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Apples=Cider. Apples+Other Fruit=Not Cider. Former #dj now #reviewing #blogging & #drinking #realcider. Views my own. Tells it like it is! Link to reviews👇🏼

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@heartdance Shout out to the Tesco Bank Doc Services early bird crew in Newcastle. Rob, Anna, Jack and moi! Loving the no nonsense dance!Beer? Cider? Beer? Cider? The answer is ALWAYS CIDER!!! @alencider #beerorcider #ciderorbeer #ciderpub #ciderpubs @Imfullofideas Cider?!Good news for London’s #realcider drinkers! Get it while you can at the Earl Ferrers pub in Streatham. @DC_cider ha…
@Dunhamciderman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄🤣🤣🤣🤣😄 I would touch it with yours! @tpphotography Correct. @tonyatthehop @JonGale4 @tpphotography Yup.WTF is this!? #GreenKing? It’s not cider, it’s never been cider and will never be cider! Was this forced from HQ or… @aplarge Probably not... well not this far south anyway! @Dunhamciderman Come up! I’ve shown @oliverscider and @uddersorchard around before... @Dunhamciderman Nah... you want to sort this country out first!#nowdrinking @DC_cider Gigglejuice #realcider 6.9% and @turners_cider Perry #realperry 5.5% at @harppub coach is at 4pm... i May miss that too! @3ShiresCider @cidersearcher @cider_steve You by any chance? @Dunhamciderman Indeed! When you coming for a drink Chris? @abelcider Yup! @abelcider @AuthenticCider @CiderOr @EveningStandard 😂#nowdrinking #LaycockCider from #Dorset 6.5% at @harppub #CoventGarden #dorsetcider #realcider #londonpubs again @harppub! I am inside you! @Dunhamciderman There must be a reason somewhere!I have missed my second bus! Amazing!FFS! Stop stocking this shite! #NotCider @Ex_Press_Cider Gun Dog Millionaire #realcider at @alencider #spitalfields chillin’ with a @wearehawkes Urban Orchard #cider at @woodins_shades #london @Cider_Mike @EveningStandard Would love to introduce Ellie to some 100% apple and pear ciders.
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイクCider perfection! Gorgeous flavours that tell their own unique stories’re back again this afternoon if you couldn’t make it yesterday. Still plenty of amazing ciders and perries!
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイク @KnivetonCider @HelenMcIlveen1 Well it’s completely wrong then. Bit of a media geek me! @aplarge cheers for yesterday mate! Appreciated your company and knowledge. Same time next week? @AuthenticCider @CiderOr @EveningStandard WTF!!!?? I heard that!!!!Loved meeting these crazies at @cidershackSW16 yesterday. Genuinely lovely people of the #realcider making and drin… in #London fancy a #cider? A proper one mind @LDNCiderDrinker!Cider with Hops by @DC_cider or Sacrilege as I like to call it! 😂 @DuddasTunCider Yes... but nothing to meet my needs of you catch my drift.
