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wound up doing no cosplay work and playing pokemon for an hour and now i’m gonna go to bed with no alarm set love itI knew this looked familiar.
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUIt's happening—Elated over the UK, the minority of American Jews that has waged war on the progressive Jewish major…
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRU @momozuch @cosyfemme is mindhunters ....... fun @cosyfemme lmaooo no that sounds rad but i think it would distract me! ive watched nailed it a bunch that’s a good one @cosyfemme i think i might!! @harmonopoly oh yes!!! i forgot about this! i need to get hulu againi want chinese but it’s raining and i don’t drive or make other people drive in the rainwhat fun thing should i watch tonight while i work on cosplayhow do i get famous enough online for people to get me into stuff for free. not all the time just like once during birthday season
i gotta practice my candlenights makeup this week and also i guess buy presents @thesteveorlando is this code @chrisarrant @Nadia_Shammas_ it’s happening constantly - check the website or sign up for emails, they always have… orders, people
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRU @lilpoolish hell ya what ofmy cat is ambivalent about me i’m leaving him alone for nowfound all my cosplay stuff god blesstold my mom not to clean out my car while i was out of town and she did anyway and now i don’t know where a bunch o… are on the planeOH! One more important question you might have: Who made that incredible art?! Well, that's @haridraws and they are amazing!
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRU @travismcelroy @haridraws ahhhhh yes!!! they truly are!![ #PROMARE #プロメア ]
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUim gonna sneak onto this flight to albanythis is also the one time i didn’t bring a back up battery for my phone and there are no outlets where they’re asking us to wait lolplease let me either go get food or just leave here if i die on the way i die on the way im leaving it up to the lordMy son's Latin class made these stickers, which essentially translates as "Okay Boomer." (If you want an exact tr…
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUi wish they’d at least give us an update if i’m gonna be here four hours i wanna get some foodapparently i might be here for a bit ☠️they’re sending us back inside lolmy empty row came at a price, we’re delayed @Karnythia “oh no” @Karnythia there’s definitely a second where the blonde woman who’s third in line looks fully ready to just pack up… whole row to myself ... blessedfolks always wanna know about my @theDALTONcastle sweatshirt ... making friends at the airportgod i forgot i have a five hour layover in charlotte on my way back from huntingtoni should eat but i don’t wanna wind up with an upset stomach ... suffering @JessCamNJ omg dkkgkfchecked in ... four hours until catChill The Fuck Outshould have just taken a lift shuttle guy is a whole fuckin assholei am awake and in five hours i will be home with my cat @rachelmillman cowardsu think managerial masterminds sami zayn and mr malcolm bivens ever talk shop have one wrestling conspiracy theory. its good, and only for meanyone have any brow tutorials on youtube they really likeneed to go to sleep but, will i have nightmares? probably$250 million budget for this film. All artwork created with free labor "will become the property of MGM upon submis…
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUugh i just don’t trust we love colors!! i have such short legs and a long torso and so many reviews talk about the… you worn we love colors microfiber tights and do u find them warm in the winter timei don’t like any gloves but i need them!! it will be cold!!!!!Heh heh she takes a pet no problem! That’s a good cat I tell ywhat
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUi want gloves for candlenights since i’ll be in line for a bit but i can’t find any i like that don’t basically hav… that if you want to vote in the democratic presidential primary in the state of NY you have to affiliate w…
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUmy bag is packed i’m ready to go @rachelmillman no the rts are good
what if i buy a $100 ulta gift card to get an extra $20i gotta packhey so, remember a few months back when I did a video talking about the abysmal treatment of animation/VFX teams, a…
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRU
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRU
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUwhy is snacc braff so funnyi know this sounds like a goof but it’s a really specific and haunting kind of shittiness that i know means my brain’s fucked uprelentless and unavoidable existential dread don’t have anything useful to contribute to the news so i’m gonna watch snacc braff and eat a sandwichsending love to all uk bubsshoutout to the girls on the pier who didn’t laugh at the little dance i did when a relative called me with some good news loli have purchased my last delicious sandwich of the weeki love my cool friends @dwbeard @cosyfemme no this is u now @lilpoolish this is the most unexpected take ive ever seen you tweet @treswritesstuff what did u listen toTHIS. Occasionally, someone will try and push me on page rates (and mine aren’t exactly extravagant) saying “This o…
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUA classic from the #TBT archives — Malcolm Bivens vs. Edward Kingston in a TLC match:
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUSuper big shout out to @kimberlasskick for surprising Sarah with this beautiful jacket she created of her favorite…
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRU @chrisarrant beast boy is a twitch streameri had a slice of milk bar pie ... niceme @thesteveorlando i wish i was standing right next to him and im bad at being sneaky. he looked just like you but if… @dearbhlala santa’s fit (u gotta be lugging all those presents) but not like totally a hardbody (his belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly) @chrisarrant also barry allen would have a true crime podcast @chrisarrant superman but it’s just clark kent having to do it for work. otherwise booster gold, about booster gold (and friends, sometimes) @chrisarrant i’m even more mad I can’t go!!!standing next to a dude on the metro who looks like extremely republican @thesteveorlando. dark timelinetonight i wanna transcribe five minuted of new qf and pack and go to bed at a normal hour and wake up on time for my flight prayer circlethat’s the mood all daynoBeautiful day for it
Retweeted by ck says #RecognizeKSRUok deleted the poll so i can unlock, thanks again budsmuting people so i don’t go absolutely hogwild on their bad opinions > @RequiemPluie yeah that’s the bit that gets me tbh! just like it’s a weird energy to bring to the table that doesn’… @colettearrand so goodsame lil elf ears arrived @JessCamNJ tbh!!!my head hurts so much i had to give up on nxti love kayden carterthe boys are back in towntyler was trying so hard not to laugh when fandango was pulling on that glove @WWEonFOX this is cyberbullying