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i’m so ready to have short hair. i just want to look like goth mia farrow @BillyBostonxxx it literally has everything and makes fun of itself. i lovescream is the best horror movie franchise. i said it.trans/queer community are a huge part of sex work being a thing.... ESPECIALLY trans/queer POC yikes.... @cuhhrissee oh my godhi, people at claire’s don’t get their blood borne pathogens, the earrings aren’t sterile/are mixed metals, and the… @chxrryplush ahhhh i would be honored 🥺to the nearly 100 mutuals i have with this person: it’s a great day to unfollow a transphobic SWer 💞💕 and to any mu…
Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OFalso anytime i don’t have plugs in she tries to clean my ears lizard has a new thing she likes to hyper focus on- today? it’s my fucking nipples. the day before? trying to groom my armpitbro.... this from a group I’m in, please block and report @fansboimonthly
Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OFexistence is fucking pain. jesus christ i hate it here.i want to take a permanent dirt nap have tried to keep myself held together for a while now and wow it’s all really catching up to me @theyelIowone thank you 🥺🥺🥺
@iHateNickSida thank you!! did all navels yesterday and did nipples today, and wow it really solidified how much i love this career pathi love that i’ll probably be well versed genital piercing before oral/nose. (i don’t want to do under the mask pier… just..... pierced my first set of inverted nipples and they turned out beautiful and she was so happy 🥺isn’t it wild that if cats am have a weak kidney or liver or heart.... you can feed them those things of the prey a… @Pure_Upper i personally won’t even spend that, i would feel guilty as hell knowing i had someone spend that. maybe that’s my own poor guiltstop. i’m begging. with just that. helping someone to achieve their goal in their budget is more rewarding than a fucking commis… had to quote someone $600 for a beautiful ass 18k gold hinge hoop- and why yes it’s FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. i myself h…’s so heavily gratifying to watch someone who loved a gold piece so much, and be be able to get a titanium versio… favorite thing about being a piercer is working w/ peoples budget/giving them their dream jewelry set up that wo… @spicytofu69 shave the ends, it’s ethereal experienceyesterday was navels all day long, today is nipples. i’m so so stoked.Chris D'Elia found a new job I see
Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OFthis is a LOTR stan account youre botching to the wrong person @xcloudbustingx LMFAO oh no @michaelmvmt IWANTED TO START FROMT THE BEGINNINGwhat’s your favorite LOTR movie and why is it The Two Towersseduced by my own self abuse @erika_ronin ..... why can’t people have fun broZachary Pemberton (@ zacharyjames__ ) has choked me out in front of my child, tried to black mail me, is harassing…
Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OFi hope pillow princesses a very good night i hope you enjoy getting your back blown out at 0 expense🖤i’m talking about all the hot women and non-binary people who follow me, men you stay the fuck awayit’s a strap or be strapped situation with my mutuals. @kaylaweavy pure chaos 🖤either way the results are in and i’m: insufferable @cuhhrissee LA: doomies (home cookin and next mex) SF: hoomeroompost your big three and see which one your followers associate you with the most @cowboybitch666 why does he look like thatoh would you look at the time? it’s the time of the month i have a *mental breakdown* @cowboybitch666* i’m not retweeting thisplease make more theist traps to ronnie radke music- he hates it and anything that gets him to throw a tantrum i’m aboutit me yeah anyway- gandalf the grey or gandalf the white?
STOP this is ollie people: so cute he looks like an ollie! me: and this is lizard!! people: cat? me: yes but also lizard @sammyhavok immediately after ollie hit lizard because he wanted the second shelf to himself 🙃it’s so cool to look at my booking site/schedule and actually be building reoccurring clientele 🥺 the next two days… wall
my latex hood is on the way. my face will not be a thing anymore. just latex hoodLOL an old lady got yelled at by ikea employees for trying to bypass everyone when the doors opened even though we clearly were in a line @stonexpitbull to anyone who doesn’t want to see raw meat. if anyone was curious how i feed my cats raw- this is what i do. i… bush is finally at a length where it’s soft, i’ve never gotten to this point i always caved and shaved/trimmed it.good morning to ikea by myself, who needs something?? @xcloudbustingx jokes on them, i’m smart as hell and read everything @spicytofu69 wait what the fuck?? if there’s safety issues that go against legal laws to protect renters that could… money from me is only gonna get you BLOCKED me you’re a republican without telling me you’re a republican
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Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OF#paypigi just bought some beautiful microkinis and feel like i should be reimbursed cashapp $cinnamonrust🎲 what are you waiting for? 🎲
Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OF @simpwhisperer where do you get your lingerie sets??? all so pretty 🥺“Normal snow storm” girl what happened in Iowa is not and will not ever be on the level that Texas is on right now.…
Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OFclosed or open?💫these boots are made for stepping💫 i got my demonias in do i dare post my failure at trying to butterfly my legs?
Electric chair.
Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OF @psychic_pussy69 thank you!!your cats eat an 80/10/10 diet. 80% muscle meet (like heart) 10% bone, 5% liver and another 5% kidney or any other… @SOURH3AD my favorite is just a cleaned up bottom and trimmed sides and leaving the top alone! idk how your vitilig… cats watching me (a vegan) scoop whole cornish hen/beef and lamb heart/and cutting up a quail cats legit take turns using the box and it’s so funny??? one will shit- leave the other pee- leave first one com… hate myself @olebiscuitbrain yes! i love been using it for years!no offense to those who shave completely bald- but pubic hair serves a purpose (less prone to UTIs/yeast infections… @olebiscuitbrain first aid beauty is my go to, it’s a great consistencyall the feminism in my body disintegrates when daughters and high regard by TSSF comes onWish I had friends in LA to have a week cap drink withhxc/pop punk scene
if you don’t like sex work.... then don’t do sex work??why do people hate sex workers so much. i’m so confused. like why threatened our well being because you don’t like our career fieldImagine carrying someone for 9 months, and when they grow up they get on a burner account and harass/degrade women.
Retweeted by hellhound - $5 OF @Katekatekatelyn thank youusing doxxing as a scare tactic is honestly horrifying. the fuck is wrong with you. @rustedxtongue yeah the doxxed someone. they legit pick fights like this just to harm people.k going private till these dummies die downoh god not you @rustedxtongue i truly have to laugh, i know i’m an attractive human, and i actively work on myself as a person. this is just hilariousk now blocking everyone was fine while it lasted now at work don’t care anymorehey remember how you said my opinion wasn’t valid because I was a vegan and a sex worker and because I had my prono…