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Actor and runner. Campaigner against homelessness, HIV stigma and bullying. This is my personal account but for professional stuff, please see @cj_mooi

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The world is beautiful. So that makes two of you. Goodnight 💜 @RushtonDJ Still there but I’ll venture a run in the morning.It's quite simple. If you use my timeline to swear or be rude, bigoted or aggressive, you'll be blocked immediately… @IAmTomMitchells @dapperlaughs @helenraw @BritishActorNet And so many spelling mistakes. Well, I’m convinced!Bagels Biggles @ItsTonySlattery Dear Tony. I was lucky enough to meet you many years ago and you were so warm, kind and funny. I… morning ☀️ #MondayMotivaton #PositiveVibes Cummings clearly influenzas the whole country.
Never forget how truly spectacular you are. Goodnight 💖Just watched Battleship. I’m now connecting jump leads from my car battery to my nipples as it really can’t be any less painful.If there was a general election tomorrow, how would you vote? Please answer and RT for a wide response.I've just spent the past 4 hours writing quiz questions. For fun. Whatever that is.I think I’ll host a free quiz on my YouTube channel (go and subscribe now) so it can be interactive. It’ll be impra… @syncronicity4 No, still hurting.Good morning ☀️ #SundayMotivation #PositiveVibes
After a busy day I’m tired but still frustrated by my foot injury. I miss my long 3am runs but have to be patient.… @DirectorDan86 You’ve never played that with me 😢 @KathyBurke It has had an effect though. In light of Cummings' hateful disdain and @RishiSunak's weak attempt at c…'m thinking of hosting my own free quiz on Facebook Live once a week. Might you be interested in taking part?My hair in its natural habitat. Shh, you’ll frighten it! morning! I ran 10km run to test out my foot and it’s better but still tender. Today I host 2 @HashtagQuizHQ
@KevRichards47 If you can get me an audition..!I’ll try a gentle 10km in the morning as not running is awful! My runs have been the only times I’ve left my house… @absydoodle Those are merely the remnants of where my toenails used to be... ...and yes, I wear very good professional running shoes! @turtle2401791 A man lied and accused me of sexual assault. They suspended me the day I was questioned by police an… injury update. It’s the smallest two that hurt. I’d cut them off but I’m lack toes intolerant. @DannyReddy1 Every single person connected with the show cut off all contact with from the day I was suspended.Thank you for the messages saying you'd love to see me back on TV but I'd only consider the right project with the… @tonyfisher559 I prefer 'pig stubborn' @davidpaddyjones It moves around! Small toes, ball and inferior extensor.This is my first injury in 4 years and it's so frustrating! For my age, I'm currently the 6th best marathon runner… @fab_seventies @Gculloty87 @PattiBoulaye @IainR0bertson @rorybremner @TheFabTT @EwenDCameron @GrantStottOnAir morning 💙 #FridayMotivation #PositiveVibes
Another day without running tomorrow as my foot is still hurting but only slightly and intermittently now. I need t… @janverhaas @welshref @BlueMerleBill @Stuart__Bingham I apologise for my lapse! I'm very well thank you sir and hope you are the same 💛Please get your @HashtagQuizHQ tickets for my quiz on The Simpsons on Saturday at 3pm (and my General Knowledge qui… @welshref @BlueMerleBill @Stuart__Bingham @janverhaas Thank you 😊 @Westcountrykate It's getting better thank you. @BlueMerleBill @Stuart__Bingham @welshref Paul, I discussed it with @janverhaas some time ago but if the white goes… @kirstyroberts89 @GoJonnyBananas @Stuart__Bingham It is 44 yes @BlueMerleBill @Stuart__Bingham Then surely it's not a total clearance?Happy birthday to @Stuart__Bingham as he reaches the age of the lowest possible total clearance break!Good morning ☀️ #ThursdayThoughts #PositiveVibes
@absydoodle It’s muscular but rather painful (and soooo frustrating!) @syncronicity4 Rather painfulMy day will be spent in a cool darkened room, resting my foot, with Netflix and online chess to watch, books to rea… morning ☀️ #WednesdayWisdom #PositiveVibes @SteersJasmine I am reluctantly resting.
On Saturday I host 2 @HashtagQuizHQ events! 3pm The Simpsons 6pm General Knowledge (with a round on British sitcom… @syncronicity4 I shall have to do the same (fortunately I have plenty of Insanity upper body workouts I can do at home) @ThePoke Really? Medicine? You think Trump knows a word with three syllables?I went for a gentle run in the woods this morning, got completely lost and loved it. However, now my right foot is… morning 🧡 #TuesdayMotivation #PositiveVibes @elliotchapman I’m normally out running by 3.15am!
