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CJ Faison @cjfaison Delaware, USA

Just a bald guy with BIG dreams that films YouTube videos and owns 2 businesses. 100% happy 0% satisfied.

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Good morningThoughts on tonight's video?
(PART 2) WORLD'S MOST HAUNTED FARM! HONEYCUTT FARM mins awayRegret is such a short word yet it stretches on forever. Never forget that.Tonight....... things really ramp up in part 2
What age did you experience your biggest regret?Part 2.... drops... on.... Monday night 7:45pm Eastern time!!
Keep your circle small. I cannot tell you how important that is.Okay... thoughts on part 1? And who’s ready for part 2??This weekend for the past 2 years hits different. @leighharrison2 The series is... part 1(PART 1) WORLD'S MOST HAUNTED FARM! HONEYCUTT FARM
My heart is racing thinking about tonight’s video... only a couple of hours from now.Who’s planning on watching part 1 of the haunted Honeycutt Farm tonight?? @Sofie54804831 My favorite one so far
Gravity and I don’t like each other. this is just part 1 of 6Listen to this. @EraTsa 👍🏻👍🏻😎 @EraTsa Yes. By far the scariest experience I have ever had...DONE DEAL! Friday night 7:45 pm Eastern Time Part 1 of the Haunted Honeycutt Farm Series drops!! Warning: do not wa…
Who wants an early drop of PART 1 of the Haunted Honeycutt Farm series? I swear to you all these videos are by far… thinks @deeds_sonny and I should road trip again?Sonny and I are trying to calculate the number of girlfriends that my editor Dylan has.Rise and Grind.Can't sleep. So many projects in the works. I'm planning out long term business projects, getting new locations for… everyone
Video dropping tonight 😎😜After filming at the Honeycutt Farm for 2 nights straight 16+ hours worth of footage. I think it's time to bulldoze… @As_zombie420 and if you are looking for attention. You got it. But before you start spewing invalid claims, look a… @As_zombie420 thousands of people every day text me. I cannot respond to every single person (I try) I've even sent…
@BunniHopper1 Thank you so much 🙏🏻 and yeah I’m still working and exploring 😂😂Update: sonny and I have officially filmed season 2 at the Honeycutt Farm. There was so much that happened to us in…
Fractured foot. That’s why you need to be careful exploring these places.Thoughts on the new video??
@TheOliverRyan Yep lol same @spiritcat1111 SameeeeeeeeHoodies. Enough said.Secret about tonight’s video: this hotel is trying to hide the fact they have a very haunted room. But your boy pul… @mazimprich Unfortunately I didn’t 😢 @daryiljohnson26 Nopeeee lol @Christi75128049 You’re awesome 😎 @az2phoenix Happy anniversary!!So excited for tonight’s video to drop. One of my best videos in my opinion!
Remember the insane asylum I was trying to buy? I have a vlog coming out with some news about it! Stay tuned!Mindset is EVERYTHING.Loving my new Hoodie. Thank you @cjfaison
Retweeted by CJ FaisonNEW VIDEO ALERT: Saturday 7:45pm EST
I was passed this morning by an elderly lady going down the highway. Just because you are older, doesn't mean you a… @key_suicide yes yes yes @AkExplorations thats so awesome!!! jealous! @Tara53791656 I appreciate that @RosaJam19412251 Thanks 🙏🏻 @gypsy_flyer Great to hear 😎😎 @ASH_SPEEDYCHIC Much love!! @Jennalyn1979 You’ve got thisI feel good today!#NewProfilePic
Countdown begins for the new video drop! Seriously you all need to grab that blanket and popcorn!! One hour from no… is what things are like on my vlog channel.... videos dropping today: Vlog channel 2:30pm EST Main Channel 7:45pm EST Both videos you should watch. One will ma…’m so excited and nervous for you all to watch tonight’s video. This is proof you all need to be careful if you ev… Farm update: We found the abandoned house on the farm finally. It’s over grown with brush. Big thank you… while they want to play.So tomorrow night's video is a little sketchy. For some reason I have been running into bad luck with people. Tried… @Majormikeypayne @deeds_sonny you have all the motivated gear! i love it haha
@PRuiall much love!! thank youFinally seeing the sun again @OxMchugh Haha thank you!! Much love! @STAR11165516 You almost have the entire collection haha i love it!
This new direction of buying haunted properties is kind of my thing I like doing. It's really hard trying to find t… current negotiations of buying an old huge huge huge Mental Asylum that was left untouched since the 1980's. Cro… what...Good morning everyone
Making memories, filming videos, enjoying each and every moment of this life. food and help. Been filming since 3am inside here watched my new video I dropped tonight? Thoughts?
25 minutes until my new video drops!! @HappeMiriam I’m not sure lolYesterday I explored an abandoned neighborhood that was evacuated many years ago due to contaminated water and soil… New video drops! Most of you all know about the Pocomoke Forest and the rituals that still continue happen… being on road trips!!
My number with the country code: +1 302-303-7612 @YaniraJ37347630 Yep! LolCraziest thing I have ever done was put my number out on social media 😂😂😂You all can now text me! 302-303-7612 doesn’t want me to leave today. I love this dog so much. He cuddles every single night with me. And on morn… Road trip with the haunted crew. Planning on hitting up some of the craziest spots we can find!
Does anyone know where you can buy a giraffe? I'd like to put one in my backyard. Plenty of room to run and have fun.Sonny and I went to the Honeycutt Farm to check on things during the day time. It's the first time I ever recorded… @frozendawngirl haha must be! @AkExplorations where ya at now?Haven't posted much on YouTube until lately. I'm explaining something huge that is happening in my life behind the… @ShoregirlRen might be headed up in that area this weekend! @1976JLynn haha i love it!! glad you found my channel!! @thekingslaught1 be really really careful if you do! Stay safe :) @Sofie54804831 thank you! :) @MatthewKGregg1 awesome!!!