parents.
Retweeted by christinethis is barney, he yawns a little different (emm_lotte/agraves12 IG)
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Today is a great day to arrest the cops that murdered #BreonnaTalyor @emilykriness9 look so frightened Trump Campaign, Fuck you. You’re not invited. Stop playing my song. No thanks, Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco & company.
Retweeted by christine is the most wholesome content I’m gonna see today and I’m so excited about it. Congratulations to Steve and… looks familiar
Retweeted by christine anyone needs me I’m gonna be crying all night about Diego. Someone get me to NY so I can adopt this sweet baby @KErlendsson @Erik_Erlendsson I’m not allowed to have anymore favorites* because everyone gets traded or drops off… @KErlendsson @Erik_Erlendsson @jsciubba10 It’s gonna be Barclay Goodrow anyway @KErlendsson @jsciubba10 It’s not a “great trade” if it hurts my feelings, KevinWe’re all about cancelling fake Christians who pick and choose which bible verses they want to apply to their lives… @jsciubba10 when @jsciubba10 jinxed this into happening? I remember 🔪
Hillsborough makes masks mandatory inside all businesses in the county:
Retweeted by christineWe are proud to share #Hamilton; a work that has sparked passion, conversation and the need to confront the past to…
Retweeted by christineIs this abuse? Is it happening to you? These are common tactics abusers use to keep you under their control, a thread:
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I wear a mask because if the experts are correct, I could potentially prevent someone from getting sick and dying.…
Retweeted by christineDonald Trump is apparently losing his mind on twitter over this ad so watch it and retweet it to share it far and w…
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I have decided to remove the brakes from my car. This is a personal decision; if others want to have brakes in thei…
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I wish people feared their sons being pedophiles, rapist, or being abusive as much as they fear them being gay.
Retweeted by christineThe Art of Goal-Scoring 🎶 Go Behind the Keys with Krystof as he takes us through how inspiration hits him and how…
Retweeted by christineHere’s the backhand money shot for #HOCKEYATHOME  and my @NHL dream. Can I challenge anyone to a game of HORSE for…
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Did you just ask the people in the room and round up? man. The myth. The Captain.
Retweeted by christineput this in perspective when you think the civil rights movement & holocaust were a “long” time ago
Retweeted by christineBecause we didn't have iPhones in 1994. #WallpaperWednesday
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Well... have you seen what’s going on outside...?
@erinnicoleh_ The new Royal Airness in the building 🥳Happy Boltaversary @sergachev31
i just want a country where affording health care is easy and getting shot in the street is hard why is that so much to ask
Retweeted by christineto everyone going out to restaurants and parties this weekend
Retweeted by christineToday I learned... The white man in this photo was Peter Norman from Australia who finished 2nd the 1968 200m fina…
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@twentyonepilots I have nothing else to do today at work and this game is ruining my life how did you people do thi…