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i’m a writer. i wrote this bio. | @depressedgraph | previously: @NetflixUK

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@lilgamestop thank you! @talliesinyoung man not you talliesome liberal is gonna tweet “the cheeto is stale!” tomorrow and get 250k likes @CrypticNotAlone driving solo i’m just swervin thru my ends
@waseemshabout @CDLeganes_en LETS GOOOOOOadults: the kids are gonna be alright the kids: we are dyingafter putting girlboss in your bio @c1owngod gm :)good night
nepotism kickin our asses man @annabel_meschke "do you wanna build a snowman" but with dirty laundrywhat the fuck is this man on instagram acting like martin luther king jr’s dream was that their products would be 15% off for one day onlyart by @a_uthenticamegan fox in jennifer’s body guys being mens being dudes @NeilMotwani facts @tropicanapussy makes sense. but i wanna make it nonsense. @jasminericegirl they gon crucify me for this one @dietz_meredith they called einstain crazy too 💯 @lynndewitttoya okay fineimma regret this one in the morning.... sorry folks it’s the liquor talkinNORMALIZE WOMEN 🗣🗣🗣
when i say wild i really mean sexisttwitter is wild cuz a guy could be like “fuck corn products, they’re unhealthy” & the replies will be like “omg kin… the bag. fuck asked me for a link so i blocked them 🥰SO pumped to wear my new kamala harris merch!!!! it says “weekend at aunty’s” with drawing of the white house and k… try @OnceUponAPete it’s the saturday of a long weekend you’re the weird one here okay @tessplease they should simply keep scrolling @ie_smooth don’t worry about itgirls with ADHD got the wettest dreamiest juiciest pussy“burger flippers” are braver than the marineswhat’s next?? making sure kids have food in front of them every night?! absurdity$15 minimum wage??????? so y’all just want ALL poor people to be able to feed and house themselves now?? disgusting. @quakerraina OMG!!!! can u tell them u have another husky friend who writes
is the UK covid strain an indica or a sativa @sabbyleftthelab popular loner vibes @HammerFist3 @carterhambley the clout political complex @carterhambley One Nation, Under Clout @carterhambley wtfthese white late night talk show hosts ruin everythingoh my god please shut the fuck up @mygfreal holy shit
@kp_bass it’s ok idc @CryingRhinos yessir! @PleaseBeGneiss LMAOOOOO @tropicanapussy BRO 😭*looking at two-bedroom apartment in nyc* andrew yang: this is an impossible environment to work in*looking at walmart* andrew yang: this is a BIG bodega *looking at exxon* andrew yang: and this is a bodegas sta…’s probably because schools have been closed for a while
Retweeted by yeet lover's pizza @runicusthegreat not u @carterhambley you could call it a vibe and a half 🤣 @carterhambley @Dory LETS GOOOOOOthere’s a special corner in hell for people who quote tweets with a private twitter account @carterhambley @Dory where you at @carterhambley @aspiringburner 🥺 @aspiringburner nope, this is the hilarious @carterhambleyi don’t even eat at chipotle.... my fraudulent asswhen the cashier at chipotle doesn’t charge you for guac yang be like “yea i take the subway” pussy hurt Auntie Anne Pretzel Industrial Complexthat shit is not harmonized at all but it makes me happy so idcme and my best friends used to call each other & do yoga on thursday evenings but now we call each other & sing sea shanties
aunt tifa is the reason my uncle got divorcedwhen girls do the little devil horns ig filter i’m like damn maybe i do wanna go to hell @asapjennaa LMAOfootball game?? nope - bowl.white people will turn anything into a bowl.... bread? turn that shit into a bowl. bell pepper? nah that’s a bowl.…
twitter today: james & the giant impeachwym james harden is getting impeachedthe key to every girls heart the pooh when he sees a pot of honey are loved <3 not by me but by somebody i bet“a safe space for men”?? you mean earth
stop trying to get everyone to like you, most people don’t even like themselvesjust got diagnosed with one of the rarest diseases out there: compassion
Retweeted by yeet lover's pizza @carterhambley happy (belated) birthday!!y’all 23 years old using your notes app as a burn book @icedoutomnitrix man @tropicanapussy yup @_ansar_a nah, the ummah isn’t appreciating this one as much as they need tokid cudi must be muslim the way his hums do a lot 😹
Retweeted by yeet lover's pizza
2021 @nurahabdulhaqq tasteyou would think your girl has no air conditioning the way she vent to me @stephenasmith mannnnnn lmfaoman wtf @vivafalastin This Is A Generational Issue @lilgamestop u said “rip to your knees but i’m different”almost all of us got horrible knees and y’all are posting videos of the buss it challenge, do it without the audio… @tinylilbaby1 @showmetheyamz @caitmarielle @mistakoy @ngocbbuii @zachsilberberg @pizzajeezus @_jaychub_
Marvins_Room_Choppedd_&_Screwedd.mp3they banned trump from spotify.... how is dude supposed to listen to the take care album on repeat now?rip but LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMAN LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @crunchytitty @Fluffyx24 u fr rn