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@CitizenEldar Those two, and they also support Samsung’s Scalable codec.Gonna test multipoint further over the weekend. Check out yesterday's review for a rundown on the improvements So… has already pushed out an update with bug fixes for the 1000XM4's multipoint / simultaneous pairing with two d…
This is too good. YouTuber walks around Shibuya like it’s a video game.
Retweeted by Chris Welch @MikeIsaac And Messenger, which they have had to actively de-bloat over the last couple years — and they’ve highlig… from me: Samsung spent a LOT of time talking about its various partnerships with Microsoft during yesterday’s e…
Retweeted by Chris WelchI’m not done Sony just announced its 1000XM4 noise-canceling headphones. I’ve been testing those, too. They look i… @DurvidImel @verge love the @AndroidAuth shots by @KatzGame!I reviewed Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Buds Live — and yes, I went there for the lead photo. They’re forever the G…
Well then.’s with the thumbnail? Why are video editors picking images that reinforce this narrative of Joe being old and…
@grabbyelle CongratsIt’s amazing how bad Apple is at showcasing the iMac’s nano-texture matte finish on the website. What are people… is not interested in buying TikTok
Retweeted by Chris WelchI demand to see the 4K version that surely exists.🤥 this doesn’t make your blood boil....
The Xbox store is way bloated and a genuine chore to browse. Looks like Microsoft is finally getting it right wit… XFL reincarnation was already pretty decent. You make The Rock the face of the league (at least in the beginn… AM HERE FOR IT.
Gonna miss this little office area at my current apartment, which I just photographed so the landlords could show i… pool report: “Trump made clear he was not in favor of a deal to let a US company buy TikTok’s American operati…
Since today is my last day at the Verge, it felt like a good time to talk about some of the work I am most proud of…
Retweeted by Chris WelchMicrosoft buying TikTok would be…. uh… quite something. bad. We’re inviting the reinforcements to come for the rescue operation.’m still sad Google gave up on dual-booting Pixelbooks that could fully run Windows.
Sonic is doing how-to videos for Apple now. These are hard times for everybody. best I can tell, the last iPhone to ship in October — if you don’t count the X, which came later than the 8/8 Plus — was the iPhone 4S.“I said in my remarks that a year ago we launched new iPhone in late September. And I said that this year, the supp… again on today’s Apple earnings call, the company is pushing expectations for new iPhones — at least in terms o… got done dirty in his WWE run. Also, HBK was a jerk in this match. @JoannaStern Can thankfully be turned off in settings, though you’ve got to do it for all accounts individually.I hope this email finds you overwhelmed by the bad — somehow to a greater degree each day
2020 like a tarp/sun cover out here in the middle of blazing NYC summer wouldn’t be the worst thing. @julien @reneritchie Looked like a pretty standard medical temperature gun. They just point it at your forehead.Just got my temperature check outside the Apple Store. Life has changed. @bergmayer Double checking that! I might’ve meant to put auto-switching there
Really enjoyed this video from @alexdobie laying out the controversy around Samsung's Exynos/Qualcomm split. to see Apple confirming a point I’ve been trying to make: the company believes it is entitled to *all* comm…
Retweeted by Chris WelchI don’t think anyone’s ever stepped to the occasion at SummerSlam quite like Bret Hart. Th… again I can’t even ride a bike. So It was always just a dream to me.Revel was never going to last. At least not in the way it existed until today. Looks fun,… of these places could have been saved, as could, in theory, all the ones that will close in the months to come.…
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Challenge NOT accepted. I wrote about how the black and white selfie challenge is basically meaningless and doesn't…
Retweeted by Chris WelchIs this person okay only says that "we do not expect any material impact to our operations or financial results because of this outage.”Garmin confirms it was the victim of a cyber attack that “encrypted some of our systems” and caused a lengthy outag… and i are raising money for the @FLRightsRestore! we’re selling special colored cassettes of our most…
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Many are intrigued by the Mad About You reunion but no one has ever watched a Spectrum Original @DanielWill1409 @GLKCreative I don’t know how to unhide. But be nice to each other out there!The owners of a laundry shop in central Taiwan have become Instagram stars for posing in garments left behind
