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Chuck Taft @Chucktaft Milwaukee, WI

American History Rules! AmStudies teacher, SS Dept Chair, presenter, SS methods, #USMSpark guy, WCSS, #BreakoutEDU addict - Tweets are all mine

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Silent analysis of the Gettysburg Address - with Lincoln looking over their shoulders! #sschat #sstlap #usmfac thinking in action - tons of collaboration, discussion, connection, and fun #sschat #sstlap #usmfac @Chucktaft @LifeAtUSM Have you used this map to trace the immigration pathways in your community?
Retweeted by Chuck Taft @S_Orton @LifeAtUSM Some good sites -,, and of my fave activities (can’t take credit for it, though) Hexagonal Learning - discussion, critical thinking, co…
Analyzing immigration editorial cartoons from the Gilded Age - as Twain (maybe said, History sometimes rhymes…
Don't worry ... the white stuff will be gone for 2 awesome days of #USMSpark in June - register now! usmsummerspark…
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Today’s conversation got pretty deep and pretty heated however it varies from class to class and week to week. It t…
Retweeted by Chuck TaftCheck it out! Will I see you at #USMSpark in 2020? Let's get together and learn from each other. Presenting three t…
Retweeted by Chuck TaftYoung Carnegies trying to make a big business - and some serious money - with vertical integration#sschat #sstlap
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Retweeted by Chuck Taft @Mrs_Koppers @MaggieMaslowski @mathteach23 @JoyKirr @Rdene915 @mearnshaw158 @timlriley @mjmcalli @daveschmittou Valentine ❤️ goes out to @historysandoval for being awesome - and for her dig breakout -… Bargaining at Allegheny Steel - will management and labor compromise? #sschat #sstlap #usmfac
@MrBold05 @MrBaskwill @mpilakow @hmarrs24 @hoxiery All set Adam!
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Retweeted by Chuck Taft @mrnhelmstetter @AlexHujik @Minster45865 Love it Nathan! Cool idea for a report card as well!
@JoyKirr @andreakornowski @durstopia Of course! They have as much time as they want ...
Love seeing @glennw98 spreading the hexagonal learning love in PD today - here's a little overview #sschatLove it when ⁦@glennw98⁩ gives a huge shout out to ⁦@mrmatera⁩ in PD! #sschat #usmfac #xplap with @glennw98 and getting virtual - gotta love the new experience #sschat #sstlap
@SSChatNetwork And I have been waiting almost an hour for Quinn to share these pics! #sschatA5 #sschat here's another from the D-Day Experience - - I also send it out to admin and col… #sschat my best technique has been keeping a running blog and picture/video archive while I travel - it becomes… #sschat it takes a combined effort - Ss can fundraise, Ps can support, schools can help publicize and award grants - a worthwhile effort @_ericbturner Agreed - travel keeps me engaged, and pushes me to so something newA2 #sschat plus, bringing the experience back to the classroom helps engage Ss - your experience becomes theirsA2 #sschat I always talk about "the footsteps of history" - you not only learn, but you appreciate the impact of th… @msweller @BusbinsClassAHS Absolutely - I still focus on the US perspective, but it's powerful to show Ss a differe… @CHitch94 I plan to be there - and would love to do a tour again! #sschat @BusbinsClassAHS Hey Blake - did South Vietnam - Cu Chi tunnels, all over the Mekong area, Ho Chi Minh City - Cambo… Plus, always try to get a cool historical site when going to @NCSSNetwork #sschatA1 #sschat - Been pretty fortunate - two Civil War travel tours, a Civil Rights tour of the South, D-Day trip in En… Chuck from Milrockee, 8th US History - in the moiddle of @NationalHistory crunch time right now!
It's #NationalThesaurausDay - what's your favorite synonym for #USMSpark? #tlap #leadlap #learnlap #kidsdeserveit @Chucktaft You guys have the best food!
