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48 straight games with a touchdown pass. 😱 Relive the night @drewbrees broke a 50-year-old record on @SNFonNBC TON…
Retweeted by JayLol. Guys. It’s ok to say this is wack.
Retweeted by JayMost iconic moments in FIFA history, feel free to add. [THREAD]
Retweeted by Jay @xoxo_kem yes
“Look at Curry man, just tryna do great things in the world” - Steph with the nod to FlightReacts 🤣
Retweeted by JayAsk her who cheated on mommy
Retweeted by Jay1v5... Save round... They already planted bomb... This is the most insane Valorant clutch ever...
Retweeted by Jay"y'all gettin on? she boutta go to sleep"
Retweeted by Jay @theduaine @BieIik hey x @BieIik that’s what I’m going to start using as well. @BieIik wait, what formation do you run?The Devil said fuck it, threw venom at us, where da fuck spiderman at?
Retweeted by JayMore than anything, I miss feeling that roar.
Retweeted by JayWALK-OFF. REPEAT. 🔁   Relive all 12 Dodger walk-offs from 2019 in this week’s #TBT. Which one’s your favorite?
Retweeted by JayThat was a special year
Retweeted by JayMood until baseball is back
Retweeted by Jay @DodgersNation 1-1/2 hours“Not a question of if, the question is who and when. Tonight it’s Puig, in the 9th”
Retweeted by JayJohn Kruk and Larry Bowa pranking Chase Utley after his first major league hit is an absolute classic.
Retweeted by Jay????????? ??????? ?????
Retweeted by Jay @BieIik I see Hernandez stayed in your team 👀 @BieIik how’s your team browhat the fuck 😂 @BieIik might do the first team btw. Ndidi looks good but idk, I have IF Partey too and looks better but can’t fit him in my team @BieIik yeah I know that’s why I said gimme a sec I was screenshotting it haha. But debating these three. Third one…
@BieIik I’m debating it. But one second.that sucks
Retweeted by Jay @BieIik wait nvm omg I know who it is now @BieIik who is that broThrowback to Martial's Hat-trick vs Juventus ⚽️🔥
Retweeted by JayI’m crying, Rooney was so funny
Retweeted by Jay @MattIanta wtf did I just watchLearn the truth of the Old Ways and see a scared youth become the fearsome Bloodhound in the newest installment of…
Retweeted by Jaywhy not just make him a LW, please. @BieIik went well, finally @ArseneWengod I did too 😂😂Inform Poulssen & inform Partey as well. Decent.Yes sir #PS4share아니...공포게임 동물의숲
Retweeted by Jaythis one hit. 😣
Retweeted by Jay2011 Brees was DIFFERENT
Retweeted by JayI wish i lived my life not knowing mamma mia was cgi
Retweeted by JayMissing days in the Dome... ⚜️🚪 #OpenDoorChallenge | @LataviusM
Retweeted by JayTiger Sashimi #TigerKing
Retweeted by Jaythis video will forever be iconic
Retweeted by Jay👀
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finally, an expert has weighed in
Retweeted by JayThis dad played a April fools day back to school prank on his daughters🤣
Retweeted by JayApril Fools!
Retweeted by Jay @BieIik sigh @ManUtd Once a red, alway a red! #GGMU
Retweeted by Jay @CH14_ @ManUtd man don’t play with my feelings like thisPayton on Brees: I think his plan is to take it year by year. "That was my fault" saying it was Brees' last year.
Retweeted by Jay @BieIik cant believe I did my best WL for this bro. Hold meJuan Mata: 2012/13 19 goals, 35 assists (Most assists in Europe) What a season. What a player
Retweeted by JayLa herida que jamás sanará.
Retweeted by JayQuarantine prank. Be careful what you wish for...😂🤣😭💀💀
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Great.. NOW IM CRYING IN 4K 😭😭
Retweeted by Jay @slyc5 Sean Payton said soLMAOOO
Retweeted by Jayman.. @wolfatdawn going to YouTube rn @socraticjuan have some shame 😂This reaction from Max Kellerman is still hilarious😂
Retweeted by JayManchester United - Best Ever Last Minute Goals. A thread:
Retweeted by JayDrew Brees retiring after this season. My heart hurts @VirgiIoIogy Yeah man, game is bad. The game I blue screened, I scored a header to win in 90th min and then it happened. I got pissed @iniestassist @theduaine btw this is my team @theduaine you think it would work better? I’ve used 442 before and liked it a lot. Would mean I have to take out either Kante or Kovacic. @iniestassist should’ve finished with at least 21 @theduaine I would get ter stegen. Kante and Vidal play great together for me tbf. My problem is striker. Son feels… @theduaine yeah cause he has the green link to Mane for Chem. And Kovacic was the season reward one. I enjoy him a… @theduaine would show pic but can’t access app rn @theduaine Son, Mane, Bernardo Silva, Kovacic, Kante, Vidal, Robertson, Pique, Lenglet, Semedo & NetoTrump just said Seoul has "38 million people" in it. That's such an oddly wrong and yet specific number, I did a go…
Retweeted by JayI hate FIFA so much. But this was my best WL. Son needs to be sold ASAP.GG’s. Finished with 19 wins. Blue screen would’ve got me Gold 1. Shame.My elite dream is gone lol. Scored a header to win the game and blue screened. GoodnightA week from tonight, ESPN will air the full broadcast of the Return to the Dome Monday night game! #Saints
Retweeted by JayWe have all...been living a lie
Retweeted by Jay @Liofc_ Yeah man, I went off lol. Gonna keep it going laterIn case anybody needs an example of what social distancing looks like
Retweeted by JaySo realistically, I need 6 wins for Elite. Don’t think it’ll happen tbh.So I’m 17-5 in Fut Champs with 7 games remaining. I don’t think I’ve played this good all year lol
Waffle Wedges Curly Regular @BieIik VAMOS @Itani cry @TristanGHill ?BVB message to all the clubs who asked for #Sancho: we don’t change the price after Coronavirus crisis and we’ll no…
Retweeted by Jay @ArseneWengod oh my bad yes yes. I barely did his SBC on Fridaywe get to watch Ghost die in 4K. I’m pissed.BREAKING: PlayStation Store Germany has LEAKED the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered TRAILER + SCREENSHOTS…
Retweeted by JayIM SO HAPPY. Sucks it isn’t multiplayer, but yes!! @ArseneWengod Which one bro?14 wins and 11 games left. Aiming for Gold 1 at least.Bomboclaat 😂
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