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@scrumpydrinker I only use apple @StuBrewNCL @EATNEWCASTLE @NSRLive Yup. Likewise.
@aplarge @VittlesandCo @Royal_Greenwich @colemanscider Ace! Looks like I’ll be stopping by next time I’m in Hull! @aplarge @VittlesandCo @Royal_Greenwich Any cider there? @aplarge @ImperialBrewery But no ciderWTF is this garbage @asda? fine #cider selection at Pullo on Paris Street in #Exeter.
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク @aplarge @Admiral_Taverns Is it off Cleveland St? I vaguely remember something being there, but didn’t think it still was if I’m honest! @aplarge @Admiral_Taverns Didn’t even know that existed! @HonestCider @SheppysCider @marksandspencer Different years @__AndyMay Must’ve heard ya! @HonestCider Expertly blended, etc, etc by @SheppysCider for then re-labeled for @marksandspencer @TheCiderBlog @armaghcider Looks interesting#RealCider: For the many, not the few! @SplitChimp 😒 @SplitchimpSC 😞
@WhinHillCider Amazing work!!!! Well done guys... you do a cracking job. @StuBrewNCL @EATNEWCASTLE @NSRLive But there’s only one cider!! @FetchTheDrinks have been! Apple botherers rejoice!
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク🙌 You've got some unreal ciders on the go there! 🍻 @sandfordorchard @WilcesCider @PureNorthCider @DuddasTunCider
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク @FetchTheDrinks @sandfordorchard @WilcesCider @PureNorthCider @DuddasTunCider @KentishPipCider @IfordCider! Hint hint! #ciderfashion #ciderjumper #xmasjumper
#nowdrinking @BignoseBeardy Spartan 6.7% #realcider (and finishing a #ciderreview on at…
#nowdrinking @RambornCider original #LuxembourgCider at @MeanEyedCatNCL @BignoseBeardy @The_Town_Mouse @RuralRBAs Ace stuff! Looking forward to supping some of your finest guys!Yo @The_Town_Mouse? Did you order that @BignoseBeardy?#CiderNews: @BocoCider turns apples into adult beverages ‘the Boulder way’ #usciderCold pubs are an abomination.
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク
#CiderNews: The pick of the crop: An interview with Andy Hallet from @halletscider #welshciderApparently it’s #AlcoholAwarenessWeek... it’s okay, I’m aware of it already. Ta @ciderbarry @cidershop Probably... kinda puts me off doing it.#CiderNews: Bristol @cidershop to close Wapping Wharf shop to focus on its online and events business ☹️ @StationInnHull @bevroadTH When will the work be complete?#CiderNews: @ArranBrewery begins producing first batches of cider: for a very special #house cider? Try some lovely Rasputin cider or Silver Award Winning Crackin’ Pear perry…
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク#CiderNews: @RambornCider Co's Meadow Orchard Ice Cider - Product Launch @MeanEyedCatNCL Tee hee hee!
Oh sorry, you didn’t cut the mustard for my cider order this time! Make some cider and I’ll reconsider. @jamesonwhiskey None. It’s not cider. @BeerBurgerStore ...and have a cider. @ciderbarny Not made of money! @craftbeerNE1 @je_police 🤮 @Dunkertons @CiderFairyAngel @BlackIsleBeer @WestonsCiderMil @astonmanorcider @ThistlyCross Haha! Who is this then?… @Dunkertons @CiderFairyAngel @BlackIsleBeer @WestonsCiderMil @astonmanorcider @ThistlyCross No probs... but aren’t… @CiderFairyAngel @BlackIsleBeer @WestonsCiderMil @astonmanorcider @Dunkertons @ThistlyCross It didn’t taste as bad as that! 🤣
#nowdrinking @wearehawkes #Ciderama Collab 5.5%, sorry I don’t have any @HawkesCiderTap merch! @therealcrossi @BlackIsleBeer @WestonsCiderMil @astonmanorcider @Dunkertons That’s one we can tick off!#nowdrinking @KentCiderCo Yowler #realcider (5.2%) which I have to say is delish! @AngryOrchard uses the flawed first take of its ad to promote its unfiltered cider #usciderOkay, who’s making cider for @BlackIsleBeer? @WestonsCiderMil? @astonmanorcider? @Dunkertons? @Pieandapint @PurbeckCiderCom is pretty damn good! @themightydjm It’s might be the home of making it, but not many pubs have it... it should be rife! Organisations li… @BlackIsleBeer @Blackislebar who makes your cider for you?
