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Retweeted by c @Dayo_Laguda happy birthday dayo!! wishing you long life and prosperity. remain great! 🎉
Retweeted by c @MJFinesseLover she is everything!Janet Jackson, 1997.
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2019 @chuuzus
Retweeted by cbeautiful storytelling
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Retweeted by creply this tweet with the most iconic fashion looks from a celebrity this decade? i will start. Trevante Rhodes
Retweeted by c @Lakgaadi @sihlekhambula lmao how dare you?
@NativeMag i better win.🌴✨VIP Ticket GIVEAWAY ✨🌴⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ RT for a chance to win x2 VIP ticket to #NATIVELAND19
Retweeted by cWhitney Houston just casually outsinging world renowned Opera singers. You know no big deal.
Retweeted by c2020 i am claiming everything that is meant for me!!Here’s your bi-annual reminder that Rihanna walked on the Victoria’s secret runway and gave them their most memorab… @plisdear wow damsel ❤️❤️Doja Cat for Paper Magazine shot by Brian Ziff
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Retweeted by cDope (2015). one of the most underrated movies this decade. @Genius pop smoke. @MyNewEssence96 Party!?!? @Oli_Ekun lmao i need an explanation because agege bread and egusi.. @Oli_Ekun @solis4evr can wait to finally see my queen perform @yemisie_ lmao nothing. @AshWenyika thank you 😩😭 @Coolness1994 Idris Elba? finest man this decade? @Echeccentric @ToyeSokunbi the power Native has! @geokaycee @geokaycee @InvadarXim why didn’t you add her verse in lose my breath and soldier? she ate beyoncé and kelly up! @taayanthony happy birthday love!! keep being the bad bih you are ❤️❤️
@eliesaaab she. @rudapu69 well somebody lied to you several times @Coolness1994 Oscar Isaac finer than Maluma? Kofi? Henry Cavil? Tom Hardy? Tank? Zayn Malik?? @geokaycee @geokaycee @Shakwhore i am stealing this @iamdanielobasi I AM HERE FOR THIS. PLEASE SOMEONE SIGN DANIEL UP! @THR Navy! we are about to eat in 2020! am screamingggg @jemimah_og love you too boo 😭🥰all 3 of my personalities coming together to poorly handle a social situation
Retweeted by ci had to remake one of the funniest interviews this decade from Migos. @Coolness1994 people are dumb for not mentioning Ruben Loftus-Cheek enough @icedoutcroptop @Coolness1994 the man doesn’t even have a chin. @Coolness1994 this person is finer than anthony joshua? @thecalahjones us when she keeps releasing those pants and make up @daddymandi you better take that back! ends in 19 days and there is no sign of ms Rihanna releasing the new music she promised us
@ntelcare please subscribe my unlimited daily plan for me @SailWhitney i will continue to stan forever @KINGZAMIR_LOS been on replay since! @BongisaKomani lmao we love to see it. way justin timberlake snapped when he made mirrors... @_SXMV3L you know what? you’re right @_SXMV3L i’m on episode 6 and this episode is wild!!HBO’s watchmen is phenomenal!!! @Pepsi_Naija has been instrumental in promoting a lot of DJs in the Nigerian music scene with a range of DJs as Bra… @lavienus song on @KidCudi’s upcoming album, ‘Entergalactic’, will have it’s own 30-minute episode, that will air on the…
Retweeted by cYou see what happens when Rihanna lays hands on you? You turn into a BAD bitch 😭😩
Retweeted by cso we can try to catch all 500,000 people or have like two billionaires pay taxes. idk this is a hard one
Retweeted by c @jaboukie the way you constantly disrespect tame impala @BaddieClaire invasion of what?
@itsjaeT where is haunted? @CHANELGlRL 2019 really wishes. 2009 was that 2009 we had Rihanna’s Rude Boy, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, Beyoncé’s Halo, Kesha’s Tik Tok, Kid Cudi’s Day n Night… @bigshitxtalker mariah thee carey is aries so that’s that. @Genius @iamdanielobasi lmaoooo28 years ago today, Michael Jackson released Dangerous 👑 It is one of the best-selling albums of ALL TIME with 35…
Retweeted by c @plasticspit the way they shift the goal post eh @jaadanne thank you sooo much dear 🥰😭 @RUNWORLD6 this is a nicki minaj post.. @ssaucszn what black girl would want to date this white mannequin @andresc_guzman1 @mce1201 @Juliannyc901 movie?? who gon tell him? @anuarscantu @marriedwvenus
Are we ready to admit that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was just a cheap imitation of Carnival?
Retweeted by c @adekunleGOLD your look lately has been everything!! @Adukebey__ thank you sooo much baybeeee 🥰❤️ @damnitjls your mind! @AnitaNani5 let’s just say his entire discography is beautiful @oneevpro the best! these other singers only sound good in the studio. miguel can’t relate @tari_tastic see actually carries any song she is featured onmiguel’s adorn is the best male r&b song this decade. song ft Nicki Minaj. @EfeOraka 🎊🎊 @Oyinda_DS 🥰🥰❤️❤️shoutout to myself cause this life shit ain’t easy.
Retweeted by cSo we all streaming ANTI this week
Retweeted by c @versarxhie you are a stab to my self esteem. i h8 you are so adorable. just like every other American market and corporate enterprise... built on the backs of BLACK LABOR smfh
Retweeted by c.@Beyonce your time is up! @AkahPearl 😭❤️❤️ @gboyeezy 👊🏿👊🏿