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cuma mau bilang I love you @stray_kids

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Sebenarnya hujan-hujan gini aku pgn bermalas malasan sama kucingku. Tapi kucingku gak suka bubuk bareng aku😤 siall03.25 🤍 04.04 🤍 08.01 🤍 11.23
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu @MinJeonYJ9397 Ihhh tapi aslinya sama di foto beda kok😛 @MinJeonYJ9397 View kerja di parkiran @brlys benar sekali.. Belajar dari youtube youtube lebih dari tv.Aaaaa the quality of these men😵 @Stray_Kids 넹 ㅠㅠ 함께하자 ㅠㅠ #RealStrayKids10MRealstraykids has reached 10M followers on Instagram🥺🥺🥺 congratulation! let’s not rushing ourselves and get bigger…참고로 스키즈 멤버들에게 그 어떤 강제성도 없었고 본인들의 의사에 따라 관계자의 교육 하에 안전하게 촬영을 진행했습니다! 촬영보다 아티스트의 안전이 최우선이라고 생각합니다🥺 많은 관심 가져주시는 전세계 스테이 여러분 감사합니다💗
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu덕후투어 SKZ 3회 🎬PREVIEW 스키즈의 추억여행 세번째이야기 짚와이어 탑승을 앞뒀을 때 보따람지의 심정을 서술하시오 11월 28일 (토) 카카오TV 12월 4일 (금) SBS THE K-POP…
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu @yandinipuput Bisa diam tida?!Hehhhh kalau dari dulu tau pake telegram bisa nonton film apa aja gini, aku ga bingung bingung langganan viu, netfl… @SKZLOOK Chan will definitely see this and I hope he doesn’t cry
pernah ga lagi cape kerja terus temen-temen kalian pada kayak ✨yuk bisa yuk✨ bisa apa monyet bisa tipes
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuHe’s so pretty asdfghjkl to think hyunjin and felix invented beauty
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuDamn drama korea membuatku feel lonely afhyunjin & felix modelling dior’s new shoes for dazed...
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuHyunjin & Felix leaving all models jobless😫 genius??? LAGI INI YAAA😭😭😭 @fifinkim sambel bu rudyyyyyyyyyyyyyy asdfgghjkl
AAAAAAAA😭😭😭😭😭❤️ @ichanadhia Aduuu itu sp lagi:’) ati ati lo mb cha, kalau sudah nglove 1 konten, konten2 serupa akan berdatangan:’) @nrmayani Aku juga pake, tapi sebenernya aku juga tida tau aneh banget masa ada idol kipop bilang "tawaf is walking walking muterin kabah"
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu @zulfanyafi @yandinipuput Awwwww pip pip pip pip... @yandinipuput @zulfanyafi Jadi taruna cuma buat update instagram aja itu @ichanadhia Km belum perna liat @tiktokjelek ta mba cha?☹️Beri aku keahlian so that I have more option to live po o :( @yandinipuput @zulfanyafi Masa nggak?!Stray Kids be coming back every week🤯 480p 720p 1080p
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuYa Allah by.u murah bgt 1 hari 10gb cuma 10rb😭💙?!?!?
OP, if you don’t have a good life after this, you’re really ungrateful
I hope the VOD won’t take so long to came out😭 reach home after a very tight practice. Was it fun guys? The concert?🥺Islam agamaku, kristen mukaku
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuOh my god. Chan’s room right after the concert🥺🥺🥺 we’re so loved and spoiled😭 love you guys so much!’s Stray Kids? I only knew Chaotic Kids
It’s reassuring to see so many people just be kind to be kind. The world is going to be a better place someday.
