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Sophomore in college, Greek-American 🇬🇷, formerly merry (?!), big fan of ties, social media for @CU_CollegeDems #CrabFight

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense officials tell AP they fear possible inside attack at inauguration, will have National Guard troops vetted.
Retweeted by Christos @CheesePundit @KrissieTX NoGUYS GO VOTE FOR @KrissieTX IN THIS POLL! IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU DO SO! GEMS has the 4th most F-bombs in movie history, and yes before you ask, here's all 560 of them
Retweeted by Christos @RyanRadia Thank you!! Very good news @NeptuneofRome @MartyJWalsh Oh he seems very good @NeptuneofRome And which Walsh? @NeptuneofRome No to Kennedy but yes to Nikki Haley @NeptuneofRome Why do you think I dothe nyc mayoral race wikipedia still going well
Retweeted by Christos @NeptuneofRome I don't @RyanRadia @ModeledBehavior @binarybits @MarcGoldwein @DKThomp What about adult dependents? @ModeledBehavior @binarybits @MarcGoldwein @DKThomp Under Biden's plan, in the first half of 2021: -The average une…
Retweeted by ChristosBetween this, re-joining the Paris Accords and other initiatives, Biden will do more to protect the environment in…
Retweeted by Christos @johni_sweeney @nzsamueltaylor What's that have to do with the Massachusetts senate primary?In some personal news: @johni_sweeney @nzsamueltaylor Whati hate to say it folks but @christos_ioa is CANCELLED
Retweeted by ChristosBREAKING: U.S. president-elect Joe Biden is planning to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit via executive action…
Retweeted by ChristosGreat effort! Proud of our guys.
Retweeted by Christos @tillerbagel @nzsamueltaylor What’s the stuff about his father? @nzsamueltaylor Same reason why he had a shot: he’s a Kennedy @tillerbagel @nzsamueltaylor Didn’t this break after the primary?I am once again asking you to vote for KrissieTX
Retweeted by Christos @maryclarekunkel I can’t help but think of George Costanza when I see the glasses @sammyclaws12 @christos_ioa an important message
Retweeted by Christos @socialism_stan @sammyclaws12 I stg
“There’s always next year” has a different ring to it for Browns fans after this season!!
Retweeted by ChristosVery proud of this #Browns team. The future is bright!!
Retweeted by ChristosHey Cleveland Browns fans, never forget that no matter how bad your season is you have a quarterback who can do this
Retweeted by ChristosI’m very sad, but very excited for the future of this team.
Retweeted by ChristosI think my dad is going to never speak again
Retweeted by ChristosWhat an amazing season for the Browns!!
Retweeted by ChristosWell, we had a good runKarl Rove says on Fox News that if Rudy Giuliani defends President Trump in his impeachment trial, there is a "stro…
Retweeted by ChristosAnimals interrupting wildlife photographers. A thread: 1. 📸 Dan Dinu
Retweeted by ChristosThis is bullshit! 16-10 at half with ball back. Let’s go. Shake it off. Turn the page. ⁦@Browns⁩
Retweeted by ChristosSame energy as the “this is Biden America” ads of riots happening during the trump presidency
Retweeted by Christos @ThaZeus_ @10TV I don’t think soDr. Martin Luther King Jr on vacation in Jamaica
Retweeted by ChristosThis kid likes to play Xbox in quarantine, and the Times slapped a photo of his disappointed parents and a quote fr…
Retweeted by Christosdid MTG just have a breakdown over "voter fraud" and then get suspended from twitter? lmao
Retweeted by Christos @AlexMohajer @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris NiceInbox: Twitter Suspends Congresswoman Marjorie Greene for 12 Hours
Retweeted by ChristosWhat an image
Retweeted by ChristosBiden supporter stands alone on the Statehouse grounds behind protesters.
