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Powerful words Mark, thank you for your candour🙏🏾💯🙏🏾💯❤️🖤 we just get Martial Lawed??! So, he just Declared War on The Public??!! It’s not 1807 this is not Rebellion!!,…
Retweeted by CharlesVennSo Trump was in his bunker while the protest were going on. Must have lost faith in those vicious dogs he bragged a…
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💜 TEAM Harchester ReUnited @TheActorsNotts @MrRickyWhittle @LucindaRhodes @angieclemo @ChuckyVenn @TheNeilJackson
Retweeted by CharlesVennWow what can I say great episode of @BBCCasualty tonight great acting from all involved this is why Casualty should…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @timbrynsmith @TheActorsNotts @MrRickyWhittle @LucindaRhodes @angieclemo @ChuckyVenn @TheNeilJackson
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@ChuckyVenn @NHS Well that was a lovely little treat I wasnt expecting on a Friday evening... and the lovely Ricky…
Retweeted by CharlesVennI will listen for the first time in my life
Retweeted by CharlesVenn💯💯🙏🏾👍🏾 @ChuckyVenn Don't know if you heard the good news, he's been arrested for third degree murder and manslaughter. He…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn I've signed!
Retweeted by CharlesVennJamie Foxx joins social justice advocates in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in solidarity over the death of George Floyd:…
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@ChuckyVenn @NHS O....M.....G..... I think i just wee'd my pants a bit!!!!!! This is soooooo exciting!!!!
Retweeted by CharlesVennSuper excited for the Dream Team reunion that’s happening this evening 29/05/20 at 7pm!! To Watch please click on… looking forward to this seeing all these great actors ‘virtually’ back together any excuse to relive my youth wa…
Retweeted by CharlesVennMy amazing auntie, Dame Elizabeth Anionwu(Co founder of the Sickle Cell society)is going to be appearing on Desert… bromance 😍 Don’t miss #Casualty tomorrow at 8.40pm on @BBCOne.
Retweeted by CharlesVenn😊👊🏾💯 @missmcollins @LesleyJosephTV @JasonManford @ChuckyVenn excellent, seeing lesley in another light, did you catch i…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Signed. Totally disgusting, that poor man and his family, uncalled for 💔
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Signed Justice for george floyd xx
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Oh wow, I always listen to it, so we may have a really interesting time getting to know her. How proud you must be
Retweeted by CharlesVennMayor Jacob Frey: Justice for George Floyd - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange @BexAs1991
Retweeted by CharlesVennIt's 5:55 and I'm sitting on my sofa crying watching @ChuckyVenn saying he's going to lose Connie and Grace in the…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn @EAnionwu She’s beautiful 🙏❤️
Retweeted by CharlesVennMuch support is needed for the Sickle Cell community. Great work your aunt is doing @charlesvenn you should indeed…
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My amazing auntie, Dame Elizabeth Anionwu(Co founder of the Sickle Cell society)is going to be appearing on Desert… amazing auntie, Dame Elizabeth Anionwu(Co founder of the Sickle Cell society)is going to be appearing on Desert… @ChuckyVenn Done ✅ #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Will deffo sign and retweet
Retweeted by CharlesVennI've signed because it's a disgusting way to treat another human being.
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn I've signed n retweeted x
Retweeted by CharlesVennIf the atrocity that was inflicted upon #GeorgeFloyd struck a cord with you then PLEASE click on the link below to… @ChuckyVenn Another black man killed by the hands of a white policeman I am so scared of my grandchildren as black…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn We live in a sick twisted world,
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn They both need to serve life In jail, the other one was accessory to murder as he stood by and watched
Retweeted by CharlesVennWow!!!!!
@ChuckyVenn Not much has really changed institutionally since the 60’s in the US and Trump’s presidency has allowed…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @_DaniLynch_ @ChuckyVenn Apparently all four were fired . All should be held to account. And we all should be stand…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn This is horrendous, they have committed murder and should be dealt with the same as any other murders
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn You’d need to find a jury to convict him first. Not gonna happen in trump’s America 😡
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Absolutely disgusting, this is murder
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Horrific and inhuman act by uniformed killers. Sadly this police department have a track record of firi…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn🙌🏾🙏🏾💔 @ChuckyVenn We will wait to see if there is justice. Simply firing the officers is not enough. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Absolutely terrible and should never happen. #RIPGeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn There were another 2 police officers pinning him down behind the vehicle too. All of them need to be lo…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn And only fired because of public outcry. If no one knew, nothing would have been done. It’s sickening.
