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Writer. Poet. MS. MFA. Psych PhD(c). #Chicago. #PitchWars '20 Mentor. Rep: Amy Brewer @Metamorphlitag. CHILDREN OF CHICAGO '21 Agora / @polisbooks 🇵🇷🇺🇸

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@neonhemlock @SaraTantlinger @ctrlaltcassie @HaileyPiperSays Thank you all, and I'm sorry for the tears 🥀 @WellReadBeard Oh! Enjoy, when you can.
@christinawilder Thinking of you @shanehawkk @GiveMeYourTeeth Best of luck!!!! @MPMtheWriter The shirt @KMLwrites made needs to be on every writer's holiday shopping list. at least I'm not the woman who tried to tell Nora Roberts how publishing works. So it's all good. @Thee_Undertaker You're a nice guy.I just pinned this tweet to my profile because I'm so happy with my star 🌟 review and I still can't believe it is r… @ctrlaltcassie So happy to be in a collection with you 🌞🙂 @SaraTantlinger @sonorawrites I honestly didn’t know what a Yule Cat was until your poem and Ger had to explain it… @SaraTantlinger @sonorawrites 😂🎄And yes, I write only at night or on weekends since I work days. My nights and weekends are as manic as you can ima… @sonorawrites @SaraTantlinger I’m never going to look at a Yule Cat again and not think of Sara 😂 @SerpensRubrum Thank you!!! 🖤💫⚡️Also, don't ask who is publishing the middle grade novel yet. No clue. Still need to edit it and then we'll see how it goes. 💫Been behind on email. Sorry! About to wrap up formatting an anthology. Then to wrap up another anthology soon. Also… @Drrramina @hexican @PauljGarth I can imagine. They have to be perfect :) @Drrramina @hexican @PauljGarth Probably is 'Oh, I'll have one,' but then I'm into my 10th one when I realize how far I've gone. @hexican @Drrramina @PauljGarth They are so good. @Drrramina @hexican @PauljGarth Yeah, we have to kill for Gulab Jaman. DELICIOUS. @hexican @Drrramina @PauljGarth Haha. I'd kill for tembleque. That's my #1 dessert. Followed by flan. @Drrramina @hexican @PauljGarth 😂🤣 I will stand by tres leches. It's delicious. @PauljGarth @hexican @Drrramina Blueberry pie, cherry pie, key lime pie, apple pie, coconut cream pie, peanut butte… @PauljGarth @Drrramina @hexican Look at this French Silk. LOOK AT IT. @Drrramina @hexican @PauljGarth Ok. Ok. Get rid of beer and soda then. We'll just get tequila. @hexican @PauljGarth Alright, I love me a good tres leches. @PauljGarth @hexican This is true. @hexican What kinda cake we talking here? Cupcakes, yes, but I prefer pies and baked breakfast goods. Those are gre… @hexican Soda and cake can go. Bye.I get to write and make art with tremendous people, and then tremendous people read our work and say the kindest of… @BlackTelephoneM Hard same @LezaCantoral @BlackTelephoneM @CLASHBooks @SWytovich @nouvelle @hannahbolecter @KristinCleaves @claymcleod IN L O V E @PrisOliveras @RebeccaLiterary This sounds fabulous! Congrats!Tomorrow at 12PM ET, join Tor Teen author @anndcardinal, along with @williealex, @ms_lilyanderson, @cinapelayo, and…
Retweeted by Cynthia (Cina) Pelayo @SadieHartmann I'm so sorry for your loss. Latinx Kidlit Book Festival starts today! Join me tomorrow on the panel ¡Que Horror! We discuss middle grade th… @vlatinalondon Wham has the best Christmas song. Hands down. @heatherllevy CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR BOOK TOO! Thanks! @shanehawkk Not sure yet, but maybe on a case by case! @sonorawrites @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you!! @SadieHartmann @BurialDay @Mark_Cassell @SergpGomez @RonaldKelly4 @HumboldtLycan @andrewtshaffer @Valancourt_B @EReyesAuthor ❤️🎅🎄 @JoshuaMarsella Handsome little one! @Gabino_Iglesias YO, Nora Roberts is a G! @shanedkeene @tracy_reads79 Thank you, hermano! All the love! I hope you had a great birthday this week! @TheBloggess Nope @GwendolynKiste I’m so sorry, Gwendolyn 😞 Sending thoughts of healing and recovery. Each day is a small step forward.
