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Hear more from Chuck and Mark by checking out this episode of #BFT. bet you didn't know that the ability to riot were In section 7 paragraph 4 In the bill to destruct when thing… Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says She Has Two Words For President Trump: "F--- You" (VIDEO) via @gatewaypundit @WoodsShowKY I would never refer to you as an ass. Even though you may be one. I respect those who follow me even if we don't agree. @WoodsShowKY What are you living in the 60's? Watch television. Black people dominate almost every add. They are al…'s be honest and give credit where credit is due. All of these looters are at least aware enough to wear masks while looting.Heartwrenching: Black Small Business Owner Filmed Crying After Rioters Loot and Destroy His Business (VIDEO)…
Retweeted by Chuck Woolery @WoodsShowKY I agree with the right to protest but this is well beyond the right to protest. I'm guessing you're a Democrat?It's just a question. Are there any Republican run cities and states experiencing these riots?Andrew Cuomo Executive Order Will Allow Businesses To Deny Service To Customers With No Mask will probably be very unpopular but. If all of these Democrat cities are open for riots, why shouldn't they be open for business?McConnell Hands Schumer Epic Defeat — Senate Confirms It 52 to 45 Pelosi FREAKS OUT After Senate Approves Trump's Nomination‘s Top Democrat Abruptly Resigns Plan Would Block Pay For Lawmakers Who Don’t Show Up For Work Amid Virus Panic Trump Admin Deals With Pandemic — Dems Unveil ANOTHER Investigation Court OVERTURNS It — Trump Gets Big 2020 Victory Details From Amy Klobuchar’s Record Have Likely Ended Her Chances Of Being Joe Biden’s VP
Police in Minneapolis, Help!, run for your lives, peaceful protesters are going to overrun us.Ginsburg Calls Proposal To Eliminate Electoral College ‘More Theoretical Than Real’ more from Chuck and Mark by checking out this episode of #BFT.'s Worst Nightmare Comes True — Lindsey Graham Sends Subpoena MN Democrat Prosecutor‘s Bizarre, Sloppy ‘Evidence‘ Statement Whips up More Chaos via @BreitbartNewsCorrect, I saw a lot of George Soros white Americans as well. what the fuss over social media “platforms” (not publishers, allegedly, but neutral platforms) is about?…
Retweeted by Chuck Wooleryseriously.. Trudeau clone
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryThis isn't protesting. It's rule by criminal mobs, arson, theft, and all means of violence. STOP IT. Arrest and pr…
Retweeted by Chuck Woolery @katiecouric @EntheosShines @BarackObama #NWO #China #Corruption #EnemyOfThePeople
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryIt's what you don't know that will hurt you. No one knows this better than our glorious media.How could General Flynn lie about sanctions if he wasn’t asked about sanctions by either Kislyak, or the FBI? FLYN…
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryTwitter Labels Chinese Propaganda 'Morally True'
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryOf course they would. Court Rules AGAINST Trump — Tells Him He CAN'T Do It Damage Ohio Statehouse During Out of Control protest in Columbus Over George Floyd’s Death President Trump Announces US Will be Terminating Its Relationship with World Health Organization (VIDEO)… Is Crazy: WHO Now Says Only Wear a Mask If You are Sick or Working with Sick -- Otherwise You Don't Need One… Carlson Drops Adam Schiff BOMBSHELL - 'Resign From Office' Democrats’ ‘Governor Says’ America Makes Big Decision On AOC's Demand To Abolish Electoral College's Acosta Gets Bad News After Latest Stunt BACKFIRES Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin Arrested in Death of George Floyd Gary Sinise Donates Thousands Of Meals To VA Hospital Staff For Coronavirus Relief could not be doing more to highlight the threat to free speech in first targeting a political tweet on main…