I’ll try a cross country run tomorrow (late though at 5am) to test out my foot. If it’s okay, I’ll be back to dista… just watched Angel had Fallen. I'm now popping a rabid slathering badger into my underpants which I imagine will be more enjoyable.Good morning ☀️ #MondayMotivaton #PositiveVibes @harchie12 It isn’t safe - Doctors, scientists, teachers, unions, childcare experts It is safe - Michael Gove Who do you believe?
A bit of a mixed bag for me today. So frustrating not being able to run but I finished my OU module. Watched some t… my final @OpenUniversity computer marked assignment is in. From 7 exams in this module, I scored a 96% average… @Robertscarrott @OpenUniversity Overall a History degree but I'll have to stop after this module.I’m about to take the final assignment for my @OpenUniversity module. I’m aiming to pass the year with 91% for a 90… @Guy_vans Thank you... I'm trying to emigrate to Australia as it's my favourite country 🇦🇺Good morning 💛 #SundayMotivation #positivethinking @thewelshrunner @stravawankers What on earth is this account? Publicly attempting to shame people for personal choices?I’ve had a slight foot injury for a few days so my running has been limited but feel I really need to give it time…
75 minutes to get tickets for today's @HashtagQuizHQ! £3.50 for over 2 hours of questions, chat, trivia and prizes.… @LondonTheatre1 I’m practising my singing and trying to strengthen my voice. I’ve never had any training (for anyt… @TOFF79 Not yet but open to offers.I drew a dull diagram about a female tennis player. Stuffy graph.Cinnamon apple pancakes with syrup, banana, chilli sauce and garlic. Yummy breakfast! morning 💙 #SaturdayMotivation #PositiveVibes
Goodnight you extraordinarily lovely peeps 💙 @rhysess1 I agree about Sapiens. Not sure about this one yet.My toes are swollen and hurting so, reluctantly, I’m lying down for a rest. However, rather than just do nothing, I…'s your last chance to grab £3.50 tickets for my The Simpsons @HashtagQuizHQ (increasing to £5) It's May 23 a… @GrumpySkeletor How do you drink coffee? Doesn't it just spill through your skeleton? @fab_seventies @Gculloty87 @PattiBoulaye @IainR0bertson @rorybremner @TheFabTT @EwenDCameron @GrantStottOnAir @extons I go running and am selective about which news channels I watch (usually EuroNews) @Puncroaker Umbrage is where the shadowy characters liveGood morning 💚 #FridayMotivation #PositiveVibes
I’ve never remotely cared what anyone thinks of me but doubt in my own abilities or worth has, on occasion, held me… @stevenvoiceover @richardosman @MarkLabbett @anne_hegerty @jenlion @paulsinha @stephenfry Oh great. I wrote one of… @Jamiecdixon @itssjpbaby @harryblumenau Isn’t that the title of your autobiography?I’m so disgusted by politicians that when one, especially of the UK or US government, is on TV, I turn the sound of… play my regular Saturday 6pm @HashtagQuizHQ quiz, it’s £3.50 via the link. My The Simpsons quiz at 3pm on May… @stevenvoiceover @syncronicity4 I couldn't afford it unfortunately.Good morning 💙 #TuesdayThoughts #PositiveVibes
I'm having a rough day so getting in bed to read. I have an early run tomorrow anyway so stay safe and goodnight 💙 @stevenvoiceover @stephenfry No teams made up from different locations unfortunately 😢 @stephenfry Tempting... @BeingBoycie @tusk_org @lewa_wildlife I've signed up to run a full marathon. I can't afford any donation and am con… has stopped working on my phone. If this is the start of The Rise of the Machines, I for one welcome our new… morning 💜 #WednesdayWisdom #PositiveVibes
@Reececarson99 I have a mild foot injury but I meant because all the races have been cancelled.For runners of my age in the UK I'm currently ranked 68th overall, 18th at half marathon, 6th at marathon. I had h… @MarkLabbett I couldn’t possibly comment... or disagree.I've been sitting here for 6 minutes failing to think of anything witty to tweet. I'm so dull that I'm tweeting abo… @BeingBoycie Now that I can do! @honest_straight @peterkyle @KarlTurnerMP Thank you x