Retweeted by ChristosAn unexpected tribute at the capitol today
Retweeted by Christos @NilesGApol Holy cowYes I want to get paid more but it’s so much easier to calculate how much I make weekly right now @NilesGApol What video? @im_sorry_wtf @AmyTheSnowWoman Oh my God I need to visit @DaftLimmy So true!Raising minimum wage debate in America
Retweeted by Christos @MilesWilburn1 @ChiCyph80 @politicsmaps @jacobfhsmith @nytimes @cinyc9 @BrockMeers @SenhorRaposa @MounirLynch @adriaeln Clinton-Trump voter in Mahoning county that lost their job at the Lordstown plantOn Twitter, you can make up any baseless claim about Democrats not supporting a progressive policy they actually do…
Retweeted by Christos @Yukongold1898 @Yukongold1898NEW: 22 y/o Virginia man arrested near Capitol Hill with gun and 37 rounds of ammo
Retweeted by Christos @JoshNH4H @councilofdc Good take @AmyTheSnowWoman Greektown 👀 @mschristie587 @bongomansam @ArchibaldMeat13 @Manleyan_Lulist It’s like the ATM scene in Breaking Bad except Hillary Clinton and tractorif i committed federal crimes i would simply not post about them on the internet
Retweeted by Christos“why Biden is POTUS,” in one paragraph
Retweeted by Christos @mschristie587 @BenAybar MY FIRST THOUGHT
Retweeted by Christosthis January is not Januarying like the other January’s januaried
Retweeted by Christos @troll_jh did this detail make the Wikipedia article on the 2014 Georgia Senate election?
Retweeted by Christos @gus_still Involved with my campus demsIn case anybody is having a bad day here's a pic of the absolute cutest puppy I met last year @_danagraham Looks good!! @jules_su You forgot the kid in the minion costumeSince Trump’s almost out of office, I figured this would be a fun time to remind everyone of the weirdest & dumbest…
Retweeted by ChristosJust after 8 a.m., and all's quiet down at the Ohio Statehouse, site of a potential armed protest later today. He…
Retweeted by Christos @JonSM99 I mean Ryan worked for him before he ran against himyall do know that Dem vs Rep isnt always urban vs rural Rural Vermont is blue, rural Alaska is blue, rural Montana…
Retweeted by Christos @politicsluo Okay yeah, it didn’t make sense but I wasn’t sure if you had just become a conservative or not @politicsluo I really hope Biden is the switch and not Trump @plsalexandra Finally, a candidate who speaks to me @bongomansam You can’t forget the Jr.Also his signature being just a line seems pretty on-brandA friend’s dad found a letter from Traficant and he gave it to me — it’s now probably one of my coolest pieces of p… @pamlives I really doFellas is it gay for your wife to be Vice President
Retweeted by ChristosAnyone just hear Joshua @TheWeekMSNBC ? Phenomenal closing about being honest that we are moving from anger to sad…
Retweeted by ChristosFor those wondering how this comparison looks state-wide, here it is! Brunner outperformed Biden almost everywhere,…
Retweeted by Christos
omfg i want to buy a drink to the washington post editor who put this photo and caption at the end of their story a…
Retweeted by Christos @HarveyHubcap 👍🏻On 1st day, Biden will rescind travel ban on several Muslim countries, rejoin Paris climate accord, extend pandemic…
Retweeted by ChristosThere's very disturbing breaking news here in Washington. @CNN reports U.S. Capitol Police arrested a Virginia man…
Retweeted by Christos @Resilient_Rose_ @nickroberts317 F @woewoeisme @nickroberts317 Joe Biden’s grandson @7th_ET @Yukongold1898 My first and only question: firebrand freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert's communications director has resigned less than two weeks after she…
Retweeted by ChristosFor a 32-year-old, @nickroberts317 looks great!! @nickroberts317 @JohnHicks00 Omg Nick @Mr_Mooshhhh No just tuna salad on toastNothing beats a classic tuna salad sandwich! @bongomansam Joey Jo Jo Robinette Junior Shabadoo.
Retweeted by ChristosAfter consulting with my family, friends and dogs, I have made no final decisions about my potential 2022 Candidacy…
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