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@Whitb_xx Seani B from here. He has great relationships with a lot of them. Or reach out to Sharon Burke. Big dog in Jamaica.Honourable shout out to Dutch. One of the coldest.
Honestly, when they rap about the upper echelon type money and they really got it (and they black)... .....I LOVEEEEEEEE it. I'm sorry.One from the archives, we're throwing it back to when @chuckieonline checked in with the meme King himself…
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@BennyScarrs @DespaRobinson 😂😂😂😂 @ChuckieOnline do you know how funny this is😂😂
Retweeted by Chuckie Lothian @DoctaCosmic Coon'ish.Dexta Daps is too funny without even realising it.Irrespective of this, I don't believe Joe Rogan & his management are idiots lol. They definitely couldn't of turned fool overnight. @AmplifyDot Trus'we!!!There are some things that are off in this but some interesting points. Read if it interests you...'s say this is true.... Spotify signed Joe Rogan for 100-300 mill. Spotify's market stock jumped 3 billion in 2… sometimes I believe in "if you don't hear you must feel", any violence will give the government(s) excuses… really hope that the positive (black) voices in America are able to help black peoole channel this energy into so… @MrStretchMoney Let's do it. 100%. More than 10 minutes.
The irony is that this woman was hanging her dog almost the same why this man would of been hung many years ago - l… @prgrshn DUNNIN'!!!!!ALL MY HANDWRITING LOOKS LIKE THIS. ITS MAD!!!!! find recording with Julie so easy. Deep diving into topics is so easy with her. She's a great thinker and sick ta… woke up this morning and say absolutely nothing about Jagged Edge Vs 112 Verzuz clash on the timeline from last night @DoctaCosmic Honourable shout out to the owner of the place who created the idea of getting rid of stock like this… @JasonD_Lewis Ahhhh it was madddNEW ::: Halfcast Podcast - The Side Ting 'Verzuz' @ChuckieOnline & @JulieAdenuga Listen HERE:…
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I don't wonna be the party poopa and I accept I'm potentially missing something but Beenie Man's stomach wasn't THA… @ChuckieOnline why do you look like a disciple😂💀
Retweeted by Chuckie Lothian @imSarahHarrison Yard!No Club Nights or Shows Till 2021? || The Last Dance Doc || Porn Addiction || The Right Age To Talk To Kids About S… ::: Halfcast Podcast - The Side Ting 'Verzuz' @ChuckieOnline & @JulieAdenuga Listen HERE:…
The sound man must of recorded the audio of the set last night? #VERZUZFor those who still buzzing from the Verzuz last night, here's a little something from Assassin aka Agent Sasco fle… @DoctaCosmic Epic. And if the score card didn't get fling out the window, this was the part Bounty clawed his way into the lead!!! @IslandGrlChelle Oh yeah, that's true actually. That's a good idea. @IslandGrlChelle Kartel is in jail for murder. If they some how got him on a live to play tunes the world media wou… @IslandGrlChelle I reckon they could make that happen but they'd be too much backlash lol so that will never happenI'm not a soca head at all so I'll likely watch the replay instead of staying up if that happened can diss Swizz around me. He's a man who can make things happen but most importantly, he gets it.Great way to end the clash. 'Great Men' - Burning Spear. @mush_brown Ninjaman is in JailBounty & Beenie has given everything: Gyal tune, war tune, toasting back2back real sound clash style, commercial tu… isn't gonna be a more entertaining clash then this. I promise you. This is it. Not unless they do another Jam… Killer is TOOOOOOO FUNNYYYYYYYYYYGive Me The Sensimilla - Buju Ridddimmm @MarvinSparks Yup, and Stalag is in there for meNew grime heads.....lickle history lesson for you right now!!! Beenie and Bounty 'toasting' over the showtime Riddim!!Showtime Riddim. In my top 5 dancehall riddims ever.You just saw the biggest difference in attitude and mentality between Beenie and Bounty. If that police incident wa… KNEW THE POLICE WAS GONNA TURN UP. I NEWWWWWW IT!!!!First half I got 6-4 Beenie.Beenie: "Lion do di same ting Darg do" HahahahhahahaSometimes I feel like Jamaicans forget how influential and organically musically wavy they are. If they did, they'd… of the NY tunes now though. Serious. #CrossRhatid, I forgot about that T.I tune. @MarvinSparks Yeah.Beenie showing how much of a monster he is!!I had a feeling Bounty would play a U.S Collab but thought it would be more along the lines of 'Change Like The Wea… @MarvinSparks TRUST MEBounty Killer's voice is ridiculously powerful. @ItsCee_xo Rest well!!! 🙌🏾 @ItsCee_xo Drink something!! Lol @ItsCee_xo Stayyyy uppppWarm up sounding SWEET!!! @DStrictlyMusic BACK AGAINNNNNNNN!!!!!! 😂
WiFi certified!!!! ✅✅ #VERZUZ @mua_kayleekakes 😂 @EPlusOnline 😂 @EPlusOnline 3:30am @buckotb I don't no how they do it. Ive seen people read a book with music on in headphones too. Thats a magic trick to me @FunnyTummy Boi, only God knows!Its looking like Bounty & Beenie are gonna be in the same place tonight so no split screen on the live. I don't wan…!!!! @Jdizzle50 Yeah!Praying that the WiFi isn't gonna be a major issue tonight.Wtf, are people filming TikToks, saving the drafts then going into Final Cut Pro to edit graphics into them then re… @anjie_4u @bailey_energy Ahhhhhh @anjie_4u @bailey_energy Who is he? @anjie_4u I've only heard clips of it. I say this with nothing to back it up but i have a feeling Alex will be able… @antisocialghos hahahahahahahahahahahahaThey were offered their IP which is worth a madness but one of them didnt want to take it because wanted more money… @itsandrewjude Outrageous.And if this was genuinely off the influence of her man, she BETTER marry that brudda and hope that in the break up… 'Call Her Daddy' podcast situation is proper interesting. Sofia made a massive massive mistake. Clearly she doe… @MarvinSparks Loool mad entertaining @MarvinSparks Outrageous mouth and behaviour @MarvinSparks Random one: I feel like Ricky Trooper was a massive part of 'suck ya mudda' being...commercialised(?)…
@OfficialDready @SPEXDABOSS @MannyNorte @Young_Guru @JAZZWAD @TyroneMelody @seanibremix @KardinalO Yeah I'm down!!!I think I could quite easily squeeze 'You Make It Real - James Morrison' in my top 57 songs ever made.
@MarvinSparks 😂. If Poe was on all this I'd of been doing it long time. There's some good clashes/debates to be had… @MarvinSparks I'm not even sure if 112 could chat to Dru Hill imoTbh, they should probably just do it via YouTube or something there wouldn't be backlash I'm pretty sure that Swizz could get Kartel to do a Verzuz clash with Mavado. He's… @Sebby_LO 😂 nah it probably was 😂😂😂This was one of the reasons I went back because I was certain there was a quick period where it felt like he was in… you watch some of the sets he was at where at a time it was mad cool to have one liners and singing'ish flows…'ve literally spent the last 2 and a half hours listening to Ghetts' music catalogue and radio sets. Honestly, he'…👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 ::: #HalfcastPodcast - The Side Ting 'The Greatest Ever?' @MarvinSparks Damien & Nas concert in Hammersmith is in my top 5 concerts I've ever been to.
@konanplaydirty HahahaREADY!!!!!!