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@OffWestEndCom nominated actor. Runner. Homelessness, equality, HIV and bullying campaigner. All enquiries to @wintersons please #PositiveVibes 💖

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Thank you @bathhalf for giving me a free place based on my recent race times. In 20 days I’ll be 50 and finally Good For Age!Anyone else noticed you can sing @RomeshRanga to the Chuckle Vision theme?It’s time the truth came out. @daraobriain and I are in love. morning 🧡 #WednesdayWisdom #PositiveVibes
@DirectorDan86 Every number in English has one letter in common with the next. You’re entertained. You’re welcome.4 months ago I was extremely unwell and wrote my will. My doctor switched my medication and today my CD4 count is… morning ☀️ #TuesdayThoughts #PositiveThoughts
Scary hairy fairy @AmberSmelson Does it have to be my own? @iainlee Does it have to be my own?Update. Meeting my doctor tomorrow to discuss the new medication. Meeting solicitors on Friday to be told if we’ll lose our house.Good morning 💙 #MondayMotivation #positivethinking
@sueattisha Fresh pasta is usually made with egg and I’m a vegan. (I really have no interest in how food tastes - j… @iomchess Really enjoying the commentary with @Anna_Chess and my former coach (from when I used to play - just an a… back from a 'bracing' 15km run and now about to devour a mountain of pasta. How's your Sunday going?Good morning 💜 #SundayMotivation #positivethinking
@ThePoke It’s just the last 4 words that make it perfect! @mikedixonmusic Oh my goodness, no! 😢 @awv Thank you Robert!I completed the gruelling 9.6km course (a British qualifying event) in 39.02 which was 3.05 faster than last year.… morning 💙 I’m watching @INEOS159 in preparation for the first cross country run of the season this afternoon. It’s going to be muddy!
I omitted one of these steps today... Apply Tiger Balm liberally to lower back Massage vigorously to affected area… @fab_seventies @Gculloty87 @jamiemoran1 @RealMacKaySTV @STVKellyAnn @PattiBoulaye @rorybremner @TheFabTT morning ♥️ #FridayFeeling #positivethinking
It’s pouring with rain and the fields have turned to mud so naturally I’m off out for an exhilarating cross country…’s world mental heath day and world homeless day today Raise awareness and support the local charities like…
Retweeted by CJ de MooiGood morning 💚 #ThursdayThoughts #positivethinking
Life can be cruel but you are stronger than you believe. You will survive and please know I love you. Goodnight 💙 @hitmanholt Is that part of your pelvic squatting?Good morning 💙 #WednesdayWisdom #positivethinking
@ShaunWilliamson Thank you Shaun. I hope you're well lovely man xIn 4 weeks I’ll be 50. I’ve had 4 years of hell. I have health problems. I’ve never been happier! I have a wonderf…’ve entered the Milton Keynes half marathon on 7th December. I always love returning to MK and it’ll be the first… @SpeedQuizzing @bkbristol @karmachamedeon We won (with the highest score ever at the venue) but donated our prize t… @Gilly_D @bkbristol Well, it was only a £25 bar tab and I doubt I’ll go back so spread a little happiness why not? 🙂Goody muddy morning 😊 #TuesdayThoughts #positivethinking
The two of us won with the highest score ever at the venue! In order to avoid a mauling, we donated our prize to th… @daicraig @CardiffHalf @TheWallich Sorry!At @bkbristol for an evening’s @SpeedQuizzing with @karmachamedeon. We’re in the lead going into the final round...… live in the most haunted place in Britain! (as every place in Britain is haunted to exactly the same degree)So sad 😢 @CardiffHalf morning 💛 #MondayMotivation #positivethinking @valmcdermid I look forward to joining you as an NZ resident next year x
I ran @CardiffHalf in 1.19.34 missing a PB by 2 seconds! However, I wasn't feeling great but promised @TheWallich morning 💛 #SundayMotivation #positivethinking "I can't stand it anymore. I felt like I am drowning, deep in the sea, and no one can help me. I cannot…
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Thank you for your comments about my tweets, personality, appearance, sexuality and all manner of other facets of m… high bid at the moment is £35. I’ll sign as you request and all money (minus p&p) goes to @TheWallich Bidding c… @fab_seventies Thank you 💛 @katherinbourne Not bad and I hope everyone else is having a fabulous day too!The current bid for the game is £30 and bidding closes at 8pm.Good morning ☀️ #SaturdayMotivation #positivethinking
@MarkusAB747 I would never return I’m afraid. @theledgebeyond @KingsHeadThtr @s_rproductions @FrazerBrown @JosephMcGann @abovethestag @JulianEaves2 up to £30 now (also on Facebook) but I'll let it run until tomorrow. Thank you for your interest and comments xWould anyone like this game? Bids starting at £7 (to cover p&p) and I’ll sign it at your request.'ve just downloaded an intensive 16 week training plan to work towards a sub 2.55 time for the Malta Marathon. 16… morning 💙 #FridayFeeling #positivethinking @fab_seventies @Gculloty87 @sallythomsett @jamiemoran1 @PattiBoulaye @rorybremner @TheFabTT @EwenDCameron @JulieMariaDavi3 @CardiffHalf @TheWallich Er, I hope that's not what you meant...