Retweeted by CharlesVennWhen will this inhumanity stop, another Blackman by the name of George Floyd is murdered at the hands of the US pol… this incredibly funny monologue ‘Gloria’, performed by the lovely @LesleyJosephTV & written by the wonderful…
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I think Jacob needs to come give me a pep talk so I can finish this uni assessment!! He always has a wonderful way…
Retweeted by CharlesVennYes is 100% needed I beg @ChuckyVenn @meamandamealing 💞🥺
Retweeted by CharlesVennGreat to see @BBCCasualty back on last night and to watch @ChuckyVenn in action #missedyouguys
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @amealingx @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Amanda you dont understand how much me and a few of my friends…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Great to have Casualty back on our screens, gorgeous Jacob there's still…
Retweeted by CharlesVennLove how Abs in is the driving seat, but isn't... beautiful. Lovely surprise appearance by @ChuckyVenn and excellen…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Am embarrassed to admit how many times I've watched it, AND how many time…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn🔥👏🏾😊X @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Happy to have you all back.
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @xcharlelizabeth @GabriellaLeon_ @ChuckyVenn Thought they were both fab.....but Gabriella just pipped it for me ...👏👏👏👏👏👏
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @LamissahB @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty @BBCOne @meamandamealing Fantastic hope all goes well enjoy talented great actress
Retweeted by CharlesVennConnie and Jacob; the slow burn is reignited ... we're still waiting! 🥰 @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn
Retweeted by CharlesVennI can't cope please please tell me that Jacob will like just accidently kiss her already!!!! Or she s3cretly wants…
Retweeted by CharlesVennGreat stuff tonight... nice seeing you feature again!!
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Exciting ! These characters are made for each other, maybe not ? Brilliant, will they? Wont they ? 💙💙
Retweeted by CharlesVennYes totally love this. Fair play @LamissahB and @ChuckyVenn great support and actors of our cast. Hats off 🎬😊
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@ilyjonnie @ChuckyVenn @meamandamealing Currently crying over them
Retweeted by CharlesVennI like the sign language used on @BBCCasualty tonight. #Casualty @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn
Retweeted by CharlesVennThanks @BBCCasualty & cast for a bit of normality tonight. I hope you'll be back again next week. Great storyline…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @GabriellaLeon_ and @ChuckyVenn front and centre. So believable and so many emotions. Brilliant. Welcome back…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn😊xX to see the two Js: Jade @GabriellaLeon_, and Jacob @ChuckyVenn taking the lead on the 2 key stories in tonight’s #Casualty! 👏🏼
Retweeted by CharlesVennOutstanding performance from @ChuckyVenn tonight #Casualty made me tearful. And of course live seeing Jonnie workin…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Great episode 😊👍❤
Retweeted by CharlesVennBrilliant episode! Nice to see Jacob doing what he does best @ChuckyVenn Welcome back #Casualty @BBCCasualty 😊
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @LamissahB @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty @BBCOne Yes!! Your right hes amazing, your so lucky!! That's what I try and do…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Hi I love Jacob and Connie 🙂💕
Retweeted by CharlesVennWell done @ChuckyVenn Tim Pritchett @meamandamealing @GabriellaLeon_ @neilhurst @KirstyLMitchell @Connor_Scottish
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @StevePe51559304 @ChuckyVenn Totally agree. Great performance. Great to have Casualty back on t v . Saturday night…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn .wonderful performance tonight, its a pleasure to watch you on casualty. Best wishes to you.🙏
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Is it a Charlie based love triangle cos I’d be totally up for that?
Retweeted by CharlesVennJacob is so caring , bless him #casualty @BBCCasualty @ChuckyVenn
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn you are amazing!!! These two weeks have been worth it😁❤️
Retweeted by CharlesVennLoving see my number 1 Favourite Actor @ChuckyVenn back Onscreen on @BBCCasualty right now catch him on @BBCOne Mi…
Retweeted by CharlesVennIt’s not your fault Jacob #Casualty @BBCCasualty @ChuckyVenn
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty 👏👏👏👏
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Yay 🎉
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Been a long two weeks😂😂😂
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Where you all belong , you are all stars
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @AriaCooper @ChuckyVenn @meamandamealing @BBCCasualty I've got it on my planner so I can keep watching it and freez…
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty Hallelujah 🙌. You're back. I might watch this twice so I don't miss a thing 🤔
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty @BBCOne Yessssss! Love my casualty ❤❤❤
Retweeted by CharlesVennCan’t wait to see the Jonnie dream team @meamandamealing @ChuckyVenn #Casualty
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Oh no you better not be leaving 🤔😢x
Retweeted by CharlesVennOh please stop teasing us you pair @ChuckyVenn @meamandamealing 🥺🥰❤️
Retweeted by CharlesVenn @ChuckyVenn Why the teasing?😭
Retweeted by CharlesVennWho’s ready for Casualty?! Hope @meamandamealing & @ChuckyVenn aren’t winding us up😅💕 Hope there’s some good Jonnie…
Retweeted by CharlesVennArghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh x @ChuckyVenn @BBCCasualty @BBCOne @meamandamealing EXCITED... ❤
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