As someone who tries to make proper cider from handpicked, locally grown apples, it's irritating (to say the least)…
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイクLook less of a twazzock here. Not by much, but I’ll take it
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイク @DuddasTunCider Great landlord.... Traditional, like something you’d see on only fools and horses... a proper character! @DuddasTunCider Landlord was asking for recommendations! @LDNCiderDrinker pleased to meet you today!Marvellous evening with like minded people in @Cider_Mike @aplarge and @DC_cider off home now. Work tomorrow not g…
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイク @RussWWFC @aplarge @DC_cider Ace to meet you man! Let me know when you’re up north. I’d ring you n sick tomorrow! @RussWWFC It’s serious stuff here
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイクGood to meet up with like minded folk
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイクFeel pretty sober TBH, brilliant to meet the legend that is @Cider_Mike come down from Sunderland. Not fussed abou…
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイク @SICACider approved @CaledonianCider Strange Bru available at @cidershackSW16 #sicaapproved @BignoseBeardy @theciderologist @HawkesCiderTap Hang fire! I’m coming... @BEARDspoon Getting there! @CaledonianCider that’s you that is! @DC_cider Giggle Juice 6.8% at @cidershackSW16 @hopandwedge @DC_cider Where you at?! @RussWWFC @cidershackSW16 Will be there! Say hi! @themillerpub I AM INSIDE YOU! @UmbrellaBrewing medium #cider @CIDERDOGLONDON - not seen this one before... @RussWWFC I’m here too! @LittlePomona When I’ve woke up a bit I think... walked passed earlier. @The_Town_Mouse Pissing down in Londinium too. @VesselPlymouth @cloudwaterbrew @mikkellerrc @oliverscider More reason to stick it at the top! Excellent news thoug… sooner did I tweet that and it starts to rain!Got some making up to do for yesterday’s write off. @VesselPlymouth @cloudwaterbrew @mikkellerrc @oliverscider should be at the top of that list!Today’s #cidersocks! #ciderfashion #applesandpears #cidermike #ciderobsessed #ciderobsession #cidercrazy got a plan today... don’t fall asleep, get to cider festivals... let’s go! Who’s with me? @themillerpub @aplarge @RussWWFC @NewForestCider @boroughmarket @CiderHouseLdn Ah cool. That’s better than 4pm! @aplarge @themillerpub @RussWWFC @NewForestCider @boroughmarket @CiderHouseLdn @themillerpub @aplarge @RussWWFC @NewForestCider @boroughmarket @CiderHouseLdn Opens at 4pm... is that right? @craftbeerNE1 What the flippin’ ‘eck is THAT!?! @wearehawkes Amber is a credit to your team. Very welcoming, accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable... she deserv… Ellie Davis at @EveningStandard these are not ciders and misrepresent thr category, at best they’re alcopops…
@cidershackSW16 Is that the best place to get off? @cidershackSW16 I’m in Borough... do I get a train from London Bridge to Streatham from there?This is going on in London at a pub somewhere soon but I forgot the name of the pub! #ciderevent @cidershackSW16 Couldn’t get my bearings to get there!New Lighthouse thing. culture is definitely better in the North... @MartiniDann @coppersgosforth But we only just met! @Dunhamciderman Anything but 24hrs! Even at a weekend. @Magicjohnny2 Haha! I’m inclined to agree with you there!Everything decent seems to open too late and shut too early in London. @scrumpydrinker Yeah I’m doing that. @scrumpydrinker @BEARDspoon @RossCider You there tomorrow?Such an informative and inspiring day today with @wearehawkes at the first ever #Ciderama festival. Amazing to hear…
Retweeted by CIDER MIKE サイダー・マイク @scrumpydrinker @BEARDspoon @RossCider Can you help me get there? @ScrattingsCC @TheCiderCritic Haha... I haven’t even posted them all... just the ones that say “cider mike” as I’m… innit... @TheCiderCritic @ScrattingsCC Feel free to come up North for a cider! @scrumpydrinker Haha! Yes, it does! By the way.. fell asleep, got lost, went on wrong tube, but had every intention… @TheCiderCritic @ScrattingsCC You don’t need cider from me James! You’ve got it coming outta yer ears! @JackieFast How fast are you?#nowdrinking @wearehawkes Big Wow 6.6% at @HawkesCiderTap may have fallen asleep in my hotel room.What a good idea! #AppleCrisps! Nice one @_charringtons they were delish! Available from @CiderHouseLdn in… @HelenMcIlveen1 @KnivetonCider TV region boundaries? Which channel? Why? @MeanEyedCatNCL @NMBCo 😂#nowdrinking @NewForestCider Cidre Bouche 5% @boroughmarket @CiderHouseLdn @RichieKeg Blocked. @aplarge @southamptonNW5 I like wondering... @Dunhamciderman @CaledonianCider Good question!Right! I’m lost in London. Where’s the nearest place lace that has real cider? You think I’m in Paddington.