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@NatWest_Help No, it's taking me to a restricted view because of it. I haven't been able to access my banking now for nearly a week.Never had one or wanted one they're ancient. Also, I can't access my app because my phone number is updating for th… @NatWest_Help you're online banking was once the best out of them all. I didn't forget my pin, I must have accident…
Would you like to look skeletal in 4 days? Well nows the chance. Pick up norovirus from your local unhygienic peopl…
Oh imagine how amazing it must be to life in a beautiful climate with blue seas and blue skies ⛱️🌴💙🇬🇷 #mynewgreeklifeH & M prices have crept up haven't theyOh my god how lovely was Vanessa Bryant's speech. I am the most cold person and even I'm cryingWe put so much pressure on ourselves as millennials. We want a six figure income, the love of our life, a success…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄 @alyssandamato Every single dayCasually waiting for my close friends list to choose my next hair colour first GHD wasn't actually mine... My bestie had them and I was so obsessed, I used to make her straighten my hai… @NatWest_Help No worries thank you @NatWest_Help You do but originally when I put it in, I got a text without an activation code and tried twice, so I… @NatWest_Help how long does it take for a new online banking activation code to come through in post?Is it normal to wish alexa died? is just a number, I'm currently having teenage breakout at the age of 26. Hormonal spots everywhereIf its hot without sun and cold without snow then we've been robbed
This legal?!My whole eye area swells, I could itch the skin off myself and to top it off, it looks like it's snowed on my face… anyone finding they're reacting to makeup, etc recently? I'm having a mare 😱😱 I'm about to ring @thismorning up… @BirchallNikki 🤣🤣🤣 Well I can't change my DNA 🤷🏼‍♀️ @elliegrahamXx I'm so sorry that you had to go through this but made up for you that you've beat it 💖 amazing news… @Weston_PS @AlderHeyCharity Ahh she's a little daddy's girl 💖 well done Vivienne what wonderful news, wishing you m… it's only Monday and so far I've been locked out of my online banking, said I went to a 'cock concert' instead… @alchemybyamyuk Oh amazing thank you I will check it out xxI’ve got an outside door that sounds like Britney Spears
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I am trying not to moan because I know that there's people who would kill to have something far less serious to suf… @guardian Bye bitch. be a rockstar wag is it that hardThis morning we went to my nan's birthday breakfast. My mums on a diet and can't eat bread, my uncle then asked her… God for the sun, I actually rely on it to feel happy and not itchy @zerogravityhxp @thehumanxp @ShannonBrown_Ox this would be your drivewayI think I'm old, I keep seeing TikTok videos on here that look funny but I'm scared to download it incase I do something wrong. Actual Nan
Paint Pots Not Ponies 🦄 Sign the Petition ✅ #BanPonyPaintingParties to the Museum of Art in Japan
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄I adore Mark Wahlberg, I want his babiesI actually need to feel the sun on my skin. These cloudy days are not doing anything for happiness
Thought I'd have a sit down with my finances to see where I could cut down on my monthly outgoings. So far, I've l… @AlderHey Go Scarlet ❤️❤️ what a feeling that must beThis honestly makes my blood boil. Not one of us on this planet have chosen to be who we are. It's not a Sims game… only hand luggage on your two week holiday because you're not giving Ryanair any more money than you have…
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On one day over Christmas, Caroline Flack had liked 3 suicide prevention tweets. On Insta when you could see what y… to be watching the rain and listening to jazz on a balcony in new orleans
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄 @jennyhiggins Same. I don't think the wether helps, we need some sunshineIs it normal to have a favourite petrol station? dog does parkour around her yard to stalk squirrels 😂
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Trying to figure out how my car insurance has gone up when nothing is different @lauren_maskell @vickiho Along with bacteria @lauren_maskell @vickiho Wash it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
@vickiho One word @lauren_maskell EeyoreMy sister shared this on her Facebook last night. I read every little acidic box before I went to sleep and I can’t…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄It's 12:15 am. I have the Calm app on with a song scientifically proven to get you to sleep and all I can think abo…
Day 1. Rehearsals 😬 follow my insta stories for the behind the scenes carry on and RT if you are feeling generous 🤗
