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Cissy Jones @cissyspeaks Los Angeles, CA

Award-winning voice actress, complete dork. she/her

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@SidSelant @BAFTAGames @NavidNegahban @dannywallace Thank you! I don't believe I'd seen these particular photos :)…
I was lucky enough to be in a Vamoire the Masquerade game led by Stephanie from @charmpersongame at…
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @samhughes88 @RosskoKeniston @ThePaulCollett And now @samhughes88 ‘s crew is the one with the BAFTAs!!!! Congrats o…
@RosskoKeniston @ThePaulCollett @samhughes88 Unreal!!! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years. Loved meeting you guys 💜💜💜Oops our copy got cut off 🥺 Get counted in the census!!
Retweeted by Cissy JonesLately, thinking about how small things, MICROSCOPIC things, can have a GLOBAL impact. I find calm in going out an…
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Going live in ten minutes with the showcase Vampire: the Masquerade game for #VirtualHorrorCon, featuring players…
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @kingolaf82 @JoshuaDoetsch @greyauthor @MiellynB @GehennaGaming Truly! Loved meeting you all :) And thank you @MiellynB for moderating!
Thirty minutes until our Voice Acting in Horror Games panel in @GehennaGaming's #VirtualHorrorCon. Join me,…
Retweeted by Cissy JonesTonight at 5pmPST join @MiellynB @courtenaytaylor and others to raise money for the @WHO and #COVID19 research. Tha… you are a teacher, doctor, police officer, or healthcare worker, I just wanted to say "thank you." The only razo…
Retweeted by Cissy JonesNow that the US is waking up, I'm looking for 3 more.
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @HannaTheHP600 Thank you, and you stay safe and healthy too 💜💜 @taraplatt @BryanDechart Your friendship is enough 💜💜 @Julie_Nathanson these are amazing @BryanDechart Plenty of lemons left if y’all need! @nickchester Y....yes?Barter is back!
Finally, Sunday 7:00 PM EDT @worldofdarkness's Vampire: The Masquerade #V5 run by Stephanie of @charmpersongame - A…
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @adam_orth I ascended to the Muttley laugh midway through My god. I have tears streaming down my face I’m laughing so hard 😂😂 @garywhitta He always looks like he just smelled a shart
@Racheldoesstuff So heartbreaking. I’m so very sad, and sending you so much love 💜💜
If you like gumshoe, I’d you like funny, if you like blue chewed shoes, I give you... NICK BOUNTY!! By the amazing… @Summersett_ Can confirm @tha_rami @jukiokallio @DarrenKorb @erin_yvette @ashly_burch @jhaletweets @jpkarliak @erikaishii @aurahack @ZNathanson👀 👀 👀!!!! last night after watching ep 5 of Tiger King "what used to be an 11 on my crazy scale is now solidly a 4"😳
@steinekin Haha I wasn’t far from towne square! @MiellynB @ItsErinFusco @emiliym @wingedlioness @kendrawesome I don’t!! @MiellynB @ItsErinFusco @emiliym @wingedlioness @kendrawesome I played so. Much. Oregon. Trail. Also, this weird Se… Next Door is very wholesome.
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @Martholio @dishonored @ArkaneStudios @bethesda @steinekin WUT! Yep, Boise born n raised! Well, til I was 18 at least ;) @RulerOfRome06 @BryanDechart @AmeliaRBlaire @Melyhutch, a Bee’s gotta do what a Bee’s gotta do @RogerCraigSmith I have never loved you moreSo many Americans right now are stepping up to help their communities. Zohaib Begg, a 7-year-old from VA, is one of…
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @RogerCraigSmith Can you please set this to “let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye? I feel it compliments the scene perfectlyFor the record, I truly don’t care what gender you all fall under, but in animation the gender of our target demogr…
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@DarksideStraxus fashion was not our forte 🤷‍♀️ @Jaywhy17 thank you! and yeah, Lions is where I graduated from - just got started somewhere else! haha @ReverendQuasi @selmaleh @erin_yvette @gamedevworld @jhaletweets @ashly_burch @erikaishii @jpkarliak Ssshhhhhh @erin_yvette Solid. Gold. @ashly_burch @VanillaBear @selmaleh @erin_yvette @gamedevworld @jhaletweets @ashly_burch @erikaishii @jpkarliak Hahahahahahahahh… storytelling for the kiddos happening TOMORROW over on Instagram! #VoiceActorsRead was kind enough to ask me t…
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @Jaywhy17 knights was 9-10, lions 11-12 :) @MarcusKincaidVG @selmaleh @erin_yvette @gamedevworld @jhaletweets @ashly_burch @erikaishii @jpkarliak hahaha i nev… @KodiMacLeod @erikaishii @jpkarliak @jhaletweets @ashly_burch @selmaleh @erin_yvette Thank you for being there!!Also that is supposed to say $11K in donations, not $11 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 @angrywelshgamer @erin_yvette @erikaishii @jhaletweets @ashly_burch @jpkarliak @selmaleh Thank you thank you for tuning in!!Alright, here goes nuttin. We passed $11 in donations (!!!), & so, as promised... me, high school, Boise, ID. Go kn… live at 11amPST! one hour and 40 minutes until we go live with our portion of the fundraiser! Details here - come join the f… @actor_morla @larissala @Julie_Nathanson @TJFixman Gotta go with tried & true and always perfect I've never had a hard time sleeping. But the past three nights I have slept a total of 3 hours. I'm writing this…
Retweeted by Cissy JonesNeed some good news? Me too. Thanks @johnkrasinski 💜 #SomeGoodNews belly laughed 😂
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New record.
