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City of OKC @cityofokc Oklahoma City, OK

The official account of The City of Oklahoma City. Emergency: dial 911. Water Emergency: (405) 297-3334 Contact: or (405) 297-2174

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@OKCannaCoCEO Thanks for reaching out. We have asked Public Works if there’s a date available, and we’ll let you know what we hear. ^mk @rob_agnew Sorry for the frustration. If it’s only three days, it should have been OK. Here’s information about bul… We're looking for your feedback on the potential redesign of I-35 between I-40 and I-44 in OKC. For the the su…
Retweeted by City of OKC @stevelackmeyer They have approval from the Urban Design Commission to replace that tile with new, matching tile. ^mkWe have also added information about #coronavirus to our @okcoem website at You’ll find… @CaryPirrong @OKCAction @OKCPD Hi and thanks for letting us know. We called it in to our emergency street number, a… @DanielLevitt32 @VCP_HQ As part of the $978 million #MAPS4 program, OKC voters chose to invest $50 million in “hous… @DanielLevitt32 You are confusing us with the state government. We don’t operate prisons or even a jail. ^mk @DanielLevitt32 As part of the $978 million #MAPS4 program, OKC voters chose to invest $40 million in a new Mental… @DanielLevitt32 We’ve invested $1.2 billion infrastructure as part of the #BetterSaferOKC campaign. Find project ma… @DanielLevitt32 Municipalities in Oklahoma don’t fund schools. That’s the state government. ^mk @DanielLevitt32 It’s actually not fracking. It’s injection wells. Here’s a link about earthquake safety: ^mk @DanielLevitt32 It was a joke because of how much we love Lu Dort. @Easywaters2x @okgov Sorry about that. A recent state law expands local authority via @PUDOCC, but a federal judge…
You can take the census online, by phone, by mail or at your nearest @MetroLibraryOK starting March 12. All submiss… #2020Census goes live in just two weeks! An accurate census count can mean better economic investments and job… business owners like Ba Luong from @supercaonguyen know the impact of the #2020Census and the importance of e… about the #coronavirus? Our partners at @okchealth have updated, accurate information at… @OKcommerce Not a selfie, but these are some of our favorite #2020Census ambassadors in #OKC. #OKLetsCount @jospacebear @NikkiNiceOKC @MetroLibraryOK Not a selfie, but these are some of our favorite #2020Census ambassadors… @OKcommerce The #2020Census can be completed online this time. No internet connection? No problem! You can also tak… @jospacebear @NikkiNiceOKC The #2020Census can be completed online this time. No internet connection? No problem! Y… @OKcommerce The #2020Census affects funding for hundreds of programs that everyone in #OKC relies on, including res… @jospacebear @NikkiNiceOKC The #2020Census affects funding for hundreds of programs that everyone in #OKC relies on… @OKcommerce The City of #OKC and #BeCountedOKC partners have been training and identifying community leaders to hel… @jospacebear @NikkiNiceOKC The City of #OKC and #BeCountedOKC partners have been training and identifying community… @OKcommerce Each household that doesn't complete the census will cost OKC roughly $1,675 per person in federal fund… @jospacebear @NikkiNiceOKC Each household that doesn't complete the census will cost OKC roughly $1,675 per person… see Councilwomen @jospacebear and @NikkiNiceOKC. #2020Census #OKLetsCount're here in #OKC. We've got a #2020Census website set up at #OKLetsCount @Team_Tinker @OKcommerce FINAL UPDATE: The @Team_Tinker lockdown is over. (cc: @OKcommerce). 3:07pm 2/27/20 WORLD: All clear, the lockdown on Tinker Air Force Base has been lifted. #Tinkerupdates
Retweeted by City of OKCUPDATE: We will be pausing our participation in this chat because of the developing lockdown situation at… WORLD: Tinker Air Force Base is currently on lockdown. Seek shelter and apply appropriate procedures as necess…
Retweeted by City of OKC @ounwcm case you missed the State of the City address yesterday, you can watch it or read it at this link:
Retweeted by City of OKC @DanielLevitt32 @FiveThirtyEight We are sorry to inform you this story is inaccurate at worst, and incomplete at be… @SockoMcTaters That's not one of the specific chat questions, no. But we are aware of that and have posted a sample… us later this afternoon. In the meantime, learn more about the #2020Census at… voting is under way for the #OKC initiative petition election, and others in Oklahoma.
