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UFC 241 was actually pretty good. @Chilibowl68 This was a pretty damn great card.Holy shit. Miocic just did the damn thing. What a KO.Problem with Masvidal vs. Nate is that I like to keep my cult figures away from each other.Tell you what, the UFC is a lot more fun with Nate Diaz in it.Return of the 209 coming up next
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallRomero just makes fighting so beautifully insane. He's a beast...he's an entertainer...he's the epiphany when the drugs kicks in.I've got it 50-50 through 2.Fairly certain Romero isn't human.Hearing that Luke Thomas's rug was cut to shreds during Romero's walkout. @chaddundas Reportedly, something like 37 women became pregnant during Costa's walkout.Here's the thing Sodiq should know, just for future reference. (Joe Rogan DOES have the money).Very important news here: Mike Beltran did NOT cut his beard. It’s just tucked in. That per judge and referee Mike Bell. #UFC241
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallIt's too bad Mike Beltran cut off his long mustache, leaving just those awful hanks of unbraided hair. I always fel… @benfowlkesMMA Not sure, but he's among a very exclusive group who've muled.Sandhagen's stock just skyrocketed.Just noticed that Sandhagen has a small tattoo on his back.
@deedotyou ...if you ever want to sell that bad boy, let me know. Would be perfect for my studio...ha. @deedotyou That is fucking great.Most fun I've had talking to a fighter in quite some time.
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@MarcRatnerUFC Dashing. Smart-looking. Right-living man.Most fun I've had talking to a fighter in quite some time. @VicNobu @lthomasnews @CaseyJBach @m_seby Oh yeah? What'd you read between the lines? @lthomasnews Just don't laugh at his jokes, unless your intention is to kick open hell's gates... #TrustMeOnThis @lthomasnews Well said well said.
He's back. Nate Diaz is back. @ChuckMindenhall writes about why this is such a good thing for everyone involved w…
Retweeted by Chuck Mindenhall @oscarswillis This is an OUTRAGE.Got a chance to write about Nate Diaz's return. piece here from star ESPN writer Marc Raimondi.
Free one-year subscription to @TheAthletic for the first person who gets a pair of sweatpants signed by Daniel Corm…
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallI wanted to take a wide-angle look at attitudes on drug testing in MMA, including the UFC's policy, talk to some pe…
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallThe legend @ChuckMindenhall and I dive deep into everything #UFC241 on today's supersized preview show. Which fight…
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallMet with Stipe Miocic in New York last week. Here's what came of that meeting.
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Retweeted by Chuck Mindenhall @TeymurPROSTI Precisely!Really interesting piece by @BobLitan looking at the UFC antitrust case & monopoly in other sports. Also, lays out…
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallMet with Stipe Miocic in New York last week. Here's what came of that meeting.'You stole the drug dealer’s drugs. I don’t care who you are, you should know that you just set that woman up to ge…
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Wherein I totally lose my composure while talking Luque-Perry. (Sorry about that, @ChuckMindenhall.)
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallCaved nose. Swollen eyes. Blood worms slithering out of the mouth....tell you what, I wouldn't want to cross Vicent… @rootsoffight He looks like he's coming off one of those baby trampolines.
The essential question for UFC’s visit to Uruguay: What would Street Jesus do? From @ChuckMindenhall
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallPretty good showcase of minimalist martial arts there.Mike Perry went all the way to Uruguay, and all he got was a Picasso nose. But man, what a tough bastard. @arielhelwani I know! I've missed Showtime.
@BenjaminAbrigo @JESnowden @benfowlkesMMA Is it this one? @KevinI Oh man. I'm very sad to hear that, Kevin. @JedKMeshew @lucas_bourdon Dang. @jjj2121 Don't call me dishonest for something subjective that you disagree with. @jjj2121 I don't know about the rotten tomatoes, but that wasn't even the gauge -- I was talking about how much mon… @edgargonzelaz @jeffwagenheim (I see we have another comedian in our midst...ha) @jeffwagenheim These things can't be easily explained, Jeff. @PMcDUB Honestly, I kept it more around the shows I witnessed in Tenn and the response there. I see a lot of people… feature by @shaunalshatti is well worth your time. for all the feedback on that Schaub comedy piece. You guys are awesome, and I'm glad we could share in the l… @SwedishGretzky Could have just skipped the piece...
