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films and music, mostly.

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@KungfuTarkovsky @sultanfardhan Hadeh dah basi twitku dah, koh 🙄 Wqwq @joshuadun Emang si bangke pinter banget teasing-nya 🥰tyler, got the files. sending some back your way. when everything is safe i will come over and teach you how to D…
Retweeted by cinemuachNever been a better time to have a billboard in Times Square. I’m excited anyway. THREE DAYS until #Tigertail!
Retweeted by cinemuachCu bangeeeet 😭 2004, Takehiko Inoue drew an epilogue to Slam Dunk "10 Days After" at Misaki High School in Kanagawa Prefecture…
Retweeted by cinemuachThere are no rules in quar 🌈 (@FloridaProject now streaming on @netflix)
Retweeted by cinemuach🎶@googoodolls released their song ‘Iris’ 22 years ago today, April 7, 1998
Retweeted by cinemuachWant to get your PARASITE on and support a small business? The deliciously, wickedly indulgent @inaecakes is ready.
Retweeted by cinemuachI can't stop thinking about the confident, powerful, and truly moving performance Shira Haas gives in Unorthodox
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1965 / 2020
Retweeted by cinemuach @vcmcne THANK YOUUUU 🤙 @rahamnita @hzboy Yang di film u itu kan mamae mba hz 🌺#duetdirumah bersama perempuan hebat, idola dari semua idola Kak @therealDiSastr. Serenata Jiwa Lara - Harus Bahagi…
Retweeted by cinemuach5 year old me helping people carry stuff
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Retweeted by cinemuachme all day me at 3:30 am: in quarantine:
Retweeted by cinemuach @hzboy YA ALLAH AKU NGEFANS BANGET SAMA TIGA ORANG INI MAU AKU PACARIN SEMUANYA ❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭Eating disorders and body image issues are real problems and they don’t all look the same way. People are so critic…
Retweeted by cinemuachHave you ever seen a starfish walk?
Retweeted by cinemuachProcess of Shimmer ✨
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Retweeted by cinemuach“Shot after shot of arrestingly pure swoon.” - Vanity Fair A new episode of #MyBrilliantFriend airs tonight at 10p…
Retweeted by cinemuach @vcmcne Beluuuum. Mas batfos doang dah kayaknya yang uda nonton 🤔 Ntar aku cari cari. Maaci! 🤙
Retweeted by cinemuachThe Green Ray (Rohmer, 1986)
Retweeted by cinemuachBang @_R415_, selamat happy birthday! Tetaplah bahagia, hari ini, esok, dan seterusnya! 🌺
Edward Yang, Zhang Tielin, Stanley Kwan, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Chen Kaige, Ang Lee, and Wong Kar-wai at the Taipei Golde…
Retweeted by cinemuach @slynrm Wqwq aku membantu menghemat waktumu 2 musim, mba er. Mending dipake nonton yang lain aja gitu maksudnya 😂 @slynrm Ngga kok. Sudah bener berhenti nonton sampe part 2 aja. Part 3 sama part 4-nya dragging 🤙'Paterson' (2016) Directed by Jim Jarmusch
Retweeted by cinemuachjust popping up to let you know THE FLORIDA PROJECT is now on Netflix (!!!)
Retweeted by cinemuachTony Leung, Maggie Cheung and Wong Kar-wai are here to bless your tl ❤️
Retweeted by cinemuachDreaming in the films of Jim Jarmusch.
Retweeted by cinemuachSelf-isolation inspiration from 'Chungking Express' (1994, Wong Kar-wai)
Retweeted by cinemuachMade baju kebaya for my open house this coming raya. #ACNH #ACNHdesigns
Retweeted by cinemuachFish are friends not food.😂
Retweeted by cinemuachBole boljug nih! present to you, the CEO of working from home:
Retweeted by cinemuachOpen City Documentary Festival 2020 will be our tenth edition. To celebrate this, we've created an archive of every…
Retweeted by cinemuachno
Retweeted by cinemuachif ur feeling lonely during quarantine just remember that u will still be alone when it’s over
Retweeted by cinemuachSatu2nya kru yg kerjanya sesuai SOP, yg lainnya amburadul karepe dewe..