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Why come to #USMSpark? Just ask @mpilakow - she is a Spark vet! #satchat #suncht #tlap
Retweeted by Chuck TaftNew post-Spark #USMSpark Blogpost How to take your conference (or conference experience) from good to great (as th…
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Retweeted by Chuck TaftI WANT YOU TO PRESENT AT #USMSPARK! Submit your awesome proposals at Huge discount for pres…
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Mr. Finebaum @finebaum - would you be willing to chat with a few 8th grade historians about the 1970 USC Alabama ga… @drorzel That's why going to conferences like #IETC #IDEAcon #USMSpark #ISTE and others is so important. Amazing ti…
Retweeted by Chuck Taft @polonerd @drorzel The face-to-face connections at conferences (esp people in your PLN on a Twitter you had never m…
Retweeted by Chuck TaftA6: #IDEAcon2020 #USMSpark They are amazing conferences full of educators who truly want to@learn from each other a…
Retweeted by Chuck TaftA5: I told myself any chance to present at conferences I would submit an app. #USMSpark last year was my first big…
Retweeted by Chuck TaftI mean... #Bravo #RBG #ConversationsWithRBG .@ConstitutionCtr #sschat
Retweeted by Chuck TaftA6 #sschat curricular integration is easy - google earth it! You name the historical era, place, event - there is something to seeCheck out this fiery lineup at #USMSpark! #teachertwitter #TeachBetter #teacher #Teaching
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Retweeted by Chuck Taft#sschat A5b GEOBEE tomorrow!#sschat A5 plus, I always try to promote/defend the SS by saying geo (and all SS disciplines) are universal and int… A5 always trying to integrate geo into US history, trying to get Ss to realize that, just like history, geography matters! @cheffernan75 @GeoJo22 I have shared the John Green story of paper towns abut the possible subjectivity of maps - a… #sschat as mentioned by many, Google Maps / Earth also tell the story of the past - zooming in on Normandy, Pear… #sschat maps help tell the overall story - especially when a series of maps are combined - I always use this set…
The Manhattan Project | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans
@Coach_Stephans @eric_falls @MrsWalkerOPS @MrsKomp @betsylawrence82 @Rexroth_ELA @mrmatera @MeehanEDU
Guest post on my blog by @polonerd about the importance of being a #connectededucator
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Intensity level escalated with a @gimkit team challenge - one person at a time per team! #sschat #sstlap #usmfac like a @gimkit team challenge - one person at a time per team . It gets fast and furious! #sschat #sstlap
@AlexHujik @CMLese @Battlefields @ACWMuseum It was a one period activity - 50 minutes - two groups. Short reading f…
Here's the first version of the 50 minute Home Front Cyclorama fun collaboration and creat… was the Hollywood of Civil War cycloramas - trying top recreate the art in one 50 minute period #usmfac't miss out on #USMSpark! It follows #DBCpiratecon - PDfireworks to start summer! Sign up now to lock in the 20…
Retweeted by Chuck TaftCivil War win probability - the Union seems to be back in charge ... but the war is dragging on - will Lincoln be v… Baby New Year arrives, #USMSpark 2020 prices go up - don't forget to register before 2019 goes bye bye!…
Retweeted by Chuck TaftFun Fact - U2 was singing about registering for #USMSpark early in their 1983 single "New Year's Day" - gotta liste…
Retweeted by Chuck TaftA7 #sschat one size doesn't fit all ... and text isn't for everyone! Same thing for student assessment - they can draw ss!A4 #sschat similar to primary sources - point of view, purpose of the image ...#sschat A3 LOVE doing silent discussion on big paper, or gallery walk with sticky notesChuck from Milrockee - home of the 19 in a row Bucks - I'm a MS US History guy #sschatA2 #sschat for toons, I love Cagle, The Week , Go Comics and TCA
@socialstudiestx @awfrench1 @Lausensei @lamoureuxr @CoachHolleyT @mr_wag @ballardam @stacyyung @SofiaGeorgelos
Looks like the Union is back in the driver's seat in late 1863 - Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga are sealing…
@ALPLM Students read about Lincoln and posted 5 words to describe him - fun time with A. Lincoln!' five words about A. Lincoln #wordart #sschat #sstlap @ALPLM @LHM1865 @fordstheatre #usmfacSo, my buddy @MrBillingsclass made a thing: A podcast called Teacher Pop. It’s all about pop culture connections in…
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Why did soldiers fight? Diving in to CW letter based on McPherson’s For Cause and Comrade - then making connection… it’s an awesome conference- we have great ideas to share with others! Join me in submitting an application…
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Want to EMPOWER your students - and yourself? Come see @ajjuliani at #USMSpark June 15-16 - keynote and two breako…
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