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄Hi, my name is Cindy Lou and I burn myself in the shower to itch my eczema ridden body because it itches the itch l… @KarenSykes2 Everytime I try and write something, I just can't quite find the words. You can just tell by her photo… guy is so worried about all of his animals during a tropical storm ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄Who fancies joining me in raising some money in March for @ClaireHouse?? @IndpndtLiv @DaveJCritchley @TheGuideLpool
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄Following Caroline Flack's death, the press should also be forbidden to go within a certain perimeter of a court, s… driving to work when the little kidlings are off
Influencers - if you’re taking brand deals from people like Klarna and ClearPay, please PLEASE also talk about the…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄 @dodo @ShannonBrown_OxUK Parliament: Launch Government inquiry into the British press following the death of Caroline Flack - Sign the Pe…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄I hate "it's OK not to be OK". I don't think anyone deserves to feel that way. If you've ever had depression, you'l…
Stay alive for the people you will become. You are more than a bad day or year. You are a future of multifariou…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄If the front cover is Caroline Flack- Don’t buy a newspaper tomorrow. They are the same ones who killed her. #boycottbadpress
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄Poor girl. Trial by media as always, she was hounded after getting arrested. The media should never be allowed to p… do victoria's secret get their prices from. A loungewear dress at £69
I heard a little more barking than normal from the puppy corral, so I went to check it out. It was Rocky, letting m…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄Smooth FM is musical depressionTraffic in Liverpool is an absolute nightmareSeriously who organised bin collection during rush hour and school run
Every year, teachers at this school escort a mama duck and her babies through the halls to their very first swim 💗🦆
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄Does social media ever put you off going somewhere? I'd rather not have a picture taken of me with scrap back hair,…🌹 WIN, WIN, WIN 🌹 It's #GalentinesDay and we want you to WIN ✨ For your chance to WIN £250 EACH FOR YOU AND YOUR B…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄 @ohpolly @ShannonBrown_OxRemember when there used to be amazing songs out every week? I honestly feel sorry for kids these days because they… losing my shit over gorgeous puppies in this cafe. I just come here to stare at them
It boggles my mind that at school I was taught Pythagoras' theorem but no one told me about budgeting, savings, inv…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄Wish the wind had volume control can't fucking hear anythingOh dear. Couldn't get hold of my mum because she's meant to leave work at 11pm on Mondays. So Daddykins got sent ou…
Do fuck off Storm Ciara, I want to watch netflix without disruptionLast month, there were two days in work that I was dreading. Everyone would have been nervous but anxiety heightens… will be hosting a new and exciting art project. ‘Peace Doves’ is a mass participation art project cu…
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can we take a moment to appreciate this good girl playing the drums to the star wars cantina band theme song (🎥…
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄I'm soooooo excited to go to London and New York 🤩🤩Thank God Zara have an actual shop because how anyone buys anything on their website is beyond my comprehension. Th… anybody ever got to the bottom of the page on Pretty Little Thing? I could spend hours on that @oldylaa Yeah we definitley don't understand death yet. I think we just go onto another place. Just energy trapped inside bodies @oldylaa Oh my god! When my nan passed away, I'd never told her how proud I was of her. A few days after, I had a d…
When your nan's boyfriend asks why you've become "bright all of a sudden because you were never a bright child" a kangeroo pouch
Harvey (WEINER) Weinstein's, lawyer, has said that she's never been sexually assaulted because she "wouldn't put he… is me @ShannonBrown_Ox 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 YayyyyThis was my top recommended video on YouTube and I can't stop watching.
Retweeted by Cindy L✨💜🦄I feel so much for Phillip Schofield's wife, it must feel like the carpets been ripped from under your feet.I'm undiagnosing myself from insomnia and it's negativity. I'm rebranding most annoying thing about insomnia isn't the lack of sleep, I survive fine off four hours... It's the lack of l…
He was 34 years old, I know flu can be deadly but I thought it was for the elderly and those with underlying illnes…