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gem ໒꒱ @cinnamius she her fifteen edtwt girlytwt ୨♡୧

꒰ real life british girl doll ꒱

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@iNomToast droolingg
@vampycalz YES 😁😁 @gigipilled sainsbury’s 🫶🏻 @daichve i will once i’ve tried them all 🤞🏻 @zuzaskcalzz it’s difficult to describe, it’s very soft and breaks up in your mouth but it’s really nice to chew! s… @goorkinn i have to have at least one pack a dayI GOT THE BAG 🙏🏻 @lttlmilks i loved it sm i’m so happy mel’s back @berrieblogs lmaoo my mum’s given up 😭 @dateluvr i just bought a bunch of different flavours because they have special ones at sainsbury’s :O @alessiayuh OMG?? i wanttif no one’s got me i know they’ve got me @youscals omfg i’m so so happy and excited for you!!! we all missed you sm <33 @qu1nnsp0 especially a large caramel macchiato omfg 😭 @lttlestbear it actually makes me sick @iluvsanrio0_0 @kueromes AWW SAME!! ILYYi want to be her so bad
Retweeted by gem ໒꒱ @FELINEFLEUR @hearteyedgf4 literally such vile behaviour @hearteyedgf4 oh my god i’m so sorry, people on here can be such freaks like who compares real people’s bodies like that?? @bbyemhadid they’re 2 different meals… @bbyemhadid ?i consume @cinmnsoul not your mum being mrs birling @blondenycdoll keep that away from me or i’ll go feral @violetyolos we’re so lucky
@violetyolos i used to get an english breakfast from this one restaurant sometimes but it was literally just the to… @violetyolos who the fuck actually eats a full english in the morning 😭 @cherrytrolls i’ll be having the salmon and the daim cake
@birkinsaint ur wrong but ur pretty so i’ll let it slide
@wlwrexia impossible @cherrytrolls muerde cookie or otus lotus
@lovesickvie cute as always!! @soobcalzz THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD AGGHI hate you I love you I hate that I want you
Retweeted by gem ໒꒱ @grlkuma u too angel!! @chairexic where r the tights from i love them @chairexic cute fittt @bmiblogger that used to be me before i randomly completely went off burgers 😭 @fckqp @cubikles ? @fckqp @cubikles i breathed @fleacals this is the second post like this that i’ve seen about myself and it honestly just makes me feel more hum… @chobomdiet i feel the complete opposite way 😭 i’m never hungry in the morning and it makes no difference to my ene… @zZzhannie LMAOO the referencewould you omad? 🍫 @luv3rb0y_ @elliest_rves to be fair who tf could even eat a whole one of those cookies anyway @blueberrymatsu @elliest_rves it definitely is an overestimation considering it’s actually 485 😭 @luv3rb0y_ @elliest_rves crumbl cookies are 500-600 cals what are you talking about 💀 @wlwrexia i’m ngl they are pretty small but i still feel satisfied from like 1 or 2 @antabakadazai yes i am bmi 14 😮 @lizlozcore 14 😭 tysm
@existentialgf i literally have her body type too so what they said made me feel guilty for just existing 😭 @existentialgf i rlly don’t think she’s editing tbh? like she looks exactly like that in all her vids @xo_s0ftkisses yess they’re rlly nice and sweet and soft i actually prefer them cold tbh @plastiquepink helpp 😭 @adora48464670 which one r u i’m 100% a pizza personim pissing mysel moots lemme put u guys on these are 82 cals each from sainsbury’s 💋 @cherrytrolls HELP @lttlestbear i think you look your bmi or even closer to low 15s tbh, we can always see it in others but not ourselves 💔i miss the old bitmojis the new ones are so ugly 🙁 @lttlestbear noo it’s not triggering dw it makes me feel a lot better bc i’m maintaining in the 14s rn 😭 @wlwrexia 60-70 is my usual heartrate help 😭 @hyunslbs JISOO IS SO CUTEEEi ♡ sakura season 🌸
Retweeted by gem ໒꒱i feel like everyone is either a burger person or a pizza person @qu1nnsp0 she’s so pretty but she really cannot dress 😭 first fit is cute but the rest are very questionable @daintydiordoll honestly could be up to 17 with amazing genetics and fitness @freyashabits her face was prettier before ngl @gyuscal tysmm it’s from h&m!! @berrieblogs thank u :( and ur so right @angeline23_ waittt our fits were so similar today 😭 blue jeans, grey top and white oversized cardigan omg @6inchIouboutins iconiquethe reason why i’m skinnyfat: @lavishcals i mean i used to work out religiously but i stopped and i’ve gained some fat since then so i’m a lot less toned now 🥲you can tell i don’t work out 💀queen of not looking like my bmi @dollycup1d me 😢😢
@daintychocodoll the pink top is soo cute @cherrytrolls prettyy
@miupafait she’s a proud ne0n@zi who isn’t on edtwt but is constantly interacting with it and saying abhorrent things @miumiuribbon i saw it at tk maxx once but i had no money to buy it :( @prettydying FR i can understand having a criticism about one of her videos but they’ve literally started complaini… @myprettyeats @angeline23_ @icyymeals a dreamnm @dollycup1d i hate edtwt so much sometimes @cherrytrolls sounds so good omfg @cherrytrolls yes we have this brand here but i’ve never seen that flavour 😮 @skinnynazi didn’t you literally say you used to be on here @minjiovt i hope ur ok :(( units can be traumatising tbh @minjiovt OMG I JUST SAW YOURE BACK I MISSED U SM <33 @cicington least obvious bait @skinnynazi ok bye ice age baby! @skinnynazi help whyd u duet me @skinnynazi yeah it had none of the posts that you so bravely share on here tho! @ayorimori her smile @skinnynazi your brain is rotting @prettydying this makes me wonder if people thought that about me…i was hospitalised at bmi 15 (not inpatient just… @lttlestbear an actual n@zi /srs