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A quasi-intellectual and a cunt. Simp for @100shreccs

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NOOOOOOOOO I? me pussy or give me deathwhat part of me liking ur tweets don’t u get ? i Am in love with u
Retweeted by Coral’s simp accountI peaked in the wombI’m invisible to girls % i ain’t giving y’all anymore bangers y’all ungrateful 😭
Retweeted by Coral’s simp account @g7byy You can punch the living shit out of me lolPlease @mirartic Delete thisOne of the greatest to play the game. An inspiration across the world. A huge loss to the football family. RIP, Di…
Retweeted by Coral’s simp account @josayyc @tightpussyifei @BlondedJacob @austxnnn @weljunishorny @SteadyCam_ @isaiahdakid4 You spittin rnChuka Joker @NotMarshy Delete this broOne day you will all payYou just like me
@criizum You making it out the hood fr @isabelchalamet Jk jk @isabelchalamet You gonna have no tweets 😭😭😭😭😭I literally have no reasons to be alive lol @dat1kermit That ain’t meY’all been acting gay on twitter so much I’m starting to think you guys are gay for real @CryptiicNo No lolFucks wrong with y’all niggas @g7byy Did he lie tho?Happy white girl Wednesday everyoneCall me cologne the way I be all over guysI hope I find a girlfriend under my tree for Christmas this yearI want her so fucking bad true great of the game. Rest in peace, Diego Maradona.
Retweeted by Coral’s simp accountHear me out I don’t get this white girl I will kmsYo @100GEY what are you doing here bro?'re joining the footballing world in saying farewell to one of the absolute greats. RIP Diego Maradona 💙
Retweeted by Coral’s simp account? @austxnnn BOOOOOOOO delete this @isabelchalamet This happened to you lolI be checking who views my fleets to see if any bad bitches are watching them @aehysl What the fuck is wrong with you?What is joe Biden’s plan to get her to want me?Arturo Vidal red carded? Inters woes continueRest In Peace Diego 😭😭😭😭💔. Of all the deaths in 2020 this one probably hit the hardest. #LegendsNeverDie said working out helps with depression is a fuckin liar
Retweeted by Coral’s simp accountRest in peace, Diego Armando Maradona. You are eternal.
Retweeted by Coral’s simp accountSergiño Dest vs. Dinamo Kiev - @sergino_dest
Retweeted by Coral’s simp accountRIP Diego Maradona Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60. The legendary Argentinian footballer was widely regarded as on…
Retweeted by Coral’s simp accountDiego Maradona, the GOAT! A man whose name is synonymous with the beautiful game. What a legend! 🐐 His exploits c…
Retweeted by Coral’s simp account @jxsmxnep YesDid you just... promote your OnlyFans under me saying I have Covid?????
Retweeted by Coral’s simp accountYesterday, @sergino_dest (who scored his first Barca goal) and @konradjr (who made his @FCBarcelona debut) became t…
Retweeted by Coral’s simp accountI will die without her loveOMG Time is my favorite Justin Bieber songThis shit is fucking trash @jgisop0 I was just subtweeting myself tbhI gained 30 followers last night because Gaby retweeted this lol don’t know who needs to hear this but she’s not even gonna acknowledge your existence today come on bro @FamousRDJ FrYes @criizum Proof?????This brings me back to my childhood song is a 10/10 @strokinindacrib @josayyc You spittin rn @homieglez0 Gn @joshstacey2 Gn @isaaclarson01 Gn broI’m going to bed gn to whoever sees this @austxnnn She never loved menot even horny just in pain
Retweeted by Coral’s simp account @josayyc @BlondedJacob This was almost a banger @loner_kev Idk @g7byy 😭😭😭😭😭 @josayyc This is a mistake @Xouped We’re waitinghi?
Retweeted by Coral’s simp account @josayyc @criizum @austxnnn @loner_kev @TlReporter @VisionEfects @josayyc @KingJames We good rt @roojuliee This just isn’t rightThe only right answer is @g7byy tbhWho has worse tweetsall these bon iver slander physically hurts me damn
Retweeted by Coral’s simp account @crypticsrporter Bro? @cheekswifadraco @isabelchalamet ???????I didn’t tweet this @weljunishorny Seek help bro (yes)What is wrong with you @sphxne You need to secure some bitches 😭😭😭😭 @RoquanHarold Fr @ballljeeet ???????? @aubreysmith367 YesI said what I said I regret nothing