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@Vivid_NGL i really am, omfg 😭 @PixelSSB eeee !! thx beautiful ! 🥲💟✨ @PandaWarrior218 skkskskskskkjsjsj @Dom13Evans tyyy ! 😭🙏 @izziibel tyyy bb !! 🥺😭💖✨✨ @Yani_O4 ahhhhh !!! 💖💖💖 @TheMasterBigs LMAOOOOOO
@GhostlyAmethyst i gotchu bb 🌟✨ @Chajitsu tyyyy 🎉 @untitledjenni ty beautiful!🥲💕💖i remember having such a dope group of friends (IRL) 4 years ago, to me dropping most of them for constantly puttin… @darkness_ssb yes, ty 😭✨ @GhostlyAmethyst GURL I WANNA FOLLOW!!💖💖💖 @iDoBeJoeTho tyyy 🙌✨ @MrWaInut thx bestie 😭🙏✨i got A’s on all 4 of my heaviest exams so far IM FREAKINGGGGGGGGG 😭 @devilmaycats happy birthday beautiful!! 💖 @neekolul proud of ur success bb 🤍✨ @AloneButUnfazed tysm 🥺✨ @Jebusbeech itll change ur life sis 💁‍♀️ @Jebusbeech it will change ur life 🤠i really did sleep for an ENTIRE day 🙂 @sairaspooks gurl, normal or not idgaf i stay kicking people out that make my environment uncomfortable 😂
@drpeaches89 march so feeling extra lucky :^)THIS IS FOR U.S.A ONLY. i forgot to list above, sorry! >.< @jesusam74 @oPuffballFGC it's not, my fault for not listing! ): i'm gonna list that now ! @GaolanGoofi sure to click the gleam link and check if your follow and retweets went through!! 💟✨for extra entries for the giveaway on having a higher chance to win click on this link below: excited to announce my first BIG giveaway!! Eeeep !!🎉 ☁️Giveaway Sponsor: @oPuffballFGC ☁️ ✨Must Follow✨ >… @Dom13Evans @alexhero15 ty 😭✨ @TheAlicePika ty bby!😭💖 @chocolatecitys1 thank you!! 🤍🤍🤍 @ArcanaMD LMAOOOO @sbmDreamer loool, i still need the recent charizard card in english 😭
@blackapinaa ty bby 🥺💞💕💘💖 @QuestionKid girl, my eyes are swollen 🥺😩🤍 @alexhero15 🥺✨ @Chajitsu appreciate y’all so much 😭🙏✨ @MrWaInut i- @drpeaches89 ACTUALLY ME RN 😭😭😭 @MysteriousMwega the person who gifted 300+ subs offline on the very first day of the month, when i haven’t even streamed yet- I…'ll never get bored no matter how many times I watch this scene :
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗it’s okay to forgive someone and still cut them off. forgiveness doesn't require reconnection
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗ @untitledjenni always bb 💖💓💞💕 @EEvisu congrats m8!!! 🌟 @CuthbertThunder “you caring about ur health as a public figure is selfish cuz now i don’t have anyone to look up t… @CuthbertThunder hold tf uuuuuuupppp nahhhh 💀💀💀 @rentsy_ @ArcanaMD 🤍🤍🤍 twitch community has impacted me more than they will ever imagine.... they need to understand that they really… @untitledjenni gurl you fit in perfectly whenever you’re around me. so don’t over think too much, mkay? luv u 💟
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗ @PixelSSB ily 💕 @rentsy_ 🤍 !! @untitledjenni ilysm omg 😭💟just finished a 48hr stream & ready to hit the hayyyy but, before i do... happy pokémon day !! 🤍 @dlcgrawks @DisguisedToast sis i- 💓💝💕💖💞💝 @ShayRayVal holy freaking cute 😭💟💟💟
Yo deadass...this is either the son of @PaymoneyWubby or his long lost brother LMAO
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗hey @PaymoneyWubby come pick up ur son pls @CinnamonLOLs When cinn comes back to stream
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗
Me at Best Buy on launch day when a kid grabs the last copy of the Gen 4 Sinnoh Diamond and Pearl remake…
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗THE NEW POKÉMON LEGENDS ARCEUS GAME LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING!!! IM SCREAMINGGGYESSS!!! DIOMAND AND PEARL!! OMFGGGGGGG DKDHEODBDIDB BIIIIIIITTCHHHH ELSHDIDNUDSB stream 🥲 come hang out with ur fav crack head @postylol bby gurl, ya luv to see the grind. i’m so proud 💕💞💓 @postylol i heard it’s hella hard, how are hanging on so far??? @cufflinks14 @LittleMissChii @Vexxcellent @Johasu232 @nirwanda002 @BixelPantry @Teecup181 @blackgirlgamers
🌙 ⋆·˚ ⋆·˚ ༘ * 🔭🦔 he’s looking at the moon
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗Your front-row seat to my Mars landing is here. Watch how we did it. #CountdownToMars
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗
@SMASH_HOUSE_ eeeeeee, exciteddd!! 🤗✨ @MoonMonkeyIsle acting like he ain’t gotta squidward nussyyy 😬 @LlamarR_81 RIGHT??? i was pissed 😤 @SMASH_HOUSE_ can’t wait ✨ @Rornir I HAVENT CHECKED LMAOOOOnever doubt my random throws :^) #cod @MoonMonkeyIsle bitch lmaoooooooo @PandaWarrior218 ITS ACCOUNTING 😒 @MrWaInut SKSKKSSKK, i’m in the middle of finishing one rn 💀 @PaigexStyles thank u 💖✨ @COIN @fayewebsters @superstar @Awedonis my superstar, always 💖 @TheeHornyyPoPo LOOOOOOLThe location Vs The shot
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋcinnamonˎˊ˗ @GoGeurt ily moreeee 💞✨ @GoGeurt muah bb ! 💖
@CorazonPeach sis, LOOOOOL
@KeiyosX there was no “d00d” & he didn’t put on lip gloss, not even once 🙂 @Ikechi_OUFZ THAT KILLED ME LMAOOOOOO8/10 impression 🥲 @Shokio_YT I SWEARRRR TO GODDDDDDDD biiiiiiitch 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
@Addy_Sl1m 🥺🥺🥺me
🎉🎉 FUCKING FINALLY!!!! 🎉🎉 Congrats man, i can’t wait to see you continue thriving !! 🚀🚀🚀🚀 @ZSSucc
i’m dyinggggg cuz y’all are out here freaking out about the new dlc’s looking too revealing when my home girl zero… spoiled is fun, but the feeling of spoiling someone is even more fun well, to me it is @guppiesz Happy Birthday Beautiful!! 💖💖✨✨