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We have now re-opened in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland! Book tickets now: Our #COVID19 safety measures & FAQs:

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@sambake25654461 website for any and all updates. Also, feel free to check out the trailer… @sambake25654461 Hey Sam, we're screening the Rocky series from Friday along with some newer releases in the coming… @OriginMaverick @TENETFilm Hey Niall, our listings for the 12th of October aren't finalised just, but if you check… @Bill626 Hey there, our opening times vary from week to week based on the start time of the first film of the day.… @Samavfcmjsly Unfortunately we don't have the sounds specifications of these screenings to hand, so we'd be unable… @bryce_charlie Hi Charlie, whilst online booking and contactless payment methods are encouraged wherever possible,… @mukeftjustin Not a problem at all! @GyllKing If you could pop us over a DM with your email address and Unlimited card number, we'd be happy to take a… @el_dully Hey Dully, we're just going to try and find that out with the team at Broad Street for you.With the recent changes in government restrictions, we wanted to assure you that Cineworld remains open! We are obs… @fergusdyersmith Hey Fergus, reckon you could pop us a quick DM so we can take a closer look? @AEMcKay Hey Alex, not in the plans currently, but we'll be sure to pass your feedback along to our film team. As a… @natalieholt1982 Fantastic choice, Natalie! Hope you enjoy the absolutely mesmerising performance. @GyllKing for your records, and we'd be able to re-send this confirmation upon request. As the car park itself is o… @GyllKing All the information regarding the use of the car parks can be found on the Cineworld website under the "g… @avrton Hey Ayrton, no word on a date set just yet, but we'll be sure to make an announcement on our social media f… @raubrey Gotta love the classics, Raymond. Experiencing them on the cinema screen is an absolutely magical time! No… @imnotdavetoo Cineworld website for all the updates to our film listings, as we update these every Monday evening/T… @imnotdavetoo Hey Dave, sorry to hear you feel that way. We've got some new releases on the way in the next couple… @RatingsByWFCRob The luxury treatment, just for you Rob! Let the unfolding drama begin 😀 @N_LlewBlaidd @BillandTed3 That's a pretty bodacious choice right there. Have a rad time! @mukeftjustin Hey Jaz, this voucher code will be valid for 7 days up to midnight from the date of the email, so thi… @AnOwlTweets Apologies - we've just chased this up with the team at Sheffield. For the time being, Sheffield won't… @Jammer2529 Thanks! We're just looking into that for you now. @raubrey Both absolutely stellar choices! Ever seen either of them on the big screen? @Dummackin911 Hey David, Saint Maud is on track for release for the 9th of October. If you're not able to make it o… @DanDonnelly2012 Hey Daniel, this'll be the theatrical release of Rocky IV, so SICO the Robot will still be there! @Schwinndy Hey Schwinn, sure thing! Could you pop us over a DM with your booking reference number? @aliknits1509 No problem at all! @Samavfcmjsly Hi Sam, our cinema screens will vary in size in relation to the auditorium space. We recommend checki… @Jammer2529 Hey KJ, sure thing. Reckon you could DM us with the gift card number and PIN code? @JadeScottSavage Hey Jade, we've got the Rocky series screening with us from this Friday at our cinemas that you mi… @RowanCharlton Hey Rowan, we'll pop a reply through to your Facebook message. @RatingsByWFCRob @BillandTedUK @BillandTed3 Woah, that's like... totally rad, dude. @lewis04o8 No need to be curious, Lewis 😎 @doninha31 preferred seats. Our general film times tend to be released every Monday evening/Tuesday morning. @doninha31 Hey D, allocated seating is available through our website and online booking, though the booking rules h… @Livingitadam Right on, Adam! Welcome to the Premium club. Any ideas on what the first film you'll watch with your new card will be? @colingale Appreciate the sentiment, Colin! We've got a range of new films joining the film line-up fairly soon, an… @aliknits1509 Hey Alison, NT Live performances are available at a steep discount with tickets at £6 for those booki… @RowanCharlton Hey Rowan, you'll just need to add the code to the area that says "Got a ticket voucher code or CEA… @lewis04o8 Hey Lewis, these performances will be in the original Japanese spoken language with English subtitles. @speelingmstake Hey Freya - if you could give us a quick ring on 0330 333 4444 between 9 AM - 5 PM on Monday - Frid… @Jordstenton92 Appreciate the idea, Jordan! Whilst nothing's in the plans on that front, it's something we'd be hap… @GyllKing Hey Gyll, the card parks themselves aren't owned or operated by us, so we'd recommend getting in touch wi… @thelegend69 Hey there, thanks for getting in touch. If you could get in touch with us on… @EmmaCottey speak with a member of the team, they'd be happy have these seats swapped for you. We'll not