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I will listen to any and everything that has Masego in it..
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Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesSuch a vibe 🔥 can’t waitttt
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesY'all don't even know how readyyyyy I am can't wait!!
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesBeen ready!
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesBack to the music. Friday. “Good To Know” ft. @UncleSego and @KP_Folarin @CortniAmbria dropping. Produced by…
Retweeted by Ciscerico Hines @byhymn @MistaSelecta I’m be by Howard, bouta hit u @MistaSelecta’m so excited for this omg.....
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@hooksventura Yeah nigga I’m done wit that Sht!Ay remember all my art niggas. Make a plan for sure, but don’t sit on your music! Drop that Sht @rhyaannaa @Saucy_Hajj & Smino Ciscero Masego Joey Bada$$ GoldLink Billie Eilish Labrinth Summer Walker Lucky Daye
Retweeted by Ciscerico Hines @cisceroo @UncleSego @KP_Folarin @CortniAmbria @MisterMcClenney @owenmodamwen @_TheHeezyLife Finallyyyyyyy
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesMcClenney production. A DMV joint. Out Friday
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesGood Music!!!
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesI know it’s rollout time but this Sht hilarious @IamLatrellJames @kanyewest Lemme delete that for I get canceled lolMore ready than ever 😫🔥!!
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesThis is gonna go so crazy
Retweeted by Ciscerico Hines @Globalsupply_ Thank you bruh-- @KP_Folarin I hear them vocals!! Congrats can't wait to hear this @UncleSego @cisceroo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesOOOOOOH WEEE
Retweeted by Ciscerico Hines @aaaaaahhhjh @UncleSego @KP_Folarin @CortniAmbria @MisterMcClenney @owenmodamwen @_TheHeezyLife Thank you 🌟Ahhhhhhhhhhhh you know I love my funk! 🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesBack to the music. Friday. “Good To Know” ft. @UncleSego and @KP_Folarin @CortniAmbria dropping. Produced by… @zackvillere amazing 🌟 we gooo yah ready to party y’all, all u got in this world is your family, and the talent God blesses you with. Don’t take either for granted.And my bro new single/video dropping today glory @sincerely_april First off, txt me back!Aight stamp so....this the part of the rollout where I tell y’all I got a single bouta drop 🌟 @sincerely_april to organize your shopping trips ladies
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Omg 😂💀 @yeahytk Brah I hate that feeling lol. Ima wait til I got like 100K or sumn to call em fans if ever lolStamp!
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesAT ALL
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesNBA season starts tomorrow don’t touch me
Yo! Art niggas! Work hard and do it out of love. ❤️ @CALEBORATE just killed this DC show 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 starsCan’t wait 🌟
@_TheHeezyLife @SangoBeats Yaaaassss @SangoBeats @whoisalexvaughn Backstreet Boys could never lol 😂🙄Mo inspo @_skinnybob Hermano!lets goooo its out yall!
Retweeted by Ciscerico Hines @PatrickPaigeII Hold on pat u a bad biddy lol 😂 @atomoskhan I see bro! 😂That is the greatest soccer player of all time when he coked up
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesArguably a top 5-10 athlete of all time and the greatest cokehead of all time
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesAy moe... who tf is this?? get me! OF GOLD VIDEO OUT NOW. IF YOU GAVE IT AN HONEST LISTEN, THANK YOU 🏆
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesIdk what I’d do or be in life rn if it weren’t for Jesus. 🌟
More inspo. @_kanaboon “Silhouette” are being killed in Northern #Syria, women executed by the roadside, over 100,000 people running for their…
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@groovyliz_ 👤 lol🌟 @UncleSego 💯💯💯
@UncleSego Hold on bruh when you started moonwalkingAMERICAN POLICE ARE TERRORIST
Retweeted by Ciscerico Hines @lawkjackson Been listening to this jont all dayI apologize if I came off as judgemental, self righteous.. cuz in you I see His likeness
Skip fillers moe
@djmarauder_ Them his brothers shoes. Only logical explanationDon’t worry about what somebody else has. Count YOUR blessings. Play YOUR game. I promise, you’re good enough for what’s coming your way.
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesGlad I got out the house and got some air. @rMell_ I’m proud of u G. Howard U had uptown lit I’m not gon hold u!
Thank you eryone for your love and words of encouragement through this time. I couldn’t help but feel the light ❤️… tf is people so infatuated with money and clout? Keep y’all energy away from us please.
Man life is wild. But at least I got tekken tagThis song deserved more love
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesSo surreal seeing, experiencing & now posting this. Thank you @r_smokes_ @NAPPYNAPPA and brother irby for going to…
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Believe where you’re going, take the doubt away
Rest in Paradise mom I love you so much @MisterMcClenney U makin a drug deal??Stop name dropping and just do the work.
Retweeted by Ciscerico Hines @yooitsmo Nah this been happening for like the last 7 years look up strange trumpet noise on YouTube, it’s wild @TeddBoyd I literally keep up with majin on YouTube lol. And dog I just watched him the other day, eye musician goe… @TeddBoyd Brah I luv that Sht lol. Especially king players @_TheHeezyLife !!! Was it really dat good??
Fckin fact brah 💯 @ibangloud An I’m both so what that tell you! Lol @ibangloud Nah brah last preseason they looked like cheese and they were lol.Omg the lakers look unbeatable let’s go @africanist_ U the first photographer to get me back edited torch photos the same night lol 🌟 @AkeemMimiko Nah fr?!!!! So don’t ask me to go to a j Cole concert lol
@BabyxShad BrahThis nigga bout to skateboard into everybody hearts joint on the album. Really influenced my flow @WalkLikeWalt Cmon bruh think about what you’re saying @brandonjpayano U hear me 🌟☝🏾I love me some @cisceroo music
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesFinally we reunite again 🌸🙌🌸@aprilandvista
Retweeted by Ciscerico HinesTekashi Lying ya honor
Lul Chessmaster the goat tweet lol⁦@cisceroo⁩ 🏆
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