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuthey're so chaotic 😭
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu#DressLikeStrayKids
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuAsdfghjjk it’s been a really busy week😭 I had it hard keeping up with everything😭’re all! It’s really been a while😭 @Stray_Kids 흐으으으으응 가지므으으아 ㅠㅠ @Stray_Kids 아.. 안돼ㅠㅠ @Stray_Kids 네일 온꼰 메뉴 뭐해용~? #StrayKids_Beyond_LIVE #Unlock_GOLIVEINLIFE @Stray_Kids 안녕 친구야, 난 John🐱 #StrayKids_Beyond_LIVE #Unlock_GOLIVEINLIFE @Stray_Kids 응.. 괜찮아.. @Stray_Kids 예들아 밥 많이 먹거, 야채도 많이 먹어, 물도 마아아않이 마셔. 네일은 화이팅🥺 이게, 내 고기야 😌 #StrayKids_Beyond_LIVE #Unlock_GOLIVEINLIFE @Stray_Kids 온꼰 연습 어때? 괜찮아? #StrayKids_Beyond_LIVE #Unlock_GOLIVEINLIFE @Stray_Kids 만녕 21살 현진 씨. 그럼, 난 누구? #StrayKids_Beyond_LIVE #Unlock_GOLIVEINLIFEI’m scareeedddddd asdfghj @JeonginKing97 @hynjnhwng When and where did they inform to apply for live audience tho😳I’m lucky to be a Stay and have Stray Kids as my idol, but I guess I couldn’t be any luckier than these and those S… @JeonginKing97 @hynjnhwng Sorry, but where to watch this?🥺Stray Kids Online Concert Unlock: Go Live In Life Collection for all Official Fan Featuring Guides by @Stray_Kids
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayueven if I can only watch the VOD because I have dance practice at this time, I’m still super excited😭😭😭 See you guy… I hope that we would be able to give comfort to the people watching our concert, to become their strength no m…
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuThe audio for this one is kinda low. Use earphones and remember to lower down your volume after you watch this so t…
@Stray_Kids 으으으으앆 우리도용 ㅠㅠ #StrayKids_Beyond_LIVE #Unlock_GOLIVEINLIFE🥺🥺🥺 @Stray_Kids 승민아!!! 연습 어때용? #StrayKids_Beyond_LIVE #Unlock_GOLIVEINLIFEyou know what this probably means? ALL IN fancams!!
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuALL IN KOREAN VERSION FOR MUSIC BANK NEXT WEEK?!🥺 JISUUUUNG ><
KOK GAK HABIS HABIS Y?! aku takutkan ketika aku kecapean bukan tipes, tapiiiiii timbilan & gondongan :’))))))))) dua ini munculnya ketika aku lelah:’) @poseid0nsiren @mochibeeqt @OH_mes2 Hah sama siapaa? Sorry jb wkwk @staylirum 🥺👉🏼👈🏼Aaaaaaaa let’s go! way i want everything here.....
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuChangbin?????😳❤️ @staylirum Halo, kalau mau beli merchnya dimana yaaa kan kalau beli sendiri berat di shipping:( @Stray_Kids INDO STAY PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO GET THIS:(
god he's so attractive
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu🎥 베댓: 센터 누구야 나라 세워 - Most liked comment on TikTok: Who's at the center? ㄴ [MU:PLY's Shorts…
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu201116 전주😉 #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #한지성 #HAN #Hanjisung @Stray_Kids
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu#KANGDANIEL: tyrannosaurus🦖?!
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayustray kids are just seven short men and their sexc average height friend hwang hyunjin
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayuhey guys just want to inform you that now i'm certified as a web developer so if you guys need a website for your o…
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu @snaviosa Abis purchase menangis @yandinipuput Kamu itu bukan gejala tipes. Km cuma laper. @BimaSatrian Ndak☹️
sometimes i be mad at myself for having the heart i have
Retweeted by berang-berang makan kayu*JANGAN BELI* @yandinipuput Laperku sudah hilang. Jangan bikin bikin acara. @snaviosa HAHAHA SAME SIS Fak these whole online concerts and stufffff @yandinipuput Dibayar brp y mereka:’)Wasn’t expecting this, but not surprised tho ㅎㅎㅎ 귀여운 스끼지기 ❤️ I regret it if I eat 1..Is Indomie really worth it.......Not feeling well.. Contemplating between sleep or to eat Indomie.Fix yourselffff😤 @Vliveofficial