Retweeted by cinemuach @MoehHaleem Wqwq SEPAKAT!!!Perjalanan cinta, romansa, dan kehidupan. Film yang memerlukan tisu nih, dari kreator Master of None, Alan Yang. Ti…
Retweeted by cinemuach @aeroflixupdate Jarmusch sama Rohmer~The Eye of the Storm 2019-2020 Japan Tour playlist is up on @Spotify too! Follow it now! - #ONEOKROCK
Retweeted by cinemuach @vemmanov The real guardian angel 🥰FOR NAIROBI! ❤️ @luluhusnaa Tiap ka lu bikin konten make up make up gini aku selalu bookmark tapi pasti akan selalu tenggelam nanti 😭
Retweeted by cinemuach @abitterlatte Yesss give him the spotlight he deserves! 👏👏👏 @rayakancemburu ASIK BANGET YAK INI KEK KEHLANI ❤️❤️❤️i think about this illustration by cécile dormeau a lot
Retweeted by cinemuach @aerorun Sapa itu minta raw???
no one: april may and june birthdays:
Retweeted by cinemuachSebenernya juga pengen #dirumahaja , tapi ada kewajiban yang harus gw jalanin. Bersyukur lah kalian yang bisa stay…
Retweeted by cinemuachFinancially stable years old.
Retweeted by cinemuachIsabelle Huppert, Paris, 1970. Photos: Pool GINFRAY/SIMON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images
Retweeted by cinemuachlet’s have a talk about her rare beauty
Retweeted by cinemuachSebuah seni untuk bersikap bodo amat dari happy old year
Retweeted by cinemuach @anzharcore Segala bahasa bisaaaa~Marseille : Sedia berbagai jenis jasa pengangkutan, beli/sewa, sesuai kebutuhan. Literally segala jenis
Retweeted by cinemuachChoosing your quarantine character 🍾👏😂
Retweeted by cinemuach berjemur sana biar virusnya mati, jangan tiduran di kamar mulu me:
Retweeted by cinemuachi miss you 😔😢
Retweeted by cinemuachME TOO PEGGY
Retweeted by cinemuachhave you praised them today ?
Retweeted by cinemuachsad in the house & im in the house sad
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Retweeted by cinemuachthe four horsemen of quarantine
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Retweeted by cinemuachAppreciation tweet for this character only 🖤🖤🖤’s not everyday you come across a good film
Retweeted by cinemuachI hope everybody's got some spaghetti stocked in their quarantines because THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER is hitting…
Retweeted by cinemuachBeloved cinematographer Robby Müller—born on this day in 1940—forever altered the landscape of cinematography & cre…
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park so-dam (2019) /// park so-dam (2020)
Retweeted by cinemuachwhy are we not funding this
Retweeted by cinemuachこの子よりもっと可愛い子いる? コメントして。
Retweeted by cinemuachThe cat really just walked through the lipsticks like it was nothing
Retweeted by cinemuachBeing Fancy
Retweeted by cinemuachFilm pendek kami sudah bisa di tonton di youtube: Natalan (December) #dirumahaja nonton film
Retweeted by cinemuachBerlin once said
Retweeted by cinemuachChoose your fighter
Retweeted by cinemuach @syahrghaffari Wqwq tempatnya beneran ya ini 🤣
the descendants (2011) / shoplifters (2018) / moonrise kingdom (2012) / y tu mama tambien (2001)
Retweeted by cinemuach17 days into MCO.
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Retweeted by cinemuach @raafian @shabrina_tasya @syahrghaffari Sehat-sehat ya, semuanya! 🌻
@reyzando @drjwidj Waduh aku bukan kontributor, mas. Tapi sepertinya belum ada~This was one of the movies I watched yesterday tas sobra yung iniyak ko dito for some reason??? Huhu grabe 😭 Ang g…
Retweeted by cinemuachbest. teacher. ever. 🤘
Retweeted by cinemuach @shabrina_tasya @syahrghaffari Cie kalian udah pada akrab ya. Kemarin aku liat mba shab sempet ngobrol juga sama ma… ngga ada dialognya soalnya kata Tsai "in life, there are not that many things to talk about." Baik, sir! 🤝 cat carrying a kitten up a slide while another one slides down.
Retweeted by cinemuachthe way this took me so long 😭
Retweeted by cinemuach @aerorun Bikin kuliah lagi dong om di grup ngomongin ini. Kayak yang pas So Long, My Son ituuu 🥺