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Cinoevil @CinoevilMusic New Jersey, USA

HipHop Artist. Producer. Audio Engineer. NJ. OCD. LONG LIVE PAT. R.I.P. Dom

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"I hAd A dReAm tHeRe WaS A fLy" girl just smacked the fuck outta my stomach in her sleep. Straight 5 starred my bellybutton talking bout: "I ha…’m really thankful i had a childhood before social media took over.
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dads sneeze so loud bc it’s the only way they know how to express their emotions
Retweeted by Cinoevil😭😭😭😭Shoot the sun. The whole sun falls down. Moon forever.
I will receive 3 pieces of great news THIS WEEK. I claim it, manifest it & believe it
Retweeted by Cinoevil @RandallOtisTV "My Shiny Teeth & Me" top 2 and it's not 2I’m doing a new type of marketing and promo scheme where I release the entire album on private but then give it to…
Retweeted by Cinoevilme: no problemo narrator: but it was all problemo
Retweeted by Cinoevila deficiency of imagination has been imputed to me as a crimeMfs will quickly forget everything you’ve done for them
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there’s no show on Cartoon Network beating Hey Arnold.. let’s keep it a buck
Retweeted by CinoevilYou’re Mine Still 🤍💫 #SuleSundays
Retweeted by CinoevilGoogle when you login to gmail from a new device
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Never give up. Ever. Edgar Allan Poe had a hard time selling The Tell-Tale Heart. Publishing companies said it "… of y'all motherfuckers are too insecure to ever show love .... Sad @BennyBsf & @YoungMAMusic gotta do a track together.Beautiful girls: Sean Kingston: I will kill myself
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I’m doin what I never thought I’d have the confidence to do and that’s just such a win to me. Literally nothing’s topping that.
Retweeted by CinoevilIt's mad Karen's at the reservoir.Jeff Bezos has decided he will not end world hunger today.
Retweeted by CinoevilKalief Browder’s family was not allowed to post his bail so he spent 3 years in Rikers Island for allegedly stealin…
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#EVERYTHINGELSE ... On the way😈
Retweeted by CinoevilSong lyrics are so overlooked these days it’s depressing.
Retweeted by Cinoevil @AndrewPlitz ‼️‼️‼️‼️The 70s bouta make a HEAVY comeback. Mark that."What's Poppin [Remix]" by Cinoevil
Retweeted by CinoevilGucci 😭
Very late to this, I know but fuck it. "What's Poppin [Remix]" x Cinoevil
Retweeted by Cinoevil"What's Poppin [Remix]" by Cinoevil late to this, I know but fuck it. "What's Poppin [Remix]" x Cinoevil
So basically every app is the same
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If I make a mixtape soon, what songs should I remix?No one man above the crew .Who's the most underrated local artists ?Thinking of a master plan...
FUCK THE GOVERNMENTOmg my 2 week old sperm cell just told me "I don't need a PS5, I need 4 LLC's to start up my own business that woul…
@AndrewPlitz Bro it's fucking nuts lmfaooo
Fuckin creep😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by CinoevilCALL ME THE... 🔊👀
Retweeted by CinoevilMfs at work blasting Plies at 7:40amYour time is coming, Stay Patient.
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Retweeted by Cinoevil @AndrewPlitz Plot twist. They're not thinking about you when they lay down and call it a night because they've been… you don’t pay for your own vacations you’re not allowed to post the trip on social media. That’s your parents clout
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Retweeted by CinoevilI always say "we should've been taught about mortgages and credit and how to do taxes and budget and shit in highsc… made my dog employee of the year snd he’s underwhelmed to say the least
Retweeted by Cinoevillast thing i want is yes men around me. thankful for my brothers.
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They better cancel Jeopardy. You can't replace Alex Trebek.Gonna drive to freehold and listen to this whole thing all the way thru. Proud of the homie @Summontemusic what a g…
Retweeted by CinoevilWhen Dallas said "Do it for Johnny" in The Outsiders, it sounds like he's saying "Dude vagina".
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Answer is YA BOY. my album droppin TONIGHT. 👀 “PIGEON MAN”
Retweeted by Cinoevil“Pigeon Man” the Album. Everywhere tonight at 12:00. 🐦
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Retweeted by CinoevilR.I.P. Alex Trebek 🙏CALL ME THE PAPER BOY!! NEW MUSIC AND NEW VIDEO with @CinoevilMusic 🗞🗞
Retweeted by CinoevilY'all bouta really make me go off on some shit..... I didn't want to do it to em but I think I have to do it to em.O.C.D OVER EVERYTHING
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@skelotonsmith It On Spotify?Shouts to my team @OCDMusicNJ for going crazy this day with me🙏🏻🎬
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🚨TODAY @ 11:00 AM🚨 "Paper Boy (feat. Cinoevil)" by Summonte {OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO} ______________________________… they need a favor from you man, they don't leave you alone...but I guess that's just the motion.If you haven’t felt nervous about starting something new in a while, make that a top priority.
Retweeted by CinoevilAn Eagle that roams with pigeons soon forgets he's made to SOAR! Be Careful who you associate with, they influence your future .
Retweeted by CinoevilWolfe doesn't have a twitter but he's dropping his EP on Friday the 13th. It's 4:30 am and I'm adding the final touches on now.And y'all greedy, heartless pieces of dog shit clickbait clout chasing corny media outlets that are trying to capit… media's got the human race by balls and clits.
Retweeted by Cinoevil @CinoevilMusic Bro yesss
Retweeted by Cinoevil @theecherubb 🙏🙏🙏Pur!!
Retweeted by Cinoevil(All platforms very soon)'Faded' by Cinoevil NJ !!! NEW TRACK IN CELEBRATION Jersey is now the 12th state to enact a legalization law!
Retweeted by CinoevilDole voted for Jeffree Star smfh @maazeratiii voted for James Charles smfh pray for my boy.
Gonna be at @Summontemusic video shoot tomorrow for his single “Everything Else”.. he’s got an album coming Nov. 10…
Retweeted by CinoevilJust on some straight: "You are .............NOT the president" shit. Bell rings. People chant. Trump & Biden d… feel like Jerry Springer is the only one qualified enough to reveal who the president is.This gon be the presidential reveal. @CinoevilMusic
Retweeted by Cinoevil7 DAYS TO GO...
Retweeted by Cinoevil @AndrewPlitz Do it pussytoday’s meme in honor of elections
Retweeted by CinoevilBe happy. You're alive.Some days you're the bird. Some days you're the windshield.Never posted this on here so if you haven’t saw it check out my music video for my single “Nervous” Ft.…
Retweeted by Cinoevil @IAmStevieG_ They might as well just pay artists with Trident layers like that old gum commercial.big “string quartet on the Titanic” vibes
Retweeted by Cinoevilhow the manager at hot topics locks up every night
Retweeted by CinoevilI spent the entire summer being lectured online by these folks telling me that protesters deserved to die for block…
Retweeted by CinoevilAlex Dunn is the cops name. tweet about this cause they are trynna lower his charges. Look at the other two cops d…
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If you really want something you won’t give up on it
Retweeted by CinoevilSome hypocritical children. when the cops tear gassed people for doing the same thing while protesting police violence?
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