#realcider and #realcheese with cider in it! Thank you #parsonschouceciser and #longmanscheese of somerset @CraftyNectar @wearehawkes Is it? Is it really though?#truestory #happyciderday @Cider_Mike @Pieandapint Lulworth skipper cider is worth a visit. Not in Poole but only about a 20 minute drive across to Wareham 👍
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク @Pieandapint Excellent! @Pieandapint Fair dos. Are there any around there that you know of? @cider_steve @Ashton1848 @Mr_ian_B @alecferments @SHLandlady @wearehawkes Dick and Alec are clueless. Stop seeing t… @Pieandapint Any cider in Poole? I’ve often struggled to locate any there. @TheGeorgeHull @wearehawkes @TheGeorgeHull @wearehawkes
Anyone else fancy a good fat, blocking tonight? I’ve got plenty going free! Roll up roll up get blocked tonight cou… @DC_cider @SHLandlady @wearehawkes I love you guys. @Ashton1848 @Mr_ian_B @alecferments @SHLandlady @wearehawkes @Cider_Mike I will grudgingly accept "cider with..."…
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク @Ashton1848 @Mr_ian_B @alecferments @SHLandlady @wearehawkes @Cider_Mike None of those are intended to create a dif…
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク @wearehawkes @Cider_Mike @wearehawkes @Cider_Mike I’d concentrate on making cider not like the shite you currently make #cantfooleveryone
Retweeted by Cider Mike サイダー・マイク @SHLandlady @wearehawkes Ahhh man... honestly, it’s okay.... they’ll never win! @alecferments @wearehawkes You clearly don’t “get it”, so now you’ve joined an exclusive list of blocked people tha…! @wearehawkes @alecferments @wearehawkes Then don’t follow! I’m a consumer and couldn’t give a flying fig about sell out companies! @alecferments @SHLandlady @wearehawkes Perhaps you’ve not heard of consumer option before? Maybe where you’re from… @alecferments @SHLandlady @wearehawkes Just remind me why you follow me Alex? @SHLandlady @wearehawkes Thanks Susannah, but I really don’t mind.... honest. All is fair in love and Twitter.Dear nonbelievers, just unfollow me! Oh I remember, you can’t because you love it! @greenmancider @cidermakers @SICAcider Ha! Feral is the only way. @greenmancider @cidermakers @SICAcider would’ve retweeted that by now! #justsaying#IamCIDERmike @canIgetaP @BlackIsleBeer @TheFreeTradeInn Indeed. It’s unusual that they should just spring up from nowhere. Tryst…’ve got another... Hawkes finally realise that they can’t do cider, give up and their “cidery” becomes another Brewdog. @canIgetaP @BlackIsleBeer @TheFreeTradeInn Which is great! ...but how much yield do they get? Is it from their own… @DC_cider @BarMas It’s okay... I’m cool. 1 person Vs them... bring it! @canIgetaP @BlackIsleBeer @TheFreeTradeInn Apples need warmth... not sure that far north has that... @DC_cider It’s fine... they should expect double back though! @Imfullofideas Used to watch it from Hull where I used to live. @Blackislebar Who makes your cider for you?Is it possible to make cider In #Inverness? Do they have the apple trees? This is something from @BlackIsleBeer whi… #realcider on the #ciderboard at @TheFreeTradeInn #newcastle look what they have at @TheFreeTradeInn!’m now being asked if I have any free T-Shirts! Thanks @wearehawkes.... 🤛#nowdrinking not Hawkes.#nowdrinking @ColcombeFandD Charlie’s No.6 (6%) #realcider at @thecumby #newcastle @wearehawkes Ha! Up yer bum.#nowdrinking @Severn_Cider #realperry 5.4% at @thecumby #byker #ouseburn #newcastle @wearehawkes What the...?#CiderNews: Made with just 72% apples, yet Malvern Gold cider has been named the best in the world!? WTF?! I’d drin…
@CiderQueenBee @victoriainncol 1, 3 and maybe 6 as I’ve not seen it before.Bollocks! how good does this look down at @MeanEyedCatNCL tonight? They have cider too! Do it!