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Joined Twitter 1/16/08 someone who just sold his ***Manhattan penthouse to Giorgio Armani for over $17 million*** complains when the… can be so painful to bring a song from your heart into the world then watch it start to fade away after a year o…
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Bravo to @katienotopoulos, @broderick and @juliareinstein for their roundup of the decade’s biggest memes. Super en…
Retweeted by Chris WelchDocuments reveal that for months Wisconsin officials have been urging Foxconn to revise its contract with the state…
Retweeted by Chris Welch @poissonish iPad Pro is perfect for working on the go — coffee shops, events, wherever. But still need my classic… Unveils New 40-Story-Tall Brutalist Xbox Series X
Retweeted by Chris WelchMy 16-inch MacBook Pro was only manufactured 11 days ago. These things are coming hot off the assembly line. @swodinsky @Adweek @Gizmodo Hell yeah. CongratsThis sounds like exactly the sort of thing I’d get roped into. Surprised I hadn’t heard of Murfie before. Great sto… Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s next-generation console
Retweeted by Chris WelchAlmost three years of service to the day. that’s the end of my Peak Design backpack. What a week this has been.
Yikes, UK. Yikes.I hate splashy faucets
Retweeted by Chris WelchToo much for the coffee shop? think the Pixel 3 XL is maybe the last phone I’d ever use for a marketing shot, but you do you NYT.😳 breaking news — if you watch in the heights trailer without choking up you're not human
Retweeted by Chris Welch32 moments that made the decade, from google leaving china, to the life and death of net neutrality, to logan paul'…
Retweeted by Chris Welch @fromedome @gaberivera @reckless Not the least bit disappointed @bfishbfish Have seen this before and was incensed. Nobody’s a rat fan, but why?!
New from email inbox writing Blade Runner essays and drawing #BabyYoda on it. Yeah, my classroom is cool as fuck. 😎
Retweeted by Chris WelchThere is perhaps no greater wake up call to what’s happening in our country than being told your two year old’s cla…
Retweeted by Chris WelchCan barely see it, really. 😐
Hi tweeted about a friggin’ iOS update after surgery so this might actually not be true. Also, go check this out:… days, ya don’t give the smallest of damns about tech, gadgets, or any of it. Gnarly scar pic coming later. 🤘🏻 @waltmossberg @reckless Damn, that Microsoft jab at the end @vjeranpavic @dami_lee My watermark shortcut is broken tho 😥 @davezatz Looks like something Xiaomi would make to meOH BABY“Interview” is a generous term for Pete Williams just letting the bullshit fly. encryption day!
Retweeted by Chris Welch @katienotopoulos Is You is a puzzle game that requires you to literally break and rewrite its rules to win. This mind-bending p…
Retweeted by Chris WelchWindows 10 Mobile support ends today. Farewell, Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. Thanks for all the memories…
Retweeted by Chris WelchFor six months @SimoneGiertz let me into her life and literally inside her head, as she recovered from a brain tumo…
Retweeted by Chris Welch @JohnCena I think you mixed up the hungry and tired parts on the second half, but thanks John CenaBuckle up folks... 9a House Dems press conference, articles of impeachment expected 10a Speaker Pelosi press con…
Retweeted by Chris WelchSo very proud of my friend. So very impressed. @chriswelch You have to wait for it to zoom in to your cropped area when you crop it (about a full second). This wa…
Retweeted by Chris WelchFollow up: does iOS 13.3 fix this?Does anyone else still have the iOS bug where you crop a screenshot, save it, but it’s still the original uncropped…’s pretty telling that the most anti-journalism people are people who think they’re journalists but have no idea…
Retweeted by Chris WelchSony is bringing its beloved MLB The Show series to other consoles. Pretty stunning news. Maybe a requirement to… shit.
Here’s a good read for all the VCs and founders who told us there is no story here and they have “seen much worse”…
Retweeted by Chris WelchI wonder if Away employees are allowed to like this tweet or share this article
Retweeted by Chris WelchCan we have nothing?!'s gonna be an import market for this thing never heard the word “pylon” in my life until Elon ran over one in the dumb truck.yesssssss @WriterSkyeMcD Me when you watch without me now on divorces will be called marriage stories
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Pro tip: laptop sleeves designed for the older 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro are basically a perfect match for the 16.The person who took it wasn't minding their own business
Retweeted by Chris WelchAlso today I finally had the glory that is bacon chipotle CC places are not a brunch spot. if you’re going there with more than 3 people there’s something deeply wrong wi…☹️ total Brooklynite right there is tradition. IV. is tradition. IV.
To Hold Steady or to not Hold Steady… @DonMacAskill Chrome (and Tweetdeck) pretty much forced me into 32GB of RAM.Yes mine has the speaker popping. No I don’t notice any horrendous display ghosting.Setting up a new 16-inch MacBook Pro is as good of a time to ask this as any… What are your most-used Mac apps tha… many times must I see this YouTube ad from St Jude’s about the young girl with leukemia
Once upon a time, expanding voting rights was bipartisan. Today's party-line vote on strengthening the Voting Right…
Retweeted by Chris WelchGot that right, jack gave Verizon plenty of (deserved) criticism for delayed 5G coverage maps But even on T-Mobile’s 5G maps,…’s also very clarifying to read VCs and hustle-porn tweeters exalting Away’s culture as a north star for their po…
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wow love to see the cutesy feminist startup aesthetic used to propagate this utter bullshit
Retweeted by Chris Welch*gulp* Just as I’m about to buy one... live in a hell of our own tweeting
Retweeted by Chris WelchI still miss the magnifying glass for iPhone text selection.Employees at Away leaked Slack messages showing a pattern of intimidating and manipulative behavior stemming from t…
Retweeted by Chris WelchThe NYPD has conducted a full sweep of Brooklyn Tech High School and given the all clear. There is no threat at thi…
Retweeted by Chris Welch @MaiAndy @HaanRolo @WNYC This morning Brooklyn Tech High School received a bomb threat. All of the students have been evacuate…
Retweeted by Chris WelchIn non-tech news, Brooklyn Tech High School is currently evacuated due to either a bomb threat or gas leakNo place gives me greater anxiety. Not worth it. I’ve definitely seen this awful clip a few times realized I never saw the Steve Jobs movie. The big one. Definitely watched the entire Ashton Kutcher versionSong continues to be irresistibly good. of my favorite @reneritchie videos yet, right here.
OK I need to formally apologize for Twitter for always saying they’re slow to execute. Because
Retweeted by Chris WelchCome for the disturbing pictures of Ring employees in racist costumes at company parties...stay for the in-depth re…
Retweeted by Chris WelchI still think of you sometimes. is HUGE NEWS in pay gap land: Starbucks is the second company EVER to say how much men v women earn in the U.S…
Retweeted by Chris Welchtoday's stories: portable playstations! final fantasy! media format…
Retweeted by Chris Welch @evanrodgers How?! These are often $2,000 machines. I just reset a MacBook Pro running Catalina with this feature l… is an outrageous article, IMO. It condemns a great @apple feature which thwarts thieves from stealing your dat…
Retweeted by Chris WelchHoly shit. We’ve gone two weeks without an iOS 13 update.
I’ve spent eight years at @verge learning to look at a viral story, figure out where it's from, and gauge how much…
Retweeted by Chris WelchAre you listening?? Thisssssss, yo. Get your head around it. 👇👇
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@HeyMarkL Guessing it’s for music during navigation.