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@jujuviste omg this!rt this thousand times
Retweeted by cRihanna tonight.
Retweeted by c @icedoutcroptop do you get!!these are the same niggas that will get on this app and complain that they don’t want kids exposed to gay character…
Retweeted by c @EfeOraka oh my god the talent!!what a nice elsa and anna cast you got there for the live action of Frozen. it’d be a shame if it goes to waste. since 2017. @Kyles_Style
elena’s annoying ass did not deserve stefan nor damon. @TheQuigster96 @paramore after laughter didn’t win a grammy? not winning a grammy for melodrama is pure racism @LIQUORICEBlTCH nothing!!Broke With Expensive Taste. Nothing will ever touch it.
Retweeted by ci just remembered Rihanna didn’t win a grammy for Anti, Lorde didn’t win for Melodrama, Lana Del Rey didn’t win for…!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by ccraig david deserved a grammy and everything more for this masterpiece today is #NationalAlbumDay, guys what’s the album that you think deserved a grammy. @prizordtoo i-
All this talk about her vocals but let's get into THAT FACE! Undeniable beauty.
Retweeted by c @wiIdestthot @eliesaaab we loveeee you @NOTORIOUSAALI my whole TL has been a mess! @NOTORIOUSAALI years ago today “When I Think of You" by Janet Jackson went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making her and Micha…
Retweeted by c @Acupofmikey GIRLLLLLLgirl this timeline! @hosthetics the blatant lie!i miss nelly furtado and kelis.W'sup W'sup W'sup muhfuckaz where my money at?
Retweeted by c @emoblackthot we are patiently waiting
@WannasWorld happy birthday 🖤🖤 @okayplayer azealia banks ended t.i @samashinobukenn @EfremNgaleka mean girls @iAM_BERserk lmao she really does look like solange 😭😭white privilege is quentin tarantino trying to convince us that uma thurman could defeat lucy liu (the greatest ass… Bill: Vol. 1 (10/10/2003)’s been 16 years since Kill Bill was released and this scene remains one of the most intense fight scenes ever. think I snapped w these .
Retweeted by c @jaboukie in the industry is doing it like helena bonham carter
Retweeted by cNobody: gays after AHS coven:
Retweeted by c @yoyotrav TRAPSOUL?! MID???
@taayanthony @taayanthony i- why 💀💀 @taayanthony alrighty! want to start rocking leather pants but my fat ass thighs won’t let me be great 😩rihanna and zendaya front covers on the same day? the power that has
Retweeted by cKaleidoscope Dream was not appreciated the way it should’ve been.
Retweeted by c @_AfricanHippie @TalentedKeelo yes! weeknd’s trilogy be hitting hard till this day! @justinzgadson slept on! that whole album is firewho had the best project? one is doing it like zendaya. @HausOfPhil and you think we are going to allow any one and their mums drag The Rihanna? this midsommar movie is so weird
2019 Platt's performance in the politician is spectacular. @UPROXX Li who?? @xkayrose_ summer walker’s album is cute but it ain’t no ctrl.sza really put her whole feet on ctrl. that album is a straight up classic @ElaineOmozusi i’m so sorry i don’t mean that tweet in a creepy way at all.there is not a single bad song on Sza’s CTRL. That album is a masterpiece. only holy book my children will read is The Rihanna Book.
Retweeted by c @Tomi_kamz like! CTRL is a masterpiece @McQuertzo lol whatever works for you i guess 🤷🏿‍♂️ @wildestthot my love!! happy birthday dear love you! @ImQuevedo @McQuertzo please how is that rapey? when did i say the man looking at it is allowed to touch it? all i said is he… need Rihanna’s coffee table book like now!
Hundreds of you asked us to do this investigation. We heard your call 👁️ #SexForGrades
Retweeted by c @RickandMorty
@Skevvy if we are being honest Tacha and Mercy were the real contenders and Tacha lowkey had the largest fan base in that houselmao what??? keep rewatching this like I haven’t seen this 1000 times... @KidCudi HEY MISTER RAGERRRRR!!
@GenosBabyMama @eliesaaab she is a cute girl but no one has rihanna level of sex appeal please.
my beams of light, my debut single, ‘Angel’, produced by @lovelygosha is now out on most platforms & she is so so…
Retweeted by cguys how is the new summer walker album? should i get on it?Snoh Aalegra, Lucky Daye, Pink Sweat$, Dev Hynes, Solange, NAO, H.E.R., SiR, Ari Lennox, Elujay, VanJess, Jacob Ba…
Retweeted by c @obislens @Tiron3 like Adut & Naomi aren’t in the video @yoyotrav @WannasWorld please don’t forget The Internetthe space female rap is now is so beautiful to watch. all these black female rappers succeeding simultaneously is amazing to witness @Kapri_Son Beef Flomix - Flo Milliblack women by pat mcgrath.
Retweeted by cThe Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019). @anxta_ @Binanii do you get?! all of a sudden everyone is now an Oscar committee 🙄🙄
me after one glass of wine
Retweeted by c @ImaniDH ah yes and i love how genevieve shot the movie in enugu seeing as enugu is where nollywood originated from @ImaniDH Lion heart was too plain. the storyline was meh but the cinematography was A1. @ImaniDH honestly KOB was unnecessarily long. so many scenes weren’t needed. The idea is good but it wasn’t well executed @azukaofficial_ how are y’all both so fineee??ryan destiny is that girl.