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David Bell now wants to pinch hit Brett Phillips in the 9th inning of a regular season gameIf the Reds were the Dodgers in that situation... I’d just log off Optimistic Reds reminder to log offTake that, baseball is boring crowdWHAT THE BLEEP WHAT THE BLEEP BLEEPING BASEBALLBABIP is an evil statisticNow we see why Timmy got the Fairy Godparents and Justin didn’tBASEBALLBrandon Lowe WOWCorey Seager is going to love Cincinnati
So many LOL’s to go along with this tweet Big 10 football day to all those who celebrate
@513Caleb Exactly, the top starters and maybe even AG and Sims
Cy Young award and troll of the year award in the same season... love this @JimKreinbrink Very good pointI think MLB should have still elected All Star teams even without the game, just for resume purposes I can think o… fact that Shogo is even finalist in his first year says something about his potential He’s also one of the guy… @johnpbrooks @Reds @Tucker_Barnhart @RawlingsSports Defensively he was by far @Reds @Tucker_Barnhart @RawlingsSports If Tucker doesn’t win we riot, the man literally won the Reds games with his gloveAll I want for my birthday is for Trevor Bauer to sign with the Reds @513Caleb Too many to choose fromI’ve seen everything I needed to, this series is going 7 @AbnormalEarth I think he knew he had the opportunity to sign elsewhere after the season and needed to prove that h… @AbnormalEarth Hard to say, I think with his constant injuries he just wanted to pitchHealthy Alex Wood would have been an extremely nice asset for the Reds in 2019 @mensing_linda Haunts meEvery time I see a runner get thrown out at home the nightmare comes back of that game against the Brewers when Gal…
I miss live tweeting Reds games with all of you wonderful peopleAlright I’ve come to the conclusion that Mooke Betts is really good at baseball @johnpbrooks His at bats will haunt me forever, if only...It’s almost as if playing small ball helps a team win baseball gamesI’m making an executive decision to focus solely on watching and enjoying the World Series and not feeding into Red…
One day we’ll be losing sleep and pacing around our houses getting ready for the Reds to play in Game 1 of the Worl…
Wow, we’re getting ready to watch the last ever World Series that won’t feature the Reds @AbnormalEarth 2021 it happens then!Alright Reds fans, who are we pulling for in the World Series? I think I’m all in on the Rays @SamEichel1 I’m all for the RaysDodgers/Rays is going to be an electric World Series I love baseballBring in Kershaw cowardsEvery great postseason has a great bat flip Thank you, Cody BellingerBaseballI missed one: Be a Cincinnati RedList of things Mookie Betts can’t do:Winning baseball games is all about the little things Baserunning Defense Hitting the ball in the air into the out… @PaineInTheNeck And knowing that a 2 run deficit means next to nothingDid the Braves take notes on how the Reds ran the bases?I wish I had as much fun watching the Reds as I’ve had watching all these other teams these last few weeks 🔜
I have a thought on who the Reds should hire: A winnerHate on the Astros all you want... Yeah that’s the whole tweetReds/Rays would have been a tremendous World SeriesWin it all Rays, win it allI need to see the Reds playing baseball deep in October like I need oxygenWho needs to see Mike Trout in the postseason when we have Randy Arozarena?Give me ALL of the baseball
Mookie Betts is a very good baseball playerI know baseball is a team sport, but Corey Seager would have single handedly allowed the Reds to sweep the BravesRT baseball is unmatchedSeager would look cool in a Reds uniformKind of unfair that the Braves had the Reds in the Wild Card when that would have been a much better series for the NLCSIf the Reds were up 3-0 and were staring a blown NLCS in the face, no amount of Optimistic Reds reminder to breathe…
2020*Trevor Bauer tweets about going to another team* “Oh he’s just trolling” *Trevor Bauer tweets about coming back… play “Coming Home” by Diddy’s crazy to think that if the Reds could hit the ball even at a slightly below average rate, and not at the lowes… @EvilJoseGarcia $It pains me every day that we didn’t get to experience playoff Sonny GrayDodgers/Braves, I have Over 9 runs, don’t think it’s going to hit the Reds were playing tonight... and Twitter crashed... I would flip
“There’s a deep drive into left field by Castellanos” the Rays dominate with literally any player they acquired has me thinking Brian O’Grady will be the next Babe Ruth
BREAKING: Reds trade Matt Davidson to the Braves for cash considerations and PTBNL Davidson will be pitching the r… the Dodgers playing on beginner? @davidandrewhay @Dodgers @Nicholaspkirby 😂😂 @OdeToRedsWS Baker threw his arms up in disgust, David Bell would have had the home plate umpire in a headlockI know the TV networks may not want Braves/Rays, but I sure do @GratefulRed19 I agree, to say way better may be a stretch but maybe its safe to say the Braves are what we hoped the Reds would beI think maybe, just maybe, the Braves are a way better team than the Reds and the fact that the Reds kept it close… opposing fans not realize that the more you piss of Trevor Bauer the more likely he is to shut out your favorite…
Just opened a pack of 1983 Topps and the first card I found... was this Chills @Amir_Garrett Stronger than ever, enjoy the offseason AG! @CincyRedsNation 2020 has been a hell hole indeed. But we will come out of this man.
Retweeted by Optimistic RedsSports may bring people together more than any other outlet There is something to be said about the unity, no matt… unfortunately never got the chance to watch Joe Morgan play, but for those that did, what was your favorite memory of him?Hey @Amir_Garrett , can you pretend 2020 is the entire Pirates dugout and do your thing? We can’t take much more of thisRest in Peace Joe Morgan He is a staple in Cincinnati Reds history, a staple in baseball history, and one of the g… these postseason games is convincing me why the Reds wouldn’t be able to succeed in this situation Appare…
@Pattheheartatt1 Never be sad for being optimistic, it’s a blessing not a curse! @Seeing_Reds Very true, he also showed minimal flashes in the bullpen toward the end of the season. I was really hi… was your worst sports take ever? Either a tweet, something you said to a friend, etc. Example: I said Wade Mi…
Go all the way RaysRaisel Iglesias would never *ducks* @Mike95516633 Tremendous @CapPainter Incredible doesn’t even do it justiceAroldis Chapman lets up a possible game deciding HR? This tea tastes amazing
@xtramd In the future all these guys will be great, Shogo showed flashes in September that have me hopeful @jaredjernagan Agreed, especially September ShogoAntone and I don’t think it’s that close @RyanFeyh Depends how a lot of those guys progress nearing their contract years, hopefully the Reds make moves alon…