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@cwaudiia @iLy_Blush @HollywoodQQ @lxisha_ @ripsofiia y’all are nuts esp Sofia and Hollywoodsome ppl so sensitive in this community hahah. WE ARE ALL HERE FOR THE SAME REASON AT THE END OF THE DAY, THATS TO…
Retweeted by ciao @KP_fps as a new team. Hope you're team does well in the rest of the tourney :) ! @KP_fps Of course, I respect your opinion and will consider it next time. Didn't wanna make it seem like I was play… @KP_fps yeah just wanted to show my accomplishment since I don't really play senti but I can see from your pov wher… @KP_fps sorry im a noob :( @Luna__Fox best sova NA ❤️❤️❤️ @katriggered well deserved, win it for us :) @xoStarlight @clgaming holy shit LFGGGG @Lear_VAL 😐 @vinnerwinner #slammed best casters NA, thank you for the kind words it made my day @missharvey @endercasts @neT_valorant ❤️ @ctrrlz @crosbyCS_ no. @ctrrlz the best player in the world :) @zecK_VAL @dignitas @athxna @TSM dodonut and leah fked me 😭GGs to @dignitas and +22 (@ciaolyx n co), as we qualify for the #VCTGameChangers Main Event next week. Shaky start…
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@alexismarieNY ❤️❤️ @realmocking @neT_valorant @sevvn @Jonaaa6_VAL @vinnerwinner top right 😍😍😍 @chloe_hime7 @bungeecsgo banger tweet @spiteplanted wait who's this towards D: @BasedGodMilk @version1gg hot ace @ilylunah you really sat me down.. 😳 @Zoessielol wow u really viper diffed that viper 😳 @NotAMNESlA 🕵️‍♀️ @HollywoodQQ so good @ARIANARCHIST its a confidence thing @Rifutosho @plus22Val fr @Luna__Fox @plus22Val omg #1 sova is commenting on my post ? @KarraOf so hot+22 MAKES IT TO DAY 3!! 👀 After our first loss to @PolarisVAL, we 2-0'd (13-5, 13-6) @OnyxGamingOG, then 2-0'd (13-…
Retweeted by ciao @Laysix_ trolling. 🙄🙄 tell bagelburger to start toggling now !! @606Ericaa @plus22Val <3 @Alexlihing @plus22Val 😳😳 @skeww_ @plus22Val no. controller main. @spoofzera @plus22Val learned from u 😈😈 @Ino_VAL @plus22Val thank you ino :D @Alexlihing @plus22Val need me a mady ong for that buff @Alexlihing @plus22Val 😈😈😈 @xoxCheIs @plus22Val 😳😳😳 they like getting shot from behind @Laysix_ wait ur in a game focusenjoy this quick cypher ace :) of my team making it to day 3. It's crazy that I'm one of the top cyphers in this series, my idol and my team… @Luna__Fox @24HavenVal LUNAFOX SUPREMACY LFGGGGGGG @KarraOf hey mommy @ShiiroQt now he did @neT_valorant thanks :) @Laysix_ i did :(best for you 💞 (random clip dump before i sell my pc)
Retweeted by ciao @LayziVAL 🥰 @ShiiroQt idk
i can be ur w key pocket sage @itnothan_ good morning @neT_valorant where ? @neT_valorant it’s ok ur cute so it doesn’t matter 🥰 @bungeecsgo @Complexity #bungeesupremacy @iamhcu @spoofzera 😵‍💫 @neT_valorant why no ace ?Lost this game because of some elo assassins but it's all good.
Retweeted by ciao @Luna__Fox So good @LeahPanda_ ur so hot @zecK_VAL @TeamSerenity @mleQT_ @TSM LOL
TODAY IS THE DAY Day 1 of #VCTGameChangers open qualifiers is TODAY ➡️@ciaolyx ➡️@Apidaez ➡️@Alexe1337 ➡️…
Retweeted by ciao @psychowinn omg omg @psychowinn WAIT U CAN GET RADIANTE ? @res86 @team_parallel vouch for me @phoFPS I mean the map isn’t bad and I kinda like it since I have 100% winrate on it but I think the worst thing ab… @phoFPS I can’t tell if you’re joking or not @wunjii what Asian r u @DxnTFT Went through a similar exp with family and my ex, in no way it’s easy but it will get better. I hope you’ll… @wunjii ur Asian ? @nickgetsrailed I love ur dog @SassiaCassia thank you, you too if you’re competing :) @Rifutosho @Apidaez happy birthday ty for managing for a few days :D @LarryBanks05 check dms @legendary_cs @neT_valorant me and you @neT_valorant yeah I wanna be like nAts!!!! I’m his biggest fan and supporter !!!!! @kxtieoh +24 😃 @xSTZIN @seshiriaa_ LOL @zecK_VAL @pfitter_ you’re so cool zeck. @Lear_VAL @KOLER1337 that’s the gf buff bro, pfp buff. @kayavlr u can fire in my hole
@Annazhuee hey lol @yueyings_ this made me feel better about my career @KarraOf @version1gg LFG KARRA IM SO PROUD OF YOU <3 @KarraOf @iamhcu @version1gg @NaomiFPS @NattyFPS @BasedGodMilk @rushhh___ ur so fucking hot I love u @version1gg @NaomiFPS @NattyFPS @BasedGodMilk @KarraOf @rushhh___ YESSSSS IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS, LETS GO KARRA WOOO 🥳 🥰 @ysk1ng did you ace tho @sarah_frags ur aim is 😍😍😍honestly everything is just so stressful and rough this past month, if I’ve lashed out this past few months just kn… @Laysix_ finally jk congrats :D @florscnt come live with me @vinnerwinner get me some food #slammed @wunjii did u ace tho @Kanpeki_XD congrats :D @LouVLRT_ @saevalorant LOL HAHAHAHA @ctrrlz :/
@seshiriaa_ @xSTZIN so cute 🥰🥰 @ahad its okay i feel the same when guys compliment me cause i feel like its sarcasm sometimes @neT_valorant noti