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryWhat is it with Target Stores and looters?Michigan Barber Karl Manke Will Take Case to Supreme Court Following Order to Close His Shop longer-term impact that the stimulus checks will have on our economy should concern every American. Chuck and M… Officials Admit Duplicate Ballots Were Mailed Out to Voters via @BreitbartNewsOK, THIS IS JUST INSANE, AGREE? Minneapolis Mayor to Rioters: Practice Social Distancing, Wear Masks… the reason of further confusion, the WHO still says you probably shouldn’t wear a mask a good Mayor, blame someone else.The police Department is responsible to the Mayor of Minneapolis. It is his Department, so, he is responsible for t… Chauvin is a Thug. The other officers who allowed him knee George Floyds throat for 5 min are Thugs as well…'s be honest, Twitter has no interest in (fact checking) the Left. Only conservative voices. We all understand.…’s Not Up To Big Tech to Decide What’s True decides who they will fact check and who they ignore. This is the balance of the Left.The pure insanity of CNN. REVELATION: George Floyd and Officer Derek Chauvin Worked Security at the Same Minneapolis Club Up to End… Twitter Censored President Trump's Tweet About The Minneapolis Riots Censors President Trump’s Tweet Warning He Will Send In the National Guard to Minneapolis If He Has To Deadly Lockdowns – Episode 531
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryCoronavirus and Constitution – An Interview with Adam Winkler – Episode 530
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryChuck and Mark discuss long-term impact that the stay-at-home orders will have on our nation. Check out this episod… @GovWhitmer, I will save you from sending your husband to your cabin to rake leave. I will go to your cabin, ra…
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryHow about while you were out to eat while you were recently at your vacation home? @GovWhitmer
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryWell at least the thieving thugs burning Minneapolis have managed to displace COVID 19 as the lead news story
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryLet’s see @BernieSanders Minneapolis is on fire, Michigan is under water and we have a world wide pandemic but your…
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryWell this should make up for the 5600 seniors you sent to their death
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryI have had 500 followers stripped away in the last 2 days
Retweeted by Chuck WooleryREPORT: Document Confirms Trump Campaign Was Investigated With No Justification Whitmer slips state money to leftist political operatives to spy on Michiganders, then lies about it Tells Trump Action Will Be Taken - FBI Is Now Involved's Acosta Loses His Mind On Live TV - Calls Trump A LIAR’S BACK: Liberal Lunatic Kathy Griffin Incites Violence Against President Trump On Social Media
Rush Provides Update On Cancer Treatment, His Future On The Show masks work than why do we need the six-foot rule? Chuck and Mark discuss more on this episode of #BFT.… Side WITH Pelosi - House Passes Controversial Bill 413 to 1 "if we had fair news , I would walk away from social media."El Salvador’s President Claims ‘Most of the World’s Leaders’ are Taking Hydroxychloroquine to Fend Off COVID-19 Should Be Terrified - Graham Reveals First Witness In Russia Probe @limitedgovt2020 Not my jobJudge Napolitano is about as dependable as the Ninth circuit court.God save us from Neocons and Technocrats. @gbmike Well, fairness in not in the constitutionWhen Democrats touch anything they turn it to CRAP. Late night shows used to be entertainment now they are mostly p… believe you can make a good argument that Twitter and the like have become the electronic Town Square.I would love to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro debate Judge Napolitano on the issue of Trump vs Twitter and FaceBook.President is advocating for FREE SPEECH not against it as Judge Napolitano is saying.2020 Election Takes Turn After Federal Court Decision FAVORING Democrats his tweets about Scarborough’s intern, Trump set a trap for Twitter Behar Breaks The News - Says She Is Not Coming Back In Hot Water - The FBI Is Now Involved Maxine Waters Blames President Trump For Cops Killing Black People @PThorgil @JohnQPu43054918 Wait, there is an open Mall somewhere in the United States?At this point looks to me like China can do whatever they damn well please. Am I wrong? @SOEAtlanta We do know they were Democrats now don't we?Laura Loomer (R) is running for the Congressional seat in Trumps district in Florida. It is heavily Democrat. She… Biden Now Blaming Black Interview Host For His ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment (VIDEO) have never more clearly understood what the Bible describes as the World, as I have in the last 8 years of my life.Berlin Station is all about Nazis trying to elect a new leader to rule Germany. American Ambassador is in a red tie… has had my account under control for years. Under their control.