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I got ableton 11, nobody talk to me I have comping now Everything is complete, I have the gauntlet, we're done, I…
Retweeted by chuck sutton @BenButtles @1017tkrames yup! there’s even a specific button that lets you fold to scale separate from the existing fold button
@hotelgaruda @Wuki fixed @SangoBeats don’t get me started on Hours Spent Loving You, I heard JMK live and screamed “NOOO” out of shock so lo… @MooreKismetBass i was just on the phone with @willycrooks about how much of a prodigy you are, i’m sorry you have… @ech0astral @theneedledrop this you? @false_noise wtf i want to be this good thank you for pushing the ceilingwe are not the same @umru_ oh OH i mean like this is the first fancam i’ve ever cameo’d in 😂 @umru_ mixed emotions: i finally made a fancam but I CALL you umi 😔 riley went in tho so 10:10 @ChloeNoelle96 that’s wiild, well gn to your Chuck Suttons only! @IrishBrian420 @ChloeNoelle96 STOP LMAO @ChloeNoelle96 lmaoo how is there six?? @lophiile hahaha i can not tell how tf many karats in that chain of yours @lophiile WHAT IS THAT WHAT @TRANSKlLLER @evil_thwek i’m boutta drop a vid soon on automating reverb in and out to get dryness/wetness while having a balanced mix!I am being told conflicting information by cook county pt1
Retweeted by chuck sutton @TRANSKlLLER @evil_thwek what’s great about it is you can’t exactly replicate those reverbs BUT max for live has th… @TRANSKlLLER @evil_thwek it’s half algorithmic (like the normal ableton reverb) and half convolution (simulated spa… @evil_thwek Hybrid. REVERB. IS. EVERYTHING. @Grant_Rutledge @mac_gere LMAO u know what i geeked out w 11 features the first week and then just used it like 10… @iampaladyn damn wish i could help but apple got me by the thröt @Grant_Rutledge @mac_gere i haven’t meased w it a lot but i believe the midi notes’ probability range is fixed to t…
@1017tkrames oh true i need to use it more that’s insanely helpful esp cause i’m not memorizing those things atm @iamsnowghost yiiikes well at least no one else is makin beats off ur bank! @SKdaGamer truee!! lmao i need them to be unorganized because of my muscle memory so i labeled them all in a collec… @verzache i have poor circulation so sometimes my palms sweaty too, i’m here for you @verzache which one is eminem and which one is marshall mathers? @swindailfukboi i needa use that more!! @wtfischee @kaelinellis yupp @mosgaard take lanes(comping) and the new devices are genuinely more than bells and whistles which is nice, you can… ableton 11 day what are you thankful for @wyntr01 @fermatslibrary @NASAPersevere thank you!! i love slides i had to you know
@tsuruda @beatsbyexplore @THEK0UNT @wtfischee @mrcarmack @IvyLab_ @kaelinellis @eprombeats @darealdibiase @SAKimFoxx #FreeMohawk @beatsbyexplore @tsuruda @THEK0UNT @wtfischee @mrcarmack @IvyLab_ @kaelinellis @eprombeats @darealdibiase @beatsbyexplore @tsuruda @THEK0UNT @wtfischee @mrcarmack @IvyLab_ @kaelinellis @eprombeats @darealdibiase @tsuruda @beatsbyexplore @THEK0UNT @wtfischee @mrcarmack @IvyLab_ @kaelinellis @eprombeats @darealdibiase @theneedledrop whatever you have fun doing, do that! nothing else matters @heyjaron i think what your said was valid! and also it wasn’t toxic, it was the type of opinion that started a constructive conversation
@darealdibiase @tsuruda @THEK0UNT @wtfischee @mrcarmack @IvyLab_ @kaelinellis @eprombeats @jasonwool_ @tekdotlun ha… i threw a beat battle i'd ask @THEK0UNT @wtfischee @mrcarmack @IvyLab_ @kaelinellis @eprombeats @darealdibiase
Retweeted by chuck sutton @tsuruda @THEK0UNT @wtfischee @mrcarmack @IvyLab_ @kaelinellis @eprombeats @darealdibiase @jasonwool_ @tekdotlun uh… week to demand mohawk be freed. Join us in annoying the fuck outta Kim Foxx JB Pritzker and alderman. An updated…
Retweeted by chuck suttoni’m sorry for getting so overworked here i gave so much of myself to this industry and my own idealization of how…
Retweeted by chuck sutton @LeftAtLondon @kaelinellis omgg yeah we’re gonna make this happen @CarterHarrell @TheDanPurcell oh my. wooooahSo my monitor went off again. I was able to record the last bit of the exchange. I was talking to a friend on the…