challenge… @EmmaCottey Hey Emma, sorry to hear you felt that way about your experience. The social distancing measures that we… @adelaideclark87 Hi Adelaide, this change doesn't apply to cinemas, however if you do book in to watch a film with… @meganoliver1998 @LittleMix Hey Megs, keep an eye out on the Cineworld website for any updates to this particular l… @AmandaJ_Hughes Hey Amanda, could you pop us over a DM with some more info? @JessicaDawson10 Hey Jessica, reckon you could pop us over a DM with some more info? @__catchmedemi @LittleMix Hi Cary, keep an eye out on the Cineworld website for any updates to this listing! We'll… @LGrima Hey Luke, on the classics front we've got the Rocky series playing from this Friday in addition to our new… @donmurray29 @MangaUK @IMAX Ayyy, solid choice! We can't wait to see those glorious moments play out in IMAX this t… @raubrey Thanks for the kind words, Raymond! Have you get any other film plans in the works in the week at all? @ottocolwill Hey Otto, no details have been finalised just yet, but keep an eye out on the Cineworld website for an… @Marcus_Gomezz @LittleMix Hey Marcus, keep your eyes peeled to the Cineworld website for updates to this listing! W… @alexblythe Hey Alex, thanks for getting in touch. We've got screening of the Rocky series coming from this Friday… @colingale @BrokenHeartsGal Can't go wrong with a good rom-com, Colin! Any other film plans coming up in the week ahead? @EmilyBoggggg Hey Emily! 4DX 2D screenings are 4DX performances with all the extreme features available to the film… @GoBrownRanger Hey Antony, thanks for getting in touch. This was initially priced higher than it should have been,… @Scare158Steve @GenesisCinema @BFI Great choice! Can't wait to see Sly (and SICO) back on the big screen. Not too much longer to go now, eh? @hedghogz Happy to be welcoming you back, Andrew! How'd you find Tenet?Who's excited about the news that Barry Jenkins will be directing a new Disney's The Lion King prequel? Here's what… @paulandpopcorn Ooh, how'd you find Tenet, Paul? 4DX really enhances the experience for it, right? @dazzalovesmovie Hi Darren, our cinemas will be encouraging customers to scan on entry. Where customers do not hav… @scottytaylor15 Hey Scott, could you pop us over your email address and Unlimited card number via DM so we can take… @IainBriggs Hey Iain, sorry to hear you're running into booking issues here. Have you been able to finalise your bo…
@FollyBoss Hi Mike, there are no plans to screen this in any further cinemas as it stands, if this changes we will pop it on the website @paynefree If you DM us the booking reference number we can do this for you. The money will clear back into your ac… @paynefree Hi Chris, we can't change these but we can refund this for you and you can re book? @ItsSaraahh_ There are no plans currently Sarah, but we'll certainly feed this back for you @floralnjane Hi there, pop us a DM with your Unlimited card number and email address and we can take a look for you @OrphelinSophia No plans currently but we'll certainly feed this back for you @Lisa73059088 Could you give us a call on 0333 003 3444 and we can take a look for you @Jose_Bear We did have this screening in 2D on a Saturday from it's release, due to scheduling this has changed thi… @David_Evans83 We will certainly pass your request back to the team David! @JessOTY01 Hi Jess, unfortunately we are not able to extend these @coastconsulting There are no plans to change the price of the Unlimited card as it stands @nicolabunting Can you DM us the card number and we can take a look @coastconsulting Hi Tony, we still have new releases and classics screening so something for everyone @Santino_Geranio Enjoy it again! @LukeG95 Hi Luke, you should have received an email when accounts were started up again once we reopened but not on… @Lisa73059088 Hi Lisa, how many tickets have you booked for? @Jose_Bear This film has had many normal 2D screenings since it's release and we will continue to screen these @grindzmyreels Hi There, our times are updated weekly and will vary each week. we will certainly pass your request back however @nicolabunting Are you using any Unlimited cards or vouchers at all? @nicolabunting What cinema film and time are you trying to book? @Jose_Bear Hi Dave, due to scheduling this isn't screening in normal 2D on Saturday but is on all other days @charlotte_a_s This will expire on the 29th Charlotte @JamesAcraman Enjoy it James! @nicolabunting Is this via the app or website? @shaeccspeare Please use this link to DM @nicolabunting Hi Nicola, could you try clearing all cache on your device and trying again @wistownomad @CineHull This is great to hear Tim, we will feed this back to the team! @shaeccspeare Could we get your email address @charlotte_a_s Can you DM us the voucher code and we can take a look for you @BWilliis Hi Ben, this will be your direct debit starting up again, the first payment will be lower, this will go back to normal next monthWith all six Rocky movies arriving at Cineworld from Friday, we look at 11 classic scenes that need to be experienc…