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@SinitusTempo Bless bro!An amazing black creator
Retweeted by Lil Work EthicBlind racism supporters gonna “this is God’s will” themselves right into the destruction of BabylonWhat??? Free her and I missed this, can’t wait to hear the album 😭
I like this get it💯💯💯
Retweeted by Lil Work Ethic @lttIisland @joeyBADASS @LeJitLeJit Beat crazy!Don’t let it go back to normal yet y’all. We gotta keep the pressure. No “here nigga damn” moments accepted hereTuh 🤝
@VampHostile It’s a virgil/Virgil chance it end before the week is upMaaaan look man. Smh. Sad trigger happy just called me bud like 2 days ago lol u😂😂😂😂😂 @christian_ebon Nope @mattjxsn This real????While we're defunding the police let's also deprivatize prisons. There's no reason these should be businesses. It c…
Retweeted by Lil Work EthicMy uncle train dogs I been round it my whole life. If u see a dog not listening to a fed and it keeps biting a citi… @bigbrussells It’s sad broAy brah 😂😂😂😂 (tomorrow) - peaceful protest in Prince George’s County Saturday - #Moechella demonstration Spread the w…
Retweeted by Lil Work Ethic
This. Fck the “stop killing us” goals. We need change in the system so they CANT kill us. signed. We jy gotta act as much as we talk family!! 🙏🏾 STILL not done yet West Donates $2 Mil to Arbery, Taylor, Floyd Families
Retweeted by Lil Work EthicWas just telling my mans this at this savage Shannon 💪🏾 @iArtSometimes I’m telling u. Mandatory time for killing should be the priority @yooitsmo One of the ones that stick with me too sis. SmhLast thing. This why erybody against the protests and drew brees and Trina needa shut up and let people do what the… EVER forget KENDRICK JOHNSON. #KENDRICKJOHNSON . Just look it up. Not gon overwhelm y’all. I’m out. But hopef…’s goooooo how many of y’all racists unfollow me btw. Fck a good vibe right now @akiramadethat Nah it needs to be the first one, to me. That’s the problems that needs fixing. Not a budget or sum other ShtDawg cops legit did a press conference and said looters stole $2.4M worth of Rolexes. The owner of the Rolex store…
Retweeted by Lil Work EthicSee this why that Sht ain’t sit right with me @akiramadethat Yeah they needs stop trialing kids as adults. And also cops needa do a mandatory of ten years for ki… Jones is innocent. Don't let him be executed by the state of Oklahoma. - Sign the Petition! via @Change
Retweeted by Lil Work Ethic @bxyega I felt this. And I agree brahShould we be ok with this? Is this a here nigga damn moment?
@djxdomo Ay moe 💀 @drewbrees shut the hell up😤😤😤😤 know eryone upset about the looting and I understand that. But it is what it is, it’s deeper than material things… B day Avion. Greatest rapper of all time @Zen_SaintJ I agree bruvaTower of God manga is so. Fckin. Good. It’s a huge world that makes sense @JamesArtimus Now we talking. 👀 @adnsimone You get it 🙏🏾 @cisceroo it was always spiritual. race in of itself is predicated by who you descend from, it’s jacob and esau at its core
Retweeted by Lil Work EthicOh there’s definitely some evil forces at work for racism to be this deeply seeded , passed down through generation…
Retweeted by Lil Work EthicI think racism is spiritual at this point. Everyone across the world has the same ignorant mindset to hate someone… @rMell_ We hated all over the world lol2 Virgils you’re becoming increasingly anxious and angry to the point of not being able to sleep, please unplug from socia… cent used to crank. Many Men aged so wellYes dog. If we can get this done to start, we can actually say we won something this time around gets it @nominaaat I don’t think anybody know lolCmon bruh.. don’t tell me blue lives matter. All these niggas gotta go. Need a whole reform niggas did a velvet lounge recap video
Damn I just realized... I never heard a bad kid cudi feature that’s crazy @IamWhaffle On everythingY’all gotta peep this. Wild as Sht @IamWhaffle “Cops dehumanize the people they are sworn to protect, and desensitize themselves in order to do the job”Chrono trigger > moe 😂😂😂😂😂 stamp💪🏾🙏🏾 preaching bro. @ctrlcmplx @mattVISTA Matt ghostwrite for me!1hunnid flustered cops couldn’t handle 3 tables at a restaurant, that’s what’s really goin on. They weeded! @SIREUTHEGR8 Bro shut up, we don’t een play like that. Ima hit u @BabyxShad S’why I say let’s leave this joint.It’s Mystery Babylon. But what do I know lol it. Bouta upload erything on @Bandcamp ❤️ thread is very sad but informative. Love the transparency slim
Don’t let these people be your god. They humanWe jy gotta get right with Jesus y’allSTFU if u ain’t never lived this black experience. Had someone u loved die before they time. Had to choose to stay… people especially poor black people gotta get up eryday and wonder if they gonna get shot, robbed, arrested..…’m staring at my off whites right now, he just ruined my whole fit worse than any edm festival could @CABBIE96 Yeah people alright, but they definitely was on some fck shit out thereAnd so many others since him, and so many more cops let off the hook!!! STOP SCROLLING !!! there’s only 123 days left until julius jones is due to be executed for a crime he did NOT c…
Retweeted by Lil Work Ethic @__solodolo__ Bet! @cisceroo Throwing in Richmond, VA
Retweeted by Lil Work EthicHelp out family @R3troSp3ctro U right bro, I’ve seen prayer change everything. Including my life.
I stamp Let’s try to be active and really make a change y’all! if America even got that long to see it done, seeing as tho we mystery Babylon. But this what needs to happen…