Retweeted by Cissy JonesI’m participating in #VirtualHorrorCon next weekend! all proceeds from this event (April 4-5) will go to the… distance relationship @selmaleh Whatever makes you happy 🤷🏼‍♀️This group of goofs will be playing Jackbox to support @wingsfundme & @gamedevworld's efforts to help devs affected…
Retweeted by Cissy JonesDC friends! My amazingly talented soul sister @hollybluebike is taking family photos quarantine-style! Check out he… @andvaranaut @richsommer Gracias por nos incluyamos en su lista increible! Que contenta de que te haya gustada nues… @selmaleh @courtenaytaylor @larissala @YugSTAR I miss yer mugs 😘😘💜 was a really special night 💜💜 @Kid_Desimo this performance, the role of Saturday will now be played by Tuesday. Thank you and enjoy the show!
Retweeted by Cissy JonesJoin me and these lovely folk on Monday @ 11am PST on twitch for some Jackboxin' fun! @jhaletweets @cissyspeaks
Retweeted by Cissy JonesVERY cool VO friends & I are playing Jackbox games for the @gamedevworld charity stream, benefitting the GDC relief…
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Join us on Twitch Monday at 11amPST for a super fun fundraiser! @selmaleh @erin_yvette @ashly_burch @jhaletweets IS EVERYTHING 😭❤
Retweeted by Cissy JonesHappy to finally announce my new game studio, Silver Rain Games! @silverraingames has been my life & soul these pa…
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @lilmissphillips AAhhhhhhh so exciting!!!! Congratulations my friend! @KatieFlamman I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’ll be able to reschedule soon! @KatieFlamman Nope. 6.5 hours. Nobody answered and it was time for dinner w my kids. What a wasted day 😒Two years ago at the Hollywood premiere for @StubbyMovie. I spent all morning in my hotel trying to figure out how…
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@Summersett_ @KhalNoray @Orbitz Just passed the 5 hour mark myself 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ cases in LA County have almost doubled in the last two days. On Wednesday there were 787 total cases. Toda…
Retweeted by Cissy JonesDuring this crisis, our grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, transit and utility workers—along with so many othe…
Retweeted by Cissy JonesDid I mention I purchased trip insurance??? Shame on you @OrbitzClosing in on THREE HOURS @Orbitz. Nothing about this makes me eager to ever book with you again. @lisa_catara @Orbitz These jerks. Why the hell do they even offer insurance if they won’t honor it???? I’m rageful at this point. @jr_gsy It’s so much kenny g. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but JFC. I don’t care about your effing songbird anymore. @RedBeardWalking NOT INCORRECTA list of things I’ve done since I’ve been on hold: Showered (phone on Bluetooth speaker) Made my kids a snack Work… much elevator music can one person listen to before complete insanity takes hold? Asking for a friend.I have literally been on hold for 2 hours 17 min at this point. I’m an independent contractor. Give me a friekin br…’s a fun thing to deal with on top of quarantining, homeschooling, wfh, etc - I have to cancel my flight from a… @AJLoCascio @ashly_burch @charlottenicdao @meganganz @MrDavidReed @turlygod @thehumphreyker @paulfoxcroft @yenialvarez @SeanTheBaptiste @CAskerneese @Luceobrien @shoomlah why not let’s play buddy's wife is a hospital physician. He's caring for 2 babies as she stays with colleagues to protect them. Toni…
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If you’re using: 1. animation 2. books 3. comics 4. movies 5. music 6. TV shows 7. video games 8. Etc. to help g…
Retweeted by Cissy Jones @samito To say this night was one of the most surreal and wonderful nights of my life is such an understatement. Th…