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nah fr kitano ken just might breach my top 10 MCs such a badass 😩🔥
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human trash
@calebsdumb hey
Lob 10 guys lol
Retweeted by cale @SharkOnStage @Goldenangel1517 @CEOofShaula @sneakyyyyz they have same avi bozo @LovedBeingHated Congrats nier🧡 @faketomodachi Wtf bro😭someone gas me to 300
Retweeted by cale @yuri2kw yuri goat @ReioRemms Idek how ppl can slander bleach😭 @LovedBeingHated 🤣 @FurkiJow @ScarletRain44 @OtakuLachie LMAO @LovedBeingHated .. @fxckilla went to moon wtf @average_mann0 Amen @freedomsenpai Gn freedom 😴 @ScarletRain44 Good morning scarlet @LovedBeingHated Goodmorning nier @LovedBeingHated haha hey😳 @LovedBeingHated @Overbro_ Goodluck nier @BensSingle saves respectfully @ScarletRain44 @OtakuLachie @Overbro_ it'll take decades @seinenjayy Gn Jacob @Overbro_ Thought u were 15 for a sec @Seiyaalc @ro0550 @basedriley @vainilllatrap @shonennsteven @seinenjayy @Ryougi_Wrld @lnvxted @aDn___7 Tf did i see @ro0550 Gn rico @Overbro_ bakarina👀Niggas missing out on greatness cuz they scared of titties
Retweeted by cale @Yoku_09 Okay😳 @Yoku_09 Ye😢 @ScarletRain44 Tf? @Yoku_09 hacked? @Yoku_09 what's wrong yoku @DesshiW yes @Itscoldmp3 @SteamyIsWeary same fr @basedriley true 💯 @phoquehead @KumikoReturns wtf @nepotaku i was confused at first too lol she built different @nepotaku Thats meimei no? @remmerr_ gn rem 💤 @levitemp4 tf its a chain @OtakuLachie Làtom🙏 @EmiliaShiori Gn lia 💤 @gondadisgon Goodnight gon 😴 @basedriley 😢 @_maugua Gn mau 💤 @Salty_McNulty Goodnight jinbe 😴 @basedriley Cheers 🍻 @BensSingle Goodnight ben 😴
Retweeted by cale @freedomsenpai she's suffering 😭 @freedomsenpai I can be her friend fr @bageIman bagel peak hornyMy oc in a new outfit 🔥
Retweeted by cale @Trixstur1 what elo @basedriley nyaa~ @basedriley True @BensSingle @saucenaopls @BenxKirisaki yeah i got it ss too lmaothings I'd do @yuri2kw Gm yuri and congrats 🔥 @Benimaru177 Gn beni @NinoPropaganda Congrats Ariz @Koitsuko_Sama A
@bageIman 👀 @Seiyaalc Woah😳 @LovedBeingHated Goodnight nier 😴a @CrisCast956 HeyGoodnight 💤 @Palloren6 gm pal @CrisCast956 pain😭😭 @byloLZ bruh 🌚 @ale_init hey crush 😳 @CrisCast956 @bageIman True oomfie @CrisCast956 @Ko_1776 @bageIman Is it good @CrisCast956 @Ko_1776 @bageIman Oh @Yoku_09 Are u fine yokubagel got trapped cbm LMAO @CrisCast956 @Ko_1776 @bageIman who's dn? @bageIman "boy" Lmao @bageIman The "he" on bio made it better😳 @Seiyaalc @CEOofRukaGang idk everything sucks rn🙃 @Seiyaalc 😭 @Seiyaalc @CEOofRukaGang yea I guess. @Seiyaalc @CEOofRukaGang didn't sleep yet it's still 7pm at me @Seiyaalc @CEOofRukaGang 😭, gm btw seiya @Connorgod4 I thought they had enough with bakudeku @ScarletRain44 Year ago @ReioRemms yeah, one of my best read and emotional one too cant wait to watch the mc growThe last isekai I read that made complete use of its setting was The Faraway Paladin. Shangri-La Frontier is doing…
Retweeted by cale @ReioRemms almost forgot farawqy paladin was isekai lmao @Goldenangel1517 Gm angel 🌅Tenza's final goodbye #Jigokuraku #Mycolouring
Retweeted by cale @byloLZ found one but i think it got lot of ads @byloLZ 1014? @Yoku_09 Idk yet,Im still at ch. 140 @BuiltTheSame8 @saikoIsMadaras8 Talk 🗣️