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Seriously it’s just HE/HIM pronouns. @StokelyHathaway’s manager. Newsarama McElroy beat reporter, among other things. Tired, cranky, gay, trans.

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can’t sleep again
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewartThe Winter 2021 issue of Fireside Quarterly will ship to our subscribers in January, and will be edited by none oth…
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @chance_second “that’s a funny trick to play on god” is mine @ahmarasmithart moths are so hard!! when i make a rancho island on the bamboo ones i try to leave one coconut tree… @ahmarasmithart i’ve only found rancho island one time, but u can turn a bamboo island into rancho island — i never… @ahmarasmithart im hooked on rancho hunting, i have 101 in my house waiting for flickthree islands and all terrible for ranchoscinema swirl ... luv ithaving a crush!!!!!!
@AlexBerenson because uhhhh more people would have diedWhat was the best Sonic game on the Genesis? That's right, @Malcolmvelli: 3 (and Knuckles, of course)! #WWENXT
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @backthatelfup what do u need! i am happy to share, i have lots of windflowers, roses, and tulips, and maybe an orange tree (i gotta check) @Bilalipaup IM FUCKING SCREAMINGiconic. legendary. a true king @oheysteenz @3thanXP ethan kicks ass 💖 @3thanXP u are so welcome!! aaaaaaaa have fun 💖💖💖 @3thanXP just sent on venmo!! it’s my legal name haha.i think it should be enough for game+tax and if there’s an in… @3thanXP lmk ur info! @3thanXP hold onalso this’t download quibli isn’t about the hero initiative being bad before anyone decides to get buckwild about it, it’s about how it’s… keep seeing that quesada hero initiative tweet popping up in my tl and it keeps rubbing me the wrong way reminds…'m so excited to announce this! Can't wait to see y'alls stories!
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @AlsoJess lemme know if there’s anything i can do 💜💜💜 @pauldebenedetto bean greanslil garf doodles
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @AlsoJess ur 100% in the right. love youfuck cuomo anyway for a lot of other reasons but just like all the time, fuck offfuck andrew cuomo @aliwilgus SO CUTENow more than ever, we need to show up for our community members behind bars. TAG is raising funds to send directly…
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewartDid my depression write this?
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @alexisthenedd akdkd alexis honestly i almost tagged you but didn’t want to be too weird lol, i think about this sh… wanna be on a the mole rewatch podcast @alexisthenedd THIS SHOW KICKED ASS @JordynneGrace omg where’d you get this i’m obsessedHere’s my #SixFanarts !! This was so fun 💕💕
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @asemicek ty! @HallieKoontz hopper trying to blend in in roulettia akfkdkfkobviously if ur white don’t fuckin do this to any people of color but i just saw a totally wild “my black friend” t… have seen so many hogwild tweets the last few days like to my fellow white people especially please just take two… if a black person talks about something racist that happened to them and you’re not black you don’t have to tel… you give turnips to people in ac @HallieKoontz IT’S SO DELIGHTFUL @HallieKoontz what i imagine his face looks like when hes eating the plate misha fixed for him at the scramble @HallieKoontz AHHHHHHHH i’m so pumped for these tweets hallie i s2g @cosyfemme oh hey kicks is here and has purple ballet shoes, u want some @cosyfemme oh lawd im comin @theverbalthing i love robert walsh, rawbeautykristi, and jackie aina on youtube - i’m not very good at following t… @JessCamNJ @duderuiner it gets better hold on @JessCamNJ u know i had to @CoriMarie21 terrible for the lower back but quite the power move @CoriMarie21 this looks like they mummified her doing a real intense crunch. knees all the way up there. impressive @ldotfern ty for reminding me i need to get the sequel, i know what i’m doing fridayIf you’re looking for something to read, Zodiac Starforce Vol 1 & 2 are only $4 each right now!
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @ckayfabe Try Moonstruck by Grace Ellis
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @Malcolmvelli so unprofessional of them 😒had to put on a cute outfit before visiting people in acnh @JessCamNJ 🙏🏻
also to be clear, all of this is about a small digital only project. i wouldn’t recommend any physical distribution… preorder is not a direct correlation to crowdfunding backers, but u will get a sense of how many people are willi… u do NOT want to send early if u finish early because u want to make sure u are setting reasonable expectations!… back to the small project — u want to be a button click away before u start selling so that it is easy to sim… of this is geared at folks whose goal is to make a profit out of selling. if ur goal is just to make stuff and… is part of why u ask people to opt in to a newsletter. every time u do a new thing tell em. with every new thi… has made them successful is a track record!! demonstrable skill in the field of comics production. the easiest… u do not have a project mgmt bg u do not need to run a giant project. pubs like iron circus, dates, power & magi… the fastest way to get discouraged while crowdfunding is to have a project that didn’t need upfront funding flo… is great for expanding opportunuties for big projects (cash up front to pay for anthology completion,… when u are genuinely one button click away from completion (not “i should be done tomorrow”) open preoders for… wise, if u are considering diving into crowdfunding now with everything going on and have never done it befo… forget, or aren’t actually interested but think someone else might be, or their circumstances changed, it’s… a regular old cynical money perspective, u will also never have a 1:1 ratio between readers/financial backers… in if you can!
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewartI’m currently without any work. If you or anyone you know is looking for an artist, check out my website:…
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewartalso just as a heads up unless u have a long track record of producing stuff u should never in a million fuckin yea… a certain point if all u have to show for asking people if they think u should do something is people saying… really gotta sit down and take a hard look at whether ur goal is to just produce stuff (which may lose u money) o…“what if i do something and it flops” i mean statistically? it will probably be a flop if ur measurement of flop is… some point u gotta quit fishing for support for stuff that doesn’t exist and just make stuff existInstead of buying the bad wrestling zine that everyone is talking about, have you instead considered buying this go…
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewart @valcano @marjdotjpg OH MY GODyou can start organizing your workplace right now. you can organize your building right now. you can protest oppres…
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewartsuperpose kicks ass get on it @DocFeezberg shirt for u in acshoutout to @cosyfemme for linking me this f👇🏻👇🏻 have started to make plans for my island layout... time to gather all my cherries and eggs for tree moving powermy fave thing is when people don’t recognize the cognitive dissonance of insisting art is a meaningful changemaker… I'm sure he would be the first to admit, Bernie didn't start this movement. Local organizers all around the co…
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewartdouble bonus points if the fat character is a protag and not the fat best friend or a background character @ckayfabe Have you read Wet Moon by Sophie Campbell? I never managed to get a hold of all the volumes so I can't vo…
Retweeted by ck “no just he/him thx” stewartstarcross’d by gc houle on filthy figments also rulessarah searle’s sparks on filthy figments (soon to be collected by iron circus)taproot by keezy young is good