@COQuinnWrites @CursedMorsels @TananariveDue @JoyceCarolOates @ElizabethMassie @nytebird45 @MorganSylvia11 @Gabino_Iglesias Oh wow. What’d I miss!? @HaileyPiperSays Haha. This was pretty great 😍 @HaileyPiperSays This thread was pure poetry! 😂❤️ @heatherllevy @PolisBooks They are on some psychic wavelength with their authors because they just know! @sam_kolesnik Thank you so much! @heatherllevy @PolisBooks H E A T H E R !!!! Ahhhh!!! It’s wonderful! Congrats! @KathleenPalm @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg YOU HELPED MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!! 😭😭😭 You and @MaryRajotte @MPell2137 Ahhh! I sent out my last one 😭 @MPell2137 ❤️👏🏼 @diovassallo @CursedMorsels @LucyASnyder @MsPippinacious @el_stevie @COQuinnWrites @Cat_Cavendish @leemurraywriter @GabyHerstik It's going to be amazing! @GabyHerstik Oh Gaby, I ADORE you! Sisters in magick 💫⚡️ @tracy_reads79 Thanks! But this bookmark though! @GabyHerstik @treadwells This story is so touching and I'm so proud of you. @jesslourey Wow!!!! Congrats! @shanehawkk It's still shocking, but happy shocking :) @kellyekell 🤩 Yay!! ❤️A rave, 🌟STARRED🌟 review of CHILDREN OF CHICAGO by @cinapelayo in Publishers Weekly! “Impressive... Pelayo masterfu…
Retweeted by Cynthia (Cina) Pelayo @vlatinalondon @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you!! ❤️ @GabyTriana @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you! @shanedkeene I hope that you find time and peace and relaxation. I don't know how reviewers do it. It's a lot. You… @jessysielski @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg @SerpensRubrum @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you!! 🖤💫 @Drrramina This is the best announcement in history. @DavidScheier ❤️ @HaileyPiperSays @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you!!! @JoshuaMarsella @jasonpinter @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thanks Joshua! @PRMcDonough Thank you! @dbhfiction @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you! @matthews_mark @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thanks! @Drrramina Yay! @MPMtheWriter Thank you so much and WOW Chicago horror, mystery and thriller writers are doing it for 2021! 🌟 @ShannonCKirk @SuspenseSiren Thank you! @horrorbookshelf @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thanks Rich! @EvaRoslin Thank you so much, Eva! @CursedMorsels @christinawilder @JoyceCarolOates @HightowerLaurel @vlatinalondon @gemmafiles @HaileyPiperSays @pbarb @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you! @JohnEverson Thank you, John! @TracySharp @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you! @Benito_Corral_ Thank you! @KarmenEdits @Thee_Undertaker 😂❤️ @FiccionDeTorres @Thee_Undertaker ❤️ @Thee_Undertaker First we get littles to sleep and then I write ❤️ @SuspenseSiren Thank you!!!!❤️🌟❤️🌟❤️🌟❤️ @GabyHerstik Yay!!!! 🌟❤️ @Drrramina Thank you!! ❤️ @SWytovich @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you!!! ❤️❤️ @SuspenseSiren Haha! Ok! We’ll each have our own😂🍾 @Ned_the_zombie @ChuckWendig @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thanks!! @paulGtremblay @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thank you! @KealanBurke @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg ❤️🌟 @TiffeBrown @PublishersWkly @PolisBooks @MetamorphLitAg Thanks!