Retweeted by chuck suttonIf you figure out how to do something and u KNOW that knowledge will help someone, spill it.. I promise it won’t ta…
Retweeted by chuck sutton @_lenafine damn my account had 2M but then i opened it at school, RT to help me find my mutualsChuck x Brasstracks coming soon
Retweeted by chuck suttonthank youu i gotta finish it soon, the track i have w @brasstracks is stupid fun! @cookenasty you the cheese without the cheese you feel me!!HAHAHA omg y’all on social media got me believing in myself wtf 😂💕 @playboicarti thank you!WE ARE LIVE FOR TRACK 4 TRACK!! LISTENING TO YOUR JOINTS LIVE, I GOT SOME SHIT TO PLAY TOO
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wooooahhhhhhhhh this is a game changer!! 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 @THEK0UNT @kaelinellis oh my geeEEEEzzz @kaelinellis DAAMMMN collab w ur dad!! @KAYTRANADA do it!!!!! @fraxiommusic hahaha on the energy i was just on we’d merc a garbage type @maxschramp i love these rooms what are they caled again laminar flowi just made the most TRASH song from such a pure place, I think i'm onto something cathartic @brijplease aww shit thank you! 🙌🏽 @falchionnmusic thank you so much!! @lenubienne just did!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 @robarousal @kennybeats @Ableton see this is the sublimation i speak of how you go from bein solid straight to gassin me up 😭🙌🏽 @lenubienne hahaha i am not and i do! my gf’s actually the one who shot the video @chaseakers @kennybeats @Ableton so the bouncy notes - yes, but the whole idea - no it’s not exclusive! A lot of it… @Moujemusic To my knowledge Ableton will be dropping these devices alongside the 11 release in a couple of days! I… @ColugoMusic ok i try to do funny things in ableton but this is like REAL math @AmakaFaiith @nikomurr33 oh damn you have all the ingredients it’s time to start cooking!! @iiimhotep it was this experiment where i was i use ableton like a modular synth sometimes?? @thedeepdishking @theneedledrop @kennybeats @Ableton tbh Chuck: haha f go brr @Moujemusic hahaha omg well if u try it too you should upload a vid! @Swizzymack @kennybeats @Ableton I’m from NJ i was going to college in philly and i’m still in PA a lot! @E_Q_1985 but then again sometimes I just wanna know how to be good at guitar @MooreKismetBass @kennybeats @Ableton your layering/textures make my brain feel more than when i hear “funny drunk 808” @DawnNishaant @kennybeats @Ableton 10 marbles, 10 beats; 10 seconds.
@andrewhuang @kennybeats @Ableton 😂😂 what abouT THE APPLECARE ANDREW they don’t cover spheres!! @MooreKismetBass appreciate you so so much! your music and trajectory are nuts i’m in an imax 3D seat watching it happen @chomppadub @MUSTDIEmusic @kennybeats @Ableton RAT MONARCH PREVAILS @MooreKismetBass DELETE THIS!!!! i swear you @THEK0UNT and @kaelinellis push me to do shit like this, whenever I bl… @MooreKismetBass @kennybeats @Ableton TRYNA CATCH UP TO YOUR CRAZINESS @MUSTDIEmusic @kennybeats @Ableton hahahaha i caught you off caps lock this means a lot @itsjustjames__ @kennybeats @Ableton @laceslaceslaces @wildlyfmusic @iamOutcry @kenta204music 😭 thank uu @patchesraps @kennybeats @Ableton it go right foot up, Finder apps, either way i’m saying basically either way you… @lilshdws @kennybeats @Ableton real shit! i’m from montclair some of us are built IQer though @robdeucx @Bitwig trUE light?? i mean i’m not gonna lie bitwig looks interesting as hell @camstacey_ @lilbadsnacks Scientist Cam 😎🤝 @THEK0UNT i was prepared to schlump in bed all day but then i read your tweet this morning and posted my first twit… @jmnemy @kennybeats @Ableton hahaha u know what in real life it was pretty soft, because i had the phone next to th… @officialjozik @kennybeats @Ableton YOU REALLY DID THE MOST you’re the best 😂😂 @chuck_suttonn @kennybeats @Ableton he really said
Retweeted by chuck sutton @camstacey_ i told yall beam tilt i MEANT ya’ll beam tilt!! @summetmusic wtf thank you that was so beautiful @rvrfxmusic LMFAOOO @h_________e @kennybeats @Ableton i get SO nervous i’m not gonna explain things well with the twitter video cap so genuinely thank youTHE MAN IS A GENIUS
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