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oscar winning actor.

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Also don't forget he played Snoop D-O double G in Straight Outta Compton! Love him as DARIUS on Atlanta to!
Retweeted by chappy birthday to one of the best actors of our time, lakeith stanfield a king with true range.😭
Retweeted by cThis song is worth the 10 minutes
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@rxmsxy @eddieoiyamah can’t wait! @loookingaround @eddieoiyamah what is you doing here jimi? by frank ocean will always hit different. told her to feed us and she thought we was talking about food... is about to release fenty furniture and fenty spoons before fenty music.. tgat album is never coming. @inclcore @ToyeOfficial @davido love to see it!Keep it, tnx
Retweeted by c @B0tcxx i honestly don’t deserve you. @MJFinesseLover @BriMalandro @jason26560807 i swear it was his verse in cash shit that made people think that @MJFinesseLover i can’t wait!in other news! this show starts this sunday! avatar the last airbender creators should just hand the live action series to hbo, they’d do it justice tbh. @ManLike_Tav like!!2020 has been nothing but disappointment. @wale__awe every single song on that album goes hard for me especially levitatingdua lipa really dropped one of the best albums this year. future nostalgia been on repeat sinceesza to her man’s girlfriend every weekend: @DUALIPA @MissyElliott @Madonna @Blessed_Madonna YESSSS War was so entertaining from beginning to end But the last 30 minutes of End Game was epic.’s everything about Solange for me 🥺🥺 Her beauty, her divine energy, her passion for music and art, voice, body,…
Retweeted by cthinking about her. @mahoumoreno god you too short to vote
Retweeted by c @burnaboy literally one of it not the greatest album from a nigerian artist of our time. @SenatorT__ happy birthday best guy ♥️🍻🍻 @kikimordi happy birthday queen!! wishing you long life and prosperity 🥰♥️♥️ @_mushhx tell me why this video has me crying this early morning. this boy deserves everything!After his dance in the rain captured the eyes of millions, this 11-year-old Nigerian boy has earned a scholarship t…
Retweeted by cIf Mariah Carey were a pair of a sandals.
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@cIemmie mean girls, white chicks, shrek, scary movie, mr & mrs smith, bring it on @mrspostmann if it is animated i won’t be mad at that at all @bigshitxtalker it’s ms aiko. the Rich! Stories About the Wealthy, Explained via @YouTubeLucy Liu explaining the concept of "Fuck you money”. @killakimchi @AL_DOMS @1Tarig insane!burna boy’s album is out this weekend. we love to see it!his rap flow!? yeah he is sickening. @Bey_Legion Rumi & Blue:’s the way cardi and megan’s wap has been on my mind since last week friday... that is a mega hit @BeeBabs we love to see it! are some things that should never be remade and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of those things. 55th Birthday, Viola Davis! ❤️
Retweeted by c🌟Big Story🌟 @Beyonce's 'Black Is King' is an aesthetic masterpiece that falls short on big promises to showcase bl…
Retweeted by cHappy 55th Birthday to one of the greatest actresses of all time, Viola Davis 🖤 @fentxyy too perfect @PandaLovelace lmao their bayang be taking me out 😭 @Vaness__ah all the money and look how ugly the interior design is 🤢mariah carey could make hey jude but the beatles couldn’t make obsessed. drop these uglies. 2 lit 2 late.
Retweeted by cHEREDITARY (deleted scenes)
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Janelle Monáe for Shape Magazine september 2020. @Oyinda_DS @briadeann_ lmaooooo i am deadher arch is just... @siainstyle 1!something about black women dominating the Hot 100 this year really sits right with my spirit
Retweeted by cNickelodeon is really giving us a Patrick spinoff before a grownup Avatar the last airbender spin-off... @funmbitoye such a bland movie and the mark zukaberg nigga was so so annoying @ZeldaTsu parasite is on its own lane put any film against the wolf of wall street and it’s going to lose. w/ Ebonee Davis 🌍🌊 Styled by Tamala Clarice Makeup by Dion Xu Hair by Sean Christopher Shot by me🤎
Retweeted by c @obislens @EboneeDavis the way you constantly eat! umbrella conspiracy videos had me convinced that Rihanna got initiated into the illuminati in this part of the… @IAMSAFAREE bikinis dropping on my site today 😛
Retweeted by ckali uchis and rico nasty ate this the fuck up omg. @arxhiiie @VongolaXlV was really ahead of her time with these edits
Retweeted by c @Oli_Ekun it’s the hair for me @chuuzus Don’t forget about Robert!
Retweeted by cViola Davis had Bonnie, Nate, Eve, Tegan Price and her therapist in how to get away with murder ready to risk it al… did this? 😩😭😍
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@siainstyle faveeeee 😩🥰🥰♥️ @HarryItie ☺️🥰🥰 @itsin3D 😩♥️♥️ahead of his time. miss when rihanna use to make hoe anthems. Bernie Mac Show (2001–2006).
Retweeted by c @KALIUCHIS @Rico_nastyy WHERE IS THE VIDEO! @FentyCops miss youuuu 🥺 @Lotanaa what?!? @AssumptaNwaz 🥰♥️😩The same grace y’all give to Kanye... Extend that same grace to Azealia, too.
Retweeted by c @funmbitoye my angel 😩🥰🥰🥰♥️ @ANGELlCTEAR 🥰♥️ @ImaniDH 🥰♥️ @Whoisnovember 🥺🥰♥️ @kosi_nnebe @collinsbadewa i learnt from you 😩🥰♥️ @AdwaaAALights WAY WORSEno but gossip girl really tried to make blair waldorf and lonely boy dan humphrey a thing and i won’t forgive them for that.