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Leftist foodie, beer lover, and runner. I do a lot of Chicago and Chicago sports tweets. I’m gonna shitpost. #BLM #AbolishICE

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@StuckInTheIV Oh yeah that’s true. How long is Dalvin out anyway?You’re not getting Trevor, Vikings. Wyd? (Originally @‘ed the team in my first tweet which is stupid DONT do that) @TheGigconomist Thanks man.I lost my dad almost 9 years ago. Everything I had with him was gone within a minute. Fvck this
@TheGigconomist @GarbageGangHQ @Utwitily GET OFF MY LAWN @Kschwenky Nooooooleftist twitter liberal twitter
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Retweeted by thank the phoeneciansI just wanted a picture of the hamburglar
Retweeted by thank the phoenecians @Signalfocus NICE @AbeDrayton @kahtrinuh I’m pretty sure yeah but god I love it @TheGigconomist Well it’s one thing I’ve done this week @MoString Can confirmOh wow just noticed I'm 4 away from 1400. Follow me for a day by day post about whether I'm dead yet.
Retweeted by thank the phoeneciansIdk wtf this is supposed to be but I love it @dervack NICE @CoreAndRind Glad you did. Thanks man! @JeffWantPoppers I love it, nothing to do with the French Revolution but a cool drama @LeCoqueLong @Wecknerd I started watching La Révolution on Netflix and I can’t get away from it now @Wecknerd @GarbageGangHQ HELP IM BEING REPRESSED @GarbageGangHQ Thems the rules, SwedesQueen shit tbh
@blackgirldating Lmao right? @capnporgporg Wait wasn’t Ted Danson in it? @capnporgporg Oh man that’s pretty cool. And it’s a defintely drama thrill like the movie? @capnporgporg Oh good idea @CrustiniB Thank you! @notwilliamzabka @KatieKatCubs @TacoAffcionado @deadfewl Hey hbd while we’re here! @KatieKatCubs @TacoAffcionado @notwilliamzabka My hair @TacoAffcionado @KatieKatCubs @notwilliamzabka NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MY GENIUS @papagarbage1 Yeah I definitely enjoyed it! @KatieKatCubs @TacoAffcionado @notwilliamzabka GET HER ASS @deadfewl 😂 I’ll make ya some eggs @DaCloudFestival No but that defintely sounds up my alley @deadfewl Nothing earth shattering but I liked it @LeftcomCrusher Cool! What is it? @notwilliamzabka @TacoAffcionado @KatieKatCubs OWNEDDecided to use my quarantine wisely and watch classic movies I’ve never seen. First was Fargo. Which was pretty good @notwilliamzabka @KatieKatCubs @TacoAffcionado Fuck yeah. Especially since we’re defintely wearing cobra Kai Gis on stage @KatieKatCubs @TacoAffcionado @notwilliamzabka Smh @thytweetfather Thank you very much man @thytweetfather Holy shit that’s brutal. @KatieKatCubs @TacoAffcionado And @notwilliamzabka a guitar, and I’m gonna buy a bass. AND YOU CANT BE IN OUR BAND @KatieKatCubs I’m gonna buy @TacoAffcionado a drum set too @KatieKatCubs @zenhussy @KatieKatCubs YOURE GETTING COVID AND A WELT @KatieKatCubs And to think I’d actually feel bad if I gave it to you @SeeLukeTri Lmao thanks buddy @KatieKatCubs I’m gonna give him the CoVId so hard (assuming that’s what this is idk) @zenhussy Oh hell yeah @KatieKatCubs Tell him I want my tractor mower back! @TheGigconomist Stoopid Aaron Rodgers and Zeke @KatieKatCubs Oh he’s acknowledging me now! @amandamull 😞Y’all need anything? @north_sox Oh no you too. At least you all are feeling good though @OldCriedPants It’s so I don’t get double pregnant @NotRoary That’s what they want you to thinkThis video just added 10 years to my life.
Retweeted by thank the phoenecians @zenhussy Very much appreciated. Thank you! @treetopsec Just takes some honing eh? @truther_dare Lmao thx buddy @zenhussy Luckily I just went grocery shopping yesterday! @treetopsec You god damn right!Fixed it
Retweeted by thank the phoeneciansQuarantined until my test results come back so I apologize for my tweets in advance @NeverBeGrounded YESSSSSD @reefercheeefer No joke @AssBoss80085 Fuck yeahHad to go get that magic elixir @dervack Thank you man @the_RedJam Tysm. We’ll see in a few days here I guess @the_RedJam It’s not terrible just annoying for a min or two @the_RedJam The swab goes deep into your nose until it can’t anymore right against that part that’s tickled when yo… damn that nose swab sucks ass @TheRealMikeETV Thanks manCOVID test here we go. YayThe two genders WHAT??? 😭😭
Retweeted by thank the phoenecians @aidanposting Hamilton Medicine Hat Edmonton @OldCriedPants @JeffWantPoppers Live him/her as wellPost an OOC frame of animation that seems fine, but with context will emotionally wreck a person…
Retweeted by thank the phoenecians @OldCriedPants That too @USPoliticsPoll NOPE NOPE NOPE @SmmrHghlndFlls I’m pretty sure it is, will do though. Thank you!Going for a test in an hour. GP doesn’t want to rule it outTbh @JeffWantPoppers She looks so happy it’s wonderfulI get to take Gerdie to get a free bath any time I want (a perk of fostering her I guess?). So, enjoy this video of…
Retweeted by thank the phoenecians @NesDeCorte Yeah good point. Thank you @evren__7 WTF @brettachapman UteFeeling run down with a random tickle in the throat type of cough. Not sure if I should test...doesn’t seem too bad?Andrew Raycroft
Retweeted by thank the phoenecianspeople burning down the symbols of the systems who have oppressed and brutalized them for dozens of generations is…
Retweeted by thank the phoenecians @barrybongss2 Winter Garden (where I used to live)He bombed weddings and then bombed the funerals of the people who died at the weddings
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