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dropped outta school to make jokes

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@buhIenci If this is sexual harassment than I be sexual harassing my homies all day long. Also if the police got a…
@Lahndrith Woulda blew a 3 bro😂
@snuurid @Abdiysl20 If this real ima buy one just to have as a homie @bihdisenn Imagine this dumb to look trying you type how
@Lahndrith Ayyy I was wondering if anyone remember that @vsqoof @moncIeryear Holding my balls till 1k @analsexmaster69 Classy @bihdisenn I need more this ain’t doing it anymore @ukeslut Me @yurrrilol If beat tf outta my dick in front of you for 2 mill @kaykookiedough Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words.
@buhIenci Hope you get a pebble stuck in yo shoeOne day someone gonna say “banger in 5” and that’s gonna be the last tweet they ever put out @4pfgassed You mixed the wrong needles up💀 @analsexmaster69 Bought my ex a gun with 6 rounds just in case she missed the first 5 shots @snuurid I got it and just handled it but that’s just me🤷‍♂️
@lgreverb A 3080ti @moncIeryear Our kids gonna have apps that do all that shit for free @slvppy I want to steal this so bad😭I ain’t wanna hear “we been waiting a week and this the shit you put out”When I die I wanna get my dick taxidermy’d and stuffed so these bitches have something to remember me by @ayodocc Proceeds to pay your food with it @snuurid Fuck this shit @Lahndrith This was better @4pfgassed I had covid already so my body already got the antibodies @ukeslut Gn
@avenalol @StriveKaylee Someone pour gas on me and let it burn 900 degrees till I never wake up @_ayemanny Gn @4pfgassed @snuurid We all know there was none @snuurid All the 1 tittie bitches that came outta Vietnam @StriveKaylee Mw multiplayer better @slvppy Lowkey sick artwork doe
@Bellasaenz7 Give me a better one than the one I already have @ukeslut @_Painhouse Rip @suck1ngtiddies Mfs be horny at 7 am @reaIwokstar Gn @TheJitNextDoor I’m but ass naked rn @ayodocc Mfs be tweeting “I’m horny” like bitch you 15 what you want me to do about it? @brndxq Nah you gonna be 36 makin chicken tenders at restaurants @Lahndrith @snizxo Yeah sniz pick that shit off yo table @snizxo You gotta teach me how to do dat some day @snizxo Was this the magic trick? @wheresisaiah “I’d do it for free”
@charlieINTEL Take me back @WeLuvSbu_ @__yaj_ @__yaj_
@ripgassed Yo gassed what happened g @decemberbb11 False @buhIenci Had to read this twice @Stick_AA @TheFunny_mp4 That ghost was like hell nah fuck this shit😂😭
@kheslime My cock requires lots of leg room @snuurid Stop calling me bitch bro I’m tryna fuck @copcoffinz I know @analsexmaster69 @copcoffinz Just a thought bro @TearDropletz Actual brain damage @g8bii Just cause you a minor don’t mean everyone else is @dirtyxrippo How life should be @AnonymousEXT It’s definitely my fav @copcoffinz Or the baby starts givin you head @Lahndrith @analsexmaster69 Thought gassed replied I’m ngl
@Lahndrith @JrMoneyGettin I coulda said 2015 on my last acc🙄 @JrMoneyGettin If your Twitter account was made past 2017 your opinion is irrelevant @YeDropYandhi Panda orange chicken> @moncIeryear If I been shaking hands with people who scrunch toilet paper I’m offing myself tonight @StriveKaylee Just make sure to get a job before you do @moncIeryear You can’t convince me anybody does this @StriveKaylee I dropped out @YourRealMomma When it came to that line shit the teacher followed me @whoskumba Fr tho @your_meaw_meaw @Rystella2 Nah I’m good @javrawr Easy 3, 6, 9. @buhIenci Missionary so she stop whining about her back @lieslmao Oh you mean “Overthinking”? @moncIeryear Someone needs to tell him that’s her alt @buhIenci Ima do what I’ve always done.. wanna get the fuck outta here @DiscoZomboss If you drive fast enough he won’t be able to see the stop signs or anything so you can only get marked down for speeding @copcoffinz I told you it was 9 inches you didn’t have to GO ALL THE WAY @g8bii No just you
@natsuksubaru Yeah like makes him advertiseYo I’m funnier if you follow me💯 @kheslime She just look for whatever sign has the biggest dick @DepressedCrib We fr went off in those things @AIiKhaIiI @sandavidcito She’s like “jokes on you I’m not getting out of bed for neither” @buhIenci Man went for round 2 @kysccalamity I’ve never retweeted anything in my life @copcoffinz There are two paths to take, the bad and the worse. You just took the worse. @newchopp4 YesDo e-daters just turn on they vpn when they cheat? @bihdisenn Man @GamersReactYT 42,069 @cricketboy1279 “Translated from English by google” : @terxme We gotta put em down @EditedBySimon Not if you like me💯 @bornlites @kysccalamity @copcoffinz Rip who’s pussy?