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I am in the middle of carrying a league of legends game about to close it out, and my bra-less wife brings me a san… @MilkyyCod @SlayziiiSZN you’re robbing me of money to take another girl out????? men disgust me @jeriiiiika kinda cute how your fans make burners just to keep up to date with your every move💗 @MilkyyCod @SlayziiiSZN LMAOOO then you’ll be out $10 @SlayziiiSZN @MilkyyCod W @belmiic @thatgirlgatto @UxTHeadshot @belmiic @belmiic omg haha pics or it didn’t happen👹🤣🤨🥱😵why do men…u rlly gotta decide what’s worth ur time and what isn’t and make changes accordingly. no one else is gonna do that for u
Retweeted by mica @RawDogg209 of course you’d kick my ass on rocket league… only losers play that shit :// @Ryan_Recon let’s go sis😌 @RawDogg209 ??????? @thatgirlgatto come catch these kisses real quicki need new purses and shoescan’t wait for new york
@jrxsv_ nah save that money for when we go road trippin 🚙💨 @jrxsv_ thank u mama jennnobody’s safe☠️ @CrypticVZN no way, same😋 @CrypticVZN i’m a whore for chicken souvlaki @ramon_mun0z glitter is supposed to be sparkly, not grey @ramon_mun0z if i blow on u ashes fly @ramon_mun0z even at my job, the parents are always somehow worse than their kids. @thatgirlgatto @jrxsv_ 😚😚 @CrypticVZN yuuppppnot even my #WCW but my woman crush EVERYDAY like oh my god look at this beauty @CityCaela 😍❤️
Retweeted by mica#wcw , but bein’ this bad got me crushin everyday🥱🥵 @jrxsv_ @belmiic take me when i come to calidamn it’s Wednesday and no one called me their WCW 😪
Retweeted by micaI be rude asf when I get mad so don’t even talk to me or ima hurt your feelings 🤣
Retweeted by mica @mattsteiniger @NoleNation19 …. nicewish i wasn’t so easily replaceable (: @NoleNation19 because it looks good🤝 @MilkyyCod @MilkyyCod sir that is american, beans are the most important part of an english breakfast!!!i really wanna try making english breakfast sometime soon @Nox_Caelum2 @ApxlloW meow😼all my cutie kittens better be on their best behaviour today.. otherwise you’re going to get a wittle spanking😼 @ScubaaSteve4 good morning sir! @ApxlloW LMAOOO! hope you’re having a great day, apollo💞 @UxTHeadshot good morning kitten🐱💞good morning 😋 !! @ScubaaSteve4 @KIRNEILL ily🥺 @TheMrJPistachio nahhim in general🤡 @Ryan_Recon @ramon_mun0z hey lol @ramon_mun0z BIG timelet’s get matching Jordan 1s
Retweeted by micaNut on her tits , call that a Chestnut. 🥜
Retweeted by micaI like being a slut y’all be easy tho!!!
Retweeted by mica @craymusic STOP RN I LOVE YOU @CityCaela Any day ur a catch
Retweeted by micawhen is it my turn???? being surprised by the same shit
Retweeted by mica @VinkolaJokic LMFAOOO ILY VIN @Shakker__ @NoleNation19 yall can take this romance to the dms @Shakker__ @NoleNation19 no thanks !! @NoleNation19 @Shakker__ noted @thatgirlgatto same. sometimes i want a s/o, & other times i just wanna throw ass on everyone i seeidk if i want a bf??????? one day i dooooo and one day i donttttt la la la head so empty
Retweeted by mica @SenpaiKoala @VinkolaJokic of course😌 @Ryan_Recon you gotta show me all the hot spots @VinkolaJokic tag alongonce i’m in new york catch me at every open club/bar @KIRNEILL @SenseQuality @ramon_mun0z @CrypticVZNGiving away 3 PC/STREAM Optimizations from @SenseQuality 1. Like & RT 2. Follow @SenseQuality 3. Follow @KIRNEILL
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you weren't asking for too much, you were asking the wrong person
Retweeted by mica @VinkolaJokic feel that vin @NoleNation19 … surevideo games aren’t fun anymore🙂 @KaleiRenay fire fitAll day thooming
Retweeted by mica @KaleiRenay @Nadeshot huge voucha baddie and cod, what more could you ask for?😌🎮 @jrxsv_ yes ma’am, alwayswhere are they maaannnn😔 @Ryan_Recon it’s been 30 secondswho’s up & needs some head? @CrypticVZN fitting
Retweeted by micaYou not my friend if you let other people speak badly about me to you cause you don’t wanna start problems
Retweeted by mica @JChase_r lucky? @JChase_r no💗 to bed tonight happy as fuck that I got a kiss through voice notes ☺️
Retweeted by micaALL BLACK KIM POSSIBLE? this is as girly as it ever gets with me.
Retweeted by micaLet me be a whore in peace plsss I don’t care if you think ima go to hell lmfaooo
Retweeted by mica @itsyourgirlmaz she so fine @thatgirlgatto @jrxsv_ 😳
perks of having friends from the states is they can enter in u.s only giveaways for me😌💅🏼 @SlayziiiSZN @MilkyyCod WHY AM I BEING ATTACKED RN?!?? WTF @MilkyyCod @SlayziiiSZN we’re all doomed… @CrypticVZN @SlayziiiSZN @MilkyyCod leave me alone, slayziii !!!! @MilkyyCod ADD ME @MilkyyCod right here ! @SlayziiiSZN @MilkyyCod i’m actually into grandpas @leileiokay you bet your cute ass i’m coming to see you, taking you out for drinks😌