Retweeted by Chris WelchWow look at that marvelous photo. Follow me on Instagram. @chriswelch (Also follow The Verge too, maybe.)… iPhone 11 Pro Max sounds so bad when playing music through the loudspeaker. legitimately unsure whether it was a…'re 100 days away from Election Day and there is too much at stake to sit this one out. Now's a good time to make…
Retweeted by Chris Welch @135Sammiek @therealmattyfo @jiveDurkey It happened but this wasn't the guy. That was Charles Ingram.Still listening to Exile an embarrassing number of times every day
All day long I’ve had a phantom DM notification and it’s maddening. Nothing unread anywhere, including requests.“Someone will hit a homerun into a crowd with cardboard cutouts of fans — no actual people — and hit a dog.” You’d… lord. Get rid of it. will always remember how much respect Regis Philbin showed to the wrestling world. I grew up watching Regis and K…
Retweeted by Chris WelchI hope to never hear this stupid song again after the election. @chlvrstwrs Just in-app.Rdio lives on. colors > Spotify’s dumb looping videos. one of my favorite iOS 14 things is the new Now Playing screen in the Music app. Very cool that the al…
We've raised over $10K so far - THANK YOU! 🎉 Let's keep the donations rolling in so we can keep the grocery delive…
Retweeted by Chris WelchWe’re gonna need a @joecoscarelli / NYT Diary of a Song on how Folklore came together.👎👎👎 app description now says that ambient sound is available on the Galaxy Buds+ only, while noise cancellation is…’m still confused about what’s going on with these things. Those clearly look like silicone ear tips in the batter… Samsung got ahead of itself with updating the Galaxy Buds app. It just confirmed the Galaxy Buds Live name… gonna give this at least a 9Folklore. Of course I skipped to the song with Bon Iver. Now for the rest... Spotify: App…
For $79, OnePlus still managed to include a few niceties like: - Auto-pause when an earbud is removed - Fast Pair…’ve got the, er, divisive Nord Blue OnePlus Buds on me right now if you’ve got any questions not answered in the r… @ylitvinenko @backlon @JonPorty You often agree to these things even just by using a product. What a world.I reviewed the OnePlus Buds. If the goal was to make more affordable AirPods for people that use the company’s pho…
"I don't believe in that ... masks cause problems too" -- Trump on possibility of a national mask mandate (masks do…
Retweeted by Chris WelchSome news: I just learned that 7/31 is my last day at @verge bc of the pandemic. Thankful I got to work with an in…
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A lot of people at Vox Media/New York who did way better work than A*drew S*llivan—and not just on the editorial si…
Retweeted by Chris WelchNo one’s ever going to say they look anything like AirPods.
Michael has been a critical part of the reviews operation at The Verge for years, and he also ran our store among c…
if you get popular on you tube you make $100000 a month. if you get popular on twitter you get your shit caved in by robbers every day
Retweeted by Chris WelchIf you bought the Echo Buds for someone else — they were on sale a lot over the holidays — Amazon is asking that you give them a heads up.Props to @journeydan for spotting the email. An Amazon spokesperson tells me "the update makes the device more eff… is emailing Echo Buds owners and urging them to update software to avoid a “potential safety risk." I’ve as…
I have never heard a @POTUS deliver as nakedly political speech from the Rose Garden. It started as an official an…
Retweeted by Chris WelchThis is truly one of the most incoherent Trump “press conferences” ever.Report: This Article Something To Look At For Few Minutes While Your Life Slips Away From You…
Retweeted by Chris WelchFinally there’s a synchronized Netflix viewing app for people that want to watch ON THEIR TV. Made by.... Caavo,…
@JoannaStern Poor Webex.Google tends to *just tweet it* after mistakes like this. So I wonder if we’ll get a fuller look at the Pixel 4A at…’s my review of the Sony Xperia 1 II smartphone. Sony has finally figured out the right formula for its Xperia…
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Uh oh. It’s July 11th. @reneritchie You’ll hear OnePlus but there’s often some technical display issue that goes unnoticed during reviews. Crushed blacks, etc @reneritchie Does it have to be 120? The Pixel 4 XL was pretty good after they smoothed it out with some updates.…