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James Bradley @cityoftongues Sydney, Australia

Author of Wrack, The Deep Field, The Resurrectionist and Clade. Editor of The Penguin Book of the Ocean. New novel, Ghost Species, out now.

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@TheVelvetNap As is the book! @TheVelvetNap I really do recommend the movie. It’s lovely. @TheVelvetNap I loved Lily King’s Writers and Lovers. Warm and funny. Also if you feel like a movie that will cheer… @mjohnharrison I’m really excited to read it. Have heard great things. @tallandtrue @mjohnharrison What’s inside is pretty stunning as well :)Finally! ⁦@mjohnharrison⁩
@georgefwoods Wrote about it in something I just finished. Still fills me with fury.
@MeredithCurnow @writtenbysime @pottspointbooks Ah! Brilliant! Huge congratulations! @paperback_books @wtb_Michael I have to confess I think The House I’d Sleep is his best, though. The footnotes! @paperback_books @wtb_Michael Closed Circle is also good. @justinractliffe @jiatolentino Oh! Thank you. What a fabulous piece (about a fabulous album).
@SallyMGillespie @jo_m_chandler @LucyTreloar That's wonderful; thank you so much. And yes, excited to read yours as well! @woodlandraised No problem. I really loved it.Sending love to everybody in Melbourne. I can't imagine how hard it must be to be back where you are. We're all thinking of you. @jenniferdown That's awful. I'm so sorry. Thinking of you. @jo_m_chandler @LucyTreloar Thank you! I'm so pleased. And Wolfe Island is fantastic; I wish everybody would read it. @NStottDespoja @frala_fontaine Ah! I hope you enjoy it. And that you're doing okay.“This interbreeding effect that happened 60,000 years ago is still having an impact today.”
@wtb_Michael @BramPresser Everybody should get a tax deduction for books IMO. @wtb_Michael @BramPresser Afraid not. @BramPresser @wtb_Michael Oh I hear you both. I had to tally my receipts for EOFY. It was ... not good.Ping @wtb_Michael, @BramPresser.I'll be talking to @sarahvmac about Ghost Species and de-extinction on @abcsydney just after 8:15pm tonight. Tune in!Hot tip: @woodlandraised's Sleepovers is the business. Seek it out.
Excited about this! @catsparx @draxtor @SecondLife Very cool!Am doing a Zoom Q&A event this coming Monday (06th) with the wonderful @avidreader4101 books; which means you can b…
Retweeted by James Bradley @david_gange I’m planning to read it in the next couple of weeks. Really looking forward to it. @musicandmemoir @angsavage @TruckerSlim @LesEverettFreo That’s lovely. And I’m sorry - it’s such a hard thing. I hope you’re doing okay. @joellegergis @cimuir @newsouthbook @ClimateJen I just read your monthly piece, which is fantastic.
Really honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to this remarkable book. Out 1 October from ⁦…
@asyndetic @Dystocalypse @poliamida @timmaughan @fairfairisles @TieryasXu @USKillbotics @marjoriemliu @xasymptote @BrigidHains Thank you! @BrigidHains Do you mind if I shoot through a DM?
Thinking of everybody affected by the lockdown in Melbourne. It must be so difficult to be back there. Hope you're all okay.The Animals: @laurajeanmckay, @cityoftongues James Bradley, & #ChrisFlynn's wild re-imaginings of other species..&…
Retweeted by James Bradley @BramPresser @m_riwoe @charles_yu @ElzbthT @PatrAllington @RobbieArnott @maclehosepress @blakesarah Thank you!
@justine_hyde @FitzcarraldoEds @scribepub And very funny. @mitchedgeworth Are you saying you don’t like my softening jawline and slack neck skin? @justine_hyde @FitzcarraldoEds @scribepub I loved it as well.I’m giving an online author talk tomorrow at 7pm for @suthlib - I’ll be discussing the research behind my latest no…
Retweeted by James Bradley @laurajeanmckay Brilliant. Thank you!
@laurajeanmckay Are they being recorded? @Georgiarybanks :) Thank you.I think the world would be a better place if everyone had a happy baby goat living under their stove.
Retweeted by James Bradley @Georgiarybanks That's good! I think ... @Mahmud_writer Thank you. Glad it was some respite. I'm in the middle of the Mantel, so I hear you about long novels! @miriamcosic Brilliant! Thank you so much. Although sorry about the late night :) @Georgiarybanks Thank you. That's lovely of you. I'm really pleased you enjoyed it!“White journalists who step off the ledge to dip their toes into the raging pool of racial turmoil can produce awar…
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I've got it, and it's a corker.
