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miles edgeworth: wright (derogatory)
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @greegits i’m cishet[zelda] it is my pleasure...!
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Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★cw // repetition CHROM ROBIN FIRE EMBLEM CHROM ROBIN FIRE EMBLEM CHROM ROBIN FIRE EMBLEM @DumbassLesbo i have never agreed with a proposal more#lgbtagainstcorpse
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★#lgbtagainstcorpse!?(!;?!;;!:;
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★i believe we can get this hashtag going#lgbtagainstcorpse @revyforks new moon tbh @moroccanoranges lesbians must be freed from the hold of random white women with curly hair. i blame king princess“When I was growing up no one stood for this kaddish”
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★When you want everyone to know you can do all of "V'ahavta" without your siddur.
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★When you're at a new shul and they're not calling out the pages
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★thank you this has been my contributionwhen you’re at shul and you’re um you’re you’re sitting down @adammyles_ @Cryptcasino baruch hashem @inyuashas i’m about to become homophobic if i look at his post for any longerYona. @BlujayH sexy @marciesad @astroviks i also do this @marciesad @astroviks bc i think it funnyI, too, cradle my testicles in my hands as one would a wounded baby bird
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★Just like that girl wrote a song about getting her drivers license Imma write a song about the struggle of not havi…
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@chuufication @jack i have absolutely no clueI might be ugly but at least im gay!
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @not_rie get me a source this is news to me
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Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★every college tour guide: you may think you know squirrels, but you better strap the fuck in while i tell you about our special little guys
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @dykegenius 18youre laughing. i asked you who did party rock anthem and youre laughing.
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Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★full offense if i met my younger self i wouldn’t give him advice i would start beating the shit out of him
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @greegits word of advice: watch how to put on binder videos bc putting on one for the first time is an olympic sport lol| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | stop demonizing | | butch lesbians | |___________|…
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★Happy #MLKDay Beyond quotes & platitudes, let's help Black people in material ways! [ ]…
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @atsushilesbo so true bestie!! @greegits OMG OMG MAZEL TOV!!!😈😇
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★Everyone deserves to live in their community, not in an institution. But a lot of the resources about institutions…
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ aged female celebrities checking twitter only to see bunch of dykes calling them milfs
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★White and NBPOC, here’s something you can do instead of sharing whitewashed Dr Martin Luther King Jr. quotes, give…
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★help a black disabled person on this MLK Jr Day!
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★i dont remember making this
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Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★Lebsian gyay bisextual trantsgender
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★elle beegees tommunity“would you do this thing you already do and end world hunger for it”i literally do this multiple times a year bring me my check @antiashki dumsperhope all trans women r having a good night
lesbian flag, but it's colorpicked from this sexy planet
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Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★Jeff Bezos made $4,475,885 per hour in 2018 and they have us at each other’s throats for $15 an hour
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★Saying "I've known you since deviantART" to me is a threat
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★knife (non-binary wife)
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @D0GB0YDREAM “it’s definitely gonna be all pink” their setups:
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @heshidicjudaism i am going to get a chicken sandwich @KosherLena tallit chuppahs are always betterwhere the hell is knives @applsous @nakamlesbo we broke twitter i think @applsous @nakamlesbo i have to respond to u on this acc bc i can’t see ur tweetsgood morning lesbians! trans lesbians & nonbinary lesbians 🤎🧸✨
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @mmmwhatchyasayy here’s my face have never known a funny person that played cards against humanitySTOP SENDING PEOPLE UNDER 35 THINGS TO PRINT AT HOME. WE DO NOT HAVE PRINTERS.
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★look how fast i can run maybe i have ADHDWhat if we kissed 😳😳 on the last of us part 2 bed 😳
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @antiashki graph @antiashki standard form @shabbosgoy613 what math r u inlook at this planet that nasa found...shes gorgeous...
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★With more power in the new Subaru Crosstrek®, give me the open road. #CrosstrekRoadTrip Where would you go? @dykeofthewest oomf,,,, my heart ihaha im so smart.... im like a jewish albert einstein
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ autistic LGBTQ+ people are hot. i don’t make the rules. we are all very very very good looking that is simply how it is
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★assigning group projects during hybrid model/distance learning should be labeled a war crime under the geneva convention
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★ @Iadyclaire heavy !!! it does however cover very dark content but it does it well @Iadyclaire utena!!! bloom into you (canon/heavy) BEST YURI ANIME EVER WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT • yuri, romance, drama
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★i am the worlds number one tu b’shevat hype man @Kosherqueen_ 🌱 @urfavefool @urfavefool have u tried being able to eat grapefruiti just don’t feel like people who aren’t able to eat grapefruit can understand this euphoriait sure is great to be able to eat grapefruit
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★I@ trans gengar
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★#Hades #HadesGame Pool of Purging One can free oneself from even the most compelling influences
Retweeted by yona 🌳🌱🌿 ✿ ★will graham stands like an autistic person