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Christian Tucci @chrtucci Los Angeles, CA

tv & comedy writer @ucbtny @thesecondcity @theonion and more. he/him

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@JackSmartWrites @jnardino Jack I live mere steps from OF
I went to one, hire me @nthonyCarmen The fact that Natasha chose sadFacebook LinkedIn Instagram Tinder @JWCrump I already do JW!It's January 23 and I'm still about that Mele Kalikimaka
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Say what you will about the management of Zany Brainy @Joshbr19 Impressive!!! Amazing workI should know. I am a police woman @ncubero Go Get Em Tiger!Edie is so glamorous/depressed.
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Chickpea frittat on The Circle gives off incredibly potent “your randomly assigned freshman year roommate” energy
Retweeted by Christian TucciIt was a GREAT visit!!!
Retweeted by Christian Tucci @JoshuaConkel Cold. Hard. Facts! @drlovegrove It was very cute. It’s not going to be a staple of mine, as I live steps from El Compadre, but I enjoyed myselfI went to El Coyote saw the relatives
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@BenjaminJS They’re not?!What helps fight a fever is it chicken fingers and fries I feel like it’s chicken fingers and fries @JWCrump This is actually my husband! But thanks! 🥰 @jamesholod I had an iced cardamom coffee at 8pm and then couldn’t fall asleep until 1:30am 🙁 @bgalvarezg :( @teejslipko Mutter???
@sswanso @jamesrtrevor 🙋🏻‍♂️ @arianna_durnell @michele_ob Pulled into that Sasso Lasso
The aspect ratio of Thank You, it’s absurdWhat is a k-hole for dido music videos called @SleepyPanda76 saw @obrienjohnjack drinking a dirty chai so now I’m drinking a dirty chaiIt’s not even an accurate cliche. Honestly all the bi friends I have (myself included) are LESS horny than normal.…
Retweeted by Christian Tucci @teejslipko No I like joeys
@YourFriendKevin Joe B, Joe BThis is the perfect teaser before I finally get to see @jaggedmusical next week!
Retweeted by Christian TucciDogs of Echo Park @kcuah_d Dylan just covered my parking in WeHo!Venmo @chrtucci you won’t regret it!Every store and every restaurant is called Gather
Retweeted by Christian Tucci @JoshuaConkel @arianna_durnell @mattbrooooks @va_dickens CABRINI 💕💞💛💙 @YourFriendKevin Coming to your class
I swear I’m 2 seconds from cutting an old sports shirt into a crop top because of Ed @jackiebskinner Carl: awoooooo Me: Yay I feel like that went well*Carl has entered The Circle* Carl: woof woof Me: i feel like Carl is a dog
Retweeted by Christian Tucci @doo_kee @timothydunn But Bill isn’t @timothydunn @doo_kee Killing Joey is the worst possible opinion here, you guys are trashThree words: Ed’s crop topOne word: EdHello @Alanis did I miss anything you’re proud of? @jeffinbmore KRemember when parks and recreation time jumped to 2017
They asked me “how many forks” your architectural rendering doesn’t promise rooftop flora that it cannot deliver on? There’s the doorVery excited to say I got to interview my favorite person on The Circle earlier this week, the beautiful…
Retweeted by Christian TucciThe art world is special in that you need a masters degree to qualify for a job making shrinky dinks with 6 year olds @mattbrooooks Interesting isn’t it? It is.You is smart You is kind You is renewed for a third season on Netflix
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Climb every Thai steak and noodle salad mountain
Retweeted by Christian Tucci“Whoa!” @RossFancher Try Los Feliz!!!37 days until Daytona. Still waiting to hear if I made mat 😬🤞 @obrienjohnjack What happenedI just discovered radishes dipped in sea salt, I must tell you peopleI know Aroma and Alcove are owned by gay brothers, but they themselves are lesbian sisters @iamjackmanning @bonappetit @philiphwoods Invite me to this next time
I egot-ed this year (met ppl named with all 4 names: Emmy, Grammy**, Oscar, Tony) **ok if this one is dead.
Retweeted by Christian TucciThe bad girls of Bastille day @YourFriendKevin Otherwise drag me @YourFriendKevin Maybe Ed wouldHere’s my impression of everyone on #TheCircleNetflix @teejslipko Rude that we’re not roommatesthe richest man on earth is donating roughly the same amount as three women raised in 12 hours selling nudes on twi…
Retweeted by Christian TucciJust wanna be @joey_sasso @JoshuaConkel
Anyone want to see the skunk that I saw on my morning run? show will eventually destroy me
Retweeted by Christian TucciIt sucks that pillows come at two prices: $100 or useless @mistercodester WritingHi @joey_sasso#art
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@teejslipko Hi ⭕️Touché is May. May kept humping @SleepyPanda76 and me black globe from IKEA is in Meecedeze AKA Karyn’s room @sssssssssstone I think you won!The circle... magnificentHeartbreaking: This Guy Has No Idea That He’s So Strange And Memorable-Looking That Everyone From His Flight Is Usi…
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He’s the me of him if that makes sense @scotter Very cute!I wish the Hollywood walk of fame is where they were all buriedAndrew Scott was at Hugo’s today so I opened Grindr, just to see
@JWCrump Did someone say my name? @JWCrump I’m in my brrrn shirt right now actually @JWCrump Do me again @KevGoshdarn “The spin studio” just say SoulCycle @alex_abads @vuoriclothing #ad