I've got an essay out in the new issue of @THEMONTHLY
Retweeted by James BradleyRachel Cusk’s house is for sale. Who’s up for doing a viewing then sharing some detailed pics of those bookshelves…
Retweeted by James Bradley @john_self @FionaWilson_ I feel like she makes more money than I do.If you're free in a couple of hours' time, I'll be talking with @jolennan about her debut 'In the Time of Foxes', c…
Retweeted by James Bradley @catri God he's a cock.At @wheelercentre soon — a free online event, 01 July 2020, showing whale pictures and sounds. More info found here…
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Researchers have found that potoroos can outsmart feral cats in a deadly game of hide and seek, suggesting that con…
Retweeted by James Bradley“Facebook has reportedly decided to allow its staffers to overrule the climate scientists and make any climate disi… this. @casparhenderson Lucky you! @casparhenderson Monarchs? Keen to read that. @damonayoung I thought you did but perhaps I’m confusing it with your Howard essay. I will look! @damonayoung @Meanjin @JohnBirmingham @GreenJ @FredMalmberg @mharoldpage Ah - cool. Is this the one I read?Mates, I’ve an essay in the new @Meanjin: “Aryans in Love”. I discuss the racism of American pulp fiction authors…
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Twisted logic - there’s only one atmosphere: “Minister said exporting a record amount of coal did not impact on th…
Retweeted by James Bradley @pastadisasta Thank you! Pleased you enjoyed it.I talked to the fabulous @ingredient_x at @ChicagoRevBooks about my new novel, Ghost Species. @PenguinBooksAus’ve started a new evening ritual: I leave all my technology inside except my Walkman, and I get into the hammock i…
Retweeted by James BradleyMaurice Blackburn Lawyers has been instructed to pursue claims for compensation on behalf of three women who have h…
Retweeted by James BradleyA special Sydney place reminds us that history matters: beautiful short essay by Anna Clark.
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@David_Farrier @ErikaSwyler @gavinfranc @philipwhale @TimDee4 @DavidNWriter @MargaretAtwood @RobGMacfarlane Oh! Tha… Rome Was Teetering. Then a Volcano Erupted 6,000 Miles Away. @MetOpera is now offering a stream of Glass's Satyagraha—one of the best things the company has done in the pas…
Retweeted by James BradleyGreat discussion about botanical collections and society ⁦@swilloster⁩ ⁦@DollyJorgensen⁩
Retweeted by James BradleyTony Birch and Tara June Winch - such terrific Australian novelists, stories of both history and our futures. Both…
Retweeted by James Bradley @Jack_Callil @beckavanagh Really respect both of you for taking such a principled stand, although sorry it was nece… friends. I am resigning, with @Jack_Callil, as an emerging book critic for @theage/@smh, an initiative generousl…
Retweeted by James BradleyHi all, I'm resigning, with @beckavanagh, as an emerging book critic for @theage/@smh, an initiative generously fun…
Retweeted by James Bradley"Heydon’s predatory behaviour was an 'open secret' in legal and judicial circles" but that didn't prevent the Abbot…
Retweeted by James Bradley @coopesdetat @Meanjin Thank you. There is so much in this thread!"The richest 10 percent of people are responsible for up to 43 percent of destructive global environmental impacts.… @ingredient_x Me too! Such a big part of my childhood and adolescence. This one has my mum’s name in the front.After reading it I pulled out my very battered old copy of the 1965 Corgi paperback, which I inherited from my moth…"Presciently, the book draws clear, pointed connections between environmental devastation and humanity’s reckless a…
Australia's devotion to coal has come at a huge cost. We need the government to change course, urgently. @laurajeanmckay @natashamitchell @RadioNational It really was. Thank you.“Sometimes I hate myself,” she says, quietly. “I can’t pay my rent. I can’t feed my children.” Devastating (and imp…"These examples provide a perfect case study of how...the big questions about how we can reimagine society free fro… to read a rave review of Charlotte Wood's The Weekend in The Guardian, Hopefully the first of many in the… the audio from this weekend's BIG WEEKEND OF BOOKS is going up on the @RadioNational website & the ABC Listen a…
Retweeted by James Bradley"No one alive can write sentences as he can." Even more excited to read the new @mjohnharrison after reading Olivia… this (from @jerichobrown). @DrKatrinAlthans That's fantastic. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. And wonderful to see a photo. Thank you! @riterreader @laurajeanmckay Glad you enjoyed it! Very grateful to @natashamitchell for her excellent questions."The budget cost would be $12 billion a year ... [This] ... may be compared with the cost of the federal government…! To the radio @RadioNational where @laurajeanmckay @cityoftongues and #ChrisFlynn are on air with…
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Carole King in concert, 1971 handy cut out and keep guide to some of our possible futures. HT @mark_lynas. We're currently at ~1Cº of avera…
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