'This is the only time I’m swimming, to be honest. In everything else, I’ve sank.' UFC vet and ex-football pro Bre…
Retweeted by Chuck Mindenhall @ChiranjitOjha @shaunalshatti Difference is, Athletic's worth it.I spent a couple of nights watching Brendan Schaub do his comedy act in Nashville this past weekend. Verdict: Read… @arielhelwani One of my favorites.
@ParliamentsMP @King__36 @shaunalshatti Thanks man!If you're a fan of the longer form stuff, this is the right time to sign up. There are some really solid features a… @TeymurPROSTI @lthomasnews I talked about this general thing in today's Man and the MITH pod. @King__36 @shaunalshatti July was the free month. But sign up, there's a ton of good stuff on the way.Wherein I coax @ChuckMindenhall into a conversation about Tyron Woodley's rap career.
Retweeted by Chuck Mindenhall @lthomasnews I'm just glad Cyborg got the hell out of Dodge before all the smoke got in her eyes! @shaunalshatti Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.
@JimmyTraina There's a reason they call me Chuck 101.I spent Saturday in Gilroy with D.C. and saw how closely connected he and his family are with this place.
Retweeted by Chuck Mindenhall @ryenarussillo @ringer @espn @SportsCenter @BillSimmons Congrats man. Very cool. Ringer is 💪💪.
The MITH himself @ChuckMindenhall brought the heat this morning! Covered a lot of ground in this one.
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallJoined my friend Cem Kayatekin on his "A Pinch of Doubt" podcast to talk about writing (and other things). Soundc…
Why the UFC must give Colby Covington the next title shot (and why the rest of us must grin and bear it) From…
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Look, Colby Covington is not a likable individual. He doesn't even do this fairly easy gimmick very well. But he is…
Retweeted by Chuck MindenhallJim Miller says he’s “just a guy from North Jersey.” No, no, no. I’m just a guy from North Jersey; Jim Miller is a legend.
Retweeted by Chuck Mindenhall @Andrewswordy @themmamovement Or that...even better.(Which by the way should be his nickname..."Fucking" Jim Miller).Fucking Jim Miller. @tatianaufc So much of it is his willingness to be awkward. I honestly believe his perceived star power is really j… @PrescottUFC @NandaPrates_ @mradmanovich I got to say...the Matt-Prescott feud has become my go to rivalry in MMA . @benfowlkesMMA Well, you know the old saying, all's well that enswell, Ben. Oh ho. Oh. O... (...I'll show myself out)There's no room for this kind of trash talk. You hate to see it get personal like this. And to drag a man's intrigu… @EhsanJAhmad ...what about Dead Poets Society? (cc @dericposton) @ItsMeMrGee This makes me happy. Thanks man.
To be honest, I thought I detected some chilliness between Cyborg and the UFC even before today.'s a feature on Colby Covington. It was fun to approach this as a kind character study, especially as people we…
Retweeted by Chuck Mindenhall @PGourevitch @ElizKolbert Excellent piece. Sometimes I marvel at how far we're willing to be duped, even today. Wil… @RyanLoco As Nietzsche said of Robbie's relation to the ocean back in 1882, "if you gaze long into an abyss, the ab… @EvanEParker @TheAthletic @ColbyCovMMA Thanks, Evan! Appreciate that man.(Also, #NeverForget...) @DLEngelk @Dz35106440 @TheAthleticMMA (As soon as the piece published, I ducked) @RJcliffordMMA @zaniesnashville ...I'm RJ Clifford, and I'll be here all week... @_Dennisaurus @zaniesnashville ...I see a third comedian has entered the picture.The summer features tour rolls on, next stop... @funeralorchid @lthomasnews This seems like a prop bet. @Dz35106440 @TheAthleticMMA People will say what they want, but nuance isn't lost on you!Here's a feature on Colby Covington. It was fun to approach this as a kind character study, especially as people we… @dericposton Great show last night, man. Hope you found you some weed. @cobradave Covington? Today...within the hour I'd suspect.
@arielhelwani @GoldieOnTV @joerogan Still think Matyushenko won that fight...