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cleo 🇲🇽 @cIe0h washington dc ~ kai ♡ ∞

overwatch electronic girl ~ she/her ~ 21

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@bugswag69 but are they GOOD?? @seinfeId GIRLLLL @justahappybird2 atlanta beat shock like 3 days ago @Goose97592933 exactly. @JBrightt_ ur dads gotta go @AsternDestroyer fine. @goatsow there’s nothing wrong w making tiktoks @ShizenLeban dont pepelaugh meplease don’t play tiktoks out loud in public it makes the people around you want to exorcise you like the demon you arethe key to success today is a “shock beat dallas and atl beat shock” mindset @samamilami my brain still thinks of them as s1 rly good nyxlshang?hai?yay i survive @bugswag69 no i was just starving to death bc everytime i ate i gagged LMAO @Ju9tjust1n i’m allowed to like echo he doesn’t mind @lllllll14910453 i’m married @bugswag69 my first few days doubling effexor i couldn’t stand up lol everytime i stood up my legs would give out b… like echo i think she’s cool @bugswag69 i love how psych meds are just so frequently like: go to sleep! and i’m just like ok goodnight @bugswag69 every morning i wake up and take my little effexor and can’t eat any food and can feel my heart beat in… @nickkrillin serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor @bugswag69 hahahahahahahahahha epic venlafaxine moment @G0dsized i appreciate ur confidence @callhimspring no:-)my psychiatrist simply did not factor in the anxiety the june joust was gonna cause me when he prescribed me my SNRIsrealizing that i have literally no clue who is on the nyxl roster and all of these ppl r strangers to mei’m going to Throw Up 😃👍🏻
@wholegrainn they’re stream sniping
@bugswag69 UR NOT NEW AT ALL. i’m drunk and angry now but soon we play pls @miinxiiee thank u lesbian pikachus are great :) @ImNotTwix @QtMatrix nothing wrong w flexing @nolovekobi sorry my boyfriends been on a plane for too long i’m starting to deteriorate @ihymateo @BeelConnor i’d say sinatraa prolly being that he abused me and now everyone knows that so i’d prolly not… @BeelConnor that doesn’t scare me lol @ssofakiii that’s literally adjacent to my laptop it sucks so bad i can’t even open overwatch @ssofakiii i play w my bestfriend all the time i’m not actually that bad i just play on the worst laptop ever and i get like 10fps lol @finlmasquerade yeah i just try not to speak unless it’s absolutely necessary bc i’m scared lol @softtatoes ily kim<3i want to play valorant with people but i am 1. VERY bad at the game and 2. very bad at talking to new people @aetherXneto thank you :) @wholegrainn yes. @hannahhycho he’s on a plane rn u can take his place for the next couple hours @joppsica the last time i saw him he did not look like that @hannahhycho i love u more @joppsica what the FUCK am i looking at @GVBBlE uniqlo!
@FarwaterGG @kariwave yes @Novad_10 AHHHHH omg i love tell the puppy i love iti want rottweiler rly bad @RascalStan not outside no most people don’t. ppl do inside tho @RascalStan @emfroggy i’m vaccinated and so is the majority of dc
@joppsica that’s what i was thinking i was like isnt chanyeol on the front lines howd we get him in here @joppsica i forgot some of them are in the military or whatever so i was like why do we only have like 3 members rn @YungKonfuku i just looked in his tagged photos and she was the only account that had tagged him in anything @emfroggy i wear them inside stores and shit and at work but if i’m outside i never wear one @yebuuma i stopped paying attention after dwc but i don’t like mansae @UEstoppable ummm, fck you. Spoken like a person who can’t take a joke @Rein_Hammer no it’s ok they’re always kinda odd i think it’s partially just that the players never rly know what to say lol @Rein_Hammer he rly doesn’t like doing interviews and he’s also a naturally rly quiet person lol so prolly thatoh hey that’s my boyfriend @Grissxm IM SO GOODTHATS MY MFFFF BOOOOYYYYYY @krystira LETTTSSS FUCKING GOOOOOOO @splatterscope YAWEHEHEHEHEIDICH HCUSUX @desert_biome AHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYY FUCKING BOYYYYYYYYYYPHHH NY FUCK UDJDVB DEJDGOOOODDD OHHH NY GODJEHDSHEHEBEHDHEISJZBX FUCK UR BEIXBWHDHSBS HOKY SHIT @Jouvert__ OHHHH hehehehe sorry @Jouvert__ it is not
@PopcorpGFX who even knows @wholegrainn she read my message and within 30 min i had a paragraph of apology in my DMsthis kid sent me a message telling me he was gonna kill me and my family and so i screenshotted it and sent it to… @BadPachimari bro shut up @Lutional_ we have them in texas all summer every summer i’ve experienced enough cicadas in my life @Lutional_ yeah they’re everywhere and they are so loud constantly @JimmiSanchez7 that’s so fucked up @McCreesAshe there was like a 2 year old in my work today shaking a big bell screaming at the top of its lungs and… @The_Rich_J_H this is clearly a joke bro @domojrr they are screaming so fucking loud rn i’m gonna start shooting into trees @trashmammal00 EXACTLY @c_nn_r_lewis they’re fcking everywhere there’s literally 8 in this photo @QTFelts well they shouldi just put my hand down on a bench directly into a cicada i’m k*ll*ng myselfi think it should be illegal to have a crying baby in public . i’ll make a citizens arrest @DonohoeOscar no never open to listening to other peoples opinions on why i should feel bad for the man who abused… @DonohoeOscar don’t care @DonohoeOscar not at all thanks for asking tho
@nellielkie yes @wholegrainn the prettiest 😌 MY soulmate 😌oh my lord @giraffley yes a lot of ppl say my name like that lol i used to love that show @NEARtxt omw @NEARtxt can i chew on it like a cooked mushroom? @NEARtxt ur hot
@wholegrainn i love u and biscy r so cute <3 @Nokotaaa it’s bc ppl cant read i swear @samamilami yeah like the girl from h2o it’s realistic honestly @tookyourtacos literally like who tf r we talking about @cosmictricks_ this is how i feel @HCastorela nah my whole first name is cleo @hannahhycho i love u MORE