Yep, that’s really the @Indigo_Girls in Mayor @davidfholt’s office. Check out the next #CityHallSessions for the fu… @davodn @EMBARKOK We recommend singing up for EMBARK's newsletter to stay up to date on meeting schedules and what'… @yardclipper That's not on the list of our business licenses, which you can find here: ^mk @davodn The most recent development is that @EMBARKOK took over interim administrative functions this month. The RT… @TheBrettChase Thank you for taking the time to reach out. We reported this to @OKCAction, Case No. C20-09736. Find… #OKC would be remiss if I didn’t share some thoughts on what happened in this city 25 years ago and what it says about…’s been a sea change in this city as communities that have felt ignored now feel included. It’s probably the N… final topic is incorporating the diversity of our city into decision-making. Diversity is our reality, and if i… is where we talk about things nobody could achieve on their own. It will include public education, business an… know there are big dreams out there now, and we often don’t bother to bring them up because we know the right peo…'m personally the product of public schools in this city, having spent my entire education in @PutnamCityOK, and m… a candidate for Mayor, I highlighted education as one of my top priorities. That was unique because mayors don’t… are many more aspects of #OKC life improving daily that I could highlight. Time just doesn’t allow it. But it… doubled-down on unity and people from both political parties, different ethnicities and different parts of the c… #MAPS4 failed, the investments in our city that we’ve grown accustomed to would have simply ended. Whatever it… 1993, quality of life in #OKC required a trade-off. Forget about professional sports, arts, culture, great food,… want to recognize the great team we have at City Hall. Eight other elected officials, Councilmembers Greiner,… offered us the opportunity to put together a working group of some of our most innovative city empl… helped create a new Regional Transportation Authority, joining @CityofEdmond, @cityofnormanok, @cityofmoore,… the last 14 months, we opened the @OKCStreetcar & welcomed 500,000+ riders. We added Sunday & holiday @EMBARKOK also approved permanent funding for more than 120 new police officers. Just in the time since I took office,…'re engaged in the largest street repair initiative in city history, thanks to approval by voters in 2017 of the…’re 620 square miles, one of the largest cities in the U.S. by land mass. To illustrate this, last year I picked… Dec. 10, 72% of voters approved the #MAPS4 initiative, setting a modern record for a sales tax vote in our city,… #StateOfOKC as we sit here today is triumphant. We faced the dragon of division that is laying siege to America… @davidfholt's #StateOfOKC speech is about to begin at the @coxconvcenter, hosted by the @okcchamber. Follow a… voting is Thursday-Saturday in the March 3 initiative petition election in #OKC to consider a permanent 1/8-c… @ClassenSASOKC @OKCPS @davidfholt @TotalTrafficOKC🚨 TRAFFIC ALERT: NW 6th Street between Robinson Ave. and Harvey Ave. downtown is closed while OKC Utilities crews… @davidfholt @mkokc Here is the @USDOTFRA shortlink to be shared far and wide: ^mk
In about 24 hours, I will take the stage for my second State of the City address. I finished writing the speech las…
Retweeted by City of OKC @Donna_Faye06 @jayaral14 Of course. Report them to @OKCAction and we will fix them. Find the most convenient way to…
Today, we launched a website highlighting our work, the process/methods and some stories about the people we’ve tal…
Retweeted by City of OKC @simonlevin @WeAreOKC The nobody saying nothing is just a common Twitter joke setup. We are celebrating @luguentz. @MissTonyaLee @okcparks @OKelections You can check your polling place, see sample ballots and more using the… @MissTonyaLee @okcparks @OKelections Just go to your normal precinct. You’ll get multiple ballots. ^mk @KGeezle an absentee ballot by 5 p.m. Feb. 26 to vote by mail in the March 3 initiative petition election in #OKC to…
Retweeted by City of OKC @OKCNightCourt @davidfholt @JamesForOKC me and my friends: LU DORT
Winter Shelter beds will be open Tuesday, February 25th
Retweeted by City of OKC @stevelackmeyer @shawn_dubs @RideOKC The re-decking project is delayed, so the bridge will be open in the interim. ^mk
@Mike_Slack_OK Thank you for letting us know. We have sent this to @okcparks. ^zn @shawn_dubs Sorry about that. Closed for dredging. @okcparks was working on detour signs, so we will check the status. ^mk
The @cityofokc's Innovation Team is hosting an open house on Mon., Feb. 24 from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Stop by and…
Retweeted by City of OKC @aaronnewberry @stevelackmeyer The contractor is waiting for the right weather conditions. It needs to be 45 degree… census is our once-in-a-decade opportunity to get the federal resources for healthcare, education, congressiona… you to @OKCPS teacher Judith Huerta and students at Taft 5th Grade Center at Linwood for joining the effort t…
A resilient and genuine city, we are authentically Oklahoman. We are the Modern Frontier. #SeeOKC
Retweeted by City of OKCThe intersection of Klein Avenue and Oklahoma City Boulevard will be closed 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 25, for… @porcelainchaos We have some great news for you. That's on the way from @ParkingOKC/@EMBARKOK. Details: ^mk @15Deloreans Bad. ^mkAnnual maintenance of the Oklahoma River includes draining sections of it to dredge silt. It’s only accessible by a… @aaronnewberry @stevelackmeyer We were missing that (a neighborhood resurfacing project) on our map. Our apologies.… @briOKC We are hoping to make progress with the $50 million for "housing first" affordable housing (… @aaronnewberry @stevelackmeyer The only project we show around NW 5th and Kentucky is a sidewalk repair. Is that wh… @stevelackmeyer @andyrine @jospacebear