@katherinbourne @CardiffHalf @TheWallich Thank youI’m still not feeling great but I will run @CardiffHalf on Sunday. I made a promise to @TheWallich to raise £250 a… morning 💚 #ThursdayThoughts #positivethinking
I’ve just completed all 4435 levels of 4 Pics 1 Word. Finally, something worthwhile to go on my resumé. @absydoodle I was up at 4am for a 10km run!Good morning 💜 #WednesdayWisdom #positivethinking
@dingodingbat Almost recovered but energy is still very low, thank you. @TonyHymas Loveable? How dare you! @IAmTomMitchells Those that can, do. Those that can’t...Delighted to announce I’m completely, painfully free from Dec 19 to Nov 20. Anybody like to offer me an audition pl… morning 🧡 #TuesdayThoughts #positivethinking
Crashed and burned in the music round (probably my worst subject, even more so than sport) so just hoping for an honourable finish.Halfway through the quiz and we’re somehow in 2nd place but I’m making so many stupid mistakes 😡Taking part in one of @SQHostStoo’s @SpeedQuizzing night with my only teammate @karmachamedeon . This should be fun 😈Good morning 💚 #MondayMotivation #positivethinking
I think my hair has become sentient... @Jamiecdixon Remind us how the fitness regime is going...Good morning 💙 #SundayMotivation #positivethinking
It’s not that I mind guys using my photo on Grindr but my face never got me any sex so it’s just unfair if it works for them 😡 @ThomasAWJones Goodness. Get well soon 💛I've been quite unwell so the only sensible option is to rest. On an entirely unrelated note, I'm jut popping out… morning 💙 #SaturdayMotivation #positivethinking
@neilonaniet And the 2 headlines contradict each other. ‘Rewears for the fourth time’ means it’s the fifth time she’s worn it. @mcdandyandy I’ve never been I’m afraidAfter an unprecedented storm caused this year's cancellation, the Malta Marathon has kindly offered myself and all… morning 💚 #FridayFeeling #positivethinking @fab_seventies @Gculloty87 @jamiemoran1 @PattiBoulaye @rorybremner @TheFabTT @EwenDCameron @lewismacleod
@Tiffer1980 Thank you 😊If there was a general election tomorrow, how would you vote? I’m honestly not sure myself (probably Lib Dem or Gre… it has no bearing on whether I can save my house, it’s been a year so my bankruptcy is discharged today. @VProtheroe Beautiful @katherinbourne You too 😊Good morning 💜 #ThursdayMotivation #PositiveVibes
My sincere apologies to @David_Cameron and @Nigel_Farage for forgetting these two when I tweeted my favourite Twitt… morning ☀️ #WednesdayWisdom #positivethinking
I just stepped outside and bent down to look at a hedgehog. It took me a few seconds to realise it was my own furry slipper 🙄 @syncronicity4 @CardiffHalf I didn’t go. An extra day’s rest seemed in order.Well, although my energy is still low I seem to have pretty much recovered from that nasty bout of a Black Death. I… @ThePoke @realDonaldTrump, Do you attack @GretaThunberg because she a) speaks more eloquently in her second language th…