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City of OKC @cityofokc Oklahoma City, OK

The official account of The City of Oklahoma City. Emergency: dial 911. Water Emergency: (405) 297-3334 Contact: or (405) 297-2174

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@IHateKD Visit for interactive maps, lists and more on the $1.2B #BetterSaferOKC program, m… @OkiePatrick Weather permitting, a contractor will start cleaning and replacing the brickwork this week. The steel… @stevelackmeyer cc: @OKCPD @OSBIPIO @FBIOklahomaCity @INTERPOL_HQ
@OKCNightCourt Unfortunately the break occurred around 3 o’clock. Based upon the original projected time, it will l… @davidfholt @okc_blvd @KingsOfLeon @Maps3 @ScissortailPark @cityofyukonok Geez boss. Thank goodness you’re on our t… newest addition to #OKC City Hall: diaper changing stations in both first-floor bathrooms. Keep them in mind if… Due to a water main break, routes 007 & 008 will use the following detour: Inbound: south on Penn. Wes…
Retweeted by City of OKCUpdate: We will be closing both southbound lanes of Pennsylvania Ave near NW 20th so crews can repair the water mai… Water Utility crews are responding to a 20" water main break in the vicinity of NW 20th and Pennsylvania. The b… @urbanlivingokc @_ashleysellers @OKCAction Thanks, Gary. We’re working to get details on this now. Break is to a 20” water main. ^jm @okc_blvd @KingsOfLeon @davidfholt @Maps3 @ScissortailPark He’s from @cityofyukonok. @bezzblack We are sorry to hear about these incidents. When it's safe, people can call 911 to report incidents like… @KingsOfLeon, Mayor @davidfholt and the #OKC Council to officially dedicate the newly named Kings of Leon Lane… Check faucets, showerheads, and under sinks for pooling or drips. Fixing a leaking faucet can save…
Retweeted by City of OKC @aliceafterall Hi Alice, Our monthly bulky collection is a three-day process generally. If it is not picked up by e…
OTD in 1969: Strike supporters demonstrated during the intensifying economic boycott downtown. They held signs, han…
@CanCGDallas @NationalDefence @NORADCommand #OKC Mayor’s Veteran Support Coalition will host a series of resource fairs for service members, veterans and m…
Local artist Klint Schor wrapped up installation of “Glacial Erratics,” a new @okcarts_culture public art installat… @theWebbula @stevelackmeyer Repairs like these are scheduled by the railroad, and we only coordinate traffic contro… @david_lam @okcsavage We're using green paint in some places too -- mostly "conflict zones" like intersections or,… @ChadDNA @okcsavage intersection of Britton Road and Western Avenue in north #OKC will be partially closed Sept. 15-19 for railroad…
@andyokc Thanks for letting us know. We reported it to the 24/7 street emergency number, (405) 297-3451. That’s the…
Working an officer-involved shooting near NW 122/Warwick Drive (in area of NW 122nd/MacArthur). Please avoid area.…
Retweeted by City of OKC @MistaCurryX5 Thanks for your comments. We’re proud of our judges and our Court. We are passing along your tweets. ^mkOklahoma City Manager Craig Freeman announced the selection of Geoffrey Butler as the next Planning Director:…
@kukblue1 @oncueexpress Thanks for reporting this. Sounds like they need to readjust their irrigation system timer.…
The @USAccelerate Advisory Council gathered this week in OKC. Mayor @DavidfHolt explains their partnership with doz… @mshinn35 Sorry to hear about that. Please call Utilities Customer Service at 297-2833 so they can issue a work ord… @c82mcdonald @Twitter @Google Hello. The outage in the tweet you referenced is from 2016. Are you experiencing an outage now? ^mk @givemebackmydog We’ve got plans for bike lanes in #bikewalkokc, our master plan for cyclists/pedestrians. Visit… Newsletter - September 2019 -
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@karahall You can call 911 if they’ve been stopped for more than 10 minutes. Details here: ^mkThe VA and other Veteran service organizations will be holding the 2019 Veteran's Sooner Stand Down TOMORROW Septem…
Retweeted by City of OKC @JordanDReyes You can call 911 to report stopped trains. Details are in this link, with one clarification. Because… @SchouppeD @BNSFRailway @OKCPD The City isn’t involved in that litigation. There was temporary confusion in our 911… @OKCNightCourt @stevelackmeyer @davidfholt @jospacebear @mstonecipher13 @GreenwellOKC @louisamqn There’s a limit, b… @CodieJoe Because of staff limitations and prioritization for animals that have attacked someone, response to stray… @stevelackmeyer No. ^mk
@christeen405 @OKCAction We have submitted this issue to our Public Works Dept. The Case number is C19-54597. ^zn
@USAccelerate @davidfholt @USAccelerate just touched down in @cityofokc and we are very excited for our Advisory Council meeting this week hosted by @davidfholt 🙌
Retweeted by City of OKCTomorrow kicks off National Preparedness Month. Events like Hurricane #Dorian are a good reminder that emergencies…
Retweeted by City of OKCWATER LINE BREAK: OKC Utilities Crews are repairing a water line break near N. Council at Hefner Road. Area neighbo… @davidfholt @RNFdowney @stphntylr Sorry for delayed response. From Public Works: It's an @ATT manhole. We aren't su… @ninamarie_4 No. Our three main reservoirs in OKC are primarily sources for drinking water, so a houseboat would no… @urbanlivingokc Sorry that we just now saw this. Here are some details: ^mkSeptember is EMSAcare month in #OKC, when residents may change their membership with @EMSAOK's ambulance service pr…
Happy #LaborDay and happy first day of holiday bus service! Today's holiday service schedule is the same as our wee…
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Don't forget! EMBARK officially runs 365 days a year, which means we'll be running tomorrow on #LaborDay! Our holid…
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Proud of our @OKCFD teams. Good luck! 💪🏼't forget! Buses will be running on Labor Day (Monday)! EMBARK officially runs 365 days a year. Our holiday serv…
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Walker Avenue will be narrowed from Main Street to Sheridan Avenue in downtown #OKC Sept. 3-13 for work in the midd… and other partners are adjusting the free grocery shuttle service in northeast #OKC as part of ongoing e… @okhistory On Labor Day weekend 1969: Some workers were back on the job after accepting small raises effective Sept… The street has been re-opened ahead of schedule. Thanks for your patience.
Due to damage from storms, S Morgan Road is temporarily closed between SW 32nd and SW 33rd streets. The closure is… @EMBARKOK @OKCStreetcar @okcparks @okcpets Labor Day is our first-ever holiday with @EMBARKOK bus service. It follo… of #OKC services are affected Monday, Sept. 2, in observance of Labor Day. Details: @stphntylr We will review the previous cases and open a new @OKCAction ticket this morning. It’s stubborn brother o…
Are you a junior or senior for @OKCPS? Do you know someone who is? Make sure to check out our #HaulPass program to…
Retweeted by City of OKC @philipzorn Thanks for letting us know. We reported it to @OKCAction, Case No. C19-53804. ^mk @meganinreallife Thanks for letting us know. We reported it to @OKCAction, Case No. C19-53804. ^mkAll classes and activities are cancelled for Wednesday, August 28th for #OKCPS due to loss of power at multiple sch…
Retweeted by City of OKC @PRyckbost @stevelackmeyer Thanks for letting us know. We’ve reported the error to IT. ^mk @stevelackmeyer @dynamicdml Those are all powered by We have alerted IT. Thanks for letting us know. ^mk @dynamicdml @stevelackmeyer We are seeing that error now too. We’ll report to IT. Thanks for letting us know. ^mk @stevelackmeyer Sorry to hear that. Can you show us so we can look into it? ^mk
@annalangthorn We have restrictions on what we can do with the City Hall benches, because they're original to the b… tips for power outages from @HealthyOklahoma, including on refrigerated/frozen food and generators:… @davidfholt and the Oklahoma City Council just approved an ambitious and unique #MAPS4 package for voters to… properties (businesses, churches, schools, nonprofits, etc.) are responsible for their own debris pickup.Be sure to stack limbs separately from other bulky waste items if it's your bulky waste pickup week. Keep stacked l… crews are in the field assessing damage from the overnight storms. Residents with downed tree limbs can stack… @FoxyNotary We do not handle matters of electricity. You will need to contact @OGandE and ask them about any food in your refrigerator. ^jmAll classes and activities are cancelled for both students and staff for Tuesday, August 27th for #OKCPS due to los…
Retweeted by City of OKCIn addition to the power outages, flash flooding is currently ongoing. This is leading to a dangerous situation whe…
Retweeted by City of OKC#ServiceAlert All streetcars are holding due to excessive winds along the route.
Retweeted by City of OKCOKC Metro area - Numerous reports of power outages with the wind associated with this line of storms. Take storm pr…
Retweeted by City of OKCSevere weather is moving through our service area. If your power your power goes out, here's how to report it: Sign…
Retweeted by City of OKC9:02pm - A line of storms continue to enter into the OKC metro area. High winds and possible large hail has been ob…
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Councilwoman @NikkiNiceOKC and Mayor @DavidfHolt talk about @HomelandStores plans to open a full-service grocery st… @MissTonyaLee You can take both to the City's Household Hazardous Waste Collection facility located at 1621 S Portl… there is still much work to be done, this is a momentous step for the continued renaissance of NEOKC! We are…
Retweeted by City of OKCWard 7 Councilwoman @NikkiNiceOKC welcomes @HomelandStores' plans to open a full-service grocery store and headquar…
@Zac_Fowler @OKCMOA @davidfholt @PhillyRaeOK @zachnash Merci à toi. @AnnaMassey11 @OKCMOA @davidfholt @PhillyRaeOK J’espère que le vin est délicieux. @Zac_Fowler @OKCMOA @davidfholt @PhillyRaeOK @zachnash ouais, c’est moi. @OKCMOA @davidfholt @PhillyRaeOK Mdrr! @OKCMOA @davidfholt @PhillyRaeOK Bon appétit Monsieur le Maire. #uneokc
Re: MAPS 4 (thread) MAPS has forever changed Oklahoma City. It has given us a way to address the challenges of…
Retweeted by City of OKCOKC: Even though the new Oklahoma City Boulevard between E.K. Gaylord Blvd./Shields Ave. and just east of Klein Ave…
Retweeted by City of OKC @KayNelton Please call 297-3334 to report this issue. ^zn proposed MAPS 4 package is focused on neighborhood and human needs, as well as quality of life and job-creating… proposed MAPS 4 program includes all 16 of the projects that received a scheduled presentation during this summ… @davidfholt and the Oklahoma City Council will consider a potential #MAPS4 package at its Tuesday meeting, in…👀 (With apologies to @LincolnRiley)
Retweeted by City of OKC @Pwalkerokc We are still running on generator power, but everything should be close to normal in terms of water pressure.