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The XFL was a professional American football league that played its only season in 2001. The XFL was operated as a joint venture between the World Wrestling Fed

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hi yes this is the feminist next door and they’re are some, uh, teenagers, d-d-darker skinned wandering around my n… Vestal Virgin My Very First Time With A Centurion HDsubscribe to your premium Snapchat or donate to a rape crisis center.. angel and devil on my shoulderthis is a whole mood @Integrity_Guy @MenshevikM It’s my sixth senseNatural timeline of these sorts of things 1. Harvard rescinds your admission 2. You’re in a movie theater in aur… don’t order food for delivery but if I did I’d make sure the delivery driver used my bathroom where I don’t have hidden cameras @Hermit_Thrush lol selling ringtones in 2019FBI agent accidentally reveals own 8chan posts; attempts to redirect white supremacist rage against Russia
Retweeted by andy sis this what everyone else is getting? we need to talk about how inappropriate it is when your maid says she needs to reschedule your…
the only way we can combat climate change? Gulags. People at the gym who get mad at me for not wiping off my sweat?… workers are dadsfucked up and self retweeted all my bangers about moms todayif I had more money instead of buying twitter girls’ nudes I’d donate it to african children. just something to thi… @_Birthday__girl @MilfGhost lmao @_Birthday__girl women would be perfectly safe in the cube. No one talks about this @rockanrollphoto only one correct answer @BUSSCRO @nopoweradeinusa @RacismFactory 🤨 @playnikes Congrats on passing step 1 @sexualjumanji crossing sexj off my potential gf listthe test to determine if the girl you’re dating is too young for you is asking her what she thinks about Donnie Dar… I sent you that 3,500 word long DM about how I think I’m in love with you I was hacked haha @MattsBestTweets Listen, I can assure you I didn’t go to the dancethinking about the kid in high school who told me he jacked off 8 times before the homecoming dance but didn’t end up dancing with any girls
@BUSSCRO Don’t know what you’re talking about my “suitcase full of n word beans” is completely original @BUSSCRO what about the offer to join mine*through tears* I’m living rent free in your headjust kiddingseeming some people say some mean things about me online :/ was a week away from being 1 year sober but guess i n… @Boringstein I’m going to put you down for one of the shirts, on me @Boringstein first off, are you okay? Second, what the fuck?quitting my job to transition into the lucrative world of twitter comedians selling t shirts how many “didnt say th… who got the jomny sun book on their nightstand got the best pussy[my podcast, Andy’s Juice Time] oj simpson: white women stay being cancelled me: that’s tea or should I say...”ju… @jakebackpack lmaoconsider the optics of a poc/lgbt robocop building bridges with minority communities @Hated_Incel @waif0000 I’m noddingwhen the 19 year old girl with the septum piercing doesnt DM back and my wife wants me to take out the trash thats… @CIAGoFundMe How does it feel to be a complete, irredeemable piece of shit?
Retweeted by andy shaven’t been horny since 2016. no time as I’m fighting to remove Trump from office 24/7. ladies if you’re impressed feel free to DM @See_Em_Play thats wassupas an ally, I jack off to the reaction gifs girls post I don’t even need to see their selfiesjacking off be hitting differently when you’re not even hornyall right your petitions were successful. they’re reshooting the last season of game of thrones except now I’m play… for a president who makes it illegal for a doctor to tell an obese woman she might benefit from losing weight
I’m dming women with chronic pain listed in their bios “I believe you.” How have you made a difference today @prophethusband threw this a fave without reading. what a mistake @housetrotter I would be FBI agentmy dream is a mom and pop style small business owned by 2 queer lesbian PoCs that design eco friendly drone missilesI’m going to a big Lebowski themed birthday party my roommate’s gf is organizing for him tonight but I plan on goin…[2050] My son tells me he will be entering a phd program at Yale for “deadass cancelling deceased wypipo.” I prete… @thefourthdegree that’s right[walking into a rainforest cafe w/ an AR-15] all right I need all of you to head for the exit immediately. You are…’m under the assumption that every DSA meeting is addressing sexual assault claims for 55 minutes and 5 minutes of… only enjoyment I get out of media or art anymore is “can I cancel the creator based on 21st century values or not” @daCultDude byo-clawonce I move into my own apartment you’re all invited to come over and drink polar seltzer while Point Break plays on mute. @Jezzerat @UweBollocks thank you idiot girlonly type of pornography a woke man such as myself consumes @caleb_blog @MattsBestTweets nofirst thing I do when I get to heaven is cancel every motherfucker I see because the odds are they were racistgrandpa, we aren’t celebrating your 90th birthday party this year because in one of your few remaining lucid states…’ll start. Fuck that bitch, I’m against a war with Iran but if we do decide to start bombing we need a president who will vow for a…
@saltythetrain Lmaowhen mom asks me what I’m doing all day since I don’t have a job account woman: uhh bad tweet dude me: :/ yeah I didnt mean anything by it & I’m sorry ifyou were offen- my… JOI women are really out here with the audacity to claim that I need instructions to jerk off. I’ve been jerk… @jailrespecter Perfect @jailrespecter I should be writing for my pussy is powerful @daCultDude @malscrung well fellas let’s get packingme: standup comedy is trash these days white women who write for crackle exclusive shows called something like “my… @lizardMAN6969 thank you lizard man @NoTrueScotist that ones fine @recan_t save them till Friday brother @FongHomor close one thank you @smarxist_ lol that’s rightrise n grind let’s not say any slurs today
king shit affairs set to publish my piece “everyone who made fun of me for eating my lunch in the bathroom in high school is a nazi” @harassmentguy @AnarchaMaenad @SoellerPower lmfao @CNNRGLDN @ColinJost I don’t want a job but colin please show scarjo my tweets and also do you guys want a live in bf thing @Good_Guy69 lol(Yelling at my startled family) Tim Allen will NEVER get an invite to the cookout!!! And if you think otherwise, FUCK YOU!!!!
Retweeted by andy s @Erikneedswork Already seen and still day ruined @AbiWilks I’m imagining a Joss Whedon type oblivious characterI spent 2016 writing elaborate sexual fantasies about Hillary Clinton and I’m here to say what Joe Biden is doing is not okayguy whose screename is “would bust a nut inside Elizabeth Warren”: Joe Biden needs to stop being such a disgusting pervertremember to watch my speech today on youtube when I will describe what exactly a Hoxhaist America will look like(Addressing my tweet to nine 17 year old maoists) ah you get mad at joe biden for sniffing girls hair but applaud c… @CNNRGLDN hell I’ll give him 2on god we’re gonna get you to realize that basing your existence on your number of sexual experiences is a waste of time broharvey weinstein fuck a fan contestmark david chapman released from prison but guns down one of the imagine dragons guys and reads jomny sun’s book before cops show up @tybuddhaboy LolRosa Luxemburg, you